My Online Friend Dave

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My name is Tim, I’m 50 years old and in a sexless marriage. My wife, Alana is a great mother to our grown children, but has lost any and all interest in sex. We met in college and the sex was incredible, but as the years went on it became less and less exciting. We tried to spice it up like most couples do – watching porn together, sex in strange places, a bit of kink – I love when she plays with my ass and she let me tongue her ass once. But, these were fleeting moments of pleasure and we always fell back into a sexless rut. This particular rut has been excruciatingly long. It’s to the point that even a small amount of body contact makes me hopeful it will turn into more, but it never does. It doesn’t help that our marriage is not the greatest and talk of divorce comes to the forefront once in a while.

My need for some sort of physical contact has resulted in me watching ridiculous amounts of porn. I watch all types of porn – straight, gay, trans, etc… I jerk off at least once per day, often finishing by eating my cum out of my hand. I use my wife’s rabbit on my ass when I can which results in body shaking orgasms. When I was a bit more flexible, I would swing my hips up against the wall so cock was pointing at my face. I’d fantasize that some dude was nutting on my face while trying to cum in my own open mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I love pussy and fantasize about it often – actually masturbate thinking about my wife’s nicely trimmed box. But, lately I’ve been craving cock. When I do get one it won’t be the first. Truth be told, I used to suck the brother of my friend back in high school, but that’s another story.

Anyway, as I mentioned my marriage is now more of a friendship as sex has been out of the relationship for years. Nothing specific happened, my wife just seemed to lose interest. I, however, certainly have not. I have jerked off to more porn than I thought was humanly possible. I’ve discovered my affinity for gay/bi porn, particularly the oral scenes culminating in a large load. I also discovered chat sites that men use to hook up. This intrigued me for two reasons – first, I could tell other men my dirty desires and hear theirs too. Second, the thought of actually hooking up with a guy excited me. I have not been sexually active with anyone but my wife the entire 24 years of our marriage.

So, I cruised one site pretty often and had a bunch of dirty talk sessions with a bunch of different guys. It was the typical “I want to suck your cock” or “bottom looking for a hot top”. But, it excited me enough to result in many cum shots hiding away in my office chatting. One afternoon while surfing the site a message popped up from an anonymous profile. I never chat with anyone without them indicating their age so that was my first question. Turns out he was two years younger than my 50 years. He was also married and sent me various pictures of him fucking his wife and her perfoming oral. Her face was always blurred, but he had a great cock and she had a great body with small nice tits and a neatly trimmed bush. As we continued to disclose our fantasies about sucking cock, we agreed that being discreet was most important. We both had too much to lose.

Long story short, after a couple of months talking about meeting we finally decided to follow through with it. We agreed to just meet for a drink at a local oyster bar. He told me what he would be wearing and that he had a tightly trimmed beard. I scanned the restaurant when I entered and immediately found him sitting alone at a high top table. Let me be clear, I’m not attracted to guys. For me it’s purely sexual and all about the cock and the act. But, this guy was an attractive man. Still, my initial thought was to turn and run. This is crazy! What the fuck am I doing here? But, I didn’t run. I took a deep breath and realized I alway ran from the craziness. I decided this time was different and took my first steps toward embracing craziness.

As I approached him he looked directly at me and smiled. “Tim?” he asked with a broad smile.

“Yes, you must be Dave,” I said, extending my hand.

“I am, glad to finally put a face to your online profile,” he said while shaking my hand. It was quite humorous as my profile picture is a close up of my hard cock.

We sat down just as the waitress approached “Can I get you guys a drink?” she asked

“Absolutely, I’ll have a vodka tonic and a shot of tequila,” I said. I knew for this first meeting to work alcohol needed to be involved to calm the nerves.

Dave looked at me and laughed. “I’ll have the same,” he said

The waitress took our order and disappeared. “I like your strategy. I’m nervous too,” he said to me.

‘You have to admit this is very awkward. I said some things to you online that I never said to anyone, not even my wife,” I said to him.

