Nemesis Visits

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Welcome to my latest story. It is quite lengthy but I hope you’ll find it worth the effort.

This is a tale of love and romance. Max is a cruel, heartless man; a misogynist, a sexual predator and a user of women whose twisted and selfish view of love is challenged by a divine punishment. Can the Goddess’s retribution change him and teach him what it is to love women and help him become a real, complete person?

Oh, and in case you’re worried by the paragraph above, this story is in the right category! (This has been a difficult story to categorize. It was previously published in “Romance” but I feel that the change of category is appropriate.)

Whilst this is not exactly a sequel, Max first appears in my previous, three part story ‘Such a Little Thing’, and this tale picks up his life some ten years later. This story also features Amber, the heroine of ‘Such a Little Thing’, and inevitably this story therefore contains spoilers for this earlier tale but also shows what happened to Amber and Milla. For those of you who want to read it first, ‘Such a Little Thing’ can be found here:

Thanks, as always, to my editor, Winterreisser, for his diligent editing and suggestions and to Kat for her comments and feedback as this story developed.

I wish you happy reading and, as ever, feedback through comments and/or votes are very welcome.

Copyright (c) 2015 ScattySue



On the low rise of a small grass-covered hill on the edge of Elysium, with unobtainable Olympus rising in the far distance, the tholos stood. The gleaming white marble of the circle of Ionic columns, supporting the red-tiled roof, glinted in the clear, bright sunlight as a perfect cooling and fragrant breeze played over the greensward, nodding the delicate flowers that spangled the grass.

In the centre of the circular temple, the air thickened and a vision of absolute beauty condensed into being as the Goddess manifested herself, her exquisite form clad in the shimmering pale gold of her diaphanous robe. The three women waiting there bowed and made obeisance before the divine beauty now in their midst.

“Speak to me, daughters of Nyx,” commanded the Goddess.

“Oh Goddess, you demanded of us to know the complaints against the man and we fear that they are legion,” Eris replied.

“Show me the nature of these grievances, sisters,” the Goddess instructed.

Oizys stepped forward slightly, and made passes with her hands; the air in front of her shimmered and a vision appeared:

A pretty, red-haired young woman, her face puffy and red from crying that continues still. The woman is speaking in sad, angry tones, ‘The bastard, he dumped me for Jeanette without so much as a “Dear Amber, I’m really sorry but…” Oh fuck it’s so unfair, I love him so much and I want him back…’

“Amber was the first girl,” Oizys said, “It was her first year at University and she fell deeply in love with him and he led her to squander her time there before he spurned her. Fortunately, her uncle helped and then she met and fell in love with Camilla who ran the Caffé next door. However, he abused her when he discovered this love…” The vision shifted…

It is a green place with trees and grass and there he is, tall and strong, handsome with his dark hair and dark eyes, screaming at Amber, ‘…you’re nothing but a fucking rug-munching perverted slut! God, I was lucky I got rid of you!’

“Amber was protected and saved by Camilla, who stood up to him, defending their love and, seeing what he had done, the woman Jeanette also rejected him. This saved Jeanette, but not others…” A series of images appear, quickly one after the other.

“There was Ruth, an older woman so flattered by his attention and promises…”

A dark-haired woman sits tearfully by a phone ‘Oh please let him call. He promised he loved me last Saturday night when he took me home and he hasn’t called since…’

“And Leanne, the woman he persuaded to leave her partner so they could be together… for all of six weeks before he tired of her…”

A tall, thin woman, her make-up streaked by the tears that still fall as she talks to her friend, ‘Why can’t he at least text me and tell me why he left before I woke up’

“And Claire, a sweet girl, just nineteen, who was determined to save herself for the man she would marry, the man he promised her that he would be…”

A petite blonde woman, bleary-eyed and speech slurred by alcohol saying, ‘Perhapsh I sh… should have known better than to believe him after wa… what he did to Julie, dumping her as soon as she’d, she’d sh… slept with him. Oh God, jusht don’t let me be another notch on, on his bedpost, let this be a mishtake… he said he really wants to marry me…’

“Enough, Oizys; we see he brings much misery and is faithless and cruel,” the beyoğlu escort Goddess observed.

