Meryl and Mitch Pt. 03

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I suggest you read parts 1 and 2, but it’s not necessary.

Given how exhausted we all were, I’m amazed we got out bed at all. Meryl suggested I use the shower first. As I stood under the hot water, lathering my cock and balls, a slight humming of a tune caught my attention. Mitch was standing on the other side of the steam-covered shower door. “I’ll leave the towel here for whenever you’re finished.”

I quickly soaped my ass and armpits, before rinsing and turning off the water. As I slid open the shower door and reached for the towel, Meryl slipped through the open bathroom door. She was completely nude.

“Hello, dear. I’m sorry for the lack of privacy, but we’re used to being the only ones here. Except for Carmella, of course, when we need her. I hope you don’t mind.”

With the towel around my shoulders, I stood soaking in the beauty of this unusual woman. Far from being embarrassed by the life-saving changes to her body, Meryl seemed to take pride in her smooth, boyish chest that spread to narrow hips and a pool of dark hair covering her luscious pussy.

I was drawn to her. “I don’t mind.” I took three steps toward this picture of sexuality honed by life’s joys and sorrows. When I got close enough, Meryl wrapped her fingers around my cock, letting it slide up her hand.

“My dear, you are truly something.” She crouched to talk to my cock that growing at her touch. “I’d love you to bend me over this counter and fuck me hard and deep until we both collapsed to the cold tile.” She kissed, then licked my hardening dick before standing back up. “But the day is calling to us. Things to do and to be. My cunt and your cock will have to wait. My turn in the shower.”

I admired her skinny ass as she closed the shower door and turned on the water. I was transfixed watching her rub her hands through her hair, then over her chest and down between her legs. She looked up, catching me watching. She gave me a finger wave, which I returned as I stepped out of the room.

There was a black silk robe laid out on the bed. I put it on and went in search of Mitch.

I found him in the kitchen, slicing melons into bite-sized chunks. I worried about him wearing the thin robe so close to a sharp knife, but shrugged. He looked up. “Good morning. I see you found the robe.” He scanned my crotch, which was still partially tented from his wife’s attentions. “Hm. Too bad. Naked breakfast is so much more fun. But not today. Meryl has plans.”

“So I’ve heard.” I stole a cube of watermelon. “Mitch, let me ask you, that thing when Meryl talks to my dick. It sparks my arousal in a big way. I was wondering…”

He chuckled. “Ah, yes. A trick she learned from your wife. During our first time together, she would talk to my cock like it was a separate participant. I found it delightfully whimsical and very stimulating. Meryl noticed and, rather than being jealous, choose to join in. I swear, there were times I felt left out, over-shadowed but my own penis.”

“Well, Mitch, your penis casts a long shadow. And thank you for explaining.” I stepped toward the kitchen door. “I often wondered if talking to my dick was something she did for any guy, or a secret kink just for me.”

“Your wife had many wonderful kinks.”

“My friend, you said a mouthful.” I winked at him. “In more ways than one.”

I walked back into the living room and, once again, admired the amazing view from the penthouse. Meryl walked up behind me, smelling of soap and perfume. She wrapped her silk-covered arms around my waist. “I think breakfast is ready, dear.”

We sat around the small dinette table, enjoying the light breakfast and our second cup of coffee. Meryl seemed a bit disappointed that there was no cantaloupe among the honeydew and watermelons, commenting that a trip to the Farmer’s Market might be on the day’s itinerary. Within the hour we had taken the elevator to the lobby and emerged onto the sunny sidewalk of uptown Dallas.

Meryl and Mitch took off at a brisk clip. I managed to keep up, but was very glad when we reached the trolley station then rode to the museum district. The museums of Dallas have something for everyone, from ancient artifacts to contemporary nonsense. almanbahis My favorite pastime is to make up captions for the people or scenes in famous artwork. I managed to keep Meryl and Mitch entertained as we strolled through the galleries before we decided to make our way down Harwood to the Farmer’s Market.

Browsing through products and produce, Meryl picked up a pair of cantaloupes. Holding them at chest level, she turned to Mitch. “Do you think these will do?”

“Don’t bother, Meryl.” A young woman spoke up behind me. “They’ll never replace your tits.”

Quickly handing the melons to Mitch, Meryl threw her arms around the woman. “Carmella!” she shouted, giving her a very passionate kiss.

The only time I’d seen Carmella, she had made hors d’oeuvres for us the previous night. At the time, she had worn a dark pant suit and professional-style apron. The woman now kissing Meryl wore a braless halter top and cut-off shorts that let her ass cheeks peek out below. Her brown curls bounced as she embraced the older woman.

When the kiss ended, Meryl kept a hand resting comfortably on Carmella’s breast.

After the re-introductions, Meryl insisted Carmella join us for dinner. Carmella hesitated for a moment before Meryl added, “We’ll order out, dear. Nothing for you to do except put good things in your mouth.”

Meryl loved a double entendre.

“In that case, count me in.” Carmella turned to me. “Will you be there?”

“I have nowhere better to be.”

“I’ll see you then. The usual time?”

