Mid-Life Crisis Ch. 01

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Here I am tied to a stake with my hands cuffed behind my back, on my knees watching my wife of 22 years being whipped by her best friend’s husband, Paul. He is stripped to the waist with his muscled body glistening from the workout he is giving my wife. She is tied with her hands together to a pulley coming down from the high ceiling in their basement turned dungeon. Her feet are anchored spread eagle to the floor with two ankle cuffs that are tethered to two eyebolts in the floor. Her pale buttocks and back have several angry red lash marks on them with more to come. Her best friend, Jessie, is also stripped to the waist with her 34C tits standing proud covered only by a little leather bikini top with little triangles covering her erect nipples, is in front of her torturing her pink protruding nipples with clamps she has put right on the end of them, and playing with her pussy that also has clamps on each lip causing them to hang down from the weight of the chain between the two clamps. Two more of our friends, Kim and Tebby are standing beside me in cotton robes just watching the action. And I am wondering how we let things get this far, but glad we had at the same time. It was our turn to be “it” in the game this weekend. We all play this game in some variation every weekend that we can, and we all seem to enjoy it.

Brenda and I had reached our mid-life crisis at the same time. And after raising one boy through teenage years and into college and another one into his teenage years we were both wondering if there was any more to life than what we had experienced over our 19 years of marriage. We were both happy with each other, but we just seemed to have reached a point in our marriage where it seemed a little stale. We honestly had tried to keep it fresh. We would take vacation away from the boys and had a date night at least once every other week, but we both felt we had reached a point where we were too predictable to each other. Even our role-playing was pretty predictable at this point. We still loved each other dearly and we were still very attracted to each other, we just felt like there was more to our sex life than what we were getting. Brenda at 41 still turned heads. Who wouldn’t turn and look at a redhead with a 36B bust-line, with 34 inch curvy hips and a waist of 25. At 5’8″ she only weighed 110 lbs. No one ever guessed she had 2 kids and was 41. Brenda works hard to have that body. She is at the gym almost every day. She has these real cute freckles all over her body and a creamy pale skin that still turns me on when I see it, but most of all, those deep piercing green eyes that just seem to go right through you. How could anyone not think she was sexy and count their blessings to have her as a wife?

I really do love Tom and I knew I really didn’t want to throw away 19 years of marriage over what we both agreed was a mid-life crisis for both of us. Tom and I had invested a lot of time and we were both still very attracted to each other. We both loved each others bodies; Tom still was in good shape even at 43 years old. He was always coaching the boys in sports and kept up with them pretty good. He and the boys always worked out together and he would run 15 to 20 miles a week with them. He still had the great athletic 6 foot body that attracted me in college to him. I think I am getting turned on just thinking about him right now. Even though I think we had been pretty creative in our sex life I thought there had to be more to our sex life than what we were doing. I didn’t dare think about having an affair. I am loyal as a friend and even more as a wife and lover.

Well about 2 years ago one of one of my co-workers, Jessie, whom I considered a pretty good friend asked me if I had ever thought about swinging. I had been telling Jessie about how Tom and my sex life had become a little stale. Jessie said she understood and popped the question about swinging. It took me by surprised a little, but it had my curiosity up and I have to admit it couldn’t have been better timing. Tom and I were both at a crossroad in our sex lives. And I figured if we were both having sex with others together that wouldn’t be cheating. We both wanted to spice our sex life up, but we didn’t know how. I had almost given up and figured that we were doomed to be a happy unhappy couple for the rest of our life. I had Jessie explain more to me about this swinging thing. She said that it wasn’t a swinging thing that it was just swinging. Esenyurt Escort Bayan She said that her and her husband had been in the same situation a few years earlier when they both decided to attend a swing club and just see how it went. She said they both were a little awkward the first time, but they quickly came to love the whole scene and had been swinging ever since. I knew Jessie was 43, but I didn’t know anything about her husband, but I knew they had a teenage girl and a teenage boy at home. I asked about how they handled that. She said they never told them anything except they were going out for a date a couple times a month. She invited Tom and me to come to the club the next weekend. I said I would have to talk to Tom and see what he says.

When Brenda got home 2 years ago she had a strange look on her face. I was afraid she had had a bad day at work. But instead she started telling me about her friend Jessie and the invitation to the swing club. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive about the whole situation. She said she knew I would be so she decided to take a picture of her friend with her phone to see if she could convince me. She actually had a picture of her friend topless on her phone. What a knockout I thought. A blond with some of the greatest tits I had ever seen. I really like my wife’s tits, but these were incredible. I quickly asked a lot of questions about her friend. She explained that her friend and her husband were swingers and had been in the quote, scene for a few years now. I quickly felt uncomfortable hearing that a husband was involved. Of course, what did I think? That an attractive woman like Jessie would be swinging by herself. My thoughts became defensive because I started to ask about Jessie’s husband. Brenda said she didn’t know anything about him, but he had to be attractive to have a wife like Jessie. That made sense to me, but more important I was wondering if he was more attractive than me. It was like Brenda read my mind. “Don’t worry, honey, I am sure he can’t be as hot as you are.” I felt a little better, but I was still a little apprehensive. After a little discussion we decided that we would at least take Jessie up on her invitation. I told her to tell Jessie we would come and check it out, but that we weren’t sure if it was for us or not.

