My 70th Birthday Gift

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Big Dicks

It is early afternoon, I just climbed in bed beside Brenda. She removed her glasses and kept a reading light on. We stare at each other momentarily then cuddle up. Her legs entwined with mine . Her cold feet reach for heat as I offer my legs with sock dressed feet to comfort her. I reach out, put one arm around her and with the other gently pull her towards me. Here we are, face to face, body to body, cuddling up and holding on securely for what seems an indefinite time.

We stay that way to absorb our intensity. We quietly immerse deeply into our arms. My chest covers her beautiful pink tits with the inviting nipples caressing my chest as we attempt to even get closer, closer, closer.

As I try to look at her face, my legs move slightly away as she opens her legs. My knee touches her inner thighs and then her pussy. I sense a slight wetness there which drives me crazy. After a while, still holding her sexy but precious body, I move my lips up to her forehead and gently kiss her. I slowly move my lips down to her nose and cheeks.

She accepts this gentle way of arousing her. My lips cover hers now, we gently open our mouths and our tongues touch briefly. As well as being sucked in by her delicate mouth, I feel one hand moving away from my back, exploring my but cheeks and slowly reaching my belly, then 2, 3 and finally all the fingers surround my cock, which she gently squeezes.

She finds my lose foreskin, and slowly pulls it down to reveal the cock head. She moans as I do. I hold her even thighter and begin to kiss her again. She releases my cock after picking up a few drops of cum and brings it to both our lips. How sensitive, how intimate.

I slowly release the pressure on her upper body as I maneuver my leg inside her thighs gently rubbing her twat. Once her tits become exposed, I noticed the pure delicate pink nipples standing up firmly. Tiny little ducts around the nipples form a sexy surface, an invitation to fondle, to suck. My hand reaches out, trying to cover the entire tit, gently squeezing and ultimately ending up rubbing the nipple and massaging the little teasing ducts near the nipple.

As she reacts to my touch and pushes her tit straight in my hand, I slowly move her over a bit, find the other tit and place my lips on the nipple. The nipple seems to vibrate. It grows and seems to want to invite my warm lips and even my tongue. As my hand touches and rolls the one nipple, I open my mouth, cover the other nipple and let my tongue slowly pass over the texture. I begin to suck…. First gently, then rapidly moving my tongue across…. Then I open my mouth and place it over the nipple and then proceed to suck in the tit, little by little.

The feeling of her nipple in my hand and almost half a tit in my mouth brings cum to my cock, enough to move my lower body around hoping that some cum will rub against her leg, belly or pussy. Brenda has a smile on her face and keeps pushing the tits against my hand and mouth. I move my sucking lips from one tit to the next.

Now gently squeezing both swollen nipples, moving my head around quickly as she pushes her boobs towards my face and my mouth. The pink flesh now shows red spots where I sucked and gently bit her tits. It gave her such pleasure that after a while, our bodies found the earlier embrace and my sweet Esenyurt Escort Bayan lady pushed her tits against my chest, slowly rotating, putting on pressure and trying to find my lips to initiate deep tonguing.

I shake from the excitement, such bliss, such surrender. It’s the very thing I never experienced when I was much younger. Here is this lovely bundle of love and excitement, ready to share, ready to conquer. I remove myself from her body, kiss her again and now enjoy the delicate folds of the area just below her tits. I notice her smile as she allows me to fondle again, rub her nipples, squeeze her tits, lean over to kiss all that massive area of sexual excitement. It is just beyond believe. Within a few seconds, I cuddle up again and then let my hand travel downwards from her belly to her thighs. I had imagined previously to find a voluptuous pussy. I expected that age and the bearing of four children would have expanded her twat.

I had already decided that I would try and generate friction with not only one finger but perhaps even two or three or four.

Just before Brenda entered the bed, I had a moment to watch her pussy and noticed a shy area of blond hair. No sign of dark hair. As my hand reached her pussy, I merely opened her legs which she enforced so assuredly that her love and fuck spot was ready to be discovered. To my wonderful surprise, a tiny slit hidden below some of the blond hair, was ready to be uncovered. My finger slowly moved from the bottom of the slit upwards toward the fuck hole. A tiniest bit of cum welcomed my finger as I tried to find entrance to the most delectable spot . How sexy that feeling. It was even more exciting to find a very tight pussy. My finger, covered with her cum, searched between the pussy lips to find entrance to the honey pot. A very tiny opening, gently relaxed its grip and my finger went inside.

More cum greeted my finger. I slowly moved it around, touching numerous sensitive folds and unflexed skin.

I was speechless. I felt so close to Brenda for allowing me entrance to her honey pot which she unconsciously prepared to allow things to happen which would match our mutual desire to please each other, enjoy to feeling and bring on long overdue orgasms. My finger gently traveled in and out of the pussy until I lost complete control. I needed to thank Brenda for this extraordinary experience… so I went down and covered her belly with my mouth from the belly button down to her slit, all the while nibbling away at the pinkish skin. As my mouth reached first the cute curly blond hair covering her slit, I nudged my nose straight towards the fuck hole.

I sensed a faint smell of urine which was overshadowed by the scent of her love juice. The combination of both was enough to send me to heaven.

I then proceeded to press my lips against the outer pussy lips, slowly forcing my tongue in the honey pot and placed a kiss which was greeted by pleasant moans and the pushing up of the pussy towards my mouth.

At the same time, I let my finger penetrate the tiny sex channel to find more cum. It was there that I found a great source of love juice ready to grease the pussy lips and clit for future extended sexual pursuits. Little did I know, that my loving companion had more to give than I could Avcılar Escort Bayan possibly imagine.

