My Cricket Mate’s Mum Ch. 02

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As they drove home from the cricket ground Stacy and Helen discussed Dave. “My god he is well hung for a lad,” Helen observed, as Stacy tried to make herself respectable.

“Stop talking about him, for Christ’s sake. I’ve got to look OK before we get to your place, I don’t want my old man to get suspicious,” Stacy cried.

Much later after showering and changing she joined Helen for coffee on the patio.

“My, what a difference a shower makes.” Helen exclaimed. “After more than two hours in the raw, with that young bastard stuck right up you, you still look like butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth.”

“My god Helen be careful the men are only just through the door in the den.” Stacy whispered.

They had no need to worry their husbands were downing a few beers while the TV replayed highlights of the weekends games.

They were discussing Dave, but it was his cricketing ability that was the focus of their attention.

The wives were also discussing Dave, but it was a different type of ability, more personal.

Stacy was flushed as she relived the excitement of her morning on the floor of the scorer’s box. Her pussy grew warm, then wet, and her mouth became dry, as Helen recounted what she had seen, while watching them through the window.

Stacy was blushing in embarrassment “my god I didn’t know you were watching.” “Thank god it was only you, and not someone else.” “I don’t want to be caught, and I hate the idea of someone spying on me.”

“Listen, I wasn’t spying.” Helen replied angrily. “I told you before we left here this morning to take him up to the scorer’s room.” “I promised I would cover for you.” “When you both disappeared for quite a while, I went up to see that you were ok.”

Helen’s voice was growing more excited, “I looked through the window and spotted you both down on the floor.”

“Once I saw what was happening, I was going to leave.” “Honestly, I didn’t mean to stay, but I was mesmerised, watching my own private live fucking sex show. It was all the more exciting because it was you.”

Helen’s eyes stared off in space as she tried to describe why she stayed.” The first thing I saw, was his eighteen year old arse, it was brown all over except for a thin strip of white where he had worn a strap sunbathing.

“Oh Stacy, the way the cheek muscles rippled and bucked and his whole body moved as he slammed into you, made my knees weak.”

“You were hidden by his body except for your legs stuck up high in the air, and your hands that were raking his back, your fingernails leaving red scratch marks; I think you were drawing blood.”

But it was the noise that you made, the heavy breathing, moaning and grunting, your bodies slapping together, your head banging against the floor that was the last straw I couldn’t leave.”

“As I said I didn’t mean to stay, but I found myself quietly cheering you on.”

Stacy responded quickly, “oh hell, I wasn’t calling you a spy, but I am scared stiff of getting caught.” “If you could watch and we didn’t know you were watching, how many others could do the same?”

She was becoming agitated, “To think that people might see me cheating makes me sick in the stomach.” “Id` be the talk of this bloody town.” “I’d never be able to live it down.”

Helen laughed “I can understand what you are worried about, but truthfully I would love to fuck in public.”

“I `d like to make a porno tape. I’d love to watch myself fucking, but you’re right, this small bloody town of ours would crucify you.”

“Anyway don’t worry about Sunday I was the only one to watch you perform, and you were one great fucking porno slut.” Helen said with a laugh.

The sat drinking their coffee both smiling as they remembered the morning’s events. “When are you meeting him again?” Helen asked.

“Oh I don’t plan to meet him again,” Stacy cried, “it’s too dangerous.”

“Dangerous my bum,” Helen replied “he’s too good to lose.” “He’s young he’s innocent and you given him his first real taste of a woman.”

“He’s yours now; he’ll do whatever you want.” “He will be wanking off over you, day and night.”

“He’ll want you, and whilst he doesn’t know what to do, it won’t be long before he starts chasing you. Eventually you’ll give in and do it again.”

“Believe me that’s what happens when a woman whose man looses interest, gets an ever ready supply.” Helen added.

“Oh Helen shut up I am still sore from this morning and just talking about it has made me wet again.”

Stacy appeared to be dreaming aloud. “Of course I’d like to do it again; it was exciting like being a teenager again. But there are too many dangers; I don’t want to destroy my marriage or family.”

Stacy looked at Helen and signalled to talk quietly, as she nodded her head towards the men. “I’ll be to scared to try anything again,” Stacy was hesitating when Helen stood up leant over and whispered “If you aren’t going to fuck him, I will.”