I was a little surprised that Tom had said yes, but I was excited that he had. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but I was sure glad we had decided to go. When we got to the club that weekend it was different than I thought it would be. It was actually a house in the middle of nowhere with a pool, a clubhouse and little small shacks all over the place. We met with Jessie and Paul her husband out front of the clubhouse. They introduced us to a well dressed curvy brunette who was probably in her thirties who they said was our hostess and owned the “Swinging S” club. She gave us a quick tour and left us to Paul and Jessie. I was very surprise by Paul. He was only 39, and well toned. I just assumed that Jessie would be married to someone closer to her age. But I had to admit Jessie didn’t look the 45 years that she was.

I had to admit that Brenda was one of the hottest ladies at the club that night. Not that there wasn’t some very good looking women at the club, but most of them were what I considered average looking. Now Jessie really stood out as well and I had to admit, so did her husband. I thought for sure he would be older, but it didn’t matter. At 37 he was trim and well toned and well over 6 feet. I could see his pecks were well developed and was sporting a 6 pack under his tight fitting spandex shirt. I wasn’t gay, but he was definitely a good looking man. I could see Brenda giving him the once over more than once. Of course I was doing my share of gawking at Jessie as well. Paul and Jessie showed us around the club. The main section known as the clubhouse was for dancing and socializing. There was a full bar that served drinks and snack foods. There were some rooms in the back that were for what Jessie termed as “group action”. Brenda agreed with me that we weren’t ready for that yet. Jessie and Paul continued our tour. There were quite a few people dancing on the dance floor. No one was naked or stripping like we thought there would be. There were some pretty risqué dresses, but nothing I haven’t seen at other dance clubs. In fact it was like your everyday dance club. Outside by the pool there were Avcılar Escort Bayan naked people lying around just talking. A couple was having sex on a lounge chair and a few people had gathered around. Paul explained that the bungalows were for people who wanted private meetings. He said that any empty ones could be used by any number of people, but you had to be invited by the people who were in them.

“So consider yourselves invited by Jessie and me,” he smiled and turned.

Paul and Jessie lead Tom and me to one of the small bungelows at the back of the clubhouse. The bungelow was very cozy. It had a king size bed in the middle with a little sitting area at the foot of the bed. We all sat down with our drinks.

“So what do you guys think so far?” Jessie was the first to speak.

“It’s a little intimidating,” I said. Tom nodded slightly in agreement.

Paul leaned forward. “I know it can be. Jessie and I both were a little intimidated the first time we were here. In fact, we left without even having sex with anyone the first time we were here.” “Yeah,” chimed in Jessie, “We just met a few people, had a few drinks and left.”

Tom and I just stared at them. “Do you guys think you feel comfortable with us?” Jessie smiled us. “We could just socialize and leave this time if you want.” Part of me wanted to, but part of me wanted to know what Paul was packing. I really was attracted to him physically. I hadn’t been with another man other than Tom in 19 years. Not that I haven’t looked, but as I have said, I am loyal.

I was listening to what Jessie and Paul were saying and I turned to see Brenda licking her lips and staring at Paul’s crotch. I don’t even think it was conscience act on her part. I could see she was really attracted to Paul. And to be honest my cock was getting hard just looking at the low-cut top that Jessie had on. Jessie made the first move, “I see you staring at my tits, why not take a real look.” And she promptly pulled her top off. I was amazed. “I had a little work done a couple of years ago, what do you think?” Now I was the one licking my lips. “Obviously you approve Tom,” I hear Paul say, but his voice seemed far away like I was I a tunnel. I just stared at Jessie’s tits.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe she just did that,” I think. I see she has Tom’s full attention now. I can see Tom cock is getting hard through his khakis. It’s not easy for Tom to hide his 9″ cock from anyone when it starts to get hard.

“I see Tom is having a little problem,” I hear Jessie say, but I am not really listening. I am back to looking at the bulge in Paul’s Pants. Obviously Jessie is having the same effect on him, but then I realize he is staring at me, not her. He is smiling at me. It makes me feel a little self-conscience.

“Would you mind if I help him out with his problem?” I shake my head no, not really hearing what Jessie was saying. I am too busy staring at Paul’s “problem” as Jessie called it. Suddenly I turn and realize she is unzipping Tom’s pants and pulling his hard cock out. “We are doing it,” I think to myself. “We are actually doing it,”

Jessie is actually pulling my cock out of my pants. I think I am going to lose it right there. Brenda is watching in a trance-like state. She is watching the first person in 19 years, other than her, touch my cock. I have to calm myself down or I am going to explode like some schoolboy. “Relax baby,” I hear Jessie say, but I am having a hard time concentrating. Suddenly I feel her lips touch my cock and I start to come. I feel her pinch back my orgasm with her fingers, “Not yet big boy, I know what Paul did his first time with a new woman.” I feel the ejaculation subside, but I am still hard as a rock. I look over at Brenda to see her, but I see she is staring at Paul’s now erect cock outside of his pants. I feel a little wave of jealously wash over me.