“I hope that true, because if it’s not, your wife has a cock and you want to suck it,” he responded

We both had a good laugh and continued to chat. I found Dave to be smart and funny and he seemed less uncomfortable ankara travesti than I was feeling. We had several drinks as the chat turned a little sexual. He told me that he gave his balls a fresh shave because during one of our online chatsI had told I wanted to lick and suck them. He also said he was hoping that if we do move forward he wants to kiss his wife when he gets home with my cum on his lips. He thought it would be funny. I could sense that he was getting to the point where we would have to decide if we were taking the next step tonight.

“I’m really nervous, but completely rock hard right now,” I confessed. “Do you remember the picture I sent you of my precum soaking through my pants? Take a look under the table.”

Dave casually dropped his napkin on the floor and leaned down to pick it up. I spread my legs a bit so he could see better. When he came back up he was laughing.

“Someone needs some assistance,” he said. “Actually, I think we both do. Take a look under the table.”

I dropped my fork and bent down to pick it up. I glanced up to see Dave’s hard cock sticking out through his unzipped pants. I was certainly surprised as I didn’t expect to see him exposed like that, but I also think it triggered a response in me that decided this was real and it was going to happen.

As I pulled myself back up to the table the waitress appeared and asked if we wanted another drink or some food.

“I think we’ll just take the check if you don’t mind,” I said as I watched Dave grin.

A few minutes later she brought the check and Dave grabbed it and insisted on paying. He grabbed for his wallet and threw down his Centurian card. During our on-line conversations he mentioned his work and sent a picture of his wife’s beautiful yoga pants covered ass (I love yoga pants asses – especially the Moms at the local grocery store) and what looked to be a nice home so I figured he was successful.

“To a new friendship,” he said as he raised his glass.

“Cheers, so what now?” I said nervously. Although my confidence was up, I was still very much second guessing whether or not to go through with this. I could easily just back out of it. Even though Dave was a nice guy I owed him nothing. We sat there in silence, neither of us knowing what to say. It was awkward to say the least. Then Dave broke the silence.

“Regardless of what happens, we have to leave here eventually, right? It may as well be now. Look, we are both nervous as fuck right now. We’ve talked on-line for hours about what we would like to do. It doesn’t have to happen tonight or ever, but I know I will regret not trying my wife’s incredible blow job method on you.”

His last comment made me laugh as we had talked about it quite a bit. Apparently she has a wrist twisting method she applies as she sucks hard on his cock.

“Let’s just get out of here and see what happens,” I responded.

We got up from the table and headed towards the door. The hardness of my cock made the walk out the door a bit uncomfortable. When we made it outside, I tried to hide the fact I was adjusting my cock in my pants.

“You too, huh?” said Dave reaching inside his pants to adjust his own hardness. “You want to see some of those home videos of me and my wife? It might be a good way to break the ice.”

“Absolutely, you know I’ve been dying to see video of you fucking her. The pictures were great, but I want to see it in action,” I responded.

The night air was warm as we walked and tried to figure out where to go. Not having any great ideas, we finally decided that we would just find a secluded spot somewhere and sit in the car and watch his videos. After Dave drove us around for a while we found a local park and ride bus station that was basically empty. The lot was large and there was a secluded corner where we stopped.

“This is the best we are going to do,” he said. “Hopefully, the cops don’t patrol the lot”

“Yeah, I’m not sure what excuse we could give if one came up on us.”

“Video time!” Dave said while reaching for his phone. “Now this isn’t Pornhub quality, but I personally think the amateur quality makes it better.”

“I agree, I prefer amateur porn. It’s way better because it’s real,” I responded

I sat patiently and nervously in the passenger seat as Dave scrolled through his phone looking for the first video.

“Here’s a good one for you,” he said as he leaned closer to me so I could see his phone. “I know how much you like her hairy pussy.”

I leaned in as well to get a better view. On the screen was Dave’s wife laying naked on the bed with him on his knees over her. She had a vibrator on her hairy snatch and Dave’s gorgeous 6.5 inch hard cock in her mouth. Her petite body with beautiful small tits was quivering every so often from the pleasure of the vibrator. She was a great cock sucker!

“Fucking hot,” was all I could say. My cock was rock hard as I was mesmerized by what I was watching. His wife was incredibly gorgeous and my immediate thought was of her sucking my cock ankara travestileri or me fucking that perfect pussy. As I watched though, I began to notice my focus shifting to Dave’s cock. It was beautiful – a bit bigger in length than mine, but similar in girth. His balls were clean shaven and hung quite low filled with what I could only imagine was lots of cum. Dave and I had discussed our cumshots in the past and he sent a picture of him blowing a load. It was impressive and my thoughts went to that picture when I saw his wife take his balls into her mouth.

