Molly and Jess

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**This is the third story in this small series, that may or may not continue after this — I feel the need to write something else! For the first two in the series, both available on this wonderful website:

In the meantime, enjoy!**


It’s Christmas time and the world is full of plastic happiness. Hideous decorations, a kaleidoscope of ‘hilarious’ Christmas jumpers being worn everywhere, the expectation that I have to be doing ‘something’ for the big event. I won’t be, out of protest. I’ll be at home, spending most of the day on my own, watching films, PlayStation, apart from the couple of hours when I’ll see my little girl at her mothers and her new boyfriend. I’m looking forward to when Boxing Day rolls around and life goes back to normal until November next year.

First though, I’ve got to negotiate the most torturous night of the year — the ‘work Christmas party’. This year, it’s taking place in a pub that turns into a nightclub, and I’m waiting for the boss to do his big speech, and then I can leave. I’m not a big drinker, and work in an office of 12 people, so any attempt to slope off early is going to be noticed. I did it last year and got hauled in for a New Year lecture for undermining team spirit or some shit like that.

I’m at the bar, ordering myself another Diet Coke when Gavin, the only other guy around my age appears at my elbow. He nods at me, and then laughs.

‘Angie has her eye on you for tonight.’

‘Really? Oh fuck. I’m definitely off home early then.’ I reply.

Angie has a degree of notoriety in our office. She’s worked for the company longer than anyone and knows where all the bodies are buried about everyone, from the big boss to the cleaner. She’s in her early 50s, has never married, overweight and has slept with most of the guys that have ever worked there. I have absolutely no intention of being another one of her victims. The story goes that my job only opened up because she slept with someone who couldn’t face coming back to work again and quit, as Gavin always delights in telling me. I turn and look at Angie, she catches my eye and blows a kiss at me. Her badly dyed blonde hair falls across her face and I shudder. Anything but waking up next to that tomorrow morning.

‘Could be worse,’ Gavin comments. ‘She’s actually not that bad a fuck. Once you just go with it, you’ll have a great time. She’s up for anything.’

‘Piss off!’ I tell him. ‘I’m not going anywhere near her!’

Someone jostles into my left arm and bumps against my hip. I turn to see what’s going on, and find myself face-to-face with Molly.

‘Hey, you! Back from uni for Christmas?’ I ask, barely able to keep the smile from my face.

She leans in and kisses me on the cheek. ‘It’s great to see you! What are you doing here?’

‘Work night out,’ I tell her, indicating the rest of my group. Angie glares at us. Or, more specifically, she’s staring a hole through Molly.

‘Who’s the fat one?’ Molly asks

‘Woman who’s got my eye on me.’

Molly laughs. ‘She looks lovely. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time!’

‘Behave! I’m not going anywhere near her!’

‘Oh, you say that now. Before you know it, you’ll be waking up tomorrow, handcuffed to her radiator…’

Gavin appears between us. ‘Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?’ he asks, reaches an arm around her. I have to actively hold back the urge to punch him.

Molly looks at him, a steely glare in her eye. ‘No. No, he’s not.’

Gavin holds his arms up in mock surrender. ‘Okay, sweetheart, take it easy. I’ll be back with the guys,’ he tells me and melts away.

‘So how are you?’ I ask.

‘I’m good. Love my course, met some nice people, getting good marks. It’s all going well. Miss home, although Mum’s being a bit weird lately.’

‘Yeah? What’s up with your mum?’ I ask, although I can shoulder some of the blame for her change.

‘She just seems happier. More patient with Dad and everyone else. It’s odd.’

The barman finally passes me my Diet Coke, I offer to buy Molly a drink, which she refuses.

‘Got a boyfriend?’ I ask.

She shakes her head. ‘Had a couple of one night things that never went anywhere else. There is a guy I like, but he’s on the rugby team and whenever he’s around them, he’s an utter dick. On his own, he’s really cool, but around others, he’s an absolute asshole.’

A tall blonde appears beside Molly and gives me a dirty look.

‘You know the rules, Molly’ she tells her. ‘No guys, girls only tonight.’

Molly rolls her eyes. ‘I know, I know,’ she turns to me ‘This is my friend, Jess. She’s demanding it’s a girls night only. Great to see you, though. Message me sometime?’

I nod. ‘I will.’

‘Hope you don’t end up handcuffed!’

