My Time With Char

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My time with Char.

The Prequel for; “The biggest dick I have ever seen.”

My name is Daniel, Danny for short. And I grew up in a LA in a modest middle-class house. I had my first gay experiences just before I went off to college with a kid in my neighborhood. It was just experimental, but opened the door for things to come years later. As I mentioned in previous stories, I married my college sweetheart and started life as most people do. Some years later when my marriage feel apart and I divorced, I found myself re-living some past experiences and looking forward to trying new things.

I had started a new job just after my divorce. I started working for a BIG Credit Card company as a Customer Service Representative and trying to become acclimated in a in the world of big business. It was there that I met and worked for Charlie. Charlie was the manager of my division. He was a mix of white and Filipino. He was — in my opinion — too out, too gay, too open, too feminine and just too loud at times. I really didn’t like him much at first and thought, great… not only a new job, but a gay boss.

Char as he liked to be called, stood about 5’7 inches tall, medium build with a brownish tanned skin. He had a nice thick head of black hair, which was always styled well. He was very clean shaven, very well dressed and very well spoken. I learned through my time of getting to know him that he was raised in the mid-west, had a big family, but had moved out west years earlier to seek his fame and fortune. Only to end up, like most of us, falling way short of our dreams and taking a job that pays the bills.

As my experience grew and as I showcased my talents, I ended up working a lot of one-on-one time with Char. And as we got to know each other more and as he calmed down and became quieter and more reserved in our one-on-one meetings, I started to admire him more. Learning more about him, beginning to appreciate him, coupled with my hate for women and my taste for something new, started me to develop deeper thoughts of something different. I began to think of him differently. I would often get to work early to see him before our day started. See what clothes he was wearing and to make sure I knew what he wanted of me throughout the day.

I don’t necessarily know for sure if I was interested in him or not at that point, or if I was just trying to be the good employee trying to succeed. But what I can tell you is that my thoughts of him and watching a lot more “gay porn” than “normal porn” opened the door for an experience and a love I’ll never forget.

Over a few months, Char and I had become close. There was no doubt about it, I was his right-hand man at work. He had promoted me to phone supervisor and I was in charge of training. Most of my days were now spent overseeing other employees, monitoring their phone calls and having closed door meetings with him. There were days I spent more time in his office, than at my own desk. We’d sit alone next to each other overlooking sales and call volumes, study flow chats and times of calls and a host of other job-related things. I was moving up in the world of the Big Credit Card and I was moving closer to being with him.

The group outing

About every two weeks or so on a Friday, most of the employees would head out after work to the local bar, eat, have a few drinks and just release the tension of the work week. I’d often go, since I had nothing else to do and no significant other to spend time with. One particular Friday we were all heading to the local Mexican restaurant for Margaritas. As I was walking to my car, Char drove up next to me in the lot. He said, “Danny, jump in, I’ll drive ya.”

Without thought I jumped into his car and we made our way to the restaurant to meet up with everyone else. We all sat around that night, laughing, talking, eating and having a few drinks. There was no rush for me to get home, so I was there until Char wanted to leave to drive me back.

Just after 10 P.M. as most people had already started to head back or head home, Char asked me if I was ready to go.

“Sure. Whenever you’re ready.” I replied.

We headed out to the parking lot and got into his car. As we drove back to our work parking lot, we passed small talk and some business talk, but nothing out of the ordinary. We pulled back into the parking lot of work and Char parked next to my car.

“What a week.” He Spoke. “I am so glad it’s the weekend.”

“Yah, I hear ya.” I replied.

Any big plans Danny?” He asked.

“No. Just going to get things done around the house. Maybe hang out with a few friends tomorrow.”

“You?” I inquired.

“No. I’m going to go shopping and probably just have a quiet night at home.”

“No boyfriend time this weekend?” I asked.

“No.” He replied. “I haven’t been dating anyone in a while.”

“Yah, me either.” I grunted.

We sat in silence for a few moments when Char said, “Well I better get home.”

As I started to sit upright almanbahis and reach for the door handle, Char said, “How ’bout a hug Danny.”

I chuckled and said, “Sure.”

