Memories Ch. 05

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Please Read previous chapters to follow story line.

The next morning he woke to the smell of breakfast cooking. Good he thought to himself, Cheryl was home and okay. There was always that little worry in the back of his mind about her, he figured it was a normal parent thing, but it was always there nagging him when she was out. He climbed out of bed, went to the bathroom to relieve himself, and then donned a robe to go eat. As he walked into the living room he was thinking to himself whether he could work from home today or not, and deciding there was no reason…

His mind froze as he turned the corner to the kitchen. There was Cheryl bending over looking in the cabinet for something. She had on one of his shirts and nothing else. His cock twitched as he stared at the lips of her pussy. That same old question popped up in his mind, How long has it been since I had some pussy? She stood up and the shirt covered the major part of her ass and she turned around to find him almost comatose behind here at the door of the kitchen.

“Good morning Dad,” she greeted, and looking into his eyes she said, “You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” and smiling she added, “Or something else you probably shouldn’t see.”

“Good morning sweetheart,” he stammered, “you’ve taken a liking to my shirts suddenly?” He asked.

“No,” she answered, “all my gowns were dirty, I had to wash them and had nothing to wear, this was hanging in the laundry room, it’s better than nothing.” She paused, “or if you prefer she acted like she was going to start to unbutton the shirt.”

“No,” he blurted out, “keep your shirt on, or my shirt, I don’t mind”

“Ahhh” she said, “you’re so sweet.” She moved off to start filling the plates with breakfast ignoring the tent in his robe. “Tomorrow, you have to cook breakfast.” She added. “It’s your turn.”

“Okay,” he agreed and sat at the table trying not to expose himself with his cock sticking straight up. I wonder if she knows she’s killing me with these little teasing games she plays he thought to himself.

“Here you go,” she said as she sat down a plate in front of him, she could plainly see his cock was sticking straight up under his robe. I wonder if he knows how bad I need some cock she thought to herself as she sat to eat.

After breakfast she left off to classes and he settled in behind his computer to get some work done. A few calls made and some orders done and he began to think back again.

Later that afternoon after he had talked to Trish about the rape, he called one of his more interesting clients. Every time he dealt with Dave it had always been the same thing. Dave always wanted to get laid. Robert had gone out of his way to insure Dave got laid and they closed whatever deal they were working on. Robert always felt like a pimp doing that, but it didn’t matter, if he had to hire a hooker, it all worked out on the commission check.

“This is Dave.” Dave picked up very business like.

“Hey Dave,” Robert responded like long lost friends. “How’s it going over there?”

“Robert.” Dave responded almost as friendly. “Good to hear from you. It’s a mad house over here, I couldn’t be more miserable.” He laughed in sarcasm. “So, cut to the chase, what cha selling me today?”

“Dave?” Robert acted surprised. “Can’t I just call an old friend in business and catch up on what’s new?”

“Sure you can.” Dave answered, “So hurry and sell me so you can call him.”

“Well,” Robert smiled at the banter. “This isn’t a sell; I got a freebie for you.”

“Ouch.” Dave laughed, “This is gonna cost me big time, I hear it coming.”

“Can you talk?” Robert asked suddenly serious, “I mean private.”

“Hang on.” Dave’s end went silent for a second. “Okay, what’s up?”

“Listen Dave,” Robert began. “Things have really been really crazy lately and I managed to find myself with this girl and well, I really don’t know how to say this, but I want you to come with me over to her place.” Robert went silent.

“Robert?” Dave responded. “I thought you were dedicated to the little women, what’s going on?”

“We can talk about that later.” Robert said, “right now I just wanted to see if you were interested in this other girl.”

“Let’s get on the same page here,” Dave stated. “You’re fucking this chick and you want to share her with me?”

“Yeah,” Robert said.

“Then I have only one thing to say to you.” Dave said sort of serious, “When?”

“I knew I could count on you,” Robert said. “But I have to fill you in on all the details.”

Over the next 20 minutes or so Robert told him first about the pseudo rape and the conversation that morning, then he opened up about Karen and Dave was shocked to hear of it. He told Dave the reason he invited him was to see Trish really resist, somewhat anyways.