She links arms with Jess and they sashay away, asses wiggling in tight clothes and boots. I check out Molly from behind, and her body is still tight and lovely. Jess is pretty hot too — she’s wearing a black playsuit that Esenyurt Escort cuts off just underneath her butt, a pair of black knee-high boots and her blonde hair goes mid-way down her back. As she walks across the bar, the eyes of a lot of the male clientele follow her. She’s a girl who must be used to getting a lot of attention. Beside, Molly just looks a bit plain, her body being hidden by a black mini-skirt and white blouse. I can see the silhouette of a black bra underneath, but my favourite freckle is completely hidden.

I retreat to the rest of my work colleagues, and half-listen to their inane chatter about their Christmas plans, New Year resolutions, who got what in the Secret Santa. Angie somehow slithers her way around the table and ends up next to me, with her hand on my thigh. I push it off a couple of times, she insistently replaces it. Molly and I catch each other’s eye a few times, she makes a handcuffing gesture to me and laughs. Jessica elbows her and they laugh, before her group of five girls all make their grand exit, clattering heels and squealing laughter into the cold December air.

My boss finally makes his big speech that I barely hear a word of, I guess he’s thanking us for another productive year, offers to buy us all a drink, blah, blah blah. Whatever. I wait for him to finish his speech, grab my coat and head for the exit. On the way, I feel a hard pinch on my backside and I don’t need to turn around to know that it’s Angie. She stands up beside me, the rest of the table goes silent as they watch the hunter closing in on her prey.

‘It’s cold out,’ she tells me ‘Need me to see you home okay?’

‘No, I’m good, thanks.’ I answer quickly and head for the exit. If needs be, I have no qualms in sprinting away from this place to escape her clutches. It’s up a slight incline, I’m fairly confident I’ll have lost her in around 20 paces.

There’s a taxi right outside the bar, I dive in and go home, alone. On the way I get a text from Gavin telling me that Angie is telling everyone that I’m clearly gay, I get another text from Molly asking if the handcuffs are too tight, and a picture of a radiator.

Whichever way I look at it, I’ve had a pretty dull night apart from seeing Molly, so I go home, make a cup of tea and my bed beckons.

My phone rings at one in the morning. Molly’s number flashes onto the screen.

‘Hello,’ I mumble into the mouthpiece, caught somewhere in the blur between being asleep and awake.

‘Hey, you,’ comes Molly’s happy voice. She sounds tipsy, but not drunk. ‘It was great seeing you earlier. What are you up to?’

‘I’m in bed, sleeping.’

‘On your own? And not handcuffed?’

‘Hell, no. I left as soon as I could.’

‘Well, I’d like to see you. Fancy a visitor?’

‘Of course!’ I tell her, sitting up in bed.

‘Excellent. I’ll be with you in about ten minutes!’

She hangs up. I switch the light on, rub my eyes and try and wake up. My mind races to what Molly might — hopefully — want from her visit, and my cock is some way ahead of the rest of me, commanding my blood supply, already swelling. I pull on a t-shirt, clean boxers and head downstairs to await my guest.

There’s a knock on the door a few minutes later. I hear giggling and someone shushing. I open the door and Molly comes in, followed a couple of seconds later by Jess.

‘This is Jess,’ Molly tells me, shrugging her coat to the floor. ‘She wanted to come and meet you. I told her all about you and us and everything!’

‘We met earlier,’ I say. I offer my hand to Jess to introduce myself properly and realise that she is truly stunning. She stands a couple of inches above me, blonde, blue-eyes that catch the light and legs that I could wrap myself into all night long. ‘How are you?’

She smiles at me. ‘I’m fine, thanks. How are you? Did you have a good night?’

‘Not really,’ I reply. ‘But I’m glad to see Molly and yourself, of course. Do you live locally?’

‘A couple of miles away. I’ve known Molly for a while, we went to school together. I go to university in Birmingham.’

Molly walks over to me and takes my hand. ‘I said she could stay here with you overnight, her parents have gone away and her little brother has a load of his creepy mates over who keep trying to hit on her and sneak into her room. Can she use your sofa?’

I look at Jess. ‘If you need to use it, you’re more than welcome. Can I get you a coffee or anything?’

She smiles. ‘That would be great, thank you.’

I wander into the kitchen and fill the kettle up. Molly leans in the doorway, smiling at me. I raise an eyebrow to her. ‘You okay?’

She nods. ‘Yeah, had a great night and wanted to end it properly.’

‘What did you have in mind?’

‘Well, I might want another picture of you…’

We embrace in the kitchen as the kettle boils. I caress her cheeks, her hands drop to my shorts and squeeze my ass. My hands begin to wander down her back, over her rump, and back up underneath her skirt. I run my fingers over the smooth skin of her ass, and find a lacy thong.

‘Oh, my,’ I whisper Avcılar Escort into her ear.

