Nasty Stacy

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“Can I buy ya a drink darling?”

The owner of the voice was a big man with a beer gut dressed in a dirty flannel shirt and dusty faded denims grinning at her and tipping his beaten up cowboy hat. As Stacy turned to face him, his leering eyes dropped to her milky white 38D tits which were doing their best to burst out of the 3 sizes too small black boob tube wrapped around them. The guy couldn’t remember when he had laid eyes on a pair of more gorgeous tits like the ones Stacy was proudly displaying less than a foot from him, let alone in at a trucker’s stop ten miles outside the city. The man stank of alcohol and had probably been drinking for quite a while. She smiled to herself. ‘Perfect! Just the way to get the evening started.’

“I would love a drink darlin’ but I had a different one in mind.” So saying she grabbed the bulge in his jeans.

The big man was speechless for an instant unable to believe his ears and then grinned from ear to ear as realization slammed into him like a sledgehammer.

“So how about we take a short walk to my rig darling. I got myself a cozy little corner in there.”

“Who wants cozy?”

So saying Stacy simply grinned mischievously and led him outside still holding his crotch in her hand. As she walked out seductively swaying her big curvy ass tightly ensconced in a made to fit yellow leather mini, she felt the stares of every man at the pub boring into her, though most hadn’t taken their eyes off her ever she had walked in five minutes before. When they reached the door she first pushed out the big guy whose dick had gotten so hard that the front of his jeans was quivering with the strain. Turning back at the still staring crowd of twenty odd, she pouted slowly with her lusciously big lips covered in glossy lipstick and winked at them before disappearing.

Walking out to the dark alley behind, she was greeted by the fat man gripping a seven inch thick cock since the strain had obviously been too much. Eyes lighting up she kneeled before him, gripped his balls and then looking directly up into his eyes swallowed him whole.

“Fuuuuuuuuck! I’ve never seen any slut do that so quick.”

Stacy then paid him no attention and concentrated on the throbbing cock on her mouth. God how she loved a man’s meat! The wet slurping sounds emanating from her mouth as she gave the man the blowjob of his life soon became intermingled with his groans, as he rapidly reached an uncontrollable state of arousal. Moments later he flooded her mouth with the biggest load that he had ever blown. It had been less than four minutes she had taken him into her mouth.

“Fuck! Sorry about that but you one helluva cocksucka.”

Stacy smiled up at him and stuck out her tongue full of his cum mixed with her own saliva.

“You one horny bitch baby!”

Unnoticed by either of them a crowd had gathered at the entrance to the alley which everyone who had been in the pub.

“The question is if you are horny enough to handle all of us?”

Still smiling Stacy dramatically swallowed the cum in her mouth and looking directly into the eyes of the guy who had spoken said, “Try me”.

Within a minute her boob tube and miniskirt lay discarded on the street and since she rarely wore any underwear, Stacy’s awesome assets were on full display for the leery bunch of men from the pub. She felt innumerable hands roughly grope her body some squeezing her big tits beşiktaş escort and tweaking her nipples, some rubbing perfectly shaped ass while still others stroked her cunt, with the occasional finger sliding into her sopping pussy.

“Goddamn! This bitch is wetter than a rainy New York day. Get her down on her knees. I’m gonna stick her like a pig.”

Someone had pulled over a torn mattress lying in a garbage dump further down the alley and Stacy was pushed down onto it. Stacy could have done all this willingly but she loved the roughness. She loved to have men force her into submission and then abuse her at will. Without warning her legs were spread and a fat cock was thrust into her dripping cunt. A jolt of sexual excitement ran through her and she pushed back as hard as she could.

“Oh Fuck yeah! That’s it slut. Fuck my cock. Work those hips baby.” The crowd meanwhile was cheering the guy along and soon worked him into a frenzy. Slamming his rock hard cock up her fanny he began spanking her jiggling ass cheeks.

“Oh yeah!”, yelled Stacy enjoying the sharp sting on her smooth butt cheeks.

