Mrs Brown

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Jason had always been shy. He was usually the one standing on the edge of a crowd looking enviously at the happily chatting groups, eager to join them but too worried about being accepted to join in. Today was no exception. It was the first day of six form and the first day of a new school. It had been his parent’s idea to change schools for his A-levels. His old school had not got a very good record for A-level results, whilst Pitform High School was one of the best in the area. He had left his small group of friends behind, friends that he had known since junior school, friends that had taken years to make, now here he was alone again, worried about looking like a loner – but at the same time – worried about talking to people he did not know.

Somewhere a bell rang. Relieved that the torture was over, he followed a bunch of fellow students through the main doors of the school, straining to hear their conversations above the shuffling of hundreds of feet and the general background noise of students as they filed to their classes. He headed for his tutor room along unfamiliar corridors. The number of students was gradually thinning out as pupils pealed off from the main stream either into their classrooms or on to side corridors. Jason’s tutor room was at the far end of the school and by the time he reached it there were only a handful of pupils still walking with him. As he turned into the doorway he misjudged the timing of his entrance and collided with someone also trying to get through the door. He just had time to notice the sexiest thing he had ever seen on two legs as he mumbled his apology before she looked down her nose at him and walked into the classroom without saying a word. There was sniggering from someone behind him but he did not dare turn around he just walked into the room and headed for the nearest empty desk at the front of the class. His face was burning with embarrassment and he tried to hide his indignation by putting his bag on the desk in front of him and rummaging in it on the pretence of trying to find something.

The background noise suddenly quietened to an excited buzz. Jason looked behind him to see what had happened. Everyone was looking at him. His heart thumped loudly in his chest and he felt the blood rushing to his cheeks once again. What were they looking at? Had someone stuck something on his back? Had he ripped his trousers? He realised that no one was laughing or pointing, in fact they were acting as if…. Jason slowly turned around in his chair and lowered his bag. He pulled back slightly in surprise. There was a women perched sideways on the edge of his desk, twisted slightly so that she faced the class. Jason’s face was inches away from her ample bosom. He watched, hypnotised, as they rose up and down in time with her breathing. Stunned, his eyes travelled down her tight, black, short-sleeved top. He followed the curve of her bottom and down the shape of her leg until it appeared from the lower edge of her black skirt. He then followed her black nylon covered leg to the point where it disappeared off the edge of the desk.

There was a snigger behind him. He realised that the room had gone deathly quiet. Closing his gapping mouth he looked up to see the women looking at him with a bemused expression on her face. He looked away quickly in horror; his face became even more flushed as sniggers broke out behind him. He wanted to die. He could feel sweat dripping down his back and his heart felt like it was going to escape from his chest.

‘Ok settle down!’ The women waited for the murmur of conversation to die away. ‘For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Miss Brown. I’ll be your form tutor for this year’ ‘I’m sure we’ll get to know each other well over the coming months, in fact some of you seem really keen to start this process straight away.’ She smiled as she glanced at Jason, the pupils that had witnessed Jason ogling at Mrs Brown giggled. Jason groaned inwardly, this was turning out to be the worst day of his life. Mrs Brown gracefully stood up and walked to her desk. She bent down and lifted her suitcase from the floor. Jason followed her every move – and he was not the only one.

Mrs brown was in her early thirties but looked much younger. She did not have the sort of figure you see on a supermodel. She was slim but with a full rounded body which had curves in all the right places. She wore skin-hugging clothes, which showed it off to its best advantage but not in a tarty way – more elegant and classy. Jason watched as she bent to pick up the case. Her pleated skirt tightened around her bottom to reveal every flawless curve, he found himself wondering if she wore any panties, as there was no visible panty line. Perhaps she wore a thong. He followed her nylon-covered legs down to her shapely ankles and her black stiletto heeled shoes. Perhaps she had stockings on. To his immense embarrassment he could feel himself becoming erect. He glanced around to see if anyone had noticed but realised the desk was covering Ankara escort him. She set the bag down on the desk and retrieved a sheaf of papers from it. She turned around to face him.