‘Kettle’s boiled!’ she whispers back, pushing me away. I turn, discreetly adjusting my underwear in a futile attempt to hide my erection and come face-to-face with Jess. Her eyes drop to my crotch and she looks a little embarrassed, but tries to laugh it off.

‘Sorry,’ I tell her. ‘Milk and sugar in your coffee?’

‘Milk, no sugar, thanks.’

She takes the offered cup from me, resolutely keeping her eyes north of the border. Molly takes my hand and leads me to the stairs and we go up. She’s a few steps ahead of me, giving me a perfect view up her skirt, watching her buttocks clench with each step. I can just about make out the black lace of the thong that slips between her legs, and it’s taking all of my willpower not to pull her down onto the stairs and fuck her there and then.

I direct her to turn left at the top of the stairs and she vanishes into my bedroom. She climbs onto my bed and lies on her back, propping herself up on her elbows.

‘Jess will need a blanket, you know,’ she reminds me.

‘What? Oh, shit. Yes, of course!’ I quickly adjust my boxers again, although there’s no point. My cock is fully erect, and I know full well this won’t change until I’ve ejaculated. I grab the spare duvet from the top of the wardrobe and ask Molly if she wouldn’t mind taking it down to her friend.


I point at my groin. ‘I’m not sure she wants to see this…’

‘Why not? She wanted to see the picture of you earlier.’

‘That fucking picture…’ I sigh ‘Did you show it to her?’

‘Of course not! Mum gave me such a huge lecture about it, I’ve not shown anyone since. I still look at it, though. Anyway. Take the blanket down to Jess and then get back up here, quick.’

Jess is sat quietly, looking at her phone, drinking her coffee when I enter the room and offer the blanket. She smiles her thanks, and I realise just how stunning she is. I’m not surprised that her little brother’s friends are always trying to chat her up. Hell, I’d be trying to steal her underwear too.

It suddenly hits me that she looks sad, and lost.

‘Everything okay?’ I ask, aware of how creepy I must look, talking to a teenage girl, whilst wearing little more than my underwear and with an obvious state of happiness.

‘Yeah, just a bit… I dunno…’ she tails off an smiles at me, a smile trying to mask her loneliness and failing.

‘Well, I’m probably not in the best… position… to talk at the moment, is there anyone you can talk to? A friend, boyfriend…?.’

She shakes her head. ‘Not really, not anymore. Anyway,’ she stretches, and shakes her gorgeous hair out. ‘Molly’s waiting for you. She’s not talked about anything or anyone else since you bumped into her.’

‘Sleep well,’ I tell her and sprint up the stairs. Molly is waiting for me, wearing nothing but her black lace thong. There’s a small red heart embroidered right on the front of the panties, the freckle is still proudly sat beside her breasts and I audibly groan in delight.

I shuck off my t-shirt, drop my boxers, finally freeing myself from my cloth prison and climb onto the bed.

‘I’ve another surprise for you,’ she tells me. I find out what that surprise is when I push the thin material aside, exposing her pussy and find it utterly hairless. ‘Do you like it?’

I don’t bother to answer. I plunge my face straight onto her pussy, kissing it all over, before starting to vigorously flick my tongue over her clit. Her breathing quickens and I feel her hands running all over my hair, moving my head to dictate the pace and rhythm. My left snakes up her body and starts to caress and pinch her nipples, she takes my index finger and starts to suck on it, in and out of her wet mouth, biting down as I start to concentrate more frequently on her clit.

I love licking out a shaven pussy. When it’s soft, yielding and smooth, there’s nothing better. I reluctantly remove my finger from her mouth, push her legs as open as they go, opening her vagina wide and get my tongue in, as far as it’ll go. Within seconds her juices are running out of her hole and down over her ass and my chin. I work her cunt firmly, maintaining rhythm and she orgasms as soon as I slip two fingers into her. She becomes more vocal as she does, pinching her nipples and screaming my name.

She pulls me up onto her, kissing me deeply. ‘I missed you,’ she tells me. ‘No-one else can make me come like you do.’

Molly pushes me onto my back and lies on her stomach between my legs. She takes a grip of my cock with her right hand, kisses the length of my shaft from balls to tip, licks it up and down, making it wet with her spit before taking it into her mouth.

‘Jesus!’ I softly groan, squirming under her mouth. She’s positioned herself out of my reach, there’s not a thing I can do other than lie there, control my breathing and try not to come too quickly.

A slight movement catches my eye. I stare at the gap between the door and doorframe, and realise someone is watching. It must be Jess. It has to be Jess. I hope to all that’s holy it’s Jess, the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about. I beckon for her to come in and silently she enters the room. She’s wearing her black playsuit, and has taken her boots off. Her legs are stunning, and her eyes light up as she sees Molly sucking my dick. Molly has no idea her friend is in the room.

