Miss Trish’s Breeding Club Pt. 02

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As Trisha heard the front door close, Trisha lay in disbelief. She could not believe that this plan was going through. Here she lay with a man’s seed inside her that she never believed she would get. Anthony was a stud, she never denied that. However, she didn’t even believe he was within limits. He was absolutely her type of guy: hairy, muscular, had an accent, and extremely intelligent. As she came to her senses, Trisha reached through the curtain to hold her legs up in the air. She needed the semen to seep into her. Would the next guy want to see cum in her? She didn’t want to wash out this load obviously, so she figured she might as well try to take it all in her uterus in the meantime. She twisted her body so she could prop her legs on the laptop table.

Looking through her emails, she actually knew who the next man scheduled was. He was a quiet guy, she did not know too much about him. He was handsome, for sure, but he had an odd personality. He would come into the bars, drink a beer alone, watch the TV, occasionally have a chat with the bartender, then leave.

Five minutes before his scheduled time, Trisha took her legs off the table and returned to the laying position, ready for the next breeder.



Jay stood out from the typical bar scene. He convinced himself that he went only for the social scene. He had a hard time making friends, and perpetual loneliness drove him out to bars even if he didn’t want to go. Jay had been single for quite a long time, much to his chagrin. He never knew why these relationships weren’t happening. This drove a lot of resentment into Jay, rightfully so. The betrayals were one after the other. The weird combination of resentment and loneliness usually meant that Jay made it to the bar every week but didn’t do much besides drink a Budweiser and watch whatever was on TV. This wasn’t out of the ordinary for Jay, being ex-military. He developed quite a stoic personality.

Because of his personality, Jay wasn’t very popular with the typical bar patrons. Physically, he wouldn’t have too much of an issue. Jay never lost his physique after boot camp, remaining quite muscular and beefy. He never liked being super lean. He was on the shorter end, about 5’6″. He kept a close haircut and rocked a goatee nowadays, getting mixed opinions from everyone he asked. The goatee was jet black, just like his closely cropped hair. He alternated how he kept Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan his body hair, but for now it was tightly trimmed.

Recently Jay became curious about women, and that curiosity turned into a burning desire. Jay knew why – Jay was an overthinker. He was very aware of it. All it took was a seedling of a thought to grow into something that consumed Jay’s mental space. His best friend was bi and visualizing him with women was quite odd (Jay had fooled around with this friend in the past). After some prodding, this friend went on and on about how much better sex with women was. Jay was attracted to very masculine dudes, so he couldn’t imagine being with a woman. But that was the beginning of the whirlwind of curiosity that come to consume Jay. Finding the flier in the bathroom was destiny, he thought. He immediately contacted the mystery host when he got home that night.

Now the night had rolled around, Jay was very nervous. One beer right before he left turned into some whisky and shots as well. It took a while to kick in, but by the time Jay showed up to the house, he was quite a bit more than tipsy.

Stumbling through the door, the room was pitch black. “Oh, fuck it’s dark”, whispered Jay, thinking he just broke into someone’s home. This was the address, right?

“Over here…” said a voice in the corner of the room.


Jay slowly walked over to where the voice was. There on the ground he made out the outline of the laptop, table, and some legs. He recalled there was mention of a laptop with porn. Pressing the space bar on the laptop, the area lit up. Taken aback, the woman’s bottom half was right in front of him. Being drunk really lead to some sensory overload.

Drunkenly, Jay said to the woman:

“Can, I like, take my time a bit?”, trying not to slur his words.

Trisha did not recognize the voice.

“Uh, yeah. Sure thing, stud”. The voice said back.

Jay took off his shoes and sat cross-legged in front of the vagina. He’d never seen one in person, granted he’s watched so much straight porn recently that nothing was shocking. Putting a hand on her leg, he was taken aback about how smooth it was. Not only was it hairless, but just the skin was smooth! He hadn’t seen any person this hairless in a while.

Jay unbuttoned his shirt to get more comfortable, leaving his undershirt wife-beater on. It was tight on his muscular body, he always Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan thought he looked sexy on him.

“I guess it’s time to try this”, Jay said out loud, not realizing how loud he was.