“I see you’re enjoying this,” I only half heard Dave say as I watched the screen attentively.

“What?” I responded

“I gather you are enjoying the video since you are rubbing your cock,” I hadn’t realized I was doing it, but he was right. My hand was gently massaging my dick through my pants.

“Why don’t you just pull it out and do that?” he asked. Then Dave placed the phone down and began to undo his pants and pulled them to his ankles along with his boxers. There stood his cock at full attention. I saw some of it at the bar, but seeing it fully hard with his balls just hanging made me realize how glorious it was. Dave reached out and picked up his phone again to continue watching the movie.

“Well this just got a bit awkward. Are you just going to stare at my cock or are you going to pull down your pants?”

“Oh right, sorry. I was just a bit surprised at seeing your cock in person. It’s much bigger than it appears in the pictures,” I responded as I began undoing my belt. I quickly shed my pants and now we both sat in the car with cock and balls hanging out.

“Dude, your head is huge,” Dave said

“Thanks, that’s what my wife thinks too and the reason she would never try anal,” I responded.

“Ah, well you won’t see any anal in our home videos. Neither of us are into it,” he said, reaching for his phone to continue the video.

“Really, have you ever tried it? My wife used to rub my asshole and once in a while finger it. I would have mind blowing orgasms.”

“Nah, just never been into it.”

So back to the video where Dave’s wife was now on all fours taking his cock from behind. The POV shot was really hot as you could see how wet his cock was as it was sliding in and out of her pussy. Her cute rosebud of an asshole was fully exposed and begging for a thumb. But, since they didn’t like ass play it never got one…too bad. Dave’s wife was asking him to fuck her harder and he did.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Dave stroking his cock. I instantly went for mine and started stroking and tugging my balls. Dave looked over and grinned, but said nothing. My focus was now split between watching Dave fuck his wife on the screen and watching Dave jerk off in front of me. This was so surreal ro say the least. Sitting in a parking lot with a stranger jerking off to videos of him fucking his wife. Or was I jerking off to watching him jerk off. Either way it was really fucking hot.

“I love how she moans,” I said.

“Yeah, she moans like this when she gets close to cumming,” he responded.

In the video Dave was no longer thrusting his hips. His wife had taken control and was backing up hard onto his cock. She took over and was fucking him. Dave kept the camera angle from point of view and you could see his cock grow wetter and wetter as she screamed she was cumming. As she was cumming on the screen I looked over to see that Dave had picked up his stroking pace. I thought I saw a bit of precum, but couldn’t be sure as the sunlight was fading. The scene of his wife rocking her ass back and forth so she could fuck him was amazing. I thought about how much I wanted to do that to my wife, but realized it wasn’t happening anytime soon at home. But, I also realized that I had an opportunity to follow through on a promise I had made myself years ago. It all went back to my friend’s brother. The secretiveness and the dirtiness of two just out of high school guys blowing each other basically every weekend stuck with me. I’ve always known I wanted to do it again…and here I was.

Being in the passenger seat and being right handed (obviously jerking off with my right hand) meant that when I reached over to grab Dave’s cock I had to do it with my left hand. I was clumsy and basically grabbed his hand that was stroking himself. Nervous because I thought I made it awkward, I immediately apologized.

“Please jerk me off,” was all Dave said as he moved his hand away.

My hand was alone on Dave’s cock now. I encircled his hard shaft with my fingers as he let out a slight sigh. He was hard, so hard. It had been over thirty years since I touched another cock and it all came flooding back to me. I thought back to jerking and blowing Tom on his parents couch. The thought that maybe this could be the first of many with Dave as it was with Tom excited me. I was stroking Dave’s cock slowly watching his wife continue to fuck him on the screen.