As I leaned over to give him a hug, he placed a soft long kiss on my lips. It took me by surprise. I froze as he pulled his lips away, pulled me in closer and gave me a big long hug. “Thanks for being a good friend and a great employee.” He spoke.

I mustered up the reply, “You’re welcome.” And got out of his car.

I jumped into mine, never looking back as he pulled away. I sat in silence for a few seconds, almost shocked at what just happened. He didn’t try to French kiss me, or grope me, he just gave me a light soft kiss on my lips with a big warm hug. But it surely shocked me. I got home about 20 minutes later and started to try to focus on other things around the house. But that night after I got into bed, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I almost wished I knew that kiss was coming, or if he would have hinted more that he was into me. But then I thought, was it just a goodbye kiss? But instead of the cheek it was on my lips. Was it an accident? Was it the alcohol? Was it just him reaching out for someone to be a friend? A lover? All I knew was that it had come as a surprise, but it was also quite a turn on since I have recently found myself attracted to him.

At work the next week, we were quite busy and I didn’t have much time to spend with Char, since we had new employees and I had a ton of training, calls to listen to and assess. Finally on Thursday afternoon, I had the chance to be alone with him in his office. We sat looking at data and spreadsheets, trying to figure out the week. I don’t know if it was uncomfortable for him, but I was feeling a bit weirded out from last Friday’s kiss.

Finally, Char broke the awkwardness and said, “Danny I am sorry about Friday night after the bar. I don’t have a lot of friends and I haven’t had a boyfriend in a long time. I like you and I appreciate your work and trust with me, so I did something I shouldn’t have.”

I laughed it off, like nothing had happened by replying, “No big deal Char. It isn’t anything I am concerned with.”

“Thank you, Danny.” He spoke. “I just felt bad and don’t want to take advantage of your friendship.”

I tried to make light of the situation but jokingly blurting out, “But in the future of you’re going to kiss me, make sure I know it’s coming and do it the right way.”

Char put his head own in embarrassment and groaned out. I placed my hand on his back, rubbed up and down his back and said, “Hey, I am serious. It’s no big issue. You know I love working with you and spending time with you.” And I was mustering up the courage to say; “And I’m interested in you.” When Char raised his head and stared deeply into my eyes. I could see his heart was hurting and as much as he likes to portray himself as the “got it all together guy’, he is lonely and sad and looking for someone to love and spend time with.

It was at that moment, sitting in the quietness of his office, alone, with the buzz of soft voices from outside the walls, echoed by the sounds of phones ringing and the hum of the light fixture, that I realized I was falling for him. We sat in stare for more than 30 seconds and I was about to lean in and kiss him when at knock at his door, snapped us back to reality.

“Come in!” He blurted out. As one of our new employees interrupted, what would have been our first, true, deep kiss.

We went back to spread sheets, call times, assessments and job performance reviews without saying a word about us. But I believe we both knew at that point that we were going to move forward.

Just before I left work Char called me into his office and asked me If I would like to go with him on Saturday night to an off-Broadway amateur play, he had got tickets for. “Sure”. I replied. We made our plans, and headed our sperate ways for the night.

Saturday night I picked him up at his place, since he was closer to the restaurant and the theatre we were going to. We whipped into one of the chain restaurants for a bite and headed to the theatre. We sat through this play, that was centered around an early American maid and seamstress, which had musical numbers within it. It was well written and the performers were great, but it was irrelevant to today’s world and not a wonder as to why it was “off-Broadway”.

The whole time we sat in the theatre I wanted to put my hand on his leg. I wanted to hold his hand. I wanted to do something to show him, just how interested I was in him. I knew it. I believed he knew it, but I had never dated a man, and was unsure of how to breech this.

When the play was over and we were driving back to his place, Char asked me if I wanted to come in for a nightcap. I was okay with that and quickly said yes.

When we arrived, he made us this warm coffee liquor drink and we sat and talked. Tonight, while we were alone, I was waiting for that kiss, for almanbahis giriş that hug, for that hint. But I believe he was just as unsure and nervous as I was. I had placed my hand on his knees during conversations, laughed at all of his little tales and stories, had complimented him on his clothes and his place, everything and anything I could to make him realize I was interested.