“My Goddess, this is but the start of his wickedness,” Apate said, “his deceit and cruelty are greater than Oizys has yet shown.” She now swept her arms before her and new visions appeared…

The man is older but no less handsome and charming as he stands close to the young woman, his hand resting on the wall behind her as he leans in. ‘Come on Marie, this conference is dull: let’s have some fun.’

‘Oh Max, I don’t want to… I have a boyfriend…’ she protests nervous, afraid.

‘He doesn’t need to know; what happens at training conferences stays at training conferences, remember? Anyway, your internship is up in a couple of months, and you know I’ve to write an appraisal for your report… It’d be a shame to jeopardise your future with the company after all your hard work…’ She bows her head biting her lip. After a moment she looks up and gives a reluctant nod before allowing herself to be taken under his arm and led to the hotel’s lift and up, to his room…

“And not just deceit, oh Goddess,” Eris now spoke and the air swirled, presenting a new scene…

The man sits talking with two other men, evidently his friends, around a table scattered with glasses and bottles. ‘Anyway, after Nina saying she didn’t want to sleep with me, the stupid bitch left her phone in my car and I found it when I got home. Of course, I did the gallant thing and phoned her and said I’d drop it round the next day.’

‘You feelin’ alright Max? That don’t sound like your usual style of thing.’

‘Ah, the thing is, Jack, I decided to have a little look in her phone to see if she had any, you know, cheeky selfies on it but I couldn’t unlock the phone: the cunning bitch had a passcode set.’

‘So you, like, just gave it back?’

‘Fuck, no! I took the memory card out and put it in my laptop and, bingo, fucking pay dirt! Look.’ He holds his phone out to the other two and on the screen a woman dances to barely audible music, swaying her body and arms. Slowly and rhythmically she unbuttons her top and casts it aside. Her short, tight skirt is next and she dances in her underwear before stripping off her lacy bra, letting her large breasts with their dark aureoles sway and swing as her dance continues. She turns her back as she slides her panties down, revealing the smooth, firm and rounded cheeks of her bottom as she sways her hips. The viewing men nod in appreciation, and Jack gives a low whistle.

‘Fuck me, Max, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed even if she was on fire!’

‘Just wait…’ Max replies and the woman turn to the camera to show her hairless sex as she pushes the panties down. She tries to raise a leg to remove the panties and stumbles, hopping to try and regain her balance before tumbling out of shot. A few moments later she is on her feet again, naked and laughing as she reaches for the camera, her hand blacking out the screen.

‘So you kept a copy of her little striptease to jack off to; nice.’

‘Bollocks to that, Joe. She might be cute but payback was needed for that little cock-tease.’

‘What did you do?’

‘I put it on the Internet under “Hot bitch’s epic striptease fail” and sent the link to a few of her mates from an anonymous email account. Shit, you should see some of the comments, tearing the bitch to shreds…’

‘Max, weren’t there something in the local newspaper about a woman nearly killing herself ‘coz of having a nudie video about her being uploaded and the abuse she got?’

‘Yeah, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t this Nina bird… I mean, I would have heard… probably. Anyway, it wasn’t me that made all the horrible comments and they were the problem really…’

“It seems that there is nothing these mortals create that cannot be turned to ill use,” observed the Goddess. “Is there more to show of this man before I decide on his fate?”

“Alas, yes, O Goddess,” the third sister, Oizys, replied, “and perhaps the worst…” Her hands conjured a final vision…

The black-haired woman has the loose, uncoordinated movements of someone drunk as she tries to push him back and break the kiss. His hand travels up her leg, slipping under her short skirt, rucking it up to reveal the bright red panties beneath. Lust gleams in the man’s eyes.

‘No, Max, not this…’ she pleads.

‘Don’t be such a prick tease, Cindy; you’ve been leading me on all evening and now it’s time for me to collect on your offer…’ his hand cups her vulva, squeezing the flesh of her sex through the panties. ‘You’ve got a nice, fuckable body and so obviously wanted to get laid so who am I to turn down a woman in need of the services of my cock?’ he leers as he begins unbuttoning her blouse with his other hand.

‘No, Max, I don’t want to have sex, not on our first date.’

‘Ha, you think this was a date, you slut.’ His hand grips her face as he begins tugging down sarıyer escort her panties. She struggles but he snarls at her, ‘Just lay still you little cunt and you’ll enjoy it and not get hurt.’