Mitch nodded. “The usual.”

After some quick hugs, all three of us watched Carmella walk away.

Meryl said what I was thinking. “That woman has some ass.”

“How long have you all been involved?

“When did we first meet, Carmella, sweetheart?”

Mitch answered immediately. “She was part of the staff for Janice’s New Year’s Eve party of ought-eleven. She was barely legal.” They both smiled at the memory. “The party ended soon after midnight, but Carmella didn’t go home until St. Valentine’s Day.”

We made a quick stop at my hotel so I could change clothes. As I pulled on a fresh shirt, Meryl spotted something under the couch. Bending down, she pulled out a pair of panties; red satin with black lace. After a quick sniff, she held them up for Mitch and I to see. “Isn’t Roxanne fun? Such a horny slut.”

We caught a taxi back to their apartment. Once inside, with coats hung up and shoes off, Meryl asked Mitch to order the food for delivery. “Use that place we like with the woman’s name.”

“Of course.” These two had marvelous shorthand.

A few minutes later Meryl and Mitch had stepped into the bedroom to change when the elevator intercom chimed. On a guess, I pushed the green lighted button next to the speaker. “Hello? I don’t know what to do.”

From the speaker came a low buzz and Carmella’s voice. “You just did it. On my way up.”

I waited in the entry hall. As she stepped out of the elevator, my breath escaped in a gasp. Her light brown skin was set off by a deep purple cocktail dress, barely long enough to cover what her earlier cut-offs did not. “Wow. You look great, Carmella. The purple heels even match.”

She gave a quick curtsy. “Everything matches.” She walked over and gave me a long kiss “Call me Carm. Much simpler than wading through ‘Carmella’ every time.” Looking down, she patted the bulge on the front of my pants. “Nice to see I can make an impression.”

“I’m sure Meryl will agree.”

“What will I agree to?” Her eyes landed on her guest. She crossed her arms in mock anger. “Oh, Carmella, don’t you know it’s bad form to be more beautiful than your hostess?” They shared cheek kisses. “I am prepared to make an exception in your case because you are the best fuck I’ve ever gotten from a woman.” Meryl turned to me, as if I needed an explanation. “This woman’s tongue will drive you wild and her pussy is a gift from the goddess. Isn’t that right, sweetheart?”

“So right, Precious.”

A bit embarrassed, I looked at Carm who only shrugged and said, “Can’t argue with the truth.”

As we sat down, Meryl excused herself “to powder my nose” and Mitch took our drink orders almanbahis giriş from the bar.

With our hosts momentarily busy, Carm gave me what I was beginning to realize is her teasing smile. “All right. How long have you known them?”

“We’ve met several times over the years; parties and stuff. We have lots of mutual friends.”

“But this was your first overnight?”

Rather than tell tales, I only shrugged.

“They are something, aren’t they?” Carmella continued with admiration and affection in her voice. “Hedonists in nearly every way. Anything goes. But, be careful. They’re highly addictive. And not just the sex. Meryl and Mitch are loving and generous beyond anything you expect.”

“Oh, Carmella, how you do go on.” Meryl had returned wearing a white satin pant suit that shaped her body seductively.

Carm chuckled, “Nice pajamas, there, lady.”

Mitch handed out drinks and went to change.

The elevator chimed again. “Get the food, will you dear?” By now I was an old pro at the elevator and within a few moments, Carm and I were in the kitchen scooping pasta and tomato sauce from delivery containers into serving dishes.

“Carmella is a beautiful name. Mexican?”

“Italian. My father is Antony and my mother is Sofia.” She nodded toward the bowls. “Pasta runs in my blood.”

“It clogs mine.” Carm laughed politely. I dipped my pinky into the sauce for a quick taste. “A bit strong on the mushrooms.” Carm chuckled and I didn’t know why, so I continued. “Y’know, if I was at home, I’d just eat it from the container while standing over the sink.”

“If you were at home, I doubt you’d be eating white truffle marinera at $1000 a pop.”

I coughed and stared.

Carm nodded and continued. “While I have your attention,” she touched my arm. “Before we go out there, may I?” Then she kissed me. Sweet and deep. My hand went to the back of her head. Hers rested on my hip.

“I wanted a taste before things get crazy.”


“You did say you were here all night, didn’t you? You must know how they get.”

Picking up the two serving bowls, she started whistling “Deep in the Heart of Texas” as she opened the kitchen door with her butt. I followed with place settings and silverware, and a growing fondness for Carmella.

No sooner had we started to eat, than Meryl stared at her plate. “This will not do. This white satin was a bad idea. The tomato sauce will stain dreadfully with the slightest drop. Excuse me.”

Standing up, she quickly stripped to her complete nothing. “That’s better.” Sitting back down, she looked around the table. “Anyone else?”

Mitch began to undress as well.

Carm looked at me, mouthing the word ‘Crazy’ before she kicked off her shoes and lifted her dress over her head. True to her word, the tiny bra and panties matched the purple exactly. She quickly removed them, revealing barely visible tan lines highlighting her medium-sized breasts and small, tan nipples. The tiny landing strip above her pussy lips was soft brown, like the curls on her head.

