Megan Ch. 4

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After the successful, and incredibly erotic, house warming party, I allowed myself to sleep in the following day, and didn’t in fact surface until just after lunch. That wasn’t any great problem as it was Saturday and I’d deliberately left this weekend free, but as I strolled out into the lounge and kitchen area after having a refreshing shower, I was glad that I’d taken some time before I went to bed to clear up the worst of the party rubbish and wash up the dishes. I was therefore able to relax and make myself a light lunch before heading out and taking a dip in the pool, then lying on a blanket alongside the pool to soak up the sun. It was another extremely hot day, so promised to be another warm night too and I idly wondered if Megan and her husband would pop over after dark for a swim, mmmm, visions of the last occasion they’d done that flashed across my mind and I felt my cock start to stiffen, remembering them fucking like crazy when they thought I wasn’t home, mmmm.

Damn! I sat up, shaking my head, hadn’t I had enough last night? I was behaving like a horny teenager instead of a mature 50 plus! I clambered to my feet and took a running dive into the cold water of the pool and swam strongly up and down its length briskly, forcing the horny thoughts from my mind, concentrating on anything and everything that wasn’t involved with sex. Eventually I succeeded and was able to clamber from the pool and wander back into the house in a calm and even state, switching on the TV and settling down on the couch for an afternoon of sport watching.

Time passed quite quickly, and I realized that I was starting to feel hungry, I glanced at the clock, my goodness, it was after 6 pm, little wonder I was feeling the need for food. I wandered into the kitchen and started to look through the fridge and the cupboards, but nothing there seemed to inspire me, particularly since the last thing I felt like was going to the trouble of cooking anything, so eventually I decided to ring the local Pizza shop and have them deliver something. They told me it would be about half an hour, so I settled back in front of the TV, and soon lost track of time again, to be brought out of my reverie by the loud sound of the doorbell.

I quickly jumped back into my bathers and grabbed my wallet and dashed to the door and opened it, expecting to see the Pizza delivery man, instead I found myself staring rather dumbfoundedly at Jenny, my ex wife.

She grinned widely at me, “Well, don’t look so shocked, it’s only me, aren’t you going to ask me in?” she said.

“I’m sorry” I stammered, “I thought you were the Pizza man”

She threw back her head and laughed, “Mmm, don’t recall being mistaken for a man before, much less a Pizza man!”

“Oh, I didn’t mean” I stammered again, completely confused. At that moment another car drove up with a Pizza sign blazing from the top, and Jenny glanced round and laughed.

“Oh, I see, you mean a real Pizza man” she said, as she moved past me into the house.

I spent some time dealing with the pizza delivery driver, and walked into the lounge carrying the Pizza carton, Jenny had seated herself on the couch, so I placed it on the table in front of her, and she sniffed loudly, “Mmm, smells nice, you are going to share it aren’t you, I’m absolutely starving” she said.

“Sure” I replied, still trying to recover from the surprise of seeing her, and brought out an extra plate and sat in the chair opposite her. Over the next 15 minute we ate the Pizza and engaged in small talk, and it was almost like it had been all those years ago when we were married, except there was something different, something I couldn’t put my finger on. It was only when the Pizza was finished, the carton put in the bin and Jenny had offered to make the drinks that I realized what it was. She was walking back from the bar in the corner when I suddenly realized that Jenny wasn’t wearing a bra! Now that might not seem particularly sensational, as Jenny had never really needed to wear one, she had medium size breasts that were very high and firm, but in all the time we were married I’d never been able to persuade her to go around without a bra on – even though I often told her how exciting she would look and how turned on I would get.

Now she was wearing a relatively thin satin blouse which may even have been half a size too small, because the material was molded taut across her breasts, and her nipples were standing out boldly. If she noticed me staring at her breasts, she didn’t let on, she just walked towards me and leaned down to place the cold drink on the table in front of me, and as she did so the blouse gaped slightly and I found myself staring down and seeing the full nakedness of her breasts. Was it my imagination, or did she stay leaned over just that fraction longer than necessary? It didn’t make any difference, the effect was instantaneous! my cock almost exploded through my bathers and I was totally aroused. She just had to realize, the sudden Ankara escort intake of breath, the flush that raced over my face, but she acted as if nothing had happened and returned to her place on the couch with a small smile on her face, perhaps a smile of triumph.