‘Can you hand these around the class please’ She held out the sheaf of papers to Jason. Jason stared at the papers in dismay.

‘I…’ He looked into her big blue eyes imploringly. She rattled the papers at him impatiently.


He sighed and took the papers from her, resigned to the fact that his awful day was about to get as bad as it could get. Mrs Brown looked at him slightly puzzled as he slowly began to rise – then, as he got to his feet, she glanced at his trousers. Jason erection was causing a sizable bulge in his crotch, which his jumper failed to hide. Without a hint of change in her facial expression Mrs Brown took the papers back off him.

‘Sit down it’ll be much quicker if I do it myself. Someone open some windows at the back please.’ Relieved Jason sat back down. The murmur of conversation increased as a few of the pupils went to the windows at the back of the class and Mrs Brown began handing the papers out to the pupils in the front row, giving each pupil enough of the sheets to pass them on to the rest of the row behind them. It was during this commotion that Mrs Brown handed him several copies of the papers to pass behind him, he mumbled his thanks and, as he glanced at her – she winked at him with a faint bemused smile on her face. Shocked, he absentmindedly reached with the papers to put them on the desk behind him whilst watching Mrs Brown go to the next row. Had he imagined it? It had all happened so quickly. Was it possible that she had really just winked at him? He carelessly put the papers down on the edge of the desk behind him with his eyes glued to Mrs Browns’ rounded bottom. The papers slid onto the floor and fanned out in every direction. Mrs Brown shook her head slightly in amused exasperation as she carried on along the rows of desks without looking at him.

The day went very slowly. Jason spent most of the breaks alone trying to look inconspicuous, although one boy had said to him, as they were leaving the classroom. ‘She’s got fantastic legs aint she?’ and then hurried to catch up with his friends.

The last lesson in the afternoon was English. Once again, to Jason’s embarrassment, it was with Mrs Brown. Jason sat at a desk in the corner at the front of the class, hoping to keep out of trouble. English was one of Jason’s favourite subjects and he soon calmed down as he became engrossed in his work. Everyone was busy writing and the room was silent except for the scratching of pens on paper. Jason paused, pen in mouth, as he thought about the best way of expressing his next paragraph. He was staring in front of him deep in thought when his eyes suddenly focussed on Mrs Brown’s legs, which were daintily crossed under her desk in front of him. Her right shoe was dangling from her toes and she was absentmindedly flexing her foot so that her shoe slipped on and off her heel. He glanced up at her face to make sure she was not looking his way. She was busy writing on a sheath of papers, her head bent over in concentration, a lock of hair had fallen down in front of her face and she pushed it back behind her ear whilst still busily writing. He felt safe enough to take a sneaky look at her legs which were less than six feet away from him.

Mrs Brown had incredible legs. Long, slender and beautifully toned, he followed them from her delicate, perfectly shaped ankles up her calves to her knees. Her pleated skirt hung down loosely and had ridden up slightly where her legs crossed to reveal the lower part of her thigh.

Once again Jason mused on the idea of Mrs brown’s choice of hosiery. Did she wear tights or stockings? He realised that most women these days wore tights. His mum certainly did and his elder sister. However, when he was thirteen he did once catch a glimpse of one of his mum’s friend’s, Mrs Robberson, through the open bathroom door. She was standing, slightly bent over, with her leg raised supported by her foot resting on the side of the toilet. Slightly facing him, she had pulled her dress up to the top of her leg and was fastening a suspender to the lacy top of her tan coloured stocking. As she tried to ease the button of the suspender in to the eye he got tantalising glimpses of the silky white skin at the top of her thigh and her black lacy panties. It was a few moments before she realised he was watching.

‘Jason!’ She cried, laughing at his audacity, and closed the door in his face.

It was around that time that he had discovered masturbation and he often fantasised about Mrs Robberson in her stockings as he explored his rapidly developing sexuality. At first he would just replay the episode and this would be enough to bring him to a rapid orgasm. As he matured, he elaborated on the incident, changing the scenario frequently but it always involved Mrs Robberson seducing him and showing him Ankara escort bayan how to please her. He was fairly sure that it was this incident that had caused him to be attracted to older women and had also started his fetish with hosiery. He always masturbated whilst fantasising about mature women in all types of stockings and tights. They would seduce him and teach him how to make them cry out in ecstasy as they had orgasm after orgasm.

