My Best Buddies

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I have the best buddies in the world! We met our Freshman year in college and it’s been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I came from a wealthy family, and my leaving for college came as a relief to my parents. They were traveling more and barely contacted me. It was like that growing up, they never had time for me. Getting together with Derrick and Owen was a total change. They like to spend time with me, and it was great having people I could call and just hang out with.

I guess I hadn’t realized how tough college would be. I almost flunked out the second semester. But my buddies didn’t let me quit. They helped me buckle down and get to studying more, so I squeaked by, and they have kept me on track so my grades weren’t a problem anymore.

To make it easier, I got them to move in with me. I was getting more than enough to have a nice 2 bedroom apartment. Plus plenty of spending money that I could even share it with them so they didn’t have to work either. My parents being distant and feeling guilty, really paid off for this. They lived better than in the dorms and having part-time jobs, and I was happier with them around. Having them around was more like family than I’d ever had before.

Since I was paying the bills (and giving them spending money) they made it their business to take care of me. They took real good care of me. I didn’t have any worries any more. I trusted them to know what was best for me, and I always took their advice.

One of them would wake me up each morning. This morning it was Derrick. He gently shook my shoulder “Time to get up.” There was a smile in his voice.

“Don’t wanna.”

“Timmy, you need to get up. We have class today.” Derrick pulled the covers off of me. “You need to get a shower.”

“Awwww.” I got up and moved my legs off the side of the bed. I was yawning.

“Let’s get this off of you.” Derrick began to pull the snaps off the onesie they had decided I needed to sleep in. I wiggled out as he pulled it off and tossed it in the hamper. “Let’s see how you did last night.” Derrick opened up my nappy, checking it. “Good boy, you are all dry today.”

“Thanks Derrick. I’ve got a good streak going on now, don’t I?”

“You sure do. OK, go get your shower.” He playfully slapped me on my ass, which made me giggle. I headed to the bathroom naked. There wasn’t any reason for me to put anything on. I could tell Owen was cooking in the kitchen.

I brushed my teeth, shaved, and got in the shower. I cleaned myself up good. As I got out Derrick was there handing me a soft, fluffy towel. I dried off, smiling at him.

“Think you did good?” Derrick asked, looking at me with mock sternness.

“Yeah, Derrick, I sure did.” I answered cheerily.

“OK, bend over and spread them.”

I bent over with my ass to him, pulling my cheeks apart. Derrick gently pushed his finger into my hole, going in deep. He moved it around a bit, which always made me feel really good. My dick started to chub up a bit. After he had pushed around enough, he pulled his finger out. I got up and looked at him expectantly. Derrick looked closely at his finger, and then gave it a quick sniff. I held my breath. Then he broke into a smile. I couldn’t wait and wrapped him in a big hug.

“Told you!”

“Good job Timmy. I’m so proud of you.” He hugged me back. “Now, comb your hair and let’s get breakfast.”

“OK Derrick.” I combed my hair quickly as he washed his hands.

In the kitchen, Owen had put plates out for him and Derrick. He had made bacon, eggs, and toast. I got in my chair and Owen put my cereal bowl in front of me filled with Apple Jax, then handed me my spoon. “Eat up.” He said. They were dressed, but I was still naked, in case I spilled anything. Owen put my bib on me.

“I want some bacon.” I gave him my most winning smile.

“Finish up your cereal, and maybe you’ll get a bit.” Derrick said, tousling my hair. We all ate, talking about classes and stuff and in the end I did get a bit of bacon.

We got up and Owen fondled my cock and balls. I hugged his chest. “Now go get dressed.”

“OK Owen.” I padded off to my room. When they moved in, I gave them the master bedroom since they slept together anyway. It just made more sense. I got dressed and we all headed off to class. They had made sure I did my homework and studies, so I was confident.

My classes did go well. Today was the day I got home before they did, so I let myself in with the key I kept on a chain around my neck. The chain went onto a hook beside the door. I went to my room and took all my clothes off. I carried my books to the living room. I thought about sitting on the couch, but I knew I wasn’t supposed to without Derrick or Owen there to be sure I didn’t fall. It was a good thing I was OK sitting in chairs when we were out, but most accidents happened at home, so I sat on the floor and started my homework, using the coffee table as a desk.

I was just finishing up everything when Derrick came back. This was Owen’s long day, so it would just be me and Derrick Ankara bayan escort for a while.

“How are you doing with your homework, Timmy?” He smiled down at me. He was so handsome.