“Harder! C’mon show me what you got big guy. Spank that ass. Spank my skanky ass.”

“That’s one nasty ass kinky slut you got there Doug. The bitch is getting off being spanked.”

Spurred on by the crowd the man named Doug proceeded to land five hard smacks on her butt. That was just what Stacy needed and even as the last slap fell on her fleshy cheeks she howled in orgasmic pleasure.

“Yeaaaaahhhhh……Fuckkkkk……I’m cumminnnng…….. Oh yeaahhhhh….. give it to me you bastard….cum inside my horny little cunt.”

Doug needed no more encouragement. With Stacy’s pussy walls constricting around his cock, he let go with a loud groan of pleasure. He spurted his seed inside of her for almost a minute before pulling out his cock glistening with both their juices. He wasn’t done though coz he quickly turned her around and presented his cock to her mouth which she hungrily gobbled down.

“Fuck what a slut. I can’t wait any longer man. I’m gonna plug her right now.” screamed someone behind her.

“Wait. Lie down Mitch, we’ll do her together.”

So saying the man called Mitch lay down and then roughly shoved her cunt down on his eagerly waiting cock. Moments later Stacy felt a dick pushing at her butt-hole . He heard the man salivating and then coating his cock with it before he slowly began pushing it up her anus. Pulling Doug’s still hard cock out of her mouth, she looked behind her at the big black man plugging her asshole.

“Shove it all in, big man. This bitch can take it all. So saying she winked at him and pulled apart her butt cheeks as far as they would stretch in invitation”.

She was rewarded with a hard thrust that buried his dick in her shit hole all the way upto his balls. The combined mixture of pain and pleasure from his brutal thrust washed over her like an aphrodisiac and she screamed out loud.

“Aaaaaaahhhhh! Fuck! That’s it…..shove it in you mother-fucking bastard.”

This is what she lived for. She estimated that the schlong reaming her butt-hole must be at least ten inches long and a thick fat one at that judging from the way her ass was being stretched.

“Ooooh! This is one tight bitch. Yeaaah! That’s it you nasty whore feel me tear your ass apart.”

Soon Doug beşyol escort pulled out of her slurping mouth and she jacked him off onto her face and tits and then licked him clean. Moments later her pussy and asshole was filled with hot spurting semen. She closed her eyes in pleasure and groaned as she felt the throbbing cocks spurting their seed within her. There were replaced by two equally large cocks almost as soon as they had pulled out.

“Now suck this clean bitch.” She opened her eyes to find the black man who had been plugging her ass holding his slimy cock over her face and grinning evilly. She responded by grasping his humongous tool in both hands and dramatically running her tongue all over the cock licking up all the shit and juices coating it.

“Holy fuck! This bitch is beyond nasty. Look at her lick up her own shit.”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet honey”. So saying she held his cock above her face and began playing with his large nuts, pressing the little veins under his schlong. Heartbeats later, as the crowd watched speechless with shock, the black man let out a low growl and a thick stream of yellow piss shot out of the cock splattering her face. Using the huge dick like a hose she gave herself a golden shower all the while being fucked by two unknown men who were by now ramming into her like wild animals. The gang of truckers had probably never seen such depravity and went wild with lust, cheering and jerking off like there was no tomorrow. But Stacy wasn’t done as yet. As the stream of piss started dying down, she opened her mouth wide and let the filthy liquid pour inside where it bubbled and dripped out onto her wet heaving tits. The sight of her luscious lips and tongue being drenched with piss was too much for four of the truckers and they shot truckloads of cum at her waiting face and tits from their wildly bucking cocks.