“Enough, I do not need to see yet more of the violence practised against out mortal sisters.” With a wave, she banished the shimmering vision. “I assume he was not punished by mortal hands for this misdeed?”

“No, Goddess; the woman Cindy had been drunk so none would take her complaint seriously, such is the uselessness of mortal justice, heaping mockery and contempt on this poor woman’s misery,” Oizys replied with anger.

“No, sister, condemn not the justice of mortals for they lack our omniscience and have only their feeble senses to discern the truth. Condemn, rather, this man for his deeds and his belief that women are but toys for his amusement and abuse.”

“So, O Goddess, you wish him destroyed?” Eris asked, a vengeful gleam in her eye. The Goddess pauses a moment, her perfect chin turned and raised as she contemplated briefly.

“No,” she declared finally, “I desire retribution… I want him to learn, to understand what he has done and I want him punished. Summon your eldest sister to me, for there is a task I wish her to perform…”

– – – – – – – – o o O o o – – – – – – – –

CHAPTER 1: It’s a Man’s World

There is a spring in my step this Wednesday morning as I head to Jason’s office for the meeting: yesterday I finally managed to give Marie, that clingy intern, the brush off. For fuck’s sake, we screwed once at that training conference and since then she’s been behaving like we were fucking engaged or that I owed her. Still, she’s history now.

Jason didn’t say what the meeting is about so I guess it’s to thank me for the mega-sharp deal I closed out last week; I mean, sure, the investors got burned a bit but it made us a fucking fortune! My bonus should be good this quarter.

“Hi boss, you wanted to see me?” I say as I enter Jason’s corner office with its awesome view over the Thames.

“Hello, Max, come in,” he replies as he looks up and I can see at once that something’s not right. Crossing the wide expanse of plush cream carpet I sit in the chair across the desk from him.

“What’s up?” I ask.

“I’ll come straight to the point,” he says using his ‘I’m your boss’ voice; this is not a good sign. “It’s that intern, Marie O’Connor: she’s made a complaint about you, saying that at the three-day training conference you basically threatened her with a bad performance report unless she slept with you. Is it true?”

“Well, I may have suggested that it was a good idea to keep me sweet as I was responsible for writing her report but she seemed well up for it anyway. I never heard any complaints while we were shagging, neither,” I grin as I glance down at my crotch, “but then me and my partner here always give a girl satisfaction!”

“For fuck’s sake, Max, this isn’t a joke! This is sexual harassment; if she stands by this complaint you could get fired for gross misconduct. Capisci?”

“C’mon Jase, don’t go all Godfather on me here. You were in the same position with that secretary after the Christmas party, if I recall…” I left that hanging for a moment. “The girl into whose coat I put your wallet and that USB memory stick, full of lots of confidential company financial files, before tipping off security just before she went home…”

“Fuck. Okay, yes, you got her sacked on the spot and arrested before she could complain about me. Fine, I owe you. Let me think.” Jason is quiet for a few moments. “How good is her performance?”

“Pretty good; I mean she’s no hotshot but steady and reliable. She doesn’t make big bucks on deals but she loses very little, practically nothing recently.”

“Shit, that doesn’t help. And I bet you were going to crap all over her in your appraisal… don’t bother to deny it, I know you too well and your face admits it anyway. Hmmm…” He turns and types on his computer keyboard and I try to be patient. Jase and I are mates, sort of, but I know that if it weren’t for helping him with that secretary he’d have let the wolves have me; after all, it’s what I would have done in his position. Finally, he turns back. “Okay, she’s got six, seven weeks left of her internship so the decision on her future is due towards the end of next month. Hmm… okay. Now, she won’t ever have access to the exact figures used to assess her performance so I’ve, er, adjusted them: I gave others the credit for some of her better deals and dumped a number of the shittier losses against her name, so she won’t now make the grade to be employed but, and you’ve got to listen here, Max, you’ve got to let her know, show her, what a wonderful write up you’re planning on giving her. Do a draft and show it to her before lunch. I’ve got to meet with her this afternoon and I’ll make sure she knows that, if she complains, Ted Thompson will be doing her maslak escort review; she’ll know what he thinks of interns and the kind of appraisal he’d give her. Got it?”

“Yeah, I got it. Thanks, Jase; I owe you several large drinks after work.”

