Naughty New Neighbour Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Not so long ago I got a new neighbour, her flat is in the building next to mine and our bedroom windows just a few feet apart. About a week after my old neighbour moved out I first saw her, about 5’5″ with short dark hair cut into a cute pixie like style and wonderful curves. I only saw a glimpse of her though the curtains but I was hooked. Of the next few nights I kept a keen eye out for her, but sadly our paths didn’t cross.

After a couple of weeks I had more or less forgotten about her, after all I’d only seen the briefest glimpse. But then one night as I was just getting ready for bed I went to pull my curtains across and there she was. She was lying on her back on a beautiful four poster bed, completely naked. Her legs were spread and with one hand she massaged her breats and with the other she clamped a pink rabbit style vibrator to her shaved pussy. I was definitely hooked now. My nipples suddenly got very hard and my pussy wet. I let my robe fall open and slid a hand into my lacey knickers. I watched her writhe on the bed while I stroked my cunt moaning softly to myself. I watched her to closely I could tell she was close, her back was arching and her mouth wide with silent groans of pleasure. She had moved the rabbit and slowly inserted it into her pussy, bucking harder as she did so. I pinched at my nipples and rubbed my clit harder as I felt the beginnings of my orgasm start to wash over me. I rubbed harder and moaned loud, all the while my eyes fixed on the beautiful woman beyoğlu escort just 10 feet away. I think we came in unison, her back arched and mouth wide as the rabbit worked it’s magic and me transfixed by her beauty. She lay back against the bed, breathing hard, and pulled the vibrator from her cunt, the raised it to her lips and licked it clean. I moaned and felt my pussy twitch again, already to go again. Then she stood up and walked over to the window, stood there for a moment as she slowly drew the curtains. As she did so her eyes met mine and she gave a little wave. She knew I’d been watching. I waved back and shut my curtains too.

That night I couldn’t sleep, every time I closed my eyes I could she her, legs spread and inviting. I brought myself to orgasm 5 or 6 times, but it wasn’t enough, I wanted her.

When I got up the next morning, groggy from too little sleep and soar from too many orgasms I found a note slipped under my door.

“I enjoyed last night, but I’d enjoy tonight even more if you were are my door at 8.00.

Your new neighbour, Josie”

Just the note got me wet again and wishing the hours away. I could barely concentrate at work that day, checking the clock every two minutes and aching for 8.00pm to come so I could.

Finally it was time, I has dressed in my sexiest lingerie, black lace thong and matching bra. I slipped on some heels and a short black mac. A cliche but a good look. I was outside her door band on 8 dripping with anticipation. sarıyer escort She opened the door wearing nothing by a red silk robe which she swiftly dropped on the floor. I did the same with my coat and then looked at her face to face for the first time. She was even more stunning up close. Big green eyes sparkled with anticipation, perfectly tanned with large dark nipples, already hard and begging to be sucked. And of course her completely shaven pussy. She lead me to the bedroom and laid down in the same position as the night before; head back against the pillows and legs spread. “Fuck me!” she purred.

I didn’t need telling twice, I climbed onto the bed and kissed her passionately and then headed south. I need to tasted that pussy. I took a second to breathe in her beautiful heady scent and pink lips before I ran a finger gently over them and then parted them. Breathing her in deeply and then blowing a stream of air on to her clit which quivered in anticipation. Her lips were glistening and her let out a moan, “Please, fuck me…”

As the words came out of her mouth I flicked her clit with the very tip of my tongue and then circled around it. She moaned again. I repeated the movement and then licked the entire length of her cunt, letting the taste of her seep over my tongue. I licked down and back up to her clit and circled it a few more times, slow enough to drive her wild but with just enough pressure too. Her breathing was deeper and she moaned again. I started to lick maslak escort her clit harder and faster with my tried and tested method, two licks around the clit, then five flicked up and down it, then licking the length of the her, to catch her juices and the repeat. It was driving her wild. As I felt her respond to my movements I slid a finger into her her dripping pussy. She groaned “More. Fuck me harder. OH GOD!”

I pulled my finger out and slid two back in and began to finger fuck her, while flicking her clit. With each thrust of my fingers her moans grow louder and her cunt wetter. Soon her back was arched and she was screaming with pleasure, her body spasming with pleasure. Once the pleasure subsided she flopped back against the pillows and let out a long sigh. I licked her again, catching the last of her juices and then slid up her body to kiss her.

“That was definitely better then last night! Now let me thank you…”

We kissed again then the moved down to my breasts, reaching to unhook my bra and realise my nipples, which she sucked, rolling them across her mouth until I moaned. Then she ran her tongue down my stomach to my begging pussy.

I spread my legs wide as she parted my lips with her tongue, finding my clit instantly, making me groan. Her tongue moved quickly and I could feel my orgasm building up within seconds,after all I’d been waiting all day for this. Her tongue was hitting all the right spots and I came hard into her mouth, before she’d even started to finger me.

We both lay back against the pillows to recover, kissing, and enjoying the taste of our sex on each others lips. After a few minutes I was ready to go again.

“What now?” I purred in her ear…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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