Mister Officer

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My girlfriend’s got a thing for uniforms. I just recently found out. And being the good little sub that I am, I made it my top priority to provide her with all the costumes she could think up and all that my pockets could afford. Army and Navy uniforms proved the easiest to obtain; there’s always a soldier on leave or growing out of things. But the one that really made her smile was the sheriff uniform. She’d been on her way to becoming a Sheriff before certain bits of life got in the way and the dream had to be postponed. So I figured at least she can play the part at home and order me around a bit. I even got her handcuffs to add a bit to the role. We both have our kinks; mine is spanking while she likes to be in control. This way everyone’s happy.

When she’s in her role, she’s the strong silent type. She becomes the mirror image of who she is in real life. Inside our home, she’s in charge. She can say, do and think as she pleases. There’s no boring dead end job, no bills to pay. There’s just her and her suit. The olive green button down shirt. The pressed khakis. Shiny black shoes. Standing beside her, I can feel the separation of power between us. They’re just pieces of clothing but the transformation is unmistakable. She’s now in the position of power and I am enamored. I am beyond compelling to submit to her.

I am in the bedroom and she’s just come out of the bathroom. She looks in my direction and nonchalantly turns away. She walks into the living room and turns on the TV. I can hear the soles of her shoes click on the hardwood floor. I watch her as she gently pulls on the knees of her pants and sits down on the couch. She waits patiently for me to finish putting my clothes away. I walk into the living room and without being ask, I sit down on the floor at her feet. I rest my head on her knee and close my eyes contented. It was so natural for me to sit there. The thought of sitting on the couch seemed too bold. For some reason, it felt like my proper place was on the floor.

She placed her hand on top of my head casino oyna and caressed my cheek. It was such a small action yet the approval I needed from her, which I craved. These feelings were all relatively new to me but also second nature. I turned my body so I could look up at her and she told me to stand. I suddenly felt nervous standing before her. I was only wearing a tank top and boxer briefs. I seemed inappropriately dressed while she wore her full garb. She noticed my unease and her eyes seemed troubled.

“Baby what’s the matter?”

“Nothing Mister. I feel a little odd in my undies while you’re fully dressed.”

She smiled wickedly when she realized it wasn’t anything serious. “You can be naked then”.

I laugh relieved and she laughs with me. “That sounded more like a request than an order Mister. You’re not very good at this.”

“Smart asses get spankings baby.”

“Oh I’m so scared Mister Officer, anything but a spanking.” I turn around and show her my ass as I walk toward the bedroom in the back of the house. I heard her feet shuffle as she gets up and walks after me. The game is on! I feel her arms around my waist and suddenly I’m lifted into the air. She carries me the rest of the way into the bedroom and drops me onto the bed on my back. She crawls on top of me and presses her lips to mine. I part my lips and she slides her tongue into my mouth. She wraps my legs around her waist and rests her pelvis against mine. She starts to grind against me as she sucks on my bottom lip. Then trails kisses across my cheek and down to my neck where she bites me. I moan while moving my body against her.

“Is there something you want baby?”

“Yes Daddy. I want you to fuck me.”

“I’ll fuck you when I’m ready to. You still have spankings to receive.” She moves me up towards the headboard and rolls me over onto my stomach. I whine and lay on my side. I love getting spanked but I just wanted to skip to the fucking. I was wet and bothered. “Are we being difficult?” She pulls me close to her and kisses slot oyna the back of my neck. Sliding her hands down my sides, she moves to pull my tank top up. I lift up my arms above my head and she moves her hands up them, making me shiver. Suddenly she roughly grabs my wrists. I’m confused when I hear a clinking and lock sound. What the hell just happened?! My clever officer had just handcuffed me to the bar in the middle of the headboard.

“Really Mister? We resort to trickery to get our way now?”

“Hmm. Let’s see. That’s 10 spankings for being a smart ass and 10 more for complaining. You sure know how to rack them up baby.”

I had a witty comeback but she decided that I had done enough talking. She slid my boxers down and off my legs. She ran her fingertips from my ankles slowly up to my thighs. She continued upward over my ass and up my spine. My breathing became more rapid and my skin was tingling. My back had always been sensitive. She pulled my tank top up my back and over my head, pushing it as far up my arms as possible. She was kneeling by my side and leaned over my back to plant little kisses between my shoulder blades and moved over my spine down to the small of my back. I was dying for it now. I was pulling against my restraints. I needed relief. She was driving me crazy. I got up on my knees and stuck my ass in the air. She kissed my thighs and finally put her hand between my legs. She ran her finger from my clit and through my inner lips placing her fingertip at my opening. I pushed back, trying to get her to enter me and she pulled back. She laughed at my frustration and landed a forceful slap across my ass. The sensations it caused made my clit throb and my pussy contract. Then she gave me another and another until I had been given all the spankings I had racked up. My cheeks were stinging and I was sure I probably wouldn’t be able to sit later.

She got out of the bed, giving me a few minutes to recover. She removed her pants and shoes and got the strap on out of the toy bag. She stepped into the harness canlı casino siteleri and adjusted it to fit her waist. She got back on the bed behind me and pulled me up onto my knees. I pushed back against her and she slid the strap deep inside of me. It felt so good to finally be filled. I could barely make a sound as she slowly moved in and out of me.

“I almost gave in to you the first time. But I knew making you want it more would make it so much better.” I pushed my hips back against her. I didn’t want this to be nice and slow and sweet. I wanted her to take me hard and fast. I wanted her to push my face down in the pillow and pound me. Without a word, the mood changed. She put her hand on my back and pushed me down. She slammed into me over and over again. Any other time I wouldn’t have been able to take this for more than a minute or two. But this time I couldn’t get enough. I threw myself back against her. I pulled against the handcuffs balling my hands into fists. “Daddy…Gonna cum.” My body was tensing up with the approach of my orgasm and I squeezed my eyes shut. I was so close. She managed to bring her hands around under me to play with my nipples. She pulled and pinched them and that’s when I exploded. “Daddy I’m Cumming.” I bit down on the pillow as my whole body shook. My pussy squeezed down so hard I was surprised she could still move inside me. It felt like my orgasm was going on and on, like it’d never stop. Now that she had gotten me off, I knew she wasn’t far behind. Seeing me cum always put her over the edge. “Oh My G-d baby.” She slammed into me again and came inside me. She leaned down so forehead was against my back, feeling her breath and moans against my skin while she continued to shake through a powerful orgasm.

I don’t know how long we laid there coming back to our senses before we realized how uncomfortable we were. Had it not been for my sore wrists and her aching knees, we probably would have slept like that. But she needs to wash up, she cums too much to stay put. And I need to eat, sex always makes me hungry.

“Mister where’s the key?”

“Key to what?”

“The handcuffs?!”

“You don’t have it?”

She grabs the key out of her pants seconds before I have a heart attack. “Not funny!”

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