Mother’s Confliciton Pt. 01

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Michelle White roughly jerks in her bed as her dream jars her from a sound sleep. The thirty-seven-year-old mother of two scans the room frantically as she tried to assess what has actually happened. The auburn-haired wife smiles as she looks over to see her husband of more than a decade sound asleep next to her undisturbed by her sudden movements. Michelle stares at her husband Jason as he sleeps, she knows where he was when she went to bed alone, but she did not mind. The loving wife knew her husband enjoyed fetishes and desires that were more on the wild side than what she did, so the fact he indulged in those online in his home office never phases her.

She did, however, always feel a degree of guilt, though; Jason was everything to their family. Husband, father, coach, and provider, he does it all, and he did it selflessly to make Michelle and their two children happy. The guilt, though, stems from her turning down Jason whenever he asked for something that was in Michelle’s mind too kinky or wild. The housewife wanted to give in to Jason, she wants to do the things she knows her husband craves and never openly complained about not getting, but something mentally has been holding her back from it for years. She smiles as she leans over and kisses her husband on the forehead before exiting the bed.

The blue-eyed auburn-haired wife wonders briefly, about what her husband is dreaming of before she sneaks away, concerned more about her own feelings at the current moment. Michelle’s childhood saw her raised quite conservatively, and in turn, she became mostly what people would call vanilla in her sexual life. The dreams though have developed into something more intense the feelings inside her at times burn like a wildfire; she is not sure what is happening to her. Michelle likes and fears the new emotions that rip through her; she can feel the familiar dampness in her sensible white cotton panties. The dreams have done it to her again “what the fuck!” the wife and mother scream’s out in her head as her hand finds its way to her soaking wet crotch. The sexually charged wife looks back at her husband, snoozing away and contemplates waking him, but instead opts to quietly exit the bedroom and enter the master bathroom.

The intense sexual dreaming a recently new development started only a few months prior but is already overtaking the mother’s life. The frequency and intensity have only grown since the first occurrence a short time prior. Michelle herself still feels unsure of what the classification of them should be. They initially were just sexual dreams, nothing too intense, but they had turned to more as of late now waking her at all hours like the one that has her awake now at three o’clock in the morning. The dreams are not the only thing causing a disturbance in the frazzled wife; she now has become prone to zoning out at any moment with lewd fantasies and imagery clouding her mind without warning. The dreams and fantasies are something she has been doing well to hide for now. However, with each instance of them, the urge to succumb to them has grown harder to resist.

A secretive trip to a therapist for help yielded few results as after a few sessions on the couch with the doctor, nothing had changed or showed signs of improving. The doctor speculated that Michelle had been repressing things for so long that something had finally broken a mental wall she had formed against the urges her mother and father taught were improper. Michelle could only pinpoint one thing that the changes coincided with the one and only fight her and Jason had over sex. She turned him down a few days before all the dreaming and fantasizing began, and it upset him. He actually fought with her over it, shocking Michelle as Jason never previously done that before. The upset husband made valid arguments and points about how their sex life was dull and falling apart and how he loved Michelle so much, but he needed more than a birthday blowjob and regularly scheduled routine sex. Michelle knew Jason was not wrong in his requests, and after that night, the feeling of deep-rooted guilt set heavily on the woman’s mind as she drifted off to sleep, seemingly starting a change inside her. She soon ended the therapy sessions, though, as this was the only breakthrough she could muster and found hiding the trips increasingly tricky.

Michelle slowly pushes the bathroom door shut before clicking on the light switch; she leans against the cool wooden door as she lets out a long sigh. “I thought only teenage boys had wet dreams.” She huffs as she looks at herself in the mirror. The sexually charged woman slowly slides her soiled panties off as she gazes into the full-length mirror. She stares at herself, her pale blue eyes almost a shade of gray as they trace her now fully nude body. Michelle smiles as she is pleased with her body as she tilts her head side to side. “I could maybe lose a few more pounds, but I got nice curves none the less. The boobs are still nice, and the butt still firm but round.” She speaks aydınlı escort quietly to herself as her well-manicured fingers trace her features as she talks about them. “Maybe a little more around my tummy would be good, though, and maybe if I darkened up this tan a little too.”