“My god Helen that’s up to you, I can’t stop you, I don’t own Esenyurt Escort him.” “All I can say is don’t hurt him and don’t get caught.”

Monday afternoon Dave and his mate headed off to cricket practice.

“I’d like to fuck that” Malcolm said as they passed the coffee shop where Helen Watson was sitting smoking.

Dave looked at his mate, “not so bloody loud, don’t you watch TV? Her husband’s that footballer they call the raging bull, if he heard you he’d make mince meat of you.”

Helen Watson had spied Dave and called to him “I haven’t seen you around Dave where have you been.”

Dave blushed remembering Mrs Watson had been down at the oval on Sunday morning when he and Mrs Turner had made love.

“Malcolm and I are off to cricket practice,” he said as Malcolm nudged him. “I’m sorry I should have introduced him this is my mate Malcolm.”

“Hi Malcolm” she called virtually dismissing him, while looking at Dave adding, “I might drop down to the ground later, Stacy and I still have some cleaning up in the scorer’s room,”

Dave’s mind was racing as they walked down to the cricket ground. Helen had mentioned the scorer’s room, where he had fucked Harry’s mum. Surely she doesn’t know what happened. He thought.

He had dreamed last night of Harry’s mum, Mrs Stacy Turner. Her big tits were indelibly printed on his brain. He could still taste her kisses; his prick grew hard every time he thought of her.

Just thinking of her now as he walked down the street made him hard. Last night as he lay in bed, rubbing his prick he remembered vividly her body odour.

Just the thought of the musky smell of her cunt had been too much for his over excited prick. “Christ mum will know I’ve been wanking,” he thought later, as he tried to wipe a pool of cum stains off his sheets. “At least she won’t know it was Mrs Turner who caused it,” he grinned.

Now just a day later walking down the main street, Dave couldn’t think of anything else.

Over and over he relived the feel of her cunt, as it sucked his prick deep inside. He could hear her grunts and moans and the little words of satisfaction as his body slapped into hers.

Even as he practiced cricket with his mates, Pictures of her lying on the floor, her body open and welcoming him, kept coming back into his overexcited brain.

Helen Watson had followed them down to the cricket ground.

Whilst the cricket practice was ending Helen visited the ladies room, removed her bra and slipped off her moist thong.

Checking herself out, She put one foot up on a stool, lifted her skirt, and ran a finger along her hairy landing strip before caressing the excited lips of her partly shaven cunt. “Davey boy, you don’t know what your missing” she thought with a grin.

“If I am going to get Stacy alone again I will have to be careful,” Dave thought as he watched Helen Watson approaching.

Practice was over, so he accepted Mrs Watson’s offer of a lift home. He held the car door, as she hitched up her skirt giving him an eyeful of her fantastic legs as she slid into her seat.

Dave sat back and turned to watch Mrs Watson as she reversed out of the car park. Her skirt seemed to be bunched up, freeing much more leg and thigh than necessary to drive.

He licked his lips; her body was like those he wanked over in Playboy. Her legs went on forever, her tits moved under her low cut sleeveless silk blouse, providing him with tantalising glimpses of her perky firm brown nipples.

Helen Watson watched Dave as he reacted to her body; she noticed a movement in his pants and smiled “this will be easy.”

Dave having had a mature woman’s body nude in his arms for the first time compared Helen Watson with Stacy Turner.

Stacy Turner was a mother with a body quite different to Helen Watson. Stacy large soft tits were out of proportion to her long slim body; Helen’s tits were smaller and looked harder.

Dave studied Mrs Watson’s thighs and arse and grinned as he recalled pulling Stacy’s body close to his, to find that her soft white bum was two great hands full.

Helen Watson by contrast was younger, trim taut and terrific, everything in proportion. Her legs were longer her tits smaller yet full, making him lick his lips at the thought of sucking them.

“God she’d be a great fuck” he thought,” but she was well and truly look but don’t touch.” Her husband was the town and states roughest and best footballer, he had picked the town’s top bird for his wife. No one would want to tangle with him.

Helen was always dressed to kill; no kids and no job, meant that she spent her days in the boutiques and upmarket clothing stores, Buying the latest styles.

She noticed him smiling and asked “what are you smiling at.” He couldn’t tell her he was thinking of the cheeks of Stacy’s arse in his hands, so he said “I was thinking of how my team mates will be jealous when they see me driving off with the town’s most beautiful lady.”

