Milking Judy

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Kim and I had decided to spend some time shopping on Saturday, and after many stores, had stopped at a sidewalk cafe for a bit of lunch.

“Hey” she said “Did I tell you that Judy is home from the hospital with her baby? She called me Wednesday night and told me to stop by any time.”

Judy was one of our co-workers and had left a couple of months ago on a pregnancy leave, but she then decided to stay home with the baby for a couple of years, so she quit. She made all of us take a blood oath to keep in touch and visit her often. She knew that she would go stir crazy without her friends around. We two were really good friends of hers and discussed everything together.

I said, “Sounds good to me. Any more shopping and I might start buying and my budget couldn’t stand that.” Kim giggled and we paid the bill and left for Kim’s condo.

We knocked and Judy opened the door. She was a cute redhead with a freckled nose and a ready smile. She hugged us, but then as we walked in she said, “I just got Andrea down for her nap, so we have to be a bit quiet until she is asleep.”

“Oh no, we just came to see her…and you of course” Kim said.

Judy said, “Well, sit down and have some coffee and you can at least peek in and see her while she sleeps. I hope she sleeps for a couple of hours.”

She got us some coffee and I asked how she was. Kim also asked “Where’s Mike?” (Judy’s husband).

“Oh” she said, “He’s out playing golf. At least he gets to go do that, while I’m stuck here. I’m feeling pretty well, but my pussy is sore from the birth.” (we sort of giggled)

“No, really, it is,” she said, “but I guess everything is OK.”

Kim put down her coffee and said “OK, I know you too well…what is wrong?”

Judy admitted that Mike was kind of distant since she had come home from the hospital. She said, “I’m a bit horny but I can’t do anything about it, and I know he must be also. I offered to give him a blow-job. but he turned that down.”

Kim said, “Wow, he must be disturbed…hehehehehehe.”

“No, really, he did,” she said. illegal bahis “I gave him a few before when we couldn’t do it, and even gave him a great one last Friday before I went in the hospital …he got off twice with really big loads and I drank it all down. I loved to too. But now, nothing…”

“Hey,” I said, “lots of guys get that way after a kid is born. Just give him time…” and I stopped as I saw a big damp spot appear on her blouse and start to spread.

Judy said, “What?” and looked down and saw it and said, “Oh shit! This is the third blouse that I’ve got milk on in two days. Why did I decide to nurse.” She took off the blouse and she also had damp spots forming on her bra. She said, “Andrea isn’t drinking enough yet…so I keep leaking.”

Kim, with a little smile, said, “I can help with that problem…”

Judy said, “Really? How…”

Kim moved over and sat beside Judy on the couch and unhooked her bra, it had one of those front hooks, and let it fall away. Her breasts were big and swollen and the nipples were really huge with big drops of white milk coming from each nipple. Kim leaned over and took one of the nipples in her mouth and started to suck. Now I’m no virgin and have had my share of women and men, but I had never seen anything like this. I couldn’t believe it. But Judy, after a second of shock, seemed to like it. In fact, she closed her eyes and let out a pleased sigh. She then looked at me and said, “Jen, there is another one if you want to help me also. Oh please…”

What could I do? The sight of those beautiful breasts and big nipples had me slightly aroused anyway, and I was curious, so I moved over next to her also and leaned over and took the big nipple in my mouth. It was very warm and the milk just oozed out with just the slightest suck. I started to suck harder, and the milk came more. It was not as thick as I thought it would be, and tasted slightly sweet and I found I really loved the taste of it. I could hear Kim sucking hard right next to me, and also realized that Judy was breathing harder now and I could illegal bahis siteleri swear she was moaning softly. I looked over and was surprised to see that she had one hand inside Kim’s blouse, and I could tell she was massaging her breast.

Suddenly, Kim stopped and pulled back and quickly took off her blouse and bra and dropped them on the floor and then went back to sucking. Judy made a pleased sound as she took one of Kim’s bare breasts and started massaging it.

She said, “Jen, honey, let me have one of your tits also. I’m getting so hot I want it…”

I was a bit embarrassed. I was bi, but had never done anything with Judy and she was married. I had suspected that she and Kim had “something going” but didn’t know…not until now. I had to admit that sucking on that huge nipple and getting all that milk was making me so hot, and I really wanted her to feel me so I was able to take off my blouse and bra without stopping the sucking. I felt her warm hand on my breast and she started squeezing it so nicely. I managed to say “Harder” through my sucking, and she did. Oh God, it felt so good.

We slowly stopped sucking her and she said, “Oh God that was wonderful. but I need more…” She reached over and fondled one of my breasts and asked, “Jen, I really would like to do you…may I?” I didn’t know what to say…I looked at Kim and she just smiled and nodded and said, “Yes, baby, please go ahead. I want you to…I would love to see that.” I felt weird but nodded OK. Judy reached down and started to undue my belt from my jeans. I stood up and helped and got them down and she pulled down my panties. They were already pretty wet. She got up from the couch and had me sit down and she spread my legs and kneeled between them. As I leaned back, Kim leaned over and kissed my lips softly, and I let her tongue enter my mouth tenderly.

Judy started kissing the inside of my thighs, first one and then the other. Back and forth and then softly licking them…it was wonderful and very teasing. My love box was pulsing so much, knowing what pleasure canlı bahis siteleri was coming. She kissed on each side of my pussy and then all around it. She reached up and kissed my navel and put her tongue in and it was like an electric shock. She moved back and kissed my pussy lips and then ran her tongue all around, back and forth. Then she pressed her mouth to my pussy and I felt her tongue enter me. I know I gasped and moaned at the same time. Her wonderful tongue was exploring the inside of my pussy now…moving around and in and out. Then she moved her mouth up a bit and found my little love button…my clit. It was so hard and hot. She started to suck on it and stroke it with her tongue. I was breathing so hard now and it was hard to hold my hips still. Judy reached up with her hands then and grabbed onto my nipples. She was pulling them, and though there was some pain, it was wonderful pain.

Suddenly she gasped, “Kim, finger my ass baby…Please…oh God I need that.” I could see Kim get up and get behind her and pull her pants down. She knelt behind her and I could see her put one hand under Judy’s tummy and one hand behind her ass. Suddenly Judy was sucking on my pussy harder and I could see Kim’s hand moving and Judy’s ass pumping back and forth. I could imagine Kim’s finger up Judy’s ass, fucking her so nicely. Judy was moaning now and she bit down on my clit softly. That acted like a trigger and I exploded with a massive orgasm, pumping against Judy’s face as she pressed into me and her tongue continued to fuck me and lick all my juice as she still pulled hard on my nipples. I thought I would faint with the pleasure of it. She kept her tongue in me, but I could tell she was more into getting her ass fucked than me.

Suddenly, Judy said, “Oh God oh God oh God oooohhhhhhh…” and I knew she had cum. She moved her head up then and kissed me on the tummy. “Oh God, you both are so wonderful…I so needed that.”

We both said it was definitely our pleasure…and I said I really meant that.

Judy rolled over and lay on the floor. Kim moved over and started to suck one of her big nipples again. Judy said, “MMMmmmm…but you better save some for Andrea.”

As if on cue, we heard a sound from the other room…Judy said, “UhOh…” and we all got up to clean up and get dressed to go see Andrea.

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