Memories of Boyfriends Past

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Giselle threw done her keys as she came in the door. Tonight had been a blast. Courtney’s wedding was only three weeks away. Giselle was the maid of honor, so the fun of throwing her a bachelorette party fell to her. She’d surprised Courtney by hosting a very demure party, lots of Hors d’oeuvres and classical music. Until…at 9pm, a limo had pulled up at the front door to take them to the best dance club in town.

By the time they arrived at the club, the drinks were going down easy and everyone was having an amazing time. That is until Liam showed up. Giselle’s ex seemed to have made a point of coming up and congratulating Courtney.

“Liam, how are you?” Courtney had asked. “I’d offer to let you join us, but I think Giselle has some things planned that aren’t up your alley.” She giggled, which meant that she’d had too much to drink.

“Too bad,” Liam had responded. His piercing blue eyes ran over the length of Giselle as he replied to Courtney. He rubbed a hand over his stubbled chin and smiled.

“Let me squeeze through, so I can order a drink,” he had said. Liam pressed himself up against her as he placed his order. “Anything for you?” he asked only inches away from her ear. His hot breath across her lobe made her ache. How long had it been since she’d orgasmed? Days, possibly a week. She felt the desire well up in her.

Giselle knew the space at the bar was tight, and she couldn’t help but notice that he was aroused. He didn’t say a word, but he smiled when he saw Giselle’s eyes move to his crotch. She had the urge to grind up against him, to tease him, to let him know that she had desires too.

Courtney must have read her thoughts, because she had immediately squeezed in between the former couple. “How about a drink for the bride to be?” she asked.

Liam had been long gone by the time the stripper showed up for Courtney. Giselle had arranged with the bar to have one of the VIP areas curtained off, so that their activities wouldn’t be seen.

The girls had all whooped and laughed as the man began taking his clothes off. He’d stripped to a tiny G-string that barely covered his impressive manhood. He had a sculpted body that each of them had touched as they slipped dollar bills under the strings of his costume.

“Which one of you is the bride?” he’d asked and he gave Courtney a special dance.

Giselle had already paid for his services, but he’d managed a few minutes of writhing in her direction. Giselle had focused on him, watching his every move as if he was making love to her. The experience had left her breathless and wanting release.

The evening had been a success, but Giselle now found herself antsy. Tonight she wasn’t wishing that she was the one getting married. No, she was thinking about Liam and the stripper and not wanting to go to bed alone.

However, it was now 2am. She wasn’t about to go on-line to try to scratch this itch. She was going to have to take matters into her own hands, she thought. She smiled at her own word play.

First, she wanted to a shower. The bar and the party had been smoky. She wanted to smell nice before she took care of her own needs. Giselle turned on the water. Steam slowed curled up from the shower stall, lending a mysterious air to the room. Not so hot so that it would tire her out, but just hot enough to perk her up for an hour or so.

The water felt delicious as it ran down her skin and off her body. After a few minutes, she adjusted the head of the shower so that the spray fell between her legs. It pounded out a sharp rhythm, almost as if the water knew what would be happening.

She let the water pulse against her, reminding her again of Liam and how she’d wanted to push up against him and feel his manhood pressed up against her.

One of their last times had been in this very shower, and Giselle remembered güvenilir bahis the intense orgasm she’d shared with him as they screwed. Liam had helped her soap up. He’d slid the washcloth between her legs, fueling her desire. He had moved around behind her.

“Are you ready?” he’d asked in a husky voice.

Giselle had turned around and kissed him hard on the lips, letting her tongue flick against his. “Are you?”

He’d entered her from behind, using his hands to caress her breasts. The angle had been right for her to feel each thrust against her clit. She’d come twice that evening.

She dried herself off, using the towel to rub between her legs. Tingling ran up her body. She inhaled sharply as she moved the towel. She put on panties and threw a robe over her still damp body, and slipped out of the bathroom.

Giselle lit a few candles in the bedroom. She was wide awake and humming a song. She recognized it as one of the songs that had played during the strip tease earlier that evening. She got a few items from a bottom drawer of the nightstand and then collected a few more things from around the house. Giselle grabbed the bottle of wine she had opened the night before and poured herself a glass. She inhaled deeply and took a sip. Closing her eyes for a moment to savor the flavor.