“Oh you are a young smoothie” Helen Avcılar Escort exclaimed, “Do you flatter all the girls like that?” “No only the ones that would make my mates jealous,” he replied as he studied her brown tanned legs.

She looked across and saw where he was looking, “are you a leg man Dave? “No! But legs like yours would make me one,” he replied without thinking.

He could feel his face go bright red as he stammered and stuttered “I’m sorry I, I, I, was looking at your boots they are quite,” he started to stutter again, “oh shit, I was going to say sexy, those high heels and their shape show off your beautiful legs.”

He quickly continued: “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have mentioned sexy.”

“Don’t apologise” she said. “A woman likes to know men think she’s sexy, that was a lovely compliment from a lovely young man.”

As she dropped Dave at his gate she waved to his mum, leant over to Dave displaying her brown tits as her loose top hung forward and spoke quietly, “I always have coffee at that little coffee shop at the rear of the mall every afternoon, why don’t you join me after school tomorrow?

Dave didn’t know where to look; he dragged his eyes away from her tits and looked down at her legs.

As she slid around on the seat to talk to him her skirt had crept higher, looking closer he spied what he thought was hair between her legs.

His mouth went dry; he started to lick his lips. And completely forgot to answer her invitation.

Helen Watson swung her leg back and drove off smiling. She had quite deliberately slid her leg around to give him a peek, at forbidden territory.

“My, oh my,” she thought. “He will be easy, he couldn’t even answer he was so tongue tied.” “He won’t miss the coffee shop tomorrow” she though as she drove away.

“Was that Helen Watson?” his mother asked.

“Yes mum she was down at the ground and gave me a lift home.”

“I feel sorry for Helen,” his mother said. “She’s married to that footballer that’s always in the news, they have no children, he’s always away playing interstate or overseas and she’s bored.”

Remembering the little glimpses he had just been given, he though, “bloody hell I’d like to fucking bore her.”

All thought of Mrs Watson disappeared as he headed for his mobile to ring Stacy Turner.

The phone was ringing madly as the Turners car drove into their garage. I’ll get it,” Stacy called, rushing ahead of her husband up the stairs. She nearly dropped the phone when Dave whispered“It’s me, when can I see you again.”

She could hear her husband heading her way “We can’t talk now,” she whispered as a flush of excitement swept over her body.

“I’ll ring in an hour, will that be ok?” Dave asked, as her husband entered the room. “Ok” she answered as she hung up. “Who was that?” he asked. “Oh just Helen we are going to talk tonight when you go out.”

Stacy’s mind was in turmoil as she worked in the kitchen. “My god Helen’s right she thought “I am acting like a slut, I wanted him to fuck me, I’ve cheated on my husband and now I’m lying.

At home Dave pocketed his mobile and told his mum he was going to join Malcolm and his mates.

With an hour to waste before he could ring Stacy again, he decided to stroll over towards her house.

As he turned into their street, he saw Mr Turner reverse out, pick up his neighbour, and drive off. “Shit she’s home alone,” he thought as he dialled her number.

Stacy picked up the phone “I knew it would be you” “What do you want?” Dave told the truth” I want you” “I can’t get you out of my mind.” “I close my eyes and I see your fabulous tits, I feel your fantastic body, your warm cunt, I’ll never forget what we did, I’m constantly horny.”

“My prick gets so tight in my pants that I have to take it out and stroke it, just like you did on the bus. I’ve got it out now; I can feel it leaking a little cum from the eye.”

Stacy was becoming agitated it was exciting to be wanted, she could feel her pussy pulsing, it too was getting wet. “Be careful your mother will hear you,” she warned.

Dave was stuttering with excitement, “I’m not home; I’m under the tree across the road opposite your house”

“My god what are you doing there?” She asked.

“I just want to get a glimpse of you, I can’t think of anything else,” he stammered.

Stacy’s imagination was in full gear she could picture his hard cock throbbing in his hand.

Her heart beat rapidly as she remembered its size and the feel of his firm hard flesh. She moved her hands to squeeze her tits as she felt her nipples becoming erect.

Not even in the days of her horny teens had any man ever made her as excited as she was now. Married life had become settled and boring. Dave was exciting, she was being chased again, she was wanted, he was taking risks to be with her.

Her body was responding to the danger, the excitement was driving her crazy. She wanted to rush across the road and grab him.