He watched, hypnotised by the movement of her shoe as she rocked it on end of her toes letting it slip on and off her heel, oblivious of how erotic it was to Jason who was glad that his rapidly expanding penis was hidden under the desk. As he watched, unable to take his eyes off her, she let her toes dip down too far and her shoe fell to the floor. She carried on waggling her foot seemingly unconcerned that it was now naked to the world. Around eight inches of the sexiest thing Jason had ever seen. He committed every detail to memory. He could see, as she pointed her perfectly formed foot, that she had small flowers delicately painted on top of her pink nail polish Even through the reinforced toe of her shear nylon stockings (he had decided she had to wear stockings) he could see the shape of her individual slender toes, flexing occasionally as she moved her foot.

Mrs Brown’s foot suddenly froze in mid movement. He flicked his eyes to her face. Once again he had been caught. She was staring straight at him, pen in hand with a puzzled look on her face. As his face began to burn with embarrassment he looked down at the desk to get away from her piercing stare. He sheepishly glanced up at her again and she motioned for him to get on with his work. She groped around with her foot to retrieve her shoe and bent back down to her work shaking her head in exasperated amusement.

Jason tried to concentrate on his work but his painful erection and the acute embarrassment he was feeling at Mrs Brown catching him ogling at her for the second time that day, proved too much and he spent the rest of the lesson daydreaming and fantasising about Mrs Brown and her stockings. He was interrupted from his thoughts by the end of school bell. He quickly stuffed his books in to his bag eager to get away from school and his disastrous first day. He had to keep his bag in front of him, as he made his way to the door, to hide the tell tale bulge in the front of his trousers which simply refused to go away. He was looking forward to being on his own so that he and his fantasy Mrs Brown could relieve him of the aching in his loins.

He had just about made it through the classroom door when he heard someone call his name.

‘Jason! Can I have a word with you for a moment?’

Mrs Brown was sitting sideways behind her desk, her shoe once again slipping on and off revealing tantalising glimpses of that heavenly foot. Jason groaned under his breath. Hadn’t he been embarrassed enough for one day? What was she trying to do to him? Was she trying to permanently injure him? If he didn’t relieve this ache in his groin soon he was going to explode.

‘Yes Mrs Brown.’ Saying her name sent tingling feelings of excitement down his body and into his groin.

‘Jason, sit down for a minute please, I want to have a little chat with you.’

She motioned to a chair a few feet away from her own. Jason sat down awkwardly and shuffled uncomfortable on the chair, clutching his bag on his lap to hide the bulge in his trousers. She sat within inches of him, so close that he could smell the sweet fragrance of her perfume drifting to him on the breeze coming from the open windows. She waited until he had settled down before she spoke again.

‘Jason, I know it’s difficult starting a new school, especially as you get older, and I know that boys of your age have all sorts of things going on in their lives what with hormones running wild and feeling like you have to be macho and part of the gang, and on top of all that you also have the pressure of exams.’

Jason felt like he should say something but did not know what to say so he just sat and fiddled with the clasp on his bag.

‘I know these things seem huge to you at the moment, but in the grand scheme of life most of these things are fairly unimportant.’

Jason continued to fidget with his bag and looked at the floor wondering where all this was leading to. Mrs Brown pulled the bag away from him in exasperation and as she did so she noticed the huge bulge of his erection in the front of his trousers. She pretended not to notice and put his bag onto the floor. Jason crossed his hands in his lap to hide the bulge as his face turned beetroot red.

‘I’ve seen your exam results from your last school and they’re very impressive. I’d really like you to carry on that good work and get good A level results here but I think you need to settle down quickly and concentrate on your studies.’ She leaned back in her chair and sighed, her face softening, ‘I just want you to know that if you Escort Ankara have any problems or if you need any help with your work you can always come and see me. I started at this school last year and I know how difficult it is to adjust and how important it is to have someone you can turn to for advice and just to see a friendly face now and then.’

