My Affair With Carol-Anne

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One afternoon I was visiting my neighbor and good friend Carol-Anne, who is 23 like myself. We were sitting out by her pool in our bathing suits.

Carol asked if I would put on the sunscreen for her and she would do the same for me. So of course I agreed. Nothing happened there.

But later on as the afternoon got hotter, Carol decided to remove her top, and she applied some sunscreen to her breasts. I found myself looking at her nakedness, not because I’m particularly attracted to other women, but there was just something very sexy and arousing about my friend’s body. I don’t have my mind set on exactly why, she just was. In retrospect, I guess it was that Carol has the kind of look both men and women can find attractive.

She’s very healthy and cute and bright and she always goes after what she wants. She’s fun to be with and very frank about sex and such things.

So we were lying in our respective beach chairs and I impulsively decided to remove my top as well. Carol was quick to offer the sunscreen because she warned against getting burned by the hot rays.

As luck would have it, there wasn’t much left in that bottle, in fact barely a drop. She apologized and told me she had just purchased a new supply of sunscreen and she’d bring it right out, along with some more cool fruit drinks for us. So I laid back, covering my boobies with a towel in the meantime.

In just a minute, she returned with pitcher, glasses, and a new tube of sunscreen as promised. I began to sit up but she told me to relax that she would do the honors. So she slowly removed the towel I had thrown over myself, squeezed out some sunscreen lotion into her palm rubbed her hands together, and began to massage the lotion into my breasts. My, that felt good. Carol has illegal bahis such a light, energetic touch. I could not remember the last time I had actually been touched by a woman, I did not think I had been since childhood, and certainly not in the sexual way that this was turning out.

I felt so good and turned on that I could not help but moan in delight.

Carol-Ann asked, “Doesn’t that feel good, baby? I love it when someone rubs lotion into my skin!”

I had to agree. And by then something else was happening. I noticed that my pussy was starting to get that familiar tingle. I was getting wet! Not that anyone would notice since we were going in and out of her swimming pool all the time, but still, it was a rush.

Carol-Anne’s touch was exquisite. She rubbed the lotion into my sensitive breasts in widening circles, stopping to lightly pinch my nipples as she did. I thought to myself she must be trying to turn me on, why else would she be doing that?

I was right of course. Before I knew it, she had pressed her lips on mine and we were into a soft and extremely arousing kiss. And my pussy was so wet now that I could feel it dripping into the fabric of my suit. I slid down slightly in my chair to pull the cloth into my crotch, looking for some stimulation there. In a few minutes I’d have no choice but to finger myself I was getting so crazed with lust.

We continued to kiss and then Carol my sweet, sweet friend knew exactly what I wanted and began to kiss and suck on my breasts while she began to press her soft little hand on my crotch.

“Oh, yes! Don’t stop!” I begged her.

“I won’t, sweetness, I’m enjoying this as much as you are!”

I held her head as she continued to suck and kiss and lick my breasts and nipples. illegal bahis siteleri I was in heaven, I thought. But I never imagined how good it would be when she finally got down to business with my pussy.

She kissed down my stomach and slowly pulled my bikini bottoms down off my legs. Oh, it felt so good to feel the breeze blowing through the yard and upon my moist, exposed pussy.

She licked up all the droplets from around my pussy, then she slowly pushed a finger into my slit. I jumped, not out of pain or discomfort, but out of sheer pleasure. It felt divine! I asked her to push her finger deeper into me, I was going to come. She did better than that, she inserted two, then three, then four fingers at once into my aching little puss, massaging my hard clitoris with her thumb while she did.

This girl was an expert at this, she really was. When she lowered her face to my gash and began to lick and suck my clitoris, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was supernaturally good! The pleasure was blowing my head right off! God, it was incredible!

I was dripping tons and tons of lubrication down there and she was lapping it all up, licking her fingers, pressing her tongue inside of me, rubbing it under and over and all around my throbbing clit. I just laid back and moaned in ecstasy.

With her hands and lips and tongue, beautiful Carol-Anne gave me one unbelievable orgasm after another. As I was recovering from the first come, she would slowly begin eating me again, and soon enough I was on my way to my second, third, and fourth orgasms of the afternoon.

I was frantic with joy and excitement. What she had given me was the greatest gift I had ever received from anyone.

I had no idea Sapphic sex could be so divine. canlı bahis siteleri

After I calmed down, I pulled her face up to mine for some deep, lingering, sensuous, immensely pleasurable kisses. I felt like I was truly in love with this girl who had just made love to me. I had no hesitation in doing the same for her. But this time we retired to the comfort of the cool, clean sheets on her large double bed in the air-conditioned bedroom.

Carol lay down on her back and I discovered the sheer pleasure of exploring and eating another woman’s pussy. I could not love anything more than this, I thought. I loved the feel and texture and fragrance and softness and responsiveness of her little flower, opening up to my touch, turning a deep rosy red, giving forth its heat and sweet nectar.

I licked and sucked and kissed her, and then licked and sucked and kissed her sweet slit even more. Her moans of satisfaction and pleasure were very satisfying to me too. I couldn’t get enough of my girlfriend Carol-Anne’s pussy, I was in a beautiful dream while I was ministering to her.

After she had come and come, I had the pleasure of going over her entire body, especially her luscious breasts and nipples, with my hands and mouth. I also really enjoyed our slow, deep kissing. I had never kissed a woman before and I had no idea what I was missing. The smoothness, the softness, the feminine feel of her blew my mind.

Now I’m a confirmed pussy lover as well. She and I had sex at every opportunity over the summer months, and now I think about eating sweet pussy all the time. And what is doubly great is that I haven’t at all lost my lust for guys and their nice, hard, throbbing, spurting cocks.

Next weekend I’ll get the chance to combine both of my addictions, as Carol-Anne and I are going to put on a show for our boyfriends, and then share their sexy, muscled bodies and beautiful erections between us for some nice wicked fucking. I can’t wait. This sex thing just keeps getting better and better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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