The large whirlpool tub always echoed in the bathroom. Still, luckily, it never seems to make enough noise to bother anyone in the master bedroom as Michelle lowers herself into the hot bubbly water. The smell of her bath bomb sends a wave of relaxation through the extraordinarily tense wife as she closes her eyes and lays her head back on her bath pillow. The visions from her dream immediately flooding back into her head as her hands roam down her curvaceous frame.

Michelle can see in vivid detail the hypothetical situation that is the cause of her awakening. She can see Jason, her loving, caring husband with their recently divorced neighbor Kayla. He is pinning her to the bed, his long thick cock penetrating her violently as the sound of their bodies crashing together echoes in the small unfamiliar bedroom. Michelle moans softly as her fingers enter her ravenous vagina, the fantasy of watching her husband with another woman fueling her masturbation. Jason rolls the harlot over and slaps her tan ass forcefully, sending painful waves of pleasure throughout her body as he spears her with his entire length. The salacious woman struggles woefully to maintain her position on her hands and knees as the powerful thrusts make her body nearly collapse. Michelle sits quietly in the corner, watching as her husband destroys their marital vows in front of her. She feels worthless, helpless, and dirty and, at the same time, loves it all.

Michelle bites her bottom lip gently as her fingers violating her bring her to another orgasm. The lewd wife opens her eyes wide as she pulls her fingers from her quivering vagina. “What the fuck am I doing?” she questions herself aloud in the empty bathroom. “I shouldn’t like that, should I?” The urge for something more than her usual vanilla sexual lifestyle had recently begun to take over the ordinarily conservative housewife’s thoughts and feelings.

“Babe, you okay?” A voice from the other side of the bathroom door questions.

“uh…yeah just was feeling sore, so I took a bath.” Michelle stammers as an uncontrollable feeling of nervousness washes over her soaking wet body. She knew Jason did not know anything about what she had been doing or dreaming of, but that did not make the loving wife feel any less perverse or nervous about the situation feeling as though she was caught in the act.

“Okay, just checking on you love you, babe,” Jason says as he speaks to his wife through the white door that separates the master bedroom from the bathroom.

The day progresses somewhat typically for Michelle after she exited the bath. Due to the timing of her unexpected wake-up call, the mother of two had more than enough time to prepare breakfast for her family. Eighteen-year-old Gwen, the youngest child, is the first to discover the unexpected surprise when she awakes from her slumber to the smell of bacon.

“Hey, good morning, mom!” Gwen gleefully greets her mother as she enters the family kitchen with her friend Alexis in tow.

“Hey girls I hope you’re hungry, my lack of sleep equals actual breakfast.” Michelle laughs as she holds her arms out to present a table full of food like she a spokesmodel on a game show offering a prize.

“Wow, mom, thanks,” Gwen says as she peers at the table covered with food. She motions for her friend to have a seat with her at the table.

“Yeah, Mrs. White, it looks delicious.” Alexis nods in agreement with her longtime friend as she moves towards the table.

Michelle can feel the tingling between her legs as she eyes the eighteen-year-old Alexis up and down. The mixed-race young woman has her black hair in tight braids her body toned and firm from her time on the high school basketball team. The libidinous mother has never even thought of herself as a bisexual, but here she is, leering at the well-endowed chest of her daughter’s best friend. “I wonder what it would be like to suck those large breasts?” Michelle thinks in her head as the tiny material the girl’s shirt consists of barely hides anything from the imagination.

“Mom, you okay?”

“Yeah sweetie I’m sorry just was thinking is all, enjoy your breakfast.” Michelle can feel her body shaking as she spoke. “No, I am not okay; I am far from fucking okay!” She screams out in her head as her eyes shift from the soft caramel skin of Alexis to the body of her own eighteen-year-old daughter. Gwen also reaping the benefits of athletics being on the cheer squad and playing sports for all four years of high school while also developing more than an ample pair of firm perky breasts too. As illicit thoughts of her own daughter start to creep into the mother’s head, Michelle’s near dream-like state broken by the bağdat caddesi escort thunderous sound of Ryan coming down the steps.

Nineteen-year-old Ryan White does little to nothing quietly as he thunders his way into the kitchen. The young man’s size, twelve feet echoing off the hardwood floor as he enters the room. “Hey, ma!” He says as he greets his mother before heading straight to the table.