She fluffed the pillows on the bed and leaned back, letting her satin robe fall gently off her shoulders. Giselle then reached over and grabbed a piece of ice from the tray she’d brought in with her.

Starting at the navel, the ice cube teased her skin. The cold sensation seemed to woke her up. She took a deep breath and exhaled softly. Her eyes were wide open as she did the same thing again. The water drops that remained felt like kisses on her skin, moist and promising.

She slid her arms out of the sleeves, so that she was now bare above the waist. The ice cube touched her left areole. A shiver ran down her spine as she traced a circle around her nipple, which slowly begin to shrink and harden.

Giselle relaxed and enjoyed her body’s reaction to the touch. She stopped for a moment, the flesh of her nipple soften, and she ran the ice cube around the left nipple again. It hardened faster this time, responding to the cold. Her fingers tips were freezing as she used them to twist and flick her nipple gently. The cold and pressure made her moan softly.

She moved them to the right nipple, repeating the process, tracing the areole with the cube which was now quickly melting.

However, she was far from finished. Giselle took her left nipple and tweaked it, feeling it respond. She pinched it, teased it, and twisted it. Her nipple now stood at attention, and she moved on to the other one. Again she manipulated it, feeling the hard flesh in her hand. Her breath came in ragged spurts as she remove the robe and threw it on the floor.

Giselle took a feather and ran it up and down the insides of her thighs. She remembered how Liam used to blow lightly across her thighs, the warm air caressing her legs and filling her with anticipation. The feather did the same now. She allowed the feather to linger along the lines of her panties, lightly brushing the hairs she’d groomed this morning. She’d been hopeful that something might happen at the bachelorette party, a reason to go home with someone tonight.

She ran the feather over the cotton panties. She smiled, knowing that no man would take this much time to please her. A friend had called it a marathon, not a race to the finish line.

She put the feather back on the nightstand and took a sip from her wine glass. The glass nearly spilled as she tried to put it back on the nightstand. She raised her hips slightly and slowly lowered her panties, kicking them off to the floor. Now she was naked, and Giselle felt a small thrill, knowing that türkçe bahis the time was coming.

She grabbed the little bottle of lube from the nightstand and popped the top. She put a few drops on her index finger. She wanted just enough to take away some friction. She put the bottle back and rested against the pillows. She traced the skin around her opening, feeling the skin start to swell with desire. She touched her lips and moved her fingers between them, teasing them with what was going to happen next.

She slowly slipped her finger inside of her, her motions were smooth and deep. She pushed her finger in a little deeper and then withdrew it. As she began to push in and out, she felt her finger move more smoothly, now relying on her own juices for lubrication.

The hand took on a life of its own as it moved quickly and then slowed and then moved faster still. She squeezed down on her finger, contracting so that she could feel the pull inside of her. She whimpered when she pulled the finger out, feeling its absence inside of her. Giselle forced herself to stop, it was happening to fast and she took a sip of wine.

Now two fingers slid inside of her, easily. She didn’t need lube anymore; her juices were flowing freely. The first thrust brushed against her clit, and she moaned and twitched. She hadn’t been expecting to touch it yet. She was definitely ready for the next phase, but she held off on it. her fingers slid deep inside her this time, pressing against her walls and then sliding back out quickly.

Giselle shifted slightly onto her side so her fingers could go deeper inside her. A few times, she allowed them to brush her clit, sending rushes of heat through her. Giselle started to quickened the pace without touching her clit. How she loved teasing herself.

Pulling out the fingers, the emptiness was palatable. She didn’t bother with lube this time, opting just to add a third finger which was already slick from the other two. This was the type of guy she liked as well, not necessarily long, but thick. Liam had been that way, maybe 7 inches long, but thick at the base. Was he the reason she wanted three fingers inside of her tonight?

She slid the fingers in again and pushed hard. Giselle went nearly up to her second knuckles and moaned with the satisfaction. The additional finger made brushing her clit with every thrust a necessity. She’d lost the ability to choose when to rub against it. The contact happened whether she wanted to or not. She pulled out and then thrust back in again. She moaned louder. It was a good thing that the walls were thick, she thought. Otherwise she’d be waking old Mrs. Yelton next door.