“You’re sick!” Dave finally said to Robert, “almost as bad as me.” He laughed. Count me in, but I have to tell bahçeşehir escort you. I’m gonna bring a friend myself. So this chick is gonna really get banged.”

“Great,” Robert responded. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

The next morning they all met up and got in Robert’s car to go see Trish. Robert drove, Dave sat in the front and Steve was in the back. Robert pulled into the drive, Gerald’s car was gone, and he could tell Trish’s car was in the garage.

“Come on.” Robert said as he got out of the care and the two other guys followed.

Robert knocked on the door and after a few seconds the door opened and there was Trish. She was wearing a bathrobe and her hair was wet. “Hi,” she said to Robert, she didn’t notice Dave and Steve because they were standing back away from the door. She turned and walked back into the house leaving the door open for Robert to come on in.

All three of them followed her in and stood in the living room as she turned around to see them. She stared at the two other guys for a second and then began to turn red with anger and looked back to Robert. “What the hell is going on?” She almost screamed at him. Steve closed the front door and Robert moved up close to her as she stared into his eyes. “This is Dave and Steve, two of my friends.” He said as he tried to touch her cheek, but she moved back away from him till she was against the wall.

“No way asshole.” She said to Robert as he closed in on her again. “What do you think? You think I’m your slut or something?” her smoldering eyes stabbed at him.

“Or something” he said as he put a hand on her shoulder. She stared at him, she would have moved to the side, but Dave and Steve were both crowding in on her now from each side. Dave put his hand on the side of her neck and began to move it under the robe towards her breast. She stood there ignoring the other two guys as he cupped her naked breast under the robe; he lightly touched the nipple and then pulled it lightly. Her body was beginning to respond, but she was angry and convinced this was not going to happen.

“You’re an asshole.” She said in a more soft voice as he pushed the robe open to reveal her breast, she was naked underneath. Her nicely trimmed dark bush was still moist from the shower; her nipples were hard and heaving as she breathed. He couldn’t decide if she was mad or turned on. Dave reached over and began to feel her other tit, rolling the nipple and pulling on it. She refused to look at him, she just stared at Robert. Robert moved forward and began to kiss her. At first she refused to cooperate, but then she opened her mouth and his tongue shot in. She moaned as he kissed her and he knew she was theirs.

He kissed his way down her throat and to her breast and began sucking on the nipple, he noticed Steve’s hand was inside her robe feeling her ass and Dave had taken the hint and was sucking her other breast. Trish had her eyes closed and had given in to them, she knew she could never stop them, or herself.

Robert could smell her cunt, he knew she was more than ready and moved his hand down between her legs. At first she seemed to hold her legs together, but relaxed as his finger ran lightly up and down her pussy lips then moving gently into the folds looking for her clit, when he found it she moaned loudly and bent her legs slightly. Steve pulled his shirt off, kicked off his shoes and quickly dropped his pants and shorts, his cock sprang up ready for action as he did. He took her hand and placed it on his cock and she grasped it and began to rub it up and down.

Dave quickly stripped following Steve as Steve pushed the robe off her shoulders and to the floor. Robert was rubbing her clit and she was spreading her legs to give him access. He quickly pushed a finger in, then two and began to finger fuck her. She couldn’t take any more and literally fell into Steve’s arms. Robert moved back as Steve lowered her to the floor, Robert began to strip as he watched Steve push his cock towards her mouth as she lay on the floor. Dave dove between her legs and began to lick here pussy lips.

She cried out, “Ohhh Gaud.” and Steve took the opportunity to shove his cock in her mouth. She grasped it again with her hand and began to suck as Dave moved from her pussy lips to her clit. She bucked her hips against his mouth as he made little circles with his tongue around her clit. Robert moved up to her and began to kiss on her breast again as Dave crammed two fingers into her cunt while his licked her clit. She squirmed on the floor as she began to climax. She twisted her mouth around Steve’s cock as she bucked her hips on Dave’s mouth and let out a high pitched sound around the cock in her mouth and her body began to shake and tremble.

