Mrs. Shepherd Learns To Dominate

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This is another sequel to and Observed Threesome and Foursome. This tale just about stands alone, but I think it’d be more instructive (and would be more arousing) to read the earlier stories. This story picks up immediately from An Observed Foursome before going off in another direction.

Thanks again, for the comments, messages and ratings. It’s very nice of you. I’ve also enjoyed the graphic descriptions of how some of you have entertained yourselves as you’ve been reading!

As ever all participants in this fantasy are well over 21!


Chapter 1: Mrs. Shepherd remembers

Mrs. Shepherd was sitting at her desk thinking of the latter part of her first orgy. She’d thought it had all been over when Jack, Stephen and Raphael had fucked her within an inch of her life. In the aftermath of her orgasm she’d been lying on the bed: cum oozing from her cunt and ass as well as dripping from her chin onto the collar and leash that Jack had shackled her with. The leash and collar. The leash and collar which had turned her into their fuck dog. But it had just been the main course. Dessert was yet to come.

Jack’s father, had walked in on the scene and was currently holding the leash tight in his hand so Mrs. Shepherd was kneeling like an obedient dog. He was fully dressed in a business suit but he’d released his nine-inch cock and without prompting Mrs. Shepherd was already deep throating his length.

“You’re very keen Mrs. Shepherd? And not nearly as proud or as buttoned up as when we first met. I see my boy and his friends have really loosened you up.” Mr. Grisham said in a cold hard voice. He pulled the leash so that his cock was almost at the back of her throat and Mrs. Shepherd found herself gagging. He then pushed her back so that she was lying on her back again.

As Mr. Grisham began to slowly undress, unhurriedly hanging his clothes on a nearby chair the three boys sat around Mrs. Shepherd on the bed, playfully slapping their (already) hard dicks across her face.

She was so pre-occupied that she was taken completely by surprise when Mr. Grisham entered her. He’d grabbed the leash pulling with a tight snap in times with his hard thrusts. She thought Raphael had fucked her hard, but this was another level and it felt like her cunt was hitting a wall with every thrust.

“You enjoying this slut?” Mr. Grisham snarled down at her.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” Mrs. Shepherd found herself whimpering.

“Is that how you address me you fucking slut?” he thrust in harder still so she actually moaned as if struck. “I’m your Master from now on! Do you understand you slut?”

“Yes master. Yes master!” she groaned.

“That’s better slut. Now take my cock.”

“Yes master. Thank you master.”

She looked up and saw the three younger men crouched on their knees over her. Slowly wanking their cocks like perverted magic wands over her face.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for nearly twenty years Mrs. Shepherd, did you know that?” His rhythm was even quicker.

“No master.”

“From now on you are my slave.”

“Fuck me master! Fuck me.”

Mrs. Shepherd cunt was hyper sensitive from the three-way fuck she’d just experienced and this final orgasm from this frantic thrusting was taking her over the edge.

Mr. Grisham tightened his grip on the leash as he fucked her with a fury that felt as much like a rage than passion. The shock of the leash biting into her neck caused her to keep her eyes open at the three cocks, like swords, hung over her face. Stephen, again, was the first to cum and he shot his thick load over her face. It came in hot slashes across her cheeks and before she knew what was happening Jack, Mr. Grisham’s own son, was laughing.

“You slut! You fucking slut! Take my fucking load you fucking cum whore.” He cried.

He came, hitting her nose and forehead before a final load caught her left eye so she was blinking out spunk.

Mr. Grisham was now fucking her so hard that she was screaming obscenities.

“Argh argh argh. Oh fuck me master! Fuck me master! Fuck this whore. Fuck this whore’s cunt. Fuck my cunt! Fuck my cunt!”

“Whose cunt is it slut?” Mr. Grisham snarled.

“Your cunt sir. It’s your cunt.”

“This sluts on fire Raphael. I think you should cool her down.” Mr. Grisham chuckled to the muscle bound black man furiously wanking his cock above Mrs. Shepherd’s head. “I think it’s time to cum in this slut’s face. That’s what you want Mrs. Shepherd? Isn’t it slut?”

“Cum in this slut’s face Raphael! Cum in my fucking face!” Mrs. Shepherd screamed.

She heard the snapping of cameras as Jack and Stephen took photographs of her cum drenched face. What a whore she must look!

“You want my cum Mrs. Shepherd?” Raphael laughed down at her.