Jason continued to examine the floor. He wanted to say something – anything, but his mind refused to come up with anything that sounded slightly intelligent, so he remained silent.

‘Ok! That’s all I wanted to say, but I think we should meet after school once a week to see how you’re getting on. What do you think?’

She smiled at him making his heart thump loudly in his chest. Jason looked at her. His emotions were in turmoil. Part of him was horrified at the thought of having to go through this every week, He had visions of hours of permanent embarrassment, but the idea of having an intimate rendezvous with her also thrilled him. Fantasies of himself and Mrs Brown, half naked cavorting across her desk, flashed into his mind. His eyes refocused on her and he realised that a response was needed.

‘That is….that…I…Errr thank you – that would be nice – thanks.’ He desperately racked his brains for something else to say, forgetting his fathers words – If you can’t think of anything useful to say – keep quiet.

‘I like the flowers.’ He blurted out. Glancing at her foot.

Shit! Shit! Shit! Had he really just said that? He held his breath hoping he would get away with the comment. Mrs Brown looked puzzled for a few seconds then realised he was referring to her toes.

‘Ahrrr I see – my boyfriend really liked feet as well.’ She smiled and stood up passing him his bag.

‘Right! Don’t forget, be here next Monday, straight after school.’

Jason took his bag and left the room as quickly as he could whilst mumbling his good byes. Dam! He could not believe he had said that. Now she thought he was some kind of pervert. There was no way he was going to turn up next Monday.

That night, Jason went to bed early, his head full of the events of the day. Now he had recovered from his embarrassment and had had time to think about the things that had happened he was a little happier. Away from school and tucked up in a warm bed he was able to laugh at himself and the way he behaved with Mrs Brown. She was fantastic! The very thought of her brought a warm glow to his cheeks. But this time it was a good feeling. The sort of feeling you get when you think of a fond memory. He remembered her warm smile and soft, sexy voice, the way that a strand of her hair fell in front of her face when she was writing and her tongue slightly protruding from her full red lips when she was deep in concentration. He remembered the curve of her full breasts outlined by the soft material of her tight jumper, with occasionally, the slight hint of the shape of her nipples. But most of all he remembered her legs and her incredibly sexy feet.

He saw her, once again perched on the edge of his desk, her sexy, long nylon covered legs within a few inches of him. He reached out and put his hand on her knee. It was soft and warm and made the hairs raise on the back of his neck. She did not flinch but carried on reading aloud from the sheet of paper in front of her. The rest of the class had gone, there was just him and Mrs Brown. He saw a flush of pink appear in her cheeks as he moved his hand above her knee to the hem of her skirt but she carried on reading without faltering. The warmth of her thigh through the soft nylon material was intoxicating and he gently stroked her leg. His excitement increased as his hand slipped under the hem of her skirt to caress forbidden territory. Every inch his hand progressed up her silky leg caused his throbbing cock to increase an inch in his trousers.

He paused, unable to move his hand any higher as it came up against the barrier of her other leg. As if reading his mind she uncrossed them, parting them slightly to enable his hand to slide between them. His heart thumped loudly in his chest and his face began to burn with excitement as his hand slipped around to her inner thigh. It was hot and slightly moist from her legs being pressed tightly together. He licked his lips nervously and moved his hand higher. She parted her legs a little more to allow him easier passage. Her legs seemed to go on forever and his hand and wrist disappeared deep under her skirt.

He stopped. A sharp intake of breath held tightly in his lungs. His fingers were frozen in position. He had reached a milestone. He had reached the lacy material of her stocking top. He began to tentatively explore the sudden change in texture as he caressed the slightly coarser material. He ran his hand around the lacy band at the top of her leg. His fingers found the button of a one of her suspenders; the elasticated material of her suspender was stretched tight as it curved around her perfectly rounded bottom. He followed the lacy band back round to the warmth between her legs. He paused savouring the moment, unable to wait any longer he very slowly inched his way beyond the top of her stocking and onto the exquisite warmth and nakedness of her inner thigh.

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