Molly’s Fantasy Ch. 01

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This is my first attempt at a submission. This is based on a teenage fantasy but includes a compilation of characters, none totally real. Depending on the response, more chapters will follow.


My story takes place in the middle 1960’s when I was about 45. My name is Molly, the mother of two girls who our now adults but at the time of this story they were about 20 and 18; neither were involved sexually in this story. We lived in a small city where I worked as a registered nurse and my husband was a salesman. But to back up a bit, when I was in my early 30’s we moved into a new home in an area where a lot of new homes were being constructed. It was a 10 minute walk from the hospital that I worked at and about the same to the school the girls attended.

I would get up and get the girls their breakfast and see them off to school. There was a boy, Jamie who lived nearby and passed our door on his way to school. He was the same age and in the same class as my older daughter, Lynn. A few months after we moved in, Jamie would walk home with our girls in the afternoon and often knock on our back door in the morning and walk with Lynn and her sister to school. This went on through grade school and then in the first two years at beginning of high school. At that point, another high school was built and the dividing line between those who would continue to go to the old one and those who would attend the new one lay between Jamie’s home and ours. At that point in time I lost track of him although Lynn would occasionally mention him.

During the years that Jamie and our daughter attended the same schools, as I said, he would with some regularity stop and meet Lynn at our home before going on to school together. Jamie was turning into a good looking young teenager with broad shoulders, dark wavy hair and a ready smile. He was also a good conversationalist.

As one would expect, Lynn would not always be ready and depending on the weather, Jamie would come into the kitchen to wait. As I had not gotten to bed until about midnight, my morning attire was not street clothes. I would normally get up and put a house coat which dependent on the season went anywhere from warm and cuddly to light and Ankara escort airy on over my nighty. It must have been when Jamie and Lynn were either about to graduate from grade school or after they started high school, I noticed that Jamie seemed to being paying a lot more attention to me in the morning than to Lynn. I found his eyes roaming from my face, to my breasts and then to my bare legs. Sometimes I thought he was looking down my cleavage when I bent over at the kitchen counter. I didn’t think a lot about it, if anything, found it a bit amusing that a young adolescent would find a woman of my age something possibly attractive.

Let me say that I was even then what some would call a well-endowed woman. I was about 5 foot 7 tall and weighed about 135 lbs. Considering that I had two children, I thought I had a pretty decent figure. I was large breasted, 38DD and about 28 around the waist and 39 at the hips. I felt that being on my feet all shift at the hospital kept me in pretty decent shape. I was always rather proud of my boobs. They were large and firm and even in my early to mid 30’s did not sag very much. My waist stayed well-proportioned and while having a bit of a tummy, it did not show too much. Now my legs, I was never really sure about but others had comments that I had lovely legs so who was I to argue.

But time goes on. Lynn graduated from high school and followed in my foot-steps pursuing a career as a registered nurse. Unfortunately, I learned that my husband was having an affair with one of his customers and we agreed to separate. While most would have said we had a good marriage but in those days where two income families were not as common as they are today, without my salary we could not have survived. Also, in some months when his commissions were not good, likely due to spending too much time with his new squeeze, my salary was greater than his. Our other daughter, Mary remained with me but would spend some weekends with her father.

It was in the summer of Lynn’s second year of nursing and that was a 12 month a year program where the students’ had work terms that included weekends and shifts. On a warm summer Saturday a sporty little convertible drove by, slowed down and Ankara escort bayan pulled into the drive. I was sitting outside in the sun enjoying the day and not paying too much attention to what was happening around me. I was wearing a pair of shorts that I thought displayed my legs nicely although I am not sure who I thought would be around to appreciate them. My top was a simple square neck sleeveless blouse that allowed my chest to absorb some rays. I had thought about something more revealing but as the back yard could be easily seen from the street, I erred on the side of restraint after all I was in my mid 40’s.

A handsome young man got out of the car and came over and said, “Hello Mrs. “L”, its Jamie. Is Lynn around?” Here was a young man I had not seen in about 8 years or so. He had grown considerably, now close to six foot and must have weighed about 175 to 180 lbs.’ with broad shoulders and in really good shape. I said to him that he had really grown. He responded that since I saw him last he had gone through a growth spirt at about 15 years of age growing about six inches and putting on about 25 lbs. In part the weight gain was due to working out in the weight room training to play football which he had done for the past five years.

I explained that Lynn was in nursing school and working that weekend. I asked what he was doing and he replied that he was studying engineering at a college about 4 hours away but home for the weekend to see his parents. I asked him if he would like a beer or something else to drink and to tell me what had happened in the years since I saw him last. He said yes and I went to get the drinks. He wanted a beer and I decided on a gin and tonic which I admit I made on the strong side.

On my return we talked for a while about his choice of career, updating on other kids with whom he and Lynn had gone to school with. He asked about Mary and I told him that she had just graduated from high-school and was going into college in the fall. For some reason I told him that my husband and I were separated and not living together; that Mary was spending the weekend with him.

While our conversation progressed, maybe it was the beer but I got the strange impression Escort Ankara that Jamie was paying a fair amount of attention to me, not just the conversation but concentrating on my legs and chest. I thought about this for a while and thought, “You silly old woman, why would a good looking young man about 25 years younger than you pay attention to your body?” I could not get the thought out of my mind that he really was almost staring at my body and I was quite enjoying it.

I got a second round of drinks and the conversation continued. After I was half done my second gin, I said “Jamie, is it my imagination or are you staring at my breasts and legs?”

He blushed and stammered a bit then offered, “Yes Mrs. “L”, I have always thought that you were a very beautiful woman. I cannot understand why your husband would have left you. I have always fantasized about making love to you.”

I responded, “Would you really want to have a relationship with a woman of my age?” He looked me straight in the eye and said, “Yes, absolutely! I think that you were involved in my first wet dream. Did you see the movie The Graduate? I always wanted you to be my Mrs. Robinson, to take me in hand so to speak and show me how a real woman should be made love to.”

I felt almost weak kneed. Here was a young handsome young man the same age as my daughter saying he wanted to go to bed with me.

There was a long pause as I guess each of us tried to decide how to move the conversation forward. Finally Jamie said, “Mrs. “L”, nothing would please me more than sharing some intimate moments with you.”

Was it the gin or my frustration from not having felt the affection of a male for so long? I blurted out, “how about right now!”

He smiled and said, “Absolutely!” Then I calmed down a bit and said, “A woman of my age would like a bit of time to freshen up before coming to her lover.”

Jamie responded, “That’s fine. I need to move my car somewhere it is not obvious that I am here with you. It is reasonably distinctive and while I don’t live here now, there are some who recognize the car and know that I am in town this weekend. Incidentally, do I need to go and get some condoms?”

I told him “No, I have been fixed so that pregnancy is not an issue.” In those days sexually transmitted diseases were not the issue they are today. “Give me 10 minutes and why don’t you come to the back door as it will be a little bit more private.”

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