“Take off your shoes in the house!” Michelle admonishes the young man as he takes a seat across from Alexis.

“Sorry…” The six-foot four-inch Ryan lowers his head like a scolded puppy as he uses his feet to kick his shoes off under the table. “So, Alexis, how are you?” Ryan says with a wink and a smile.

“Still not single…” Alexis laughs as she rebukes the older teen.

“Damn, bro, she shot you down quick,” Gwen says with a laugh as she picks at the piece of crispy bacon on her plate.

The fantasies or daydreams start almost immediately back again as Michelle watches the teens devouring the food she had prepared. The sexually confused mother feels as if the room is spinning out of control, as various taboo imagery flashes through her mind. Her own offspring together with Alexis undressing her, Jason, her husband, joining in with them all. The images too much to handle as Michelle clutches the stone kitchen counter in order to maintain balance. The mother keeping a watchful eye on her teens as she allows one hand to sneak into her pants and down inside her little panties. “Stop it; don’t be a pervert…” Her inner voice says to her as the proverbial devil and angel on her shoulders argue over what she should be doing.

“This is too wrong…Why am I so perverse all of a sudden.” Michelle, again running her inner monologue as the angel side of her mind, is losing miserably. The thirty-seven-year-old mother releases a small audible moan as she pushes a finger into her craving pussy; this was it she was succumbing to her urges at the most perverse of times. As only a few feet and a countertop separate her from her children and their friend. The imagery fueling her that of her daughter’s friend Alexis spreading her legs open and kissing her tight smooth caramel-colored pussy. Michelle leans further onto the counter as the cold stone counter offers her some measure of relief from her ever-increasing body temperature. The lascivious woman’s thumb brushes against her swollen clit sending white-hot waves of pleasure through her body, as she can feel her orgasm building. Michelle quickly clinches a nearby hand towel to muffle the self-induced shameful orgasm overtaking her body, as she looks on at her kids and their friend.

“Hey, you okay?”

“Oh yeah, I am good,” Michelle states as she feels the rush of blood to her cheeks as she rapidly but stealthily pulls her hand from her soaking wet slit.

“Oh, okay, I was just checking last time you were bent over like that is when you hurt your back.” Jason, the long time husband, says with a degree of worry and concern in his voice.

Michelle cannot help but smile as she can detect the concern in his voice. The high school sweethearts that actually managed to stay together, the couple was on the surface the ideal marriage. The few friends from school that they still talk with seemed more than a little jealous of how they had made it work despite the early pregnancies and rough start. Jason’s selflessness as a husband; only made Michelle feel that much worse for her perverse thoughts and dreams. The sexually distraught wife and mother knew Jason would indulge her if she came to him with some fantasy ideas, but what would he say if she really told him about everything. “He will call you a sick freak and leave!” The inner voice screams out again as the wife greets her husband with a tight hug.

“Whoa, what’s that for?” Jason smiles as he questions his wife’s attack like hug.

“I love you is all,” Michelle says with a smile as the five-foot three-inch woman stretches upwards to kiss her foot taller husband. “What’s the plans for today?” Michelle questions her husband as he looks over her head to eye the breakfast on the table. “Hello, do you want to answer me, or do you want to go eat bacon?”

“Uh…Yes.” Jason laughs as he walks towards the table.

The deviant inner voices and feeling returning almost as quickly as the couple’s embrace ends. “He wants to go check on that young girl’s boobs.” Michelle clenches her eyes shut tightly as she gently shakes her head back and forth, almost as if she was trying to shake the voices out. “Again, the plans today?”

“I thought we needed groceries,” Jason states as he nibbles on the piece of bacon in his hand.

“We do, but are you going with me?”

“Sure, why not? Do either of you got any games or practices today, do you?”


“No, Daddy.”

“See, they’re good, so why not. I am sure you can use some help anyway.” Jason says with a sly grin as he awaits his bahçelievler escort wife’s response.