She let her mind go blank and just feel the sensation of the touch, which started to warm her inside. Giselle sped up the thrusts and then slowed them again. For a second, she thought she’d gone too far, but she rested until the feeling passed. Her breath was ragged as she tried to regain her composure. The enjoyment shouldn’t end just yet.

Her fingers twitched, wanting to start up again. Slowly three fingers entered her again. Each thrust felt incredible. She slowed up and then pulled out. She smiled. Now was the fun time. Giselle downed the rest of the glass of wine and then leaned over to the nightstand to grab her vibrating dildo.

She’d picked it up at a party she’d attended a few years ago, one of those erotic versions of the old Tupperware parties.

“Giselle, it’s so – real,” Courtney had said. “What about this one?” Courtney had offered one that looked more like a bullet than a dick.

“I want something that looks like what it is,” Giselle had offered. Several of the other women there had tittered at the response. “It will help with my fantasies.”

In the end, she’d bought what she wanted.

She stopped for a minute and sat up. She güvenilir bahis siteleri poured the rest of the bottle of wine into her glass and took a sip. Giselle had a slight buzz going on now, a feeling of euphoria through her mind – and her body. She was enjoying herself thoroughly.

She twisted the handle, and the device began to hum softly. Giselle started slowly, just teasing her swollen lips. The vibrations had an immediate reaction. The labia grew dark red and swollen as the dildo ran back and forth.

Now the head of the dildo penetrated her. Barely an inch had gone in, and already the juices dripped down the device onto the sheets. She lay flat on the bed and let her muscles go lax. Her hand maneuvered the dildo back and forth, in and out. She never went too far inside of her; Giselle just wanted to tease herself now that she was getting close. What was it that the guys called it – edging. She wanted to go to the edge and pull back before she went over the cliff into pleasure. She wanted to explode tonight. The dildo slid back and forth over her lips. A moan escaped her, and she grabbed a fistful of sheets with her free hand. She bit her lip and then smiled.

Wanting to find a position that would best suit her, she crawled onto her hands and knees. The dildo still held tightly in her right hand. She wondered for a second if she was in this position, because it was Liam’s favorite. She recalled the brush of his body against her tonight and her ache to grind up against him. She’d seen that he was hard and ready.

The dildo hummed again, and slid her hand between her legs. Now she didn’t stop at the lips. The dildo pushed inside. She angled it so that the head of the dildo rubbed directly against her clit. She gasped once and then twice.

Typically, she didn’t depend on direct stimulation to cum, but tonight she wanted a raw and emotional response to her desire. She slid the dildo in and out, faster than she had with her fingers. The pace was relentless and strong. Pleasure rose up in her body, dulling her other senses so everything was focused on a few inches of flesh.

She knew that she’d gone too far to stop now. There would be no pulling back and stopping this time. A freight train of pleasure was approaching, hard, fast and unstoppable. She pressed the dildo against her clit, rubbing it up and down faster and faster until sweat beaded across her forehead. The warmth between her legs grew.

The heat spread to her belly and then sent waves of heat throughout her body. Now she didn’t want to play safe. The orgasm rocked her body. Her breath was heavy and ragged. Giselle felt her face flush as she continued to push the dildo in and out.

A wave of warmth and light washed over her. The moment stopped, and all she could feel was the satisfaction inside of her. Nothing else existed in that moment, just her and her body. Once would not be enough tonight. The quick pace of the dildo persisted throughout the first orgasm. Within minutes, a second one was imminent.

She collapsed on to the bed, feeling another wave of heat spread over her, starting between her legs. This time was slower yet hotter, making her hair stick to her neck. A sheen of sweat covered her and tiny rivulets of perspiration ran down her arms. She panted and tried to catch her breath, but she couldn’t just yet. Her chest heaved, craving air as her body had craved release. The combination of wine and orgasm left her spent on the bed, boneless and limp. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the feeling, the gratification that had finally come. Her eyes drooped with tranquility.

Her relaxed state was interrupted by the chirp of her cellphone. She opened one eye and looked to the nightstand where the phone sat. With effort, Giselle shifted so that she could reach the phone. Liam’s name showed up on the screen along with a photo of him from when they’d dated. He still looked delicious with that mane of dark hair.

Giselle listened to the phone chirp again and then fall silent. She might deal with him another night, but tonight was all about her.

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