But no matter what I seemed to do; I didn’t get the response from him I wanted. Then I started thinking maybe I was wrong about his little advances a week back. Maybe he was just too buzzed, or too lonely or just was saying goodnight the way he knew how. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I had thought more about this, about us, than he had. But that’s when the moment happened.

I followed Char into the kitchen to refill out drinks. As we stood face to face, he went to sip from his glass and spilled liquid down his chin and onto his shirt. I reached out for a napkin saying, “I’ll help with that.”

I lightly wiped his chin and dabbed the napkin on his shirt, trying to soak up the liquid when his hand rested on top of mine, stopping my momentum. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes as he licked the last bit of the spill from his lips. He edged in closer and I knew this time, there was no mistaking this.

We both started to lean in towards each other and our lips touched. We held tightly pressed against each other’s closed lips, but anticipating the next move. I pulled Char in closer as our lips parted and our tongues touched for the first time. I felt tingles running throughout my body. Ones, I have never felt before. I could smell the faint smell of his cologne, as we stood embraced, kissing deeply and finally getting that “first kiss” out of the way.

I escorted Char out of the kitchen and back into the front room. We stood in between the couch and the coffee table when we started kissing again. This time there was no nervousness, no holding back. Our tongues were swirling around each other’s mouths in intense passion. Our hands beginning to explore each other’s bodies, grouping, touching and feeling skin. Our heads rocking back and forth in a deep heated kiss.

All this time of thinking about him, fantasizing about him, wanting him, and now here we are alone in his apartment on a beautiful Saturday night, fulfilling our passions. My dick was getting hard, my body had feelings and emotions flowing through it. I wanted this. I wanted him to suck me. I wanted to suck him, I wanted to fuck him. I wanted every bit of this and I wanted it all. All the nights of wonder, gay porn, wanting cum shooting from him, my past pre-college experiences, my distaste for women, my desire for cock, all coming to fruition tonight.

Char softy and seductively started to unbutton the buttons on my dress shirt, opening up the front. His hands slid up and down my body, focusing on my pecs and nipples. I pulled the shirt flaps from inside my dress pants, sliding it off and throwing it on the floor. We broke from our kiss for just a second as I lifted his polo shirt over his head, whispering “Oh Char.”

We dove back in together, deep in kiss as out chests pressed up against each other. Our hands rubbing up and down each other’s bodies. I felt Char’s hands pulling at my belt buckle. With a bit of force and struggle he got it open, spreading it apart. He followed up by running his palm softly up and down over my crotch feeling my cock and balls. I slid my hand down between his legs felling his bulge. What an exhilarating feeling rubbing my hand over a bulge, instead of the curvature of a pussy. I was so tuned on and so excited, my mouth watered and my heart rate increased as I felt him unbutton and unzip my dress pants.

His hand slid into my pants over my underwear, rubbing up and down, feeling my hardening cock and balls. My hand still rubbing up and down over his bulge, over his dress sacks. I knew he was getting hard; I could feel his cock inside his pants.

“Danny, I want you.” He moaned out as he started to push down my slacks. I kicked off my shoes and wrestled myself out of my pants, as he stood and watched. Char kissed my neck and chest and gently guided me done onto the couch. I sat there pitching a tent in my undies, while he lightly kissed my inner thighs. We both almost simultaneously reached for the sides of my underwear. I lifted my hips, sliding them off. My cock popped free as he worked to get my underwear all the way down.

Char smiled at me, leaned in further edging his lower torso closer in towards the couch and slid my hard cock into his mouth. His warm, wet mouth engulfed my entire shaft and I moaned in pleasure. Looking down at him the top of his black styled hair, was glistening as his head bobbed up and down, sucking my cock. It felt amazing. He took my shaft all the way down and slowly withdrew it, letting his tongue swirl around my tip. I was ready to explode already.

Char spent a few minutes just slowly and seductively sucking my cock. But then almanbahis yeni giriş his passion and desire became intense. He started thrusting up and down as hard as he could, almost gagging himself on my cock as he sucked me off.

“Holy fuck!” I moaned out numerous times as his mouth kept pleasuring me.