Paul has actually taken out his cock, and Tom is getting slow and sensuous blow job from Jessie. Oh god, Paul is actually slightly bigger than Tom. I would never have believed it. And he is definitely thicker. He would split me in two with that monster. “Come here Brenda, and give me a little of what Tom is getting.” I can’t even imagine my mouth around that big fleshy pipe. I get on my knees like a zombie. At first, I just touch it tentatively and then I wrap my fingers around it as far as they would go. I can’t even close my hand around it. I admit I have small hands, but I can’t believe I can’t get them around Paul’s cock.

I watched Brenda stick her tongue out and just tasted the head of Paul’s cock and lick a little of the pre-cum from the slit. It was actually bigger than mine, but Jessie doesn’t seem to even notice. She is giving my cock a real work out with her mouth. She is licking my slit with just the tip of her tongue and then licked the underside of my cock head with the flat of her tongue. I am going crazy. I then watch my wife slowly lick the entire length of what had to be a 10″ cock, and more importantly I hear her audibly moan as she does it. She does her best to get her mouth around the head and some how does it. “That’s it baby, we are going to teach you how to deep throat my meat stick before it’s over,” I hear Paul say.

“Deep throat this monster?” I think. “Who is he kidding?” It didn’t matter to me. I could just feel my pussy getting wetter by the second. I am doing my best to give Paul the pleasure I hear Tom is getting. I hear Tom moaning in unison with Jessie. His cock tasted so good. I just couldn’t get enough of it. Then I remember that I was going to have to fuck this big dick. “Oh shit,” I think. If on cue, “Don’t worry Brenda, I will be very gentle your first time. I want both of us to enjoy this.” I suddenly feel his hands under my arms lifting me up and taking my clothes off. Paul was handling me like a rag doll. Once I was naked he pulled his clothes off and laid me back on the bed and started to suck on my pebble hard nipples. I thought I was going to go insane. He worked his way down to my lava hot pussy and proceeded to nibble on my clit. I exploded after just a few sucks from his lips. I actually screamed through my orgasm. I hadn’t done that in years.

I feel Jessie tugging the rest of my clothes off when I hear Brenda start to scream. It scares me at first. I hadn’t been watching them and then I realized she was having an orgasm. She hadn’t had a screaming orgasm in years that I could remember. Suddenly Jessie laid me back on the bed and started to suck on my nipples. I realize she has all of her clothes off now and is moving up my body. I see her pussy coming at me. It’s completely shaved and is dripping its way up to my mouth.

“It’s my turn Tom; I believe you need to give me what your wife just got. Don’t you think that’s fair?” I nodded my head just as I start to smell her sweet pussy right over my nose. I start by running my tongue deep into her slit swallowing her juices as they run out of her like a river. Then I go to work on her clit. Before long I hear her long moan start. As she starts to clamp her legs around my head I hear the moan become louder and shriller. And before I know it, it becomes a full blown scream.

He was actually going to fuck me with that log of his. He had it right at the door of my pussy and was working it in. It was hurting, almost as much as it did the first time when I gave up my virginity in high school. But being a more experienced this time I tried to relax. It felt like someone was trying to shove a bat up me. At least with our kids I had an epidural. Suddenly the head popped in and he started fuck me slowly. He was kissing me now. It was odd to be making love to someone other than Tom. I let my tongue entwine with his. “See, you took it all.” I couldn’t believe it. While we were kissing he bottomed out in my pussy. Suddenly I felt him pulling out and the pain returned. Then I felt him slowly shove it back in. After just a few minutes my pussy started to feel real good.

“I knew you could take it.” I am suddenly aware that Jessie is watching us. For that matter so is my husband.

“I want you to give her the deluxe fuck,” I hear Jessie say. Suddenly Paul speeds up and my pussy really starts to feel good. I look over and Jessie is on top of my husband and riding his cock like there is no tomorrow. Paul begins to kiss me again and speeds up. I have several orgasms before he finally comes in me with big spurts. I actually feel his cum drench my pussy. He grunts and groans through his orgasm. Just as he cums I hear Tom explode in Jessie. Shit, we all came together.

I thought my cock was going to explode apart as I came in Jessie. Her pussy just tightened around me and made me have to explode. She just held onto me and kissed me, her soft tongue wrapping itself around mine. I am sure I had heard Paul coming in Brenda as I was cumming in Jessie. We all just looked at each other. Brenda came to me and Jessie went to Paul, we snuggled each other on the big bed and went to sleep.

So that’s how it began, but there is plenty more that has put Brenda and me in this situation.

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