“I’m just finishing up. I need like 2 minutes.” I grinned up at him.

“Good boy. Gotta keep those grades up.”

“Yeah. Here’s what I’ve finished so far.” I handed it to him. He made himself comfortable as he reviewed it. When I was done with the last of it, I handed it to him and waited while he went over everything.

When he finished, he smiled. “You did so good. I’m proud of you.”

“Oh, thank you Derrick.” I reached around him and hugged around his waist, I was so happy.

“You want your reward?” Derrick was petting my head.

“Yes, please, can I please have my reward. I’ve been a very good boy.” I hugged him tighter.

“You sure have.”

I let him go while he opened up his pants. As he pulled them down, I saw his hardening cock. That was my reward, and I was so excited to get it. I looked at him expectantly. He smiled and nodded at me.

Grinning, I bent down and gave his dick a kiss. I loved kissing both their dicks before I started sucking them. I thought it showed how much I appreciated them. Then I took it into my mouth, feeling the silky skin against my tongue. Derrick sighed. I smiled to myself. He was still mostly soft, so I took him all the way to the pubes. I flicked my tongue around and gave him some suction. I moved my head around so I could pleasure every centimeter of his cock. I started bobbing up and down and I could feel his dick getting harder and harder.

Derrick had a lot of dick (Owen did too), so I could go all the way up and down, which he really liked. I started going faster and faster. I was moving my tongue all over, getting his cock real wet. I went to to his cockhead and flicked my tongue back and forth quickly, then made it wide and tried to cover it all over. Next, I plunged all the way down to the root. Almost gagging, I shoved his cock deep into my throat. I stayed there, my throat spasming over his dick. I pulled back when I needed to breathe. I took my hand and jerked him while I worked on the cockhead. He moaned deeper, his breath starting to come in gasps.

I was going heavy when he let out a gasp, shooting his cum into my mouth. I swallowed it all, since it was my reward. I licked him up and down so that he was all clean. I was always supposed to to clean them up.

“Damn that was good. Timmy, you suck cock like nobody I know.”

“Thanks Derrick. It’s so much fun.”

“Get up here.” Derrick reached down and helped me into his lap. As I settled comfortably, he started to fondle my cock and balls. I was already hard, but his hand felt so good I got even harder. “You’ve not been playing with this, have you?”

“No, Derrick. I’m a good boy.”

“You sure are. You’re doing so good Timmy. I’m really proud of you.” I hugged him, and he kept up the massaging of my cock. “What do you want for dinner, sport?”


“Silly boy, you always want pizza. We’ll have to see what Owen wants, OK?”

“Sure Derrick. Do you think he’ll fuck me tonight? I really like getting fucked.” I did like getting fucked, especially by Owen or Derrick.

“You always want to get fucked.” Derrick laughed. “Want to watch TV while we wait for Owen?”


“Get to it sport.” Derrick let me turn on the TV and watch it from the floor. He went to study in the kitchen.

Owen came back around dinner time, having picked up some salads to go with some grilled chicken he had planned for dinner. So I didn’t get pizza. Owen did his homework, while Derrick cleaned up and I got to watch more TV.

When they finished, they joined me, and all three of us watched TV. I got to sit between them on the couch. I felt so grown-up getting to be on the couch. I had my legs open, and they were both feeling up my cock and balls. Owen moved his hand under my ass and stuck a finger in my hole. I could feel it and groaned.

“Feeling good, Timmy?” Owen asked, nibbling my ear.

“Yeah, Owen. Real good.” Derrick had his hand moving over my balls. My cock bounced. My buddies were the greatest, they took care of me, and made me feel so wanted. I was losing interest in whatever was happening on the screen.

Owen got a second finger into my ass. Derrick was going over my cock and my balls. I was so hard. I moaned long. Derrick’s hand came off me and I saw him taking his shirt off. Owen pulled his fingers out of me and started stripping as well. I was so happy, they were going to fuck me. The rest of their clothes came off, and they positioned me so Derrick would be fucking me, and I could suck Owen off at the same time. I kissed Owen’s cock like I had Derrick’s earlier and put it in my mouth. He was already hard, and I brought up my hand to feel his big balls. I got him deep in my throat, his pubes tickling my nose.

Derrick was playing with my ass, putting a finger in and pulling it out. I moved my ass trying to keep it in, but Escort bayan Ankara he was too quick for me. I wanted him to put his dick in me. I moaned, so did Owen. Derrick’s finger was gone, and I felt his hard cockhead against my ass. I pushed back, hearing him give a little laugh as he shoved in.

