My Introduction to Adam

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I had never done anything like this before. I had fantasized about it many times, but I never seemed to meet any guy that lived up to my fantasies.

Until Adam.

I was meeting friends at an upscale club, so I was dressed in a suit. I decided to eat at a restaurant before meeting them and Adam was my waiter. When he came to ask me for my order, he practically melted on the floor. He lisped slightly. He was tall and lean, had dark hair and eyes. And he seriously came on to me all through my dinner. Never in my life had I felt anything for another guy, but something about the way Adam looked and talked, and his eyes. Without thinking, I went for it. I told him I was meeting friends later, but that I’d rather do something else. When he asked what, I asked him what he liked to do. He said he usually hung out at his apartment. I said, “That sounds nice.”

He excused himself from my table and went into the back. He came back out a short time later and told me he had taken off the rest of the evening.

I asked for the check.

Soon we were in his spacious, classy apartment. He fixed us drinks, then went into his bedroom to change. I sat down on a black leather couch. He came back in wearing jeans and a black long sleeved shirt, which showed off his nice chest and his toned arms. He reached for his drink and sat down next to me and took a sip of the bourbon, staring at me.

I was doing alright until then. I wanted to run out the door I was so nervous. either that, or fuck this guy’s brains out. I decided to be honest.

“Adam?” I began, “I’ve always wanted to do this, but I never have before.” He looked startled, maybe a little pissed. He sat back. But he didn’t stop looking at me. So I plowed ahead.

“I have fantasized until the fantasy isn’t enough any more. Look at me, I’m shaking,” I showed him my hand which was making the ice rattle against the crystal glass I was holding. “And I never met, I mean, I never looked at a guy and found him, well, attractive, you know? Attractive enough to want to do anything… with..”

This wasn’t going well, to judge by the look on his face. “He’s thinking straight guy fooling around,” I thought. I looked back into his handsome face, into his dark eyes – and decided to be completely honest. I reached out with my free hand and touched his face, stroking my thumb across his cheek and sliding my fingers into his hair. “I’m very attracted to you, and I can tell you are to me. I want you. I want to….”


“…I want to do everything with you, here – now, that I’ve always wanted to do, but was too afraid of….before.” I dove into my drink and gulped.

His eyes softened, but never left mine. “The way you acted in the restaurant made me think you were…” he hesitated. Before he could go on, I moved my hand to the back of his head and pulled him into my mouth, kissing him deeply, pushing my tongue into his mouth. He reacted by pulling me into him and leaning into me, passionately. Our mouths locked, our chests touching.

I leaned back into the sofa and shifted so he could be more on top of me. He beylikdüzü escort sat down his drink and put both his hands on me and we kissed again, making out. He undid the buttons of my shirt and slid his hands all over my chest, then leaned down to lick and suck my nipples, while his hands moved farther down and undid my pants and reached for my cock, which was straining against my underwear.

He released it from its prison and began to slowly stroke it with his soft hand, while he continued to kiss and lick my chest, my stomach, my neck. I had both hands on top of his head, my fingers twined into his hair. I leaned forward to kiss the top of his head.

Suddenly, I felt his warm, wet mouth surround my erection. I involuntarily gasped, which turned into a deep sigh, as he began to give me the best blow job I had ever had. His lips and tounge sent me through the ceiling. His hand caressed my balls as his head moved up and down my shaft, going deeper and deeper. No woman had ever taken all of my cock in their mouth. Adam was doing it.

I gently shifted around until I was in a semi-lying position on the sofa with Adam between my legs, making love to me with his mouth. I realized I was still holding my drink! I leaned back to put it on an end table and that’s when I saw the jar of lube sitting behind a lamp. I exchanged the glass for the jar and looked down at beautiful Adam, who was passionately sucking and licking my cock, which was now so hard it throbbed. I couldn’t believe I was getting a blowjob from a guy, but it felt so right.

I was already close to cumming, but I wanted this to last. I wanted to completely surrender to him, to live out every fantasy. I reached down and pulled him up slightly then bent to kiss him. He moved up, but kept a hand around my prick jacking it with the same intensity his mouth had just been pleasuring me.

I undid the buttons of his shirt as we kissed, and opened the fly of his jeans. The head of his penis was flat against his stomach being held by the elastic of his bikinis, which I found extremely sexy, and which made me become aware of how good a hand-job I was getting. I noticed a large clear drop of precum oozing from the tip of his cock and I wanted desperitely to taste it.

But there was something I wanted even more.

I kissed him deeply once more, then lifted the jar of lube and removed the cap, then handed it to him.

“I want you to screw me,” I said breathlessly as I began furiously taking off my pants. “I want to make love all night long.”

He was looking at me strangely again as he held the jar in one hand and continued to stroke my shaft with the other.

“I usually am a bottom,” he said simply.

“Then tonight will be different for us both, won’t it?” I smiled.

I finished removing my pants and spread my legs, putting my left foot on the floor and hooking my right over the sofa back. I reached forward around his arms and pushed down on his jeans and underwear. He was still rock-hard and the drop of precum had began to drip. I grabbed beyoğlu escort his hand and moved it and my boner upwards. He looked down and watched fascinated as our throbbing heads touched and I made his hand rub his precum all over my cock. I took my hand off of his and with the tip of my finger mixed my own precum with the glaze of his then lifted my finger to my mouth and licked it off seductively, closing my eyes. “Adam. Fuck me. Do I have to beg you?”

