My First “Bi” Experience Ch. 02

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I woke up Saturday morning with lovely Margarita lying next to me, sound asleep. I got up quietly, made myself a cup of coffee, showered, got dressed and went to my shoot. The commercial took all day to film…and I was anxious to wrap up. We finally finished about 6:00pm and I hurried home.

Unfortunately, no Margarita. I washed my face to get all the make up off and then showered, slipped into my shorts and a “t” and wandered around almost aimlessly. I was hungry but didn’t know what to eat and was horny as can be but hadn’t decided what to do about it. I opted for ordering some sushi and relax watching TV.

The sushi arrived half an hour later and just as I was closing the door behind the delivery man, the doorbell rang, and I was thrilled to see beautiful Margarita standing there in shorts, a gorgeous teal colored t and flip flops. We hugged and I invited her in.

I poured us each a diet coke and we settled down to share my sushi. Margarita was completely different, exuding self-confidence.

We shared our day’s activities and when we finished eating, she asked if we could watch TV.

“Sure sweetie,” I answered, “what did you have in mind?”

“Can we channel surf to see what’s on?”


Because I was already aroused from the night before and I knew exactly where this was going, I instantly became wet. We locked the terrace up and I followed Margarita into my room.

We turned the a/c on and as she slipped into my bed I went to brush my teeth.

When I got into bed with her, I saw she had already settled on something. We watched it for about 15 minutes, and then my phone rang. Hubby.

I got out of bed and walked outside my room as I shared my day with him and then spoke to each of the kids. I felt pressured by wanting to be with Margarita but also didn’t want to hurry him or the kids. We must have chatted for about half an hour before we finally bid farewell.

I returned to my room and found the TV screen on but without an image, illuminating the room in black light. As my eyes adjusted to the semi-darkness, I finally saw her standing over my dresser bent forward looking through my drawers for the videos…but the darkness wasn’t helping her any.

I really couldn’t stand the sexual tension I was feeling. I couldn’t see very well, but, with my heart racing, I silently made my way behind her and hugged her from behind. She was a little startled, and as she stood upright, I moved her long hair aside and planted a soft, gentle kiss on the nape of her neck. I swear I have no idea where I got the courage to do this, but I just acted on impulse.

I continued trailing kisses on her neck and upper shoulders, and I let my hands sneak in under her t-shirt and go upwards towards her breasts. When I reached them, I started brushing my fingernails on the underside of each breast…back and forth, back and forth, avoiding the areolas.

Each time I planted a kiss…I could feel her pronounced goose bumps. She leaned backwards, further towards me, and I then started tracing the outline of her areola with the tip of my fingernail….round and round.

“That feels sooo good,” she cooed.

Her scent and the softness of her skin were intoxicating.

I then playfully took her smallish breasts into my hands and massaged them all over, playfully tugging on the nipples. They were SOO hard and crinkly.

I eventually let my almanbahis adres hand wander downwards, letting my fingers play with her tummy and bellybutton, and as my hand went further down her body, I was pleasantly surprised to see she had at some point removed her panties.

I let my hand graze over her mound, and then softly caress her. She moaned.

As I softly parted her lips, I was happy to see she was as wet as I was.

I stopped my ministrations and reached out stretching my arms to open and get into the top drawer to see if I could find exactly what I was looking for.

Finally finding it and clutching it in my hand, I whispered into her ear, “close your eyes.”

I took the long strand of beads and unclasped it, letting it dangle in front of her. I lowered it a little, then reached from behind her, between her legs, and grabbed the other end, and basically made a long “U”.

I brought it upwards ‘till it came in contact with her, and then I started, painfully slowly, running the beads downwards. The beads journeyed over her clitty, downwards in between her wet folds, teasing over her opening, then continuing over that VERY sensitive area between her front and back opening, then finishing their journey nestled in the middle of both delicious cheeks of her butt.

Of course, then the journey started backwards. Keep in mind that each time a bead rolled over her hard little clitty, another would simultaneously run in between her nether lips, and another over her vaginal opening, another over her perineum, another would graze over her little asterisk, and the rest would trail in between her luscious cheeks.

Margarita was shivering with excitement, moaning in unison with the beads journey.

Each time the speed would increase just a touch, and I would hold them a little firmer against her body.

She had spread her legs completely apart now, and was bracing herself against my chest of drawers, moaning and gasping each time one of the beads rolled over her clitty.

This went on for a few minutes, and I saw that Margarita was completely worked up, but wasn’t going to cum that way, so I stopped.

She instantly protested.

“Please….please don’t stop…I was soooooo close, can’t you just continue….a little longer?”

I took her hand and led her to my bed, getting her t-shirt off and laying her facedown.

I started kissing her upper back while I ran my fingernails all over her back, butt and thighs.

I then reached over and grabbed my massager, turned it on, and started massaging her back and butt.

“That’s what I was waiting for all day..” she shared as the humming and vibrating penetrated her skin.

Of course, after a long and thorough massage, I eventually ended up lying between her legs. Thinking back to my younger years, I don’t think I ever looked quite as good as Margarita did that night. Her butt…there’s really no accurate way to describe it except as…very firm and very tight, and…well…just the perfect size. Not too big and not too small.

Then…of course…as I glanced a little lower, her cunny, it just looked…so….so very new. There was a very light covering of hair and the lips….they just looked picture perfect.

I teased her massaging the inside of her thighs, each time getting closer and closer to her v. Eventually, I led the massager graze over lips, and I loved seeing her almanbahis adresi lift herself up a little so the massager could make better contact.