I grabbed my drink and gulped it down, suddenly so conscious of her as a beautiful, sexy woman, and my condition worsened when she smiled warmly at me and told me how surprised she’d been to receive my invitation to the housewarming party, how she’d initially decided not to come, then changed her mind, how glad she was that she did, and how much she had enjoyed the party. It was at this point that she raised her own glass slightly and grinned widely and said, “Mmm yes, I really did enjoy it – all of it!” and she stared right into my eyes.

Well, I just gulped, suddenly remembering exactly what had happened between us, and again stammered as I said I was glad she’d liked it. Then thought to ask at last what had brought her over tonight.

“Oh that” she said, a curious grin coming on to her face, “What time is it?”

I glanced at my watch, “Just after 7, why?”

“Oh, do you mind if I make a phone call?” she asked, rising up from her seat and leaning forward to place her glass on the table – something she could have done before she got up! But this way I got another teasing look at her naked breasts!

“Of course not” I replied, totally lost as to what was going on.

She moved over to the phone and my eyes followed her tight ass, mmm she even seemed to have developed a new wiggle, I thought. She consulted a piece of paper from her purse and dialed.

“Hi, this is Jenny” I heard her say, then laugh lightly “Yes, I’ve arrived safely, and I’m really looking forward to it. No, I haven’t, I thought it would be best if it was a surprise. How long do you think? Ok, that sounds fantastic, look forward to seeing you soon, bye”

Then she put the phone down and walked back across to stand in front of me. I guess I must have looked puzzled or confused as she laughed, “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll understand later” she said – making me even more confused. Then she glanced towards the garden, “Do you think it’s too soon after eating the Pizza for a swim?” she asked, “It’s really so hot tonight.

“Nnno” I again stammered, “You didn’t eat all that much, it should be fine”

She turned back and grinned, “Oh good, (slight giggle), of course I didn’t bring my bikini, but you wont mind will you?”, and before I could even think of an answer, she reached down, took the hem of her blouse and lifted it over her head and tossed it onto the couch, then bent slightly and started undoing the zip of her jeans. I stared open mouthed at her gorgeous breasts before they disappeared from sight as she bent right forward to peel the jeans from her legs and toss those too onto the couch, leaving her in just a pair of thongs. But not for long, she quickly peeled them down and threw them onto the couch and stood there totally naked. Looking at me with a wide smile on her face, because I was gawking like a teenager seeing his first pussy!

God she looked stunning, and she knew it, and she knew how it affected me, those high, firm tits, that glorious shaved pussy, I was drooling, and my cock was fighting to escape. She glanced down at the battle being fought inside my bathers and her grin widened, “Well, aren’t you going to join me?” she said, and with a laugh and a toss of her head, turned and walked out of the lounge towards the pool area.

I hesitated a moment, but only a moment, I was too on fire to listen to anything my head was trying to say, and I almost ripped off my bathers and bounded after her. She was already in the pool, swimming strongly when I dove in and joined her, but when I reached out to grab her, she laughingly dodged my clumsy embrace and swam away again. So engrossed was I in trying to catch Jenny, that my first awareness of another presence was a deep, hearty female laugh, and I spun around open mouthed to see Megan standing on the edge of the pool – and she was completely naked too!

I stood transfixed, partly by shock and partly by the incredibly beautiful erotic sight she made standing there naked in the fading evening rays, the last of the sun seemed to make her whole body glow, her magnificent breasts like twin mountains of fire. God she looked magnificent. As I stood, frozen by her beauty, Jenny swam up behind me and slid her arms around to cup and fondle my rampant cock, and she laughed lightly, “Guess we can tell him now Megan?” she asked.

Megan looked down and grinned widely and nodded, “Well, William, Megan and I enjoyed last night so much we decided to come back for more, more of your gorgeous cock and also more of each other, in fact, more of that three way loving that blew us both away last night” said Jenny.

I was totally lost for words, totally in a state of shock, this wasn’t the Jenny I knew, the Jenny I’d been married to for over Ankara escort bayan 10 years, and it was as if she was reading my thinking as she laughed again, “Quite a surprise, Mmm? But last night made me realize how much I needed good loving and how much I’d been missing” she looked over at Megan who had slipped into the water and was now standing right in front of me, “Touching Megan and having Megan touching me, excited me more than I’ve ever been excited before, and having you in me at the same time, having you as part of it seemed to lift it to a new dimension of experience, and when Megan and I took the swim afterwards and she told me that she’d felt the same, we knew we had to do it again, and soon! So we arranged tonight, not mad at us are you?”