But common sense held her back “Oh my god put it away.” She started to giggle “You’re a crazy young bugger, what if my neighbours walk out their door?” “What will you say; they will think you’re a peeping tom?” “You have to go you can’t stay there.” she ordered.

Dave wasn’t about to give up, “I saw your husband go out, I’ll come and knock on your door like any visitor, be ready to let me in.”

“Oh no! Stacy cried “I can’t do that the boys are home.” “My god Dave, you can’t come in here, and you can’t be out there like that, get off the street.”

Dave was calmer now having settled on a plan. “I am off the street, while we were talking I slipped over to your garage, when I got inside I pulled the door down, no one can see from the street, so no one knows I’m here.”

He pleaded “Open the door to the kitchen let me come up.” “Oh, no, no,” she cried, “you mustn’t.”

“Then come on down just for a minute” he pleaded, “You don’t have to go outside so the boys won’t hear you.”

Stacy was excited, her heart was beating wildly, she could feel the moistness in her pussy, but she was scared.

“This is stupid,” she kept telling herself as she checked to see the boys were in their rooms and made her way down to the garage.

“I’m going to give him a piece of my mind, he can’t do stupid things like this, he has to forget me,” she was talking to herself.

Inside the garage in the dark Dave waited, he still had his zip undone and his prick sticking out, when Stacy eased through the door.

“This is crazy” she said before Dave’s mouth closed on hers, and his hand took hers and led it to his prick.

She tried to talk but her mouth was full of his tongue. One of his hands had opened her dress and slipped her bra up to stroke her left nipple.

Her anger was slipping away as he pushed his hard prick in and out of her hand, and his tongue in and out of her mouth. She could feel her body picking up the rhythm moving in a fucking motion.

She moaned as he pushed her back on to her husbands work bench and ran a hand up her legs to her pussy.

No! Oh no! Not here! Not here! She cried lifting her body, as she felt Dave pull her underclothes away.

His mouth returned to her massive tits and their erect nipples, “oh hell,” she cried as a wave of passion swept over her, her tits were her weakness, she loved having them sucked and her nipples bitten.

The young bastard must have figured that out she thought, as he concentrated his efforts on her nipples. Dave was over the moon, his hands were all over her body, one hand finger fucked her and the other hand slid down to push into her arse.

Her body thrashed wildly as his finger pushed further into her rear, causing tools from the bench crash noisily to the concrete floor.

The noise woke one of her sons who called “mum where are you mum” “Down in the garage” she replied “I will be up in a minute.”

She pushed Dave aside pulled her clothes together and ran up through into the kitchen.

Dave waited in the dark as she gave her son a drink and packed him off to bed.

Stacy’s mind was awash with emotion, she wanted Dave but this was crazy. Junior would have caught them if he hadn’t called out. “I can’t let my cunt rule my head,” she had decided as she stood at the sink. “I won’t go back down.”

She was startled to find that Dave had silently crept up into the kitchen. She jumped with fright, as he wrapped his arm around her holding her by her tits.

Trying to turn around, she moaned “not here not in the house, you silly prick, not here, the boys will hear.”

Placing a hand over her mouth he whispered. “Be quiet.” Dave had made up his mind; it was time for action not words. He pushed her forward against the kitchen table, and lifted her dress up exposing her smooth white backside.

His hand on her chest struggled with her bra, forcing one tit out and up so his fingers could pinch and pull the extended nipple.

Stacy moaned “Oh be gentle” as a thrill ran through her body. She shuddered and bucked when Dave kissed his way up around her face and ears and bit her on the neck. A trickle of moisture leaked from her cunt on to her legs.

Without waiting, he pushed forward struggling to push her sopping undies aside and enter her from behind.

Stacy was ready, she wanted his hard young tool; the possibility of being caught had disappeared from her thoughts.

Knowing he could not enter her without her help, she moved her legs further apart to accommodate him.

Then raising herself up on her toes, she felt around behind her and used her hand to direct him, until he found the mark with a grunt of satisfaction. Stacy moaned and groaned as he slammed backwards and forwards roughly.

This was not a time for taking it easy Dave told himself, this was a time to fuck her hard and long, to fill her full of cum, and leave her wanting more.

She was giving as good as she got, grunting as she pushed back, rolling her hips using her cunt to bring him to the boil.

He could not control himself, all the dreaming, the waiting, and the drama of the evening, built up to a head, as his prick bucked and his body shuddered to a climax

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