I’m a little embarrassed to say, but I caught myself grinding downwards on my bed, and it felt deliciously naughty.

Anyway, as the massager vibrated away on Margarita’s cunny, I could hear her breathing increase in rhythm and sound. And she continued to spread her legs wider, and lift herself up higher so the massager could hit her clitty.

I gave in, and let the vibrating machine graze over her clitty for a second and Margarita cried out. I would then tease her lips and then let it slide upwards a little and each time, I would let the massager vibrate away a little longer. Margarita was going c r a z y, trying to trap the massager between her clitty and the bed.

I’m certain I was never able move my hips the way Margarita could. She made Shakira look like a paralytic. Her head was resting on the pillow on the bed and her butt was jutting upwards, then downwards, sideways, and all over. I wanted to tease but not torture, so I decided to hand her my massager and allow her some relief.

As she took it and placed it where it needed to go, I reached into my nightstand and grabbed the smaller of my two dils. Both were pink and vibrated, but the one I chose had a smaller head and it was a little shorter and a little less wide. Perfect for a starter.

Margarita eagerly accommodated the massager on her clitty and I turned the knob on the dil on, and let the tip of the head rest lightly at her opening, vibrating away there. She moaned loudly.

The sight and sounds were making me…umm….incredibly horny. I moved the head of the dil around all up and down her swollen lips and then let it rest right at her very wet opening. I was teasing her with it, letting it vibrate away at her opening, but not introducing it, and she was trying to push herself onto it.

After a few minutes of this, with Margarita firmly holding the massager on her clitty, all the telltale signs of an oncoming orgasm were present. She started moaning louder, the muscles in her legs became very very tense and her little crinkled hole started to visibly spasm. I decided now was the time I would let the dil slide in…albeit slowly, but I wanted her to feel the vibrations right inside her opening.

I let the dil’s head penetrate her maybe just an inch or two, and turned the knob on the bottom to high. This through Margarita into an orgasmic frenzy. Her hips bucked up and down and I could feel the spasms slam through her body.


Of course, right as she was enjoying her orgasmic bliss, I decided to let her enjoy a little more penetration, and let the dil slide in just a little more. Margarita was extremely tight, but equally as wet, and I could feel her orgasmic convulsions pressuring the dil inside her.

Since she was still face down, I know that if I introduced the dil correctly, it would eventually hit her g-spot.

As orgasm number two slammed through her, I decided to push the 7 ½” dil a little deeper. Margarita became silent as the dil vibrated inside her, and I twisted it around to see if I could hit THE spot.

“Am I hurting you,” I asked.

“NNoooooo,” she cooed, and I swore she was drooling from the sounds she was making.

“Are you liking almanbahis adres this,” I continued, “or should I take it out?”

“Nooooooooo! Please don’t!”

And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, she said, “There…keep it there.”

I kept the dil idle and a few moments later, she shut the massager she had on her clitty off, and pulled away from me, basically withdrawing herself from the dil.

She looked back at me, with that long disheveled hair, and said, “I gotta pee…be right back.”

“You don’t have to pee Margarita, it’s called a g-spot orgasm…it’s incredibly intense, just let yourself go sweetie.”

But she would have nothing of it, swearing she had drunk two cokes and was bout to explode, so she went to my bathroom.

Meanwhile I was climbing the walls, so I laid back, grabbed my trustee massager and didn’t waste a minute.

I was incredibly turned on, and I experienced my first insignificant orgasm seconds later. I was building up to a better and stronger one just as I heard the toilet flush, and, being a little embarrassed, decided to switch off my friend.

Margarita came back into in to the room and made her way to the bed, and as she climbed up, and was getting on all fours again (guess she wanted to continue), I asked her to swing herself over my body and we got into a 69. I started softly licking each lip, taking it into my mouth and playing with it, then, sticking my tongue straight out, I teased her opening, and finally, after a while of playing around, I concentrated my efforts on her clitty. As soon as I started flicking my tongue over it, I felt a delicious sensation down “there”.

Margarita had apparently turned the dil on and was treating me to the same delights she had enjoyed earlier. Unfortunately, I was in no mood to be teased, I wanted her to place it right on my clit and not play around, but she wasn’t going for that.

Of course, despite the pleasure I wanted to give her, I was also concentrating on getting that vibrating dil on my clitoris. I think Margarita sensed this because she scooted forward, and went to work earnestly on me.

She continued teasing my whole area with the vibrations of the dildo, running the tip over my lips, grazing over my opening and then my clitty. She then started introducing it inside me, and that little area just inside my opening is extremely sensitive, but, honestly (blush), I wanted the larger dildo there. I leaned over to my nightstand, took it out and handed it to her, saying, “use this one”.

As soon as I felt the larger head humming at my opening I knew that was exactly what I was craving. Although Margarita had scooted forward, over my breasts, she had now bent forward and I had an indescribable view of her. Such that, I grabbed the massager I had next to me, turned it on, and started massaging her cunny.

She scooted backwards a little which allowed me to work even better.

The remarkable thing was that we were both in perfect unison. As the head of the dildo teased and penetrated my opening, humming away down there, I focused the vibrating massager on Margarita’s clitty, and as I was about to cum, she let the length of the dil sllliiiide into me.

I came instantly. And as I was convulsing, she started cumming as well, thrusting the dil further and further into me, and eventually collapsing.

This was the first of many orgasms we both enjoyed that night. Unfortunately, we couldn’t think of an excuse for her to sleep over, so we had to cut our lovemaking short. Not before I experienced oral love from another woman for the first time, which was definitely INTENSE.

We had one more day together before my family came back…

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