“Too fucking right you do. Still, with the bonus from that deal with those charity investors last week you might just be able to afford my bar tab! Go on, get out.” I stand and head for the door. “And Max, write that girl’s fucking glowing appraisal as soon as you’re back at your desk.”

“Will do, boss. And I can also tell her I had to break it off with her so what I wrote didn’t seem like favouritism; neat! The bitch will totally accept that. See you in the pub at six, mate.”

– – – – – – – – o o O o o – – – – – – – –

CHAPTER 2: The Dream

I dreamt that I awoke in the middle of the night, while it was still dark, with my head aching and my mind groggy: Jason had collected big time on my debt after that slut-bitch Marie totally caved in and withdrew her complaint. Ha, she’s still going to get the flick with the figures Jason’s lined up for her. I noticed that not only did my head ache but my chest also felt heavy as I breathed, as if I were coming down with a chest cold. What I knew for certain was that I needed desperately to piss.

I climbed unsteadily out of bed and staggered, naked and with eyes half closed, to the bathroom. My balance had gone; I kept stumbling and toppling forward as if being pulled so that I had to fight gravity. I dropped down to sit on the toilet pan, eyes closed and half asleep. I felt strange… maybe I really was sick, I thought. I relaxed my bladder, letting gravity take care of the aiming, and heard the plash and gurgle of my piss falling into the water below; even this felt odd and there was something different in the tone of the splashing water. My flow ebbed at last and I reached down to shake the drops from my cock and my hand encountered… nothing! I groped and, though there was the brush of dense, short hair, I could not locate my cock nor, in my rising panic, my balls. My eyes were open but the room was too dark to see anything. I lurched to my feet and over to the wash basin, my hand groping for the pull cord to turn on the light above the mirror. With a tug, the light flared and I was momentarily blinded. I blinked once, twice and yelled, “Oh fuck!” That my voice sounded strange in my own ears barely registered over what I could see in the mirror: there, in place of my reflection, was a woman’s face, shoulders and tits. She was pretty, in a homely way: her hair was as wavy and dark as mine but longer, almost touching her shoulders; her eyes the same deep brown as I have; her tits were smallish, but with a little sag, suggesting she was in her early thirties… like me. I looked down between the small tits and over a soft, slightly rounded stomach to the dark furred and cock-less mound between broad hips. There was a feeling of falling weightlessness as all turned black…

I recall that bizarre and vivid dream with surprising clarity as I lie, dozing with eyes closed, here in my gradually lightening bedroom. I have, like anyone I suppose, had weird dreams from time to time but dreaming that I’d turned into a woman was a new high point in strangeness. Imagine, me having tits! I smile as my hand moves up to my chest and freeze as my hand counters a swelling, one that is part of me as I can feel the touch of my hand. There is a cold, sick feeling in the pit of my stomach as with a trembling hand I peel back the duvet to reveal the same tits that I thought I’d dreamt last night, the same hairless stomach, the same full hips and thighs, the same dark triangle of pubes between my legs, the same absence of cock and balls…

I yell, though with my new voice it sounds more like a scream; a pathetic, girlie scream. In my head runs a desperate mantra as I feel my sanity slipping: “This is just a bad dream, a nightmare; just a mad, horrible dream and I need to wake up…”

“You are awake I assure you.” The voice, a melodious alto that was at once sensual and deeply menacing, came from the deep shadow in the far corner of the bedroom. I stare as the shadow seems to billow and eddy, becoming a flowing robe that swirls continuously across the perfect form of the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen, revealing than concealing glimpses of her flawless figure. Like her voice, she is both exquisitely beautiful and utterly terrifying and some primal part of my brain is screaming that I am in deep, deep trouble.

“What…” is all I can manage hoarsely, my throat raw from the scream. I swallow. “Who are you..?”

“I am Nemesis, eldest daughter of Nyx, and I am sent to you at the behest of the Goddess to work her will upon you.” Somehow it doesn’t cross my mind for a moment to doubt or challenge the truth of this.

“Nemesis as in punishment or vengeance or… destruction?” I croak with a quavering voice. “Nemesis as in me,” she replies with dark amusement. “The Goddess has ordained me to bring retribution for your behaviour; whether that will be your destruction is in the hands of the Fates… and in your hands too, perhaps.”

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