Steve had his hand on the back of her head and was pushing his cock deeper and deeper with every thrust as she went limp from her orgasm. Dave moved up on beylikdüzü escort top of her making Robert move for the moment, he put the head of his cock at her entrance and pushed forward suddenly. His cock slid into her cunt easily, she was sloppy wet and he began to fuck her hard. Robert watched as Steve fucked her mouth and Dave fucked her pussy, she laid there limp for a few minutes and then began to respond to the fucking by bucking back with his every thrust. Her hand let go of Steve’s cock, he was shoving it in completely now, Robert could she her throat expand as his cock entered with every thrust. Suddenly he grunted and slammed his cock completely into her throat and held it. She was swallowing like crazy has he held his cock in her throat and grunted, she had no choice but to swallow his cum, he held her tightly. Finally he pulled his half hard cock from her mouth, cum spilled out and down her cheek and a string of cum and spit mixed strung from his cock to her mouth. She took deep breaths getting the oxygen she badly needed and then began to moan again.

Once Steve moved, Dave moved completely on top of her in the missionary position and began to piston his cock in and out of her. She locked her legs around his ass as he fucked her, pulling him as deep as she could with every thrust. Steve rubbed his half hard cock and watched with Robert as Dave fucked her. As his pace quickened she began to moan again and then she started making a high pitched sound again just before her body began to shake with another orgasm. Dave grunted as her cunt tightened and spasmed around his cock. He slammed her hard over and over as he felt his own orgasm beginning. She grunted with his thrust and thrust back with her hips as his cock began to shoot his cum inside her cunt. Finally he thrust forward and held his cock in her as he emptied his balls.

He rolled off her and she laid there with her eyes closed, cum leaking out of her pussy and off her cheek. She knew they weren’t done and she isolated herself from them by keeping her eyes closed. She was really enjoying this, it was the most exciting sex she had ever had, she’d never been with more than one guy before, but inside she knew she shouldn’t be enjoying it unless he was really a slut. She didn’t resist when Robert rolled her over onto her stomach, she didn’t look to see who it was, and she didn’t care. Someone pulled a footstool over and they guided her onto it with her ass off one side and her head off the other. Robert spread her legs and slid his hard cock into her sloppy pussy, and began to fuck her from behind. Dave brought his half hard cock up to her face and began to push it onto her lips.

She refused, she kept her lips closed, that cock had just been in her pussy. He grabbed her nose and she open her mouth and he crammed his half hard cock into her mouth. She could taste cum, and her own juices as she sucked the hardening cock. She felt Robert’s hand around his cock as it slid in and out of her, and then he began to rub up against her ass. He reached down again and got more juice and began to rub that around her ass as his cock moved slowly in and out of her. “Umm mh” she moaned around Dave’s cock and tried to move her ass as Robert pushed his index finger slightly inside her ass. She tried to take the cock from her mouth so she could say no, but Dave pushed it in and out of her and she couldn’t get free.

Robert’s finger was pushing into her ass down to the knuckle now and it hurt, and at the same time, no she dismissed that it felt good. He was fucking her and that was feeling good. He pulled his finger from her ass and got more juice and began to push in her ass again. She tried to tighten up, but it just hurt more, so she relaxed and his finger was back in her ass. Then it got more uncomfortable as another finger joined the first. Dave’s cock was completely hard now and moving in and out of her mouth, she tried to wiggle her ass to get free of the fingers, but to no avail. Dave was ramming his cock into her mouth and Steve was right beside her, he led her hand to his now hard cock again and she was stroking it.

Suddenly Robert pulled his cock out of her sloppy pussy and moved it up to her ass. “Uhmmmm” she protested as he began to press his cock against her asshole. He moved it around a little and pressed again, her ass was tight and it wasn’t budging. Robert returned his cock to her cunt and she moaned in agreement as Steve got up and left. Robert had his finger back in her ass and his cock in her pussy; she could live with that, but not the other. Dave was fucking her mouth slowly and moaning as she sucked it hard and twisted her mouth around his cock. She thought if she could get them to all cum one last time she would at least save her ass from being fucked.