Mrs. Shepherd was only able to grunt an affirmative as Mr. Grisham fucked her with a greater frenzy that she’d ever known and then she was screaming as the most powerful orgasm tore through her like a storm. It was at this point that Raphael climaxed and he came on her face cevizli escort as if his dick was a fire hose. The cum hit her square in the face and then she was choking on the cum as it went into her open mouth. Suddenly Mr. Grisham pulled his huge cock from her orgasm exhausted cunt and jumped forward so his cock was literally an inch from her face.

“Take this you bitch!” he snarled and then he was cumming and cumming all over her face. It seemed to be never ending. Shot after shot of cum hitting her face in a relentless torrent.

Finally it was finished and she was utterly covered in the cum of four men. Four men who were virtual strangers.

As she lay there spent, all she could hear was the SNAP SNAP SNAP of the cameras as they all took photos of her. She must look like a cum drowned whore. She slowly masturbated herself as they took her final portraits.

Chapter 2: Mrs. Shepherd finally dominates

Mrs. Shepherd was awoken from her reverie by a nervous knock at the door. She deliberately waited before saying come in. It was late, 7pm, and the school was closed. In her office she had prepared everything. The fire in the splendid period fireplace was raging and an inviting rug was sprawled before it. She planned to be utilizing the space very soon.

“Come in” she used her coldest voice.

Mr. Paul shuffled in looking extremely nervous. To be asked to meet in the Headmistresses office so late was extremely irregular. He knew no good could come of it.

“Sit down Mr. Paul.” Mrs. Shepherd gestured. “Do you know why you are here?”

“No.” Mr. Paul found himself stuttering.

“There have been complaints about your conduct at the recent alumni reunion Mr. Paul.”

Mr. Paul could feel himself going crimson as he recalled the frenzied threesome that he’d enjoyed with Michelle and Claire. What a night that had been! In his newly single state it had been like finding an oasis in a desert. Even now, several months after the event, he found himself masturbating to every single night before he went to sleep as he relieved the orgy. How the fuck had she got wind of that now? Had that malicious bitch Michelle been stirring things up he wondered. His first instinct was to bluff this out. What could she prove after all?

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Headmistress.”

Mrs. Shepherd said nothing for what seemed like an eternity. Her lips pursed and she finally said:


Mrs. Shepherd pressed a button on her personal laptop and he immediately heard the sounds of sex. She turned the laptop around and he was confronted by the sight of Michelle fucking him with a strap on cock. Her tits bounced with each thrust and he looked in wonder, awe and then shame at his face scrunched in rapt ecstasy. He blushed dark red as he began to squeal like a little bitch as Michelle fucked him to orgasm. Mrs. Shepherd paused the film. It was on a close up of his face.

“You realize I have your career in my hand. If this video were to get out, you could never teach again? If this were ever to be put on the internet?”

Mr. Paul gaped at her like a fish that had been caught.

“What? What erm. I’m sorry. What happens now?” he stuttered after a long silence had passed.. He felt he was in some terrible dream.

“A very good question Mr. Paul. A number of things could happen, but the most important thing is that you are punished for this shameful display. So what happens now? What happens now is that I want you to strip naked Mr. Paul. That’s the first fucking thing that’s going to happen.” She said it matter a factly. She could have been asking him to take the minutes at a meeting, apart from the swearing.

“What? What the fuck? What do you mean -“

“How dare you question me you contemptible little man. Strip! Strip, you spineless joke! You are to be punished. I am going to punish you! And maybe if you take your punishment like a man, you will still have a job at the end of it.” She was almost shouting, in a cold fury, and then her voice dropped, “You’ve just taken a rather large mortgage out for your flat haven’t you? What with your girlfriend walking out on you I imagine the costs of the upkeep are extremely high?”

Again, Mr. Paul found himself gaping. The headmistress glared at him with contempt and before he knew what he was doing he was hurriedly stripping his clothes off. Soon he was standing naked and he was cupping his groin in embarrassment. Sitting in her chair like a throne Mrs. Shepherd looked at him like he was a new kind of bacteria that she’d just discovered.

“Get on your knees little man.” She hissed.

Kneeling naked on the carpet, Mr. Paul’s eyes were tightly shut with shame. He was conscious that despite himself his cock was already rock hard in his cupped hands. What the fuck was going on he thought? What did she want? Why was she doing this?

Mrs. Shepherd stood up from her chair. She was wearing heels and she towered over him as she walked around to the front of his desk. She felt herself reveling erenköy escort in the power. Mr. Paul looked up at her in fear and watched in wonder as she took off her jacket, shrugged of her skirt and then finally unbuttoned her blue blouse. She stood before him wearing a black and red basque and red high heels. His cock now felt like a steel pipe as he found himself imagining the unimaginable.