I didn’t. He removed his jeans and underwear, shrugged off his shirt, and dipped his middle and ring fingers into the lube. He nestled down between my legs and started sucking me again. I shifted my hips lower and pulled my knees higher. I felt the cold slippery glob of lube as he smeared it against my sensitive hole. His fingers gently rimmed me, then pressed into me.

He continued to suck and lick my cock as he pressed more and more lube into my ass. He then sat the jar on the floor and slid two fingers deep into me. I was so ready for him I pulled my knees even higher and spread my legs as far apart as I could. He added another finger into my ass and began gliding them in and out. I reached down and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart, moaning his name over and over.

He got into a kneeling position between my legs and gently removed his fingers from my slippery hole. He reached down and greased his cock slowly, looking down at it. I looked at it too. It was very large, larger than my 7 inches, circumsized and about 2 inches across. I couldn’t wait to have it inside me.

While masturbating, I had used dildos and vibrators many times, so I knew it wouldn’t hurt. I was mesmerized by Adam’s body, his face and now his beautiful cock. I could barely breathe.

“Oh, god, Adam, screw me,” I pleaded. I had never felt so vulnerable, so open, so submissive. And I had never been so sexually excited. My whole body was tense and rigid. My legs wide open like some kind of slutty whore, my cock steely hard against my abs, my hands clawing my ass open, waiting to get fucked by this cute, soft-spoken stud. I suddenly realized that he was nervous.

I put my arms around his neck and pulled him down on top of me and kissed him passionately. He responded then. I felt his knees shifting as we kissed and tongued each other.

Suddenly, I felt his hot head press against my asshole. I wrapped my legs around his back and my arms around his shoulders. He gently moved his hips forward. I felt his hardness push slowly into me, opening my lubed ass. It felt so good, I became faint with lust.

He had about half of his head in, then slowly withdrew, only to push forward again, this time more urgently, then withdrew and pressed forward, going farther only a fraction of an inch each time.

My thoughts raced. We were kissing each other, I was erect. I had my legs wrapped around the back of this guy and he was fucking me, fucking me, fucking me.

Adam’s cock was now gliding in and out of my asshole. He was moving a little faster now and began to go deeper and deeper bizimkent escort inside me. I began to move against him when he thrust. He moaned into my mouth as we kissed.

“Yes,” I breathed, “Oh, you are so good. I want you all the way inside me. Yes, Adam, yes. Screw me. You feel so good.”

He pumped into me deeper and deeper until I felt his balls against my ass. Then he maneuvered a little more inside me, then shoved forward all the way and stayed there, not moving. I realized I had him buried in my ass.

The thought of his naked, lubed cock inside me almost sent me over the edge. I wanted this man to ravage me now. I wanted him to pound that huge cock into my ass again and again. Then I wanted him to climax and pump everything in his balls into my ass.

We were kissing and I was whispering into his ear, talking dirty, telling him how he was ruining my ass, and how reamed out I felt. I sucked on his neck and licked his lips and pulled his hips hard against me, grinding my ass into his crotch, begging him to fuck me. He began to stroke it to me, withdrawing all the way, then plunging in to the hilt. Then he stopped. He withdrew all the way. My ass felt completely empty. I felt it gaping.

“Where have you been hiding?” He asked, breathing hard. “This is fantastic.” He smiled and slowly moved to enter me again.

“Do I feel good?” I asked, “You like fucking me? Let me get my legs up so you can get as deep inside me as you can. Then I want you to cum inside me. Deep. I want that Adam. I want you to cum in me.”

He moved his arms and put his hands on the underside of my knees, then put all his weight on them. My ass was wide open to him. My cock had oozed a puddle of precum onto my belly and was ragingly hard. His cock was poised at the entrance to my hole. He dove into me with incredible force. Pounding his hips into my wasted, slippery ass. He fucked me for 10 more minutes like this. I could feel the heat of friction from his engorged cock ramming in and out of me. He was driving me crazy. I had never felt anything this intense, this amazing before.

Adam suddenly stopped and pressed his whole length into me. He threw his head back and shoved hard into me. I felt his cock began to pulse and realized he was ejaculating deep inside of me. I reached down and fondled his balls and he shouted with pleasure at the sensation. “Jesus Christ! Oh Jesus Christ!” he yelled as his cum pumped into my ass. It seemed to take forever for his orgasm to subside. When his cock stopped throbbing in my ass, he opened his eyes. He was sweating and his breath was hard and ragged. I felt the tension leave his shoulders and hips. He gently started stoking his softening cock back and forth inside me. I could feel his cum lubricating us. I reached up and kissed him deeply once again, whispering he was a fantastic lover, a stud. I called him a god, and my hands wandered all over his shoulders, neck and back, squeezed his ass cheeks.

He withdrew his semi-hard penis from my ass and collapsed against my chest, smiling. “That was the best fuck I have ever had,” he panted. “I never came so hard in my entire life!”

I stroked his hair and hugged him to my chest as I felt a flood of his semen leak out of me. “I bet you say that to all the guys,” I laughed.

Later, Adam took me to bed. We spent the night fucking and sucking and at dawn, I said goodbye.

But not before giving him my phone number.

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