I was so excited by him and this moment, that if he kept sucking me with this vigor and passion, I was going to cum quickly.

“I want your cock Char.” Blurted from my mouth.

Char pulled my cock from his mouth holding it in his hand as he smiled at me. He began to lift himself off the floor and came upright, right at the edge of the couch. I reached for his buckle and opened his belt. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, which fell right to the floor. Char was wearing a cute pair of salmon-colored silky boxers, which were bugling out from his dick being hard. I reached for the side of his boxers and slid them down. When I looked back up, his sexy, brown toned, medium length, “a bit thicker” Filipino cock was sticking straight out. He had it all shaven, except a small portion over the top. The head was round and perfect and it was calling my name.

I edged further towards the edge of the couch and slid his cock into my mouth. It was such an exciting feeling, feeling his skin, his boner and the thickness of his cock slide in and out of my mouth. It had been more than a dozen years since I had sucked a dick. Back then it was experimental. But tonight, it was passion, it was wanting, it was longing and it was — for me at least — the start of changing teams.

I bobbed my head back and forth taking him in and out of my mouth. Feeling the saliva covered slippery ‘ness of his cock, as I listened to him moan. I wasn’t sure if I was doing this correctly, but I knew I wanted to please him. I wanted to make him cum and I wanted to swallow down every drop.

Char moaned and groaned in pleasure as I sat bobbing back and forth giving him head. I wasn’t going to stop until he told me, or until he came. And I since I didn’t have much experience, I was hoping he’d be guiding me, telling me what to do.

I was still rock hard and ready to explode as I sat here sucking his cock. Char’s hands came to rest on my head and every now and then he’d let out short words and whimpers like,

“Oh’s and ahh’s. Oh Danny, Ugh, just like that.”

So, I knew I was pleasing him.

Char pulled me up and away from his dick and back face to face with him. He said, “If you keep sucking me like that I’m going to cum.”

“Isn’t that the point?” I asked.

Char took me by the hand and led me down the hallway to his bedroom. As we walked, I kept starring at his toned, tanned brown as, jiggling back and forth as he walked, knowing his hard cock was still poking out in front of him, as mine was doing for me. He turned on a soft ambient light and guided me to his bed. He slid backwards onto the bed and I climbed on top of him. We kissed deeply and passionately, as our bodies became one. Both of our hard cocks, poking at each other’s skin.

“Char.” I moaned out. “I am loving this.”

“Me too Danny.” He replied.

I pulled from our kiss and kissed my way down his chest and body, ending right back in-between his legs, staring at his hard cock. I slid his cock right back into my mouth and picked up where I had left off. Sucking his dick, wanting to make him cum.

“Oh, fuck Danny.” He cried out.

I was still rock hard and felt my cock pulsating and twitching on the sheets as I laid flat down on my stomach, sucking his dick. It wasn’t long until his breaths increased and his moans got more prevalent.

“Danny, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum and before he could spit out another word, I felt his cock start shooting his load inside my mouth. The warm, wet, sticky ooze flowing throughout my mouth. The new taste sensation of knowing I got him off made me hornier than ever. I thought to myself if this is what gay sex is like every time, I’m all in.

Char kept squirting his load deeper and deeper into my mouth with every thrust up and down on his shaft. I was somewhat nervous during the oral sex about swallowing cum, but after tonight, after feeling it and tasting it. I want more of it. When he finally finished cumming I pulled his cock from my mouth and just softly and seductively kissed around his crotch, his stomach and made my back up to his face.

“Danny that was amazing.” He spoke.

“I’m glad you enjoyed.” I replied.

Char rolled me off of him and onto my back. He shifted his body position, hunched over along the side of me and kissed his was back down to my hard cock. He placed my dick right back into his mouth and started bobbing up and down. My hand rubbed up and down his soft, all shaven, clean body from behind his arm, to his ass cheek. I watched through the ambient lighting as his head bobbed up and down, pleasuring me.

It didn’t take me long until I was ready to explode.

“Char!” I moaned out. “I’m going to cum.”

He picked up his pace and within seconds I was cumming in his mouth. My explosion was powerful and deep, as I kept squirting my cum down his throat.

“Char, go slow.” I moaned out as I finished cumming.

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