With that, Jay approached the pussy with his mouth. Not quite knowing what to do, he stuck his tongue right where he knew the hole was. He wrapped his arms around the woman’s legs and pulled her into his face.

Trisha felt the biceps on the bottom of her legs immediately followed by the wetness of the tongue. She was not expecting that. She immediately squirmed and made a loud moaning noise.

Jay lifted his face up.

“Heh, are you ok? Did I do anything wrong?”

“No, no. You’re fine. Sorry”.

This was a lot more interaction than Trisha was expecting from one of these guys. Was he drunk? He sounded a bit…off.

Jay stuck his tongue back in her. The taste was not what he was expecting. It was salty almost, maybe a little sweet? It didn’t particularly have a super strong taste either way, which was good, better than what he was expecting. As he continued to lick the hole, something clicked in him. Awkwardly, and drunkenly, he lifted his head up and said.

“Oh, I’m not supposed to lick there!”

He remembered hearing about he clit from his friend. He knew where it was and what it looked like. Sticking his tongue where he knew it would be, he swirled around. The area had the same taste. Jay couldn’t tell if she was really wet from his skills or just from the saliva. Whatever it was, it was dripping all over his goatee. The woman started moaning more. After what seemed like a half hour, Jay was ready for the next step.

Pulling off his sweatpants and underwear, he realized he still wasn’t hard. It wasn’t like he wasn’t enjoying himself. Perhaps it was the alcohol.

“Uh, hold on babe” Jay slurred to the woman. This was his moment. He had waited for this for a while and he was only slightly erect. Perhaps it was the nerves. Now only in his wife-beater, he rested his cock on the vagina, looking at it. It looked good there, it looked natural. He had to get it in.

He prompted the woman to put her legs on his shoulders, resting her pussy right on his cock. Jay grabbed his cock, pointed it right where he knew the hole was, and pulled her waist towards him. It didn’t go in. Jay started to gyrate against her. Perhaps he’d get hard this way? Regardless, it felt good.

Trisha was soaked at this point. She had no idea who this guy was or what he looked like, but he was really into it? That was quite different from what she was expecting. She was feeling looser and more turned on than she was with Anthony.

After a few minutes of gyrating, Jay could feel himself getting harder. He hadn’t turned on the porn, he was too proud to look at gay porn during a moment like this. Without much notice, Jay felt two things one right after another: A very warm sensation around his groin followed by a sensation underneath his cockhead. Looking down, he penis was out of sight – completely buried in the vagina. His pubes were the only thing he could see down there.

“Oh my god, woah…” Jay laughed.

He didn’t move for some time. This hole was warmer than anything he’d felt in a while. It was calming. It looked good. It looked right. It looked natural. Slowly starting to thrust, the sensation under his cockhead intensified. It didn’t take long for Jay to be fully erect. The harder he became inside the woman, the more intense the sensations were.

Jay’s thrusts slowed to a crawl, inching in and out. Surprisingly for Trisha, this was the best it felt for her. With the slowness, she could feel every vein enter and exit her. She could feel the outline of the head inside her. Every detail of the unknown dick was suddenly heightened tenfold. Squeezing her pussy only heightened this experience.

“Baby, if you’re going to do that I’m not going to last long”, Jay muttered.

Trisha kept squeezing.

Jay pushed all the way into her and held still while Trisha continued her convulsions. This was enough to send Jay over the edge.

Jay was vocal, almost screaming at the top of his lungs while he shot his load inside her. He never was much of a huge cummer, but he could feel the ropes coming out. He withdrew quickly, enough to force some of his cum to drip out.

“Wow, haha, I wouldn’t never expected to see my load in THAT!”

Trisha heard the stumbling around the room as the man got dressed. It was slightly unnerving for her, not having any clue who this guy was. Was he hot? Was he fat? She had no clue.

“Later babe!” Jay yelled as he walked out the door.

“He must’ve been drunk”, Trisha said with a sigh. At least he had a good time. She felt down to her pussy, now finally being able to feel a load. He didn’t get it all deep in her. She instinctively tasted it. At least it tasted good. She proceeded with her usual routine of resting her legs on the table, trying to get any cum that remained deep in her. She didn’t have much time for her next client, who, like this one, she didn’t immediately know who he was.

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