“Okay, then you can come with me,” Michelle says with a smile that hides the feelings of guilt inside her about not giving Jason more of what he wants. “There he goes again; he works nearly sixty hours a week and now giving up his Saturday to go get groceries.” Michelle thinks to herself. Little things like this are what made Michelle fall hopelessly in love with Jason. He always tried to do stuff for everyone, and he did it without thinking, and without wanting anything in return. However, this is also the thing about him that made her angry with herself for not being what she knew Jason wanted. The loving wife had secretly explored the several terabytes of hard drive her husband kept in his home office she knew what it was he liked when he spent his alone time in there. The alone time did not bother Michelle; the loving wife actually liked it when Jason would go off and indulge his kinkier side on the internet or through his consumption of pornography. She did not feel as if it hurt their sex life; he was always more than ready to be with her whenever she wanted.

Michelle quickly takes a shower; the sexually torn wife leans against the tiled shower wall letting the steamy water cascade over her body as she speaks aloud to herself. “I wish I could just articulate what the fuck is going on with me and not sound like some sick freak.” A single tear of frustration rolls down the woman’s cheek as she turns the water off and wipes her eyes.

Jason patiently sits on the couch as he waits for his wife to reappear. “Hey, I was starting to worry.”

“Oh, I’m sorry I wanted to wash up real quick I don’t like the smell of the bacon on me after I cook it,” Michelle says as she slides her feet into her knee-high black boots.

“I get it. I do the same after we grill out. I’ve never liked the smoke smell.” Jason nods as he speaks. “So it’s a hooker boot kinda day, huh?”

“Oh shut up, goof.”

The short trip the grocery store mostly is dominated by Jason fussing about bad drivers and Michelle playing with the radio station. The couple never really did much small talk, and today was not much different. Jason pulls the large pick-up truck into the parking space as he fiddles with the console to retrieve his wallet.

“Hey, isn’t that Kayla Long?” Michelle says, pointing to a woman crossing the crowded supermarket parking lot.

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Dressed a little skimpy for the weather, isn’t she?” Michelle questions as the imagery of her husband and the recently divorced woman together briefly flashes through her mind again.

Jason stares across the lot, today was not an exceptionally warm or cold day the weather is in the high fifties, maybe low sixties. The woman wearing a tiny pair of shorts and a barely-there shirt coupled with a pair of knee-high boots does look a little out of place in comparison to the other people walking in the parking lot wearing jeans and hoodies. “Yeah, maybe so…”

“What the fuck? Maybe so,” Michelle spouts off, interrupting her husband mid-sentence. “Would you let your daughter go out of the house dressed that way?” Michelle questions as she playfully slaps at her husband’s arm.

“I’m not Kayla’s daddy.”

“Do you want to be Kayla’s daddy, hmm?”

“You’re crazy somedays, you know that.” Jason laughs as he exits the truck.

Michelle smiles as she knows her husband has eyed their neighbor up and down more than a few times. She had, in fact, caught him looking before and after Kayla’s divorce. Michelle did not get mad over it; in fact, she never cares if Jason looks; she often enjoyed pointing women out to him; it was one of her favorite things to do when they were public together.

The twosome enters the store and casually takes their time strolling the aisles, yeah Michelle has a meticulously made shopping list, and yeah, they know they could quickly just hit the areas the couple needs, but they are enjoying just walking through looking at everything. The cart slowly fills with all the family’s favorite items as Michelle crosses item after item off with her favorite red pen. “Oh damn, I forgot the apples.”

“We’ve come too far better to just keep going.” Jason laughs as he nibbles on a cracker sample he picked up from a nearby table.

“Your son won’t agree with that.”

“Your son is an adult and can come buy his own apples.” Jason retorts.

“Go get the damn apples. I can see the produce section from here.” Michelle playfully flares her nostrils and stomps her foot as she points to the produce section.

“Mmm, I like it when you’re angry,” Jason says with a grin and a twitch of his eyebrows.

“Just go get the damn fruit.” Michelle giggles as she points at the produce section.

Jason lowers his head and walks back to the produce area dragging his feet like a sulking teenager as he does. The goofy husband enjoys playing around, especially in public, when he thinks he can embarrass his wife. Michelle, however, notices that Jason stops his goofball behavior quickly as he nears the fruit he went to retrieve. The curious wife moves a little closer to see what on Earth could make him behave so rapidly. “Yep, should’ve known.” Michelle’s pale blue eyes squint slightly at the object of her husband’s attention.

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