Stacy only moaned in pleasure and rubbed the sticky white fluids all over herself and then slowly licked her fingers clean while looking at the lust-crazed men around her who were whooping and egging on the nastiest and hottest slut they had ever heard of. Just then the crowd before her parted and a humungous fat negro stepped in front of her. Stacy remembered him as the bartender of the pub. The man must have been at least four hundred pounds and most of it was muscle. But what caused Stacy’s eyes to nearly pop out of their sockets was the twelve inch monster that dangled before her eyes, glistening with sweat. Even she had never had a cock this big and this thick. She was almost drooling in anticipation and was so transfixed by this black monstrosity before her that she barely even registered the fact that the two men had blown their loads inside of her and had been replaced by two more throbbing pieces of meat.

“Lets see if you can swallow this you nasty little cocksucker.” taunted the bartender holding his incredible manhood in a large knotted fist. Stacy could see in his eyes that this was a man used to nastiness, unlike the rest of the bunch who were behaving like college boys at their first frat party.

“Hold her hands boys.”

Instantly two of the men pulled her hands back and held them tight. Then grabbing her wet blonde hair in one hand he put the head of his cock into her waiting mouth and shoved it in without any warning. As the monster rammed against the insides of her throat, she helplessly beykent escort retched all over the cock which was still stuffing her orifice. The men around her drunk on depraved lust yelled in perverse delight as streams of vomit squirted out of her gagging mouth and dribbled down onto her heaving breasts. As she ceased retching the guy before her pulled out his puke covered cock and looked down at her.

“Clean it bitch”. The pungent odour of her vomit was enough to make her gag again. She had never done this in all her wild adventures and insanely enough the memory of what had just happened was causing her pussy to throb uncontrollably around the cocks slamming into her. Her hands still held behind her she lunged at the dirty cock and proceeded to give the man the blow job of his life. Inch by inch she swallowed his cock determined to swallow it all and ten minutes later in front of a wide-eyed bunch of truckers her lips touched the man’s balls. Her mouth stretched beyond belief she looked up at his staring eyes and then sucked him making loud wet noises till she got the biggest load of semen that had ever shot into her slutty mouth. There was so much cum that it was dripping out of the corners of her mouth even though she had swallowed three-fourths of his length.

“Holy, Mother of god! No-one has ever come even close to doing that bitch! You definitely the nastiest and most talented slut on the planet!”

Stacy felt like she had just won an Olympic gold medal. All the truckers had a go at her then and soon her orgasms were hitting so frequently that they were becoming intermingled one with another and she was in a state of constant arousal. Then at long last when every trucker had been satisfied at least three times, the black monstrosity returned. Stacy by now was in a world of her own. Her face was on the mattress, lying in a pool of cum, piss and her own vomit. She was covered all over with white gooey cum and piss since most of the truckers had proceeded to give her a golden shower once they were done spurting their load. She had had so many intense orgasms that she was almost delirious, moaning and groaning as if in the middle of a wet dream. The black bartender kneeled behind her still upturned ass and spanked her hard. This brought her back to reality somewhat and she realized what was about to happen.

Her eyes widened but her pussy gushed. “Yesssssss….C’mon you fucking nigger. Tear me apart. Shove that huge fucking pole up my ass. Rape that butt and split me like a pig you fucking piece of shit. C’mon!”

Inflamed by her insults, he did just that, slamming all twelve inches of thick cock into her well stretched and lubricated asshole making her scream out in agony and bliss. She could feel the dick hitting parts of her that no-one had ever reached, like the cock was going to force its way up her throat any moment now. So much cum had been deposited in her ass already that with every thrust thick globs of brownish white goo was squeezing out around the pulsing black dick. Using her left hand she frigged her cum soaked clit as furiously as she could building herself upto the mother of all orgasms. As the few remaining truckers watched in wide-eyed silence the huge black man grunted and heaved his huge dick in and out of the wildy bucking depraved slut. They both came at the same time. His growl of pleasure was low and guttural while Stacy was equally feral as her blood-curling scream of ecstacy echoed in the dark alley. She collapsed immediately onto the filthy wet mattress having passed out even before the man had pulled out his dick. The men all walked off shaking their heads at the unbelievable experience leaving Stacy lying in her own muck with a satisfied smile on her cum and piss covered face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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