‘You’re not just watching this,’ I say. Molly jolts in surprise, and looks over her shoulder, smiling as she sees Jess standing there, transfixed. ‘If you’re in the room, you’re joining in.’

Molly nods and puts my cock back into her mouth, and gazes at her friend, making a real show of the blowjob, slurping over my helmet and teasing me with her tongue. Jess suddenly starts to unzip her playsuit and as the zip descends to her stomach, it’s obvious she’s not wearing a bra. Her breasts are perfect, pink areolas that are already hard, pointing to the ceiling. She shakes her hips and her playsuit falls to the floor, closely followed by her white panties.

She stands at the foot of the bed, naked and stunning. Her blonde hair falls over her shoulder, her vagina is framed by golden pubic hair. She slowly walks around to me, not taking her eyes from Molly doing her thing. As soon as she’s within reach, I reach out, take her hips and guide her onto the bed, position her so that she’s straddling my face, looking down my body at Molly. I flick my tongue across her pussy and she whimpers in pleasure. She’s already dripping wet and starts to gyrate herself across my nose and tongue. I can’t see what Molly is doing, but my cock is still enveloped in wetness, Jess is working herself into a frenzy and I’m starting to think it’s not going to take long before I explode into Molly’s mouth.

Molly seems to read my mind and eases herself off my dick. I feel her sit astride my stomach as I service her friend, leaving my cock completely alone. I start to hear kissing noises but I’ve no idea if they are kissing each other or what. I reach up and start squeezing Jess’ ass, and it’s perfect, firm and smooth.

Out of nowhere, Jess orgasms. Her whole body tenses and she scratches down onto my ribs with long nails, making me yelp in surprise. She climbs off and sits on the edge of the bed, looking a bit lost and unsure what to do next.

‘What’s up?’ I ask

‘Nothing, just… I dunno. I’ve not done this before.’

‘What, sex? Or sex with more than one person?’

‘We’ve done stuff before, me and Jess, you know…’ Molly tells me.

‘What, really?’

‘Yes, we’ve kissed. Nothing like this, though. But she is gorgeous, and if ever I was going to be with another woman, I’d choose you.’

‘Well,’ I say, thinking that things have suddenly ground to a halt. ‘We’re all grown-ups. I know two of us are single. Why not have some fun for one night? Jess, if you’re uncomfortable, then you’re welcome to go downstairs and leave me and Molly up here.’

Jess looks embarrassed, before suddenly smiling and perking up. ‘You’re right. Fuck it. Let’s do this!’

She dives towards me and starts kissing me, hard, sending me onto my back with her on top, breasts pushed into my chest. I kiss her back and let my hands start roaming all over her body. Jess is, quite simply, the most stunning woman I’ve ever had naked in my bedroom, or any other room for that matter. Molly repositions herself behind Jess and starts to lightly spank her ass.

I roll over so I’m on top of Jess, and adopt a kneeling position. I take her legs and open them wide, gazing in wonder at her pink snatch, swollen and willing. My cock slides in easily, right to the hilt. I slide out even easier, she’s so wet, there’s no friction at all. She moans and I start to go at her a little harder, now determined to get my orgasm out of the way and then build up to getting hard again and making this adventure last as long as I can. Molly takes up a position beside her friend and squeezes and caresses her boobs, more and more aggressively as Jess starts to head towards a second orgasm.

‘Jesus, I’m close!’ I gasp.

‘Cum in me! I want it all in me!’ Jess gasps in reply and I cum, still pumping away as my seed floods into her. A split second later, Jess orgasms, pulling me into her and biting my shoulder. I flop onto the bed and try to catch my breath, Jess looks at me with her gorgeous blue eyes and neither of us speak. Molly leans across Jess and offers her boobs to her friend, who instinctively takes the nipple into her mouth and starts to suckle and play.

‘That was so hot, watching you two…’ Molly tells me ‘But I want you to fuck me next.’

‘Agreed,’ I tell her ‘As soon as I’m hard again, I’ll fuck your brains out!’

Molly laughs and reaches down for my cock, still coated in Jess’ juices and musky scent. She takes me into her mouth again, cleaning me off and the blood starts to thunder back to my dick in record time. If guys ever realised that any kind of erection problems could be solved with a threesome with two girls, Viagra would have been out of business years ago. She smiles at me, a cheeky, impish smile and despite how hot her friend is, and the aching in my shoulder left by the bite, all I can think of now is Molly. I stand up, my dick pointing the way and ask Molly how she wants to be fucked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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