She opened a draw and produced a collar and leash from within. Before he could say anything she was tying the collar firmly to his neck.

“Now then my little dog. It’s time to take you for a little walk around my office.”

She prodded him with her foot and he stumbled in a heap. His cock springing up like a periscope.

“On all fours slave.” Mrs. Shepherd hissed.

Mr. Paul found himself on all fours and then Mrs. Shepherd was walking him around her expansive office and he tried to keep up on his hands and knees, his dick wagging up and down with the exertion like a tail. He had never felt either so foolish or so aroused. She walked quickly around the large office and he struggled to keep up, and she tugged impatiently on the leash which felt very uncomfortable on his neck. After five minutes of this he found himself panting, his knees stinging from the carpet burns. He suddenly felt a terrible pain across his buttocks. He yelped with surprise. Looking over his shoulder he saw that the headmistress was holding now a cane.

“I’m going to have to beat the shame out of you slave. Is that correct of me?” Mrs. Shepherd snarled.

“Yes Headmistress.” Mr. Paul found himself stuttering.

With a cruel flourish she caned him again and he found himself yelping.

“Don’t you think you should thank your Headmistress?”

“Thank you, Headmistress.” He whispered.

She hit him again.

“Thank you, Headmistress.”

And again.

“Thank you, Headmistress.”

She proceeded to administer another twenty strokes and he thanked her after each one, struggling to contain himself from yelping out. It was painful but he was pleased that although she was hitting him with force he was just about tolerable it. His buttocks stung but the most noticeable thing was just how aroused he was. His cock had never felt so hard or so huge. Mrs. Shepherd had been transfixed by his arousal and had enjoyed watching him being so powerless to hide how turned on he was.

“Why are you so aroused Mr. Paul? Are you actually enjoying being punished?”


There was a swish of the cane, that harsher than anything he’d received thus far and he yelped out loud.

“No, what?” Mrs. Shepherd hissed.

“No, Headmistress. I’m sorry Headmistress.” Mr. Paul whimpered.

He looked up and his jaw actually dropped as he saw that in between the canings Mrs. Shepherd had actually removed her skimpy pants. Mr. Paul found himself staring at a perfectly shaved cunt. His cock actually jerked.

“Are you hungry Mr. Paul?”

“Yes, Headmistress.” he could not believe it, but it were true. You could have offered him the world at that precise moment but all he wanted was to lick and suck this middle aged cunt.

Mrs. Shepherd smiled down at Mr. Paul for the first time. She had never felt so powerful. She walked towards him, he was still on all fours like a timid dog. She rolled the leash around her hand until it was tight around her fist and she was literally holding him by the collar and then she pulled him towards her cunt. She was standing in her heels with her legs parted.

“I think it’s time you were fed Mr. Paul.” She smirked.

Mr. Paul, gripped by his collar so he was leaning up on his knees uncomfortably. He put his hands on her hips to balance himself but immediately felt the cane wrap his knuckles.

“How dare you touch me with your hands!” Mrs. Shepherd snapped. She took her hand and gripped his hair in a big mound, pulling tight so it hurt and then with force she thrust his face into her cunt.

Mr. Paul immediately lost sense of anything other than licking and sucking her cunt and clit like a man possessed. She was exceptionally wet and she tasted divine. Mrs. Shepherd struggled to remain composed with the onslaught of pleasure she was receiving. Not only was he a skilled cunt licker but his sheer desperation to devour her was extremely gratifying.

“Lick my cunt, slave. Lick you mistress’ cunt. You pathetic man! Lick my cunt.” She hissed, trying to expel any kind of pleasure from her voice. Trying to keep the dominant tone that was essential.

Mr. Paul’s lips, nose and cheeks were soaked in her juice as he fingered her with his tongue.

“Make me cum you little slut.” She hissed.

She tasted so sweet and the collar made him feel like her slut. Utterly dominated.

“You are doing adequately but I feel you need to work harder.” She suddenly said and he felt himself being pushed onto his back. He felt the warm reassurance of the white rug by the fire. He blinked with shock and was rewarded with the sight of Mrs. Shepherd’s esenyurt escort sturdy buttocks lowering onto his face. She opened her legs as wide as she could and pushed her cunt deep into his face so that they were almost joined. Breathing through his nose he licked and sucked as if he had no other purpose than to make her cum. At that precise moment he felt that this only function

“Good slut. Now I want you to clean my arsehole. That’s all you’re good for.”

