My Wife’s Hot Cousin Ch. 03

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I’m not a mean person, but I felt a little boost of power and ego, to be taking control of this hot jock who is ‘always’ in control! My libido was soaring and I wanted to just fuck the living shit out of this man, maybe wanted him to cry, uncle. I don’t know what possessed me, but I was so juiced at the prospect of making Aaron cum again from having my cock buried in his hot hole!

I got down between Aaron’s legs and moved into position. This time when my cock found his hole, it just slid in! He kind of grunted and said, “Wow stud, I guess I had no idea what I was getting myself into, you are a fuck machine!”

I laughed and said, “Yeah, and your hole loves it!”

Aaron agreed and I slid into him. I kind of felt bad that I was now taking advantage of him, and his big dark eyes on his gorgeous face made me feel for him. I lean into him and kissed him deeply as I slid all the way in, but this time, very slowly.

Now we both felt the connection, and as I slowly slid my cock in and out of his now stretched virgin hole we kiss and grunted and made passionate love! Aaron wrapped his powerful legs around me. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him to me as tightly as possible and we never broke our kiss. When I felt that I had crossed the point of no return, my hips kicked into gear beşiktaş escort and I soul fucked him, deep and hard. The only part of my body that was moving was my hips and I moaned into his lungs and I shot my load as far inside him as I could get. That pushed Aaron over the edge and I felt his hole and guts clenching my cock, his cock lurching and shooting hot fluid between us!

We continued kissing through our panting and bodies jerking and convulsing. This was male bonding like neither of us had ever experienced! I felt a closeness with Aaron I’d never felt with another man. Something almost made me want to cry. When I finally broke our kiss I looked at the expression on Aaron’s face and was pretty certain he was feeling the same thing.

We both smiled at each other and then I just collapsed on him. Again we stayed like that for a while until my cock finally deflated and slithered out of his well-fucked ass with a sloppy noise. We both cracked up at the sound and then we were suddenly again, two normal men and laughed until we could hardly get up!

When we stopped laughing at the noises that Aaron’s butt was making after my attack on it, we washed each other again. This time it was different, it was slow and sensual, there was no hesitation beşyol escort on either of our parts. We both enjoyed each other’s bodies and enjoyed each other touch. There was some more bonding and a little kissing.

As we were drying off Aaron looked at me and said, “Let’s consider this shower like Vegas!”

“What do you mean?”

“What happens in the shower stays in the shower!”

We both laughed at that and decided that was a great idea. Then we decided to dress nice for our ladies and fix them a really nice dinner.

It was a couple of hours later when our wives arrived from their shopping and they were surprised and happy when they saw the meal we were prepared for them. We could both tell that they were upset about something, it made both of us nervous! At least for the next few minutes we both had to do a really great job of not letting our guilt show, even though it was highly unlikely that they even had a clue of what had gone in between Aaron and me the last few hours.

Since Shelly seemed to be the more upset of the two, Carrie started talking as Aaron poured them both a glass of wine. Carrie told us that Shelly’s sister had received some really scary news from her gynecologist and that Shelly needed to go be beykent escort with her. Shelly’s sister lives a few hours west of us, and Aaron and Shelly live a couple of hours east of us. Since Shelly was really upset, Carrie had offered to drive Shelly to her sister’s place since a few years ago she had a similar situation, and although it was scary, everything came out just fine!

The girls didn’t even wait to have dinner, they packed their bags while I took Carrie’s car and filled it up, checked the fluids, tires and such and we loaded them up. The theory was that if Shelly needed to stay longer than Carrie could stay, she could drive back here by herself and later Aaron could go back and get her. It all seemed to make sense and happened so fast that Aaron and I kind of collapsed once the car pulled out of the driveway.

After a couple of beers, we threw the steaks on the grill made an amazing salad and after the events of the day, two famished jocks devoured two rather large steaks.

We retired to the living room with some nice bourbons and just kind of relaxed for the first time all day.

Aaron asked if I wanted to talk about what had happened today, and he agreed when I said, that I really felt I needed to process things a bit before actually getting into a discussion about it!

Aaron agreed and two bourbons later we retired!

I hadn’t been asleep too long when I felt the bed move and a body slide up close beside me. For a moment I assumed it was Carrie not remembering in my sleep that she was gone. When his tight hairy muscled body slid up close to mine I realized it was Aaron.

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