Not wanting to be the stand-out, I undressed quickly. Carm gave me a wink before her eyes dropped to my dick, already hardening. She nodded approvingly. “That explains a lot.”

“Doesn’t it, though?” Meryl chimed in. “But he’s more than a pretty prick, sweety. Wait until you try his tongue. Woo!”

Meryl went back to eating as Carm smirked. “I can’t wait.”

The restaurant had sent Tiramisu for dessert, but, as we started eating, I couldn’t help looking at the two beautiful women sitting on either side of me, completely nude.

Meryl glanced into my lap, noticing my cock sticking straight up. With a smile, she asked “Do you need some help with that, dear? Who wants to do the honors?”

Mitch began raising his hand.

“Oh, sweetheart, where are your manners?” Her delicate fingers gestured toward Carmella. “Don’t you think our lovely guest should have the first turn?” Then she swept her arm in a broad gesture she announced, “Into the playroom.”


Carm took my hand as we followed Meryl and Mitch into an additional bedroom. The room was quite large with mattresses and pillows almanbahis yeni giriş on the floor. Various leather straps were mounted on the walls. A small fountain trickled white noise in the corner.

Carm’s smile was genuinely warm. “The playroom.” Dropping to her knees, she cradled my hard dick in both hands, blowing softly across the head. Out of reflex, my cock bobbed up and down. “Well, that’s adorable. Can we do that again?” Again, she blew her warm breath over the head, and again it bobbed up, but did not go down. Instead, it hovered at her mouth, waiting patiently.

Carm glanced up at me with mischievous delight and I smiled back. “I think he likes you.”

“Let’s get comfy and find out.”

We joined Meryl and Mitch who were already stretched across several pillows. Meryl’s head and hands were pumping over her husband’s big dick. Their moans and the aroma of damp pussy spoke of their intense arousal.

With her hand stroking my cock, Carm watched the older couple for a moment. “God, that is hot.” She turned back to me with her broad smile and took my cock into her mouth. She slowly moved closer, easing me deeper into her throat. Her tongue rolled back and forth across the head and I groaned in delight.

“Oh Carm.”


“So nice.”

“Hm.” Her nose pressed into my pubic curls as my cock tapped the back of her throat. “Hmmmmm.”

“CARM.” The vibrations ran the length of my shaft, reverberating in my balls.

Slowly, she slid her head back. As she released my dick, it hit against my stomach with a wet slap. Carm smiled again, taking it back into her mouth and settling into a steady rhythm of gentle face fucking.

Hearing Meryl choke a bit, I looked over as she removed Mitch’s dick from her mouth, but held it firm with one hand at the base. She shifted her body a little, getting a better angle on his cock and bringing her butt closer to me. As my hips started pumping Carm’s mouth, I reached between Meryl’s legs to find her pussy already very wet.

She startled for a moment, then moved a bit more so her body was perpendicular to Mitch’s and her hips were above my face. I raised my head to lick her sweet nectar. “OH, MY DEAR!” Her hips flinched onto my face. I licked her again, this time pulling her clit into my mouth and between my teeth. “God yes. Suck my clit, you wonderful man.”

I felt Carm speed up on my cock and looked down to see she was peering sideways at Meryl’s cunt over my face. Lifting her mouth free, she hissed. “Oh yeah.” A moment later she had swung her legs over Mitch’s face, lowering her pussy to his mouth. “Eat me, Mitch.” She suddenly groaned as his tongue found her opening.

I grabbed Meryl around the ass and pulled my face up; deeper between her thighs. Carm was swirling her mouth on my cock as my hips bucked again and again into her face.

Meryl began grunting as Mitch pushed deep into her throat in quick thrusts while he devoured Carm’s cunt from below, as he swallowed the cum pouring from it. His lyrics were garbled. “The rabbits rush, around the brush.”

Overwhelmed by her orgasm, Carm pulled up from my dick and screamed to the heavens. My cock spewed stream after stream of cum onto her face and neck. I shoved two fingers into Meryl’s sopping center. Her body stiffened as a giant orgasm swept through her.

We lay motionless. I don’t know for how long. The only sound was our labored breathing and the small fountain. Soon, Carmella stretched her young naked body. I swear I heard her growl softly before she grabbed Mitch and pulled him on top of her. “I need fucking, Mitch. You better still be hard because I want your big dick inside me.”

Mitch shoved his hips forward in one thrust and Carm screamed, arching her back. “Yes! Again!” Mitch began pistoning his large cock in and out of this frantic woman.

As I watched them, Meryl suddenly straddled me. “I see you’re still hard, too. Fuck me, my dear. Give me that wonderful cock.” Letting her body drop, her exquisite cunt once more began taking me beyond myself.

The room was filled with moaning and swearing and bodies slapping and liquids spewing as the four of us shared the rise to debauched paradise. As my own orgasm approached, I turned my head to see Carm looking at me. Her hair was matted by sweat to her contorted face and her hands were clawing at Mitch’s back as he pounded into her again and again.

But she was looking at me.

I came harder than I can ever remember.

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