Mrs. Shepherd repositioned herself so her pink and immaculate arsehole winked at him. It smelt of perfume so she’d obviously prepared for this. He smiled at the thought and then he was licking it, rimming it. He was her slave.

“That’s it slut. Clean my arsehole.” She hissed. She’d never been rimmed before. It was divine.

Mrs. Shepherd slid herself across his face so that she was alternatively having her cunt and then her asshole enthusiastically worshipped by her slave. She looked into the fire crackling contentedly as she felt the orgasm slowly begin to bubble within her. She closed her knees on his head so that he would feel truly dominated and then looked at his cock that was throbbing with fury, pointing like an angry branch at his navel. The temptation to suck it aggressively or give him a furious hand job was almost irresistible but Mrs. Shepherd had other ideas. As he she felt his tongue probe deep into arsehole she stretched out one finger and stroked the length of his cock, from balls to tip with her long red painted nail. Mr. Paul groaned in ecstasy at such teasing. Mrs. Shepherd shifted position and thrust her cunt deep into his face so it felt like she’d actually punched him with her sex.

“Lick me you slut, make me cum.” She shouted. “Make me cum you slut. Lick my cunt. Lick my cunt you pathetic man. Make me cum. Make me cum. Make me cum!”

And then she was cumming! Her orgasm made her rise up and straighten her back. She lifted herself off his face for a moment before resting her full weight on him. Unable to breathe Mr Paul continued to suck on her clit like his very life depended on it. Perhaps it did, and moments later he could feel her ejaculating all over his face: warm and hot.

“Good slut, good slut, good slut.” She praised.

Mrs. Shepherd pushed herself up, her legs felt wobbly and she felt for the desk to steady herself. Mr. Paul lay on the white rug and felt the heat and crackling from the fire calm him as the blood began to rush to his head. He felt utterly exhausted and yet still aroused beyond belief. His cock was like a rigid pole that would have to be released. He heard Mrs. Shepherd fastening something but he was beyond caring. He thought he might actually fall asleep on this rug. He felt he had nothing left. He sensed rather than heard her kneeling before him.

He opened his eyes and saw Mrs. Shepherd. She’d pulled the basque down to reveal her big sexy tits which made his cock twitch but his eyes inevitably looked south to her groin where a thick black eight inch dildo was strapped. Their eyes met and Mrs. Shepherd smiled cruelly.

“Is there anything you would like me to do for you Mr. Paul?” Mrs. Shepherd asked.

Mr. Paul found himself blushing yet again, whispered. “I’d like you to fuck me Headmistress.”

“Pardon?” Mrs. Shepherd smiled. “I didn’t quite catch that?”

“Fuck me Headmistress. Please fuck me.” Mr. Paul almost shouted. “I need you to fuck me Headmistress.”

“Do you now?” Mrs. Shepherd was smiling to herself as she rubbed a dollop of lube into Mr. Paul’s arsehole and then all over the dildo.

“Oh, that feels good Headmistress.” He said as he felt her fingers lube him and then tease him by quickly fingering his nether hole.

Mrs. Shepherd put the tip of the cock at the entrance of his arsehole and with her left hand she tightened her hand on the leash, so she pulled the collar tight around his neck.

“You’ll have to beg, slave.” Mrs. Shepherd cooed.

“Please fuck me, Headmistress.”

Mrs. Shepherd inserted a quarter of an inch into his tight arsehole.

“Fuck me Headmistress.”

She slid in three inches in one sudden half jerk and Mr. Paul squealed. And then she slid the rest of the cock in with little mercy. Pain was quickly replaced by pleasure as Mrs. Shepherd began steadily fucking him. Her left hand tugged the leash with every thrust. Her right hand gripped his cock (at last, he thought, at fucking last) and she proceeded to wank it with a slow, almost maddening precision.

“Oh that’s amazing, Headmistress! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Are you my slut Mr. Paul?” Mrs. Shepherd asked. She was fucking him with firm thrusts. It felt fantastic. He was her first slut but she was determined that he wouldn’t be her last.

“I’m your slut, Headmistress. Fuck me Fuck me. Please Headmistress.”

Mrs. Shepherd kept a steady fuck rhythm. She wanked him in even strokes, not too fast.

“What are you slave?”

“I’m your slut.”

She let go of his cock and slapped him around the face.

“I’m you slut WHAT? YOU FUCKING WORM. ANSWER ME!” She astonished them both with her anger and she sped up her fucking such was her agitation.

“I’m your slut, Headmistress. I’m sorry. Please. Please. Please wank me! I need to come Headmistress. I’m your slut, but please wank me! Please wank me! Please make me cum.”

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