“That feels so fucking good,” Dave whispered. I’m not sure if travesti ankara he intended for me to hear that or not, but it encouraged me to go faster. I wrapped my fingers a bit tighter and was sure to get the head of his cock in the palm of my hand on the upward stroke. Dave had confided in me that his head was sensitive so I wanted to make sure it got some attention. His cock felt so smooth in my hand. I glanced up at Dave to see if he was still watching the video. His eyes were closed and he was certainly enjoying the moment. I continued to stroke both our cocks only stopping to spit on my hands for lube. I continued switching my view from his face to his cock. Suddenly he opened his eyes while I was looking at his face. We made eye contact and it felt a bit awkward at first, but we both knew we were likely onto something that we would enjoy in the future.

Dave reached over and grabbed my cock in his hand and said “You feel nice. I can’t believe this is happening. I’ve thought about doing this for so long, but never thought it would happen”.

His hand was strong and felt strange compared to my wife’s delicate hands. He was powerful in his strokes, but not harshly so. His hand was surprisingly smooth too as it slid up and down my shaft. It was easy to tell that we were both nervous but enjoying the moment. We were keeping ourselves well lubed with our saliva which you could hear the wetness as we stroked. I ran my hand down his shaft to cup his balls. They were large and hung low filled with what I could only hope was copious amounts of semen.

“Mmmmmm….that’s amazing” he managed to say as I allowed one finger to slide down to his perineum. I knew not to go further, but wanted to hopefully make him think about it. When I brought my hand back up I went straight for his cock head. With two fingers I lightly pinched his head sliding my fingers together at the tip. Just as I had hoped I was rewarded with Dave’s precum. I slid my fingers down his shaft easily with the aid of his precum.

“I’m lubing you up with your precum. I contemplated licking it off my fingers, but decided not just yet. I want you to see me do it.” I told Dave.

“That is so fucking hot,” Dave responded. “This is awkward positioning in the front seat. We can drop the back seat and lay back there. It will be much more comfortable.”

“That sounds great! It’s not easy jerking you with my left hand, so moving sounds perfect.”

With that, in very impressive maneuverability, Dave climbed between the front seats. As he did, I managed a glimpse of his low hanging balls and almost reached out to grab them. Not sure how he would react, I decided not to. I was playing with my cock as I waited for him to collapse the seats. Dave was still hard as a rock as he moved around the back. I found myself staring and yearning for it. That familiar feeling of lust was washing over me and I needed to contain myself. I knew exactly what I wanted, but needed to make sure he was feeling the same so I needed to play it cool.

“All set, if you want to come back,” he invited me.

I climbed through the seats and immediately went for his cock. Dave was on his knees with his head bent over to fit in the back of his SUV. I grabbed and stroked him aggressively. So much for playing it cool I thought to myself.

“I want to blow you,” I blurted out. Long gone was any thought of watching his home videos. I had one focus and that was getting his cock in my mouth and draining his balls. I didn’t care if he lost his inhibition after blowing his load and decided not to return the favor. This was something he had admitted happened in the past and was worried would happen again with me. I didn’t care.

“Um, yeah of course,” he said with some hesitation.

I think I may have caught him by surprise with my bluntness. I asked him to lie on his back with his legs spread. Once he did, I crawled up between them. I didn’t look at him for fear any eye contact may cause him to back out. I grabbed hold of his cock with one hand and his balls with the other.

“I’ve been wanting this for a long long time,” I said as I stroked the shaft and massaged his balls.

I got down low so that his balls were right in front of my face. I stuck my tongue out and lightly brushed his ball sac. Dave took a quick breath. I flicked his balls a bit while every so often giving his shaft a lick. I was teasing him by not touching his sensitive head. I would take one of his balls in my mouth while slowly stroking his shaft. I could tell that I was driving him crazy as his breathing was erratic. This went on for sometime and I was enjoying every minute of servicing him. In fact that was all I wanted. I wanted to do whatever he told me to do….and then he did.

“Put me in your fucking mouth, I can’t take the teasing any more,” he groaned.

“Ahhh yes,” he moaned as he entered my mouth. “Fucking, yes. Suck my cock.”

This surprised me a little as Dave mentioned his wife wasn’t a big talker, but he said he wasn’t either. Nonetheless, it was a huge turn on for me knowing how much pleasure I was giving him. It wasn’t just the talking that let me know how turned on he was. I could taste his precum on my tongue and the back of my throat. It tasted salty and I really was enjoying it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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