I was getting dick up my ass and mouth, and it was my favorite part of the day. My buddies were the absolute best. I got both their cocks virtually every night, and it always felt soooo good. Derrick’s big prick was deep in my butt, and he was grinding into me. Owen let me suck him, gently swaying his hips back and forth, just enjoying the suck job. Big, beautiful dicks in me every day, and both attached to the men who took such good care of me. I gave Owen’s balls a squeeze. Not enough to hurt him, of course, just to give him a good feel of pleasure. His dick filled my mouth, and I felt it push my throat out.

Owen began to pump in and out, a steady, slow rhythm. Derrick matched him, and they were both pushing into me at the same time. When they were both all the way in I felt full and satisfied. When they pulled out, I was empty and anxious to be filled again. They pushed back in, making me feel complete. I was so connected to my buddies, like I was the bridge between them. It was my purpose in life, and my cock was throbbing.

Derrick sped up, and I could feel his pelvis come in contact with my butt as he thrust. Owen kept it slow. I was getting both of them at the same time, and had nearly two feet of cock in me. It felt so good. I felt them reach over me and kiss. All three of us in contact at the same time. They broke their kiss, and Owen began to really put it to me. Derrick sped up more. I was pushed between them, moving, rocking, my dick hard and dripping pre-cum. Their pace kept up, and I could now hear Derrick’s balls slapping against me. My holes were filled, I felt complete. They came, first Derrick then Owen, holding their cocks in me as their cum was taken in by my body. I shot off having made them happy.

When they pulled out, I moved forward a bit and cleaned Owen off, then turned around to clean up Derrick. Owen lay over me holding me as I finished up, hugging me. “That was so good. Timmy, you are the best.”

“You’re my buddies, you are the best.” I wrapped my arms around Derrick. He lay over me as well. We all breathed deep, enjoying the afterglow of my fucking.

Owen stirred and tapped me. “We need to get you to bed. Classes again tomorrow.”

“Aw, Owen.”

“No arguments, Timmy. You need your sleep.”

“OK. Owen.” I said as we untangled ourselves. Derrick kissed my forehead as he told me good night.

I went to the bathroom and then to my room. Owen came in, dressed again after sex. “Let’s get your nappy on.”

“OK, Owen.” I had already put the cover we used over my bed, so I lay on it on my back and raised my legs, holding them up.

“Powder first.” He spread powder over my cock and balls, and down my ass crack, rubbing it in. That always felt so good. He laughed “Don’t get all hard again. You’re not going to get fucked again so soon.”

“Aww, Owen. I could get fucked again. It would be fun.”

“Maybe, but I need to fuck Derrick tonight. He needs it.”

Owen started putting my nappy on me. “Do you like fucking him more than you like fucking me?” I asked.

Owen looked at me a minute, holding still. “It’s different, I don’t know if one is better. He’s my lover, but you are my buddy.” He tweaked my left nipple then got back to my nappy. “You don’t want to break us up do you?” He smiled, so I knew he wasn’t being serious.

“No, I was just wondering.”

Owen helped me into my onesie. “We three make a good team.”

“We sure do.”

Owen tucked me in and kissed me on the cheek. “Get to sleep, Timmy.”

“Good night.”

“Good night.” Owen turned off the light. They would stay up a bit longer, and Owen had told me he was fucking Derrick when they went to bed. I was so glad my best buddies would still fuck me, even when they fucked each other. And I couldn’t get in the way of them having sex with each other, since that would make them sad.

The next day after classes, I was supposed to go to work out after class, but when the time came, I just wasn’t feeling it, so I went home. I had finished up my homework and was reading ahead, since I wasn’t to watch TV until my homework was checked. I heard Derrick and Owen come home. I jumped up and went to greet them. I was naked, of course, I almost always was when I was home.

They looked at me, stern expressions on their faces.

“Did you go to work out today?” Derrick asked.

I froze, looking down. “No.” I whispered.

“What was that?” Owen asked.

“No, I didn’t go work out like I was supposed to.” I said, louder. Peeking at them, I saw neither was pleased.

“What happens when you don’t do what you are supposed to?” Derrick ask.

They both knew. So did I. “I get a spanking.” I was still looking down, my hands moved to cover my ass.

“That’s Bayan escort Ankara right.” Derrick said. “Let’s get this over with.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be a bad boy.” I didn’t move.