I grabbed my mildly soaking cock, pulled the skin back and rubbed the shaft up and down her pussy as well as the area where the clit was rapidly becoming exposed. As I rubbed my cock up and down, I watched my sweetheart. With one hand I kept rubbing my cock against her pussy, my other hand began to massage her tits. Her face showed a glow of ecstasy and pleasant moans left her sexy mouth. I finished the rubbing, leaned over to kiss that sweet and sexy mouth then lowered my head, nibbled away from the tits down to the pussy where I settled down for what I hoped to be a total surrender of my lady towards my attempts to give her unsurpassed pleasure.

Her legs well spread, the exposure of the tiny slit covered with cute little blonde curls was waiting to be discovered again. I placed my mouth at the bottom of the slit and slowly worked upwards till I felt her body shake as I found her clit. I let my tongue wander around the clit.

I found the sensitive folds of the clit which I started to tease a bit. Each time my tongue would run upwards of the clit, Brenda would offer sexual sounds of pleasure and excitement. I went slightly faster and then I placed my lips around the clit so I could suck it up little by little. As I slowly covered the entire clit with my lips, I brought the tip of my tongue as close as possible to the tip of the clit and quickly slipped my tongue across the now very exposed centre of sexual excitement. I kept sucking and tongue teasing the clit till suddenly Brenda forced her entire pussy in my face. She mumbled something which I perceived as a positive expression not to stop what I was doing. My cock now is getting very wet. With one hand I try to control my semi hard on, with my other hand I hold the pussy area firmly as to not lose concentration. Brenda’s movements now become extremely fast as I suck and tongue away with increasing vigor. Suddenly my sweetheart tells me that she is reaching the top, the intensity increases, small spurts of cum flow from her slit.

I withdraw my lips from the slit, but keep sucking and teasing the clit faster and faster. Now the flow of cum spurts from her slit and I eagerly place my bottom lip near the slit so as to receive the warm, extremely flavourful love juice. Brenda pushes her twat against my mouth with full force. As her body shakes, she yells “Yes Yes Yes.”

My mouth is now soaked with cum, my cock does not know what is happening. My tongue is still licking away at the clit and I know that what we are experiencing has never happened before, certainly not to me.

Brenda grabs my head firmly, moves it around her pussy and then slowly brings me up. I will never forget the glow, smile and excitement on her face. As I move towards her, my cock settles right in between her legs, touching her slightly swollen lips. Without any explanation, my cock finds the fuck hole and with relative ease enters Brenda’s small pussy which is now drenched with cum. The clit is still visible and shakes mildly.

I slowly shove my cock inside and the tiny muscles of the minute pussy grab the cock and steady it. By now I have reached Brenda’s face. We find our lips and tongues and enjoyed licking and sucking my mouth still covered with cum.

The cock feels the muscles tightening and a slight forward motion seem to please my sweetheart. We hold on tightly, not wanting to give up what we just enjoyed.

The muscles slowly release my cock and I pull it out very gently. Brenda’s pussy, slit and clit have given us both such immense pleasure that I will never ever forget that. After a minute or so, I once again can’t stop from hugging Brenda and to seal off the wonderful experience, I bring me head down close to the pussy and admire the texture, the slight accumulation of cum and the still erect clit.

I put my head sideways near her inner thigh, close enough to touch her clit with my tongue. An unexpected response from Brenda’s pussy was the incentive I needed to tongue her clit. First a slow stroke downwards, then a quick stroke upwards. Down, up, down up. As I move upwards the clit enlarges with each stroke… I am not sucking at all…. I keep teasing the clit. I can hear the cum filling the fuck hole. Now I insert my finger and rediscover the many tiny sensitive folds inside the pussy.

My fingering becomes more daring as I pull out of the honey pot and with the cum drenched finger, I slowly touch the slit, and the now swollen lips. My finger goes back into the fuck hole. Brenda’s body shakes and the shaking increases. I intensify the upward downward tongue movement. Each time, after ever upward licking, the clit responds in such a way that I feel encouraged to fuck finger her not faster but deeper. Brenda had a wonderful orgasm, just minutes ago, could we possibly hope for another one?

Indeed, another orgasm began to climax, Brenda yelled “it’s at the top, it’s at the top…. Suck suck oh I can’t believe this….. suck suck….” Till finally her body shook wildly while releasing cum spurt after spurt.

I was so happy to have witnessed this intense lovemaking. We embraced again, at least for several minutes. She whispered “thank you, thank you” in my ear while she resumed sucking my mouth which was still covered with her cum. “It’s what I enjoy the most, oral sex” she said “and you are so good at it”.

I just wanted to do it. I felt privileged that she surrendered completely and that she trusted me enough to help discover her intimate desires.

“Now I am going to make you happy,” Brenda murmured. I could not have been happier after her double orgasm experience, so I tried to relax.

She slightly elevated herself and leaned over my body. I could feel a hand covering my balls, reaching higher and grab my cock. She then gently lowered her mouth and began to kiss my cock. Her head went up and down my cock, sucking away. Her lips and hands moved the foreskin up and down. Her tongue found my sensitive spot. It went on for a while and I cannot believe, even today, how gentle but convincing she was trying to give me an unparalleled experience and pleasure. This was not a blow job. This was an expression of love from a woman who had just experienced an event that would possibly stay with her forever. Her lips covering my cock were saying “thank you” again and again. Whatever little cum I had was withdrawn from the shaft. Tricklings of sperm were swallowed eagerly and tenderly. I have never been so relaxed……. I have never felt so close to anyone. Brenda, my dear sweet Brenda, you’re a woman to be loved unconditionally and without reservations.

She returned to her original position. We locked our bodies again, exchanged kisses enjoying our mutual shedding of love juice. Our bodies became like one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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