She heard the toilet flush and Steve came back, she could hear them talking and then she knew his real reason for leaving, he brought back avcılar escort Vaseline. She could smell it and heard it open, and now Robert was applying it to her ass and sliding his finger in her. The cold feeling set her off and she began to moan again. Then he pulled his cock out of her pussy and began to press against her ass again. On the second try the head of his cock popped into her ass. The pain was overbearing, and it was mixed with a really funny good feeling. Steve reached around her and began to rub her clit as Robert pushed his cock deeper into her ass, and he began pull out and push in again. The combination was having it’s affect on her and she began to moan.

Robert was encouraged by this and began to thrust harder into her ass, in just a matter of seconds he was buried balls deep into her ass. Dave was thrusting hard into her mouth and Steve was rubbing her clit. Steve said something to Robert and laid flat on the floor, Robert pulled out of her ass making a pop sound as he did and Dave pulled out of her mouth. She wasn’t sure what was happening until she was moved on top of Steve, his cock was hard again and they lowered her right onto it. He began to pull her down on his cock and she moaned in response. It didn’t take long before Dave had his cock back into her mouth, and when she rocked back she was impaled on Steve’s cock and when she moved up; Dave’s cock was crammed down her throat. Then Robert moved behind her again and began to press his cock against her ass. It still hurt as he entered her asshole. Now when she rocked back, she was being impaled by two cocks. She felt really stretched by the two cocks, it hurt a lot, and that somehow was bring on a different kind of orgasm. He ass was so tight Robert couldn’t get it in completely, but unlike the other guys, he hadn’t cum yet and her tight ass was too much, he began shooting his cum into her ass and cramming his cock in as far as it would go. She was making some sort of grunting sound with every thrust.

Steve could feel Robert’s cock twitching against his own cock as he fucked her pussy. Robert grunted as he shot his cum in her ass and then he finally pulled out his cock. His cum dribbled out of her ass onto Steve’s cock and she seemed to relax. Robert sat back on the couch his cock limp but growing again as he watched Steve’s cock ram up into her cunt. He watched as she came again with him fucking her and a few minutes later Dave was shooting his second load down her throat. Then Steve turned her over and began to slow fuck her missionary style as Robert and Dave watched.

Steve took his time, rubbing her clit and slowly fucking her sloppy cunt, and then he began to kiss her breast and her neck. Robert and Dave looked at each other as Steve began to kiss her mouth, the two of them locked together by the groin and mouth. Finally after 15 minutes or so of this slow fucking Trish began to moan in his mouth and raised her legs up pulling his cock deep into her as he pumped away slow and steady. She broke the kiss and was crying out as her body shook with another orgasm, and then Steve began to grunt as he came deep inside her cunt. The two of the collapse together on the floor and laid there for awhile.

After a few minutes Steve got up and started to get dressed, so Robert and Dave did the same. Trish was lying in the floor just where she was, she was quite a sight freshly fucked in every hole. Robert went over to her, took her hand and pulled her onto her feet. She put her arms around him and said, “Ass hole.” He hugged her for a second as Steve and Dave made for the door. She hung onto Robert as the two of them left leaving the door open for Robert. He pulled her to the door, and looked out at the neighborhood, all quite on a weekday morning.

He pulled her into the doorway, she was still naked. “Don’t” she whined. “Someone will see me…”

“So,” he answered. As he stepped out the door with his arm still around her pulling her with him, she looked nervously around the neighborhood as she stepped out totally naked beside Robert. “Walk me to my car.” He instructed her.

She kept looking around, but stepped down the walkway to the car in the drive, naked to her neighbors. He opened the door and sat in, pulled her too him and give her a kiss on the cheek and felt of her ass as she stooped beside the car naked. “I’m gonna have a party next week, I want you and Gerald to come.” He said.

“I got to go in,” she pulled back but he held her.

“I want you to tell me you will come to my party, with your husband.” Dave said as he held her. A car came down the street from the other way and drove past them as she scrunched down. It looked like some woman in the car; it didn’t look like she had seen Trish.

“We’ll come.” She said, “Now let go.”

“Okay.” He let go of her and she began to walk back to the house as some guy in a car drove by and honked and then she ran to her door and went inside.

Robert looked up dazed at the computer screen as he remembered that. He’d never used a woman like that before, and at the time he hadn’t realized the destructive path he was own. He got up and stretched, he was horny and hungry, so he decided there was food to eat and no pussy around, and so he went to get lunch.

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