“But you were a bad boy. Bad boys need to be punished.” Owen started to guide me to a chair. He sat down and pulled me over his lap.

I was starting to cry. “I don’t want to get spanked.”

“Than why did you skip working out?” Derrick crouched down by my face. Owen was rubbing my ass.

“I just didn’t feel like doing it.” A tear rolled down my check and splattered on the floor.

Owen spanked me for the first time, and it stung. I cried more.

“We all have to do things we don’t feel like.” Derrick said, holding my face in his hands. Owen spanked me again.

I was forced to stare into my buddy’s eyes as my other buddy spanked me. “I’m sorry, I’ll be good, I promise.” Another spank.

“You have to do what you are supposed to, so you don’t get punished.” Another spank.

“Yes, Derrick.” I was crying, so mad at myself for disappointing my buddies. I knew I would get spanked if I skipped my workout, but I did it anyway. Derrick held my face while Owen kept up my spanking.

Finally, Owen stopped, again rubbing my ass. After a moment, Owen told me to go to the corner. That was part of my punishment. When I needed to be spanked, next I had to stand in the corner until I was allowed to leave it. I stood there, naked and crying. My ass was red, and I rubbed it, feeling the heat and hoping to rub the pain away. I was so embarrassed standing in the corner like a little bad boy. But I was a bad boy, having disappointed my buddies. I know they gave me the discipline I needed.

I was allowed to get out of my corner for dinner, and I sat tenderly. Derrick and Owen chatted, but I wasn’t very communicative. After we ate, we went to watch TV, and they let me lay over both of their laps, and they played with my cock and balls, getting me hard. I was getting horny, but they didn’t take their pants off, so I didn’t get to suck and I didn’t get fucked that night either. Derrick put me to bed. He sat down after he tucked me in. “I know you are hurt, but we really do want the best for you. We have to make sure you do what you are supposed to. We don’t want you flunking out. Or getting into any other trouble.”

“I know, Derrick. You two are my best buddies, I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Just remember that sport. We’ll always look out for you.” He kissed me on the forehead and left me to go to sleep.

I was good for the next several days, and it felt so much better not disappointing my buddies. Friday night, I woke up after having a nightmare. I looked around in my dark room, my heart pounding. I couldn’t remember exactly what I had been dreaming of, but I felt frightened. I wasn’t supposed to get out of bed, but I was too scared to stay. I slipped out. Being careful to have my feet under me. I headed out of my room and down the hall. I stood in front of their bedroom door for a moment. I gently knocked on the door. Not getting a response, I knocked harder.

I heard shuffling. “Wazzat? Timmy, are you out of bed?” Derrick’s voice was sleepy. I heard Owen grumble something.

“Yeah, it’s me. I had a bad dream. Can I come in and get in bed with you?” Although they weren’t able to see me, I looked down at my feet and shuffled them.

“Come on in, Timmy.” Owen said.

I opened the door, entering their room. Derrick turned on the lamp. They both blinked at the light. “I’m sorry, I got scared. It was a real bad dream.” I was taking little steps towards their bed.

Owen pulled the sheet and blanket down, “Come on in between us.” I rushed a bit, climbing over him, then snuggling between them.

They both turned towards me and put their arms over me. “It’ll be alright, sport. We’re here, nothing will get you.” Derrick said.

“Thanks, I feel better already.” It was nice. I was still in my onesie, but both of them were naked. It felt great to have two gorgeous naked men around me. They were both so attractive, I was so lucky to have such good buddies. Sandwiched between them, I felt safe and secure. I was able to get to sleep.

I woke up before they did, feeling their breath on me. The warmth of the breath of such beautiful men sent sensual pleasures through me. These were my best buddies, and they took such good care of me. I moved my hand a little, coming in contact with their muscled bodies. My hands worked their way down, finding both of their cocks. My fingers moved softly up and down their limp shafts. They felt so nice. I got their dicks up my ass and down my throat a lot, and I really loved them. There was little better in the world to making them hard and getting them to cum in me. It made me feel really special.

I got their cocks a lot, and I always wanted more. I could feel their dicks hardening a bit, and maybe their breathing change. They did so much for me, not only taking care that I did my homework and kept up on my bills, but giving me so much sex. I probably could have more fucking, but I couldn’t do it 24 hours a day if I was being honest. I didn’t get a lot of sex before them, and now I got fucked almost every day, and usually got to suck one or both of them off at least once a day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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