I didn’t get a chance to reply, Megan’s lips clamped onto mine and her hands began to roam my body, taking over from Jenny’s hands on my cock, and for a moment I wondered what had happened to Jenny’s, then I felt them, or at least the back of them, and I knew she was cupping and caressing Megan’s gorgeous breasts. Then Jenny was gone from behind me, and I saw her from the corner of my eyes move around and behind Megan and begin to stroke Megan’s body, her ass cheeks and around to her breasts, and suddenly Megan was moaning into my mouth.

Her head pulled back sharply and turned half around and then she and Jenny were kissing deeply and passionately, god, that was such a horny sight. I moved back slightly and slipped one hand between us and cupped it between Megan’s legs and stroked her pussy, and felt her buck and shudder, I did the same with Jenny, sliding my hand between her legs and stroking her juicy pussy, and she was bucking and shuddering too. Then I pulled away and grabbed them each by the arm, “Inside, Now!” I said with a tone of urgency in my voice, and they both scrambled for the step and clambered up, and out. God they looked so magnificent, so horny, with the sun’s rays lighting their wet bodies, that for a moment I almost called on them to stop, but when they seemed to hesitate, I said again, “Inside, now!”, and they both reacted as if I’d stung them, and they squealed as they darted inside.

When we arrived in the lounge I told Megan to lie on her back on the floor and told Jenny to kneel on one side of her as I knelt on the other, then I leaned over and kissed Jenny lightly on the lips, lifting my hands to brush lightly over her breasts, and a shiver ran through her. Then I leaned down and did the same to Megan. Kissing her lightly and brushing my hands over her breasts, then as I pulled back, Jenny leaned forward and did the same, and I heard a half sob from Megan as her hand involuntarily came up to cup one of Jenny’s breasts, and they both shivered. Then Jenny pulled back and looked at me and smiled, and I nodded slightly, and we both bent forward and began to suck and lick on Megan’s voluptuous breasts. Running our lips and tongues over the whole of her breasts and teasing and sucking lightly on her stiff and swollen nipples, occasionally lifting our heads and joining our mouths in a sensuous kiss, tongues dancing wildly before returning to Megan’s breasts. At one point we sent massive judders through Megan by trapping her nipple in between our questing mouths and dancing tongues, both lashing her nipple, both sucking on it at the same time.

Meanwhile our hands were busy too, stroking and caressing the rest of Megan’s body, especially her thighs and her pussy, seeking to maximize the pleasure we were giving her. It was a curious situation to find another hand where mine was questing, finding another finger sliding into Megan’s pussy along with mine. I noticed with interest, the different things that Jenny’s fingers did to mine, and realized she was bringing to bear her knowledge of her own body, of her own responses, and Megan was responding to them too, her body lifting and jumping, groans, moans and occasional squeals coming from her. Jenny and I seemed to be working with an amazing synchronicity, so it was no surprise when we mutually left Megan’s breasts and allowed our lips and tongues to traverse her stomach and slide between her legs.

Not as much room here, so we took it in turns to lick and suck on Megan’s pussy, again, occasionally stopping to kiss deeply and exchange and share the taste of Megan’s Juicy pussy, mmm it was so hot sitting back a little and watching Jenny slurping Megan’s copious pussy juices, I was just so turned on, and I knew Jenny was too as I slipped my hands between her legs and started to stroke her pussy and her clitoris, God, I was so swollen and so hard, I just knew I had to fuck one of them – and soon!

Megan’s body was going berserk as first my tongue and then Jenny’s invaded her eager pussy, licking and lapping at her juices and her super sensitive slit, and orgasm after orgasm started to roll through her, and she cried out. Her body motions and her squealing were really getting to Jenny too and she started to squirm and buck as Escort Ankara my fingers probed her gushing pussy, and I knew I had to do something soon. Then it came to me, the ideal solution. I pulled away from Megan and lay on my back, and called to Megan to mount my throbbing, swollen cock, and she quickly complied, eagerly lifting up and straddling my thighs and lowering her pussy towards my rampant cock.

Jenny surprised me a little by grabbing my cock and guiding it towards Megan’s descending pussy, god, how horny, my ex wife guiding my cock into my current lover’s pussy, it almost blew me away! Then I was inside Megan and she rammed downwards hard , burying my cock to the hilt in her pussy and almost trapping Jenny’s hand in the process, but at the last minute it slipped away and started to cup and fondle my heavy balls. I moaned with pure delight.

Then I called out to Jenny and directed her to sit on my face so I could eat out the honey from her pussy, and with a cry of delight she did just that, placing her knees either side of my face and allowing her pussy to slowly descend onto my eagerly waiting tongue, MMM she was amazingly wet, and did indeed taste like sweet honey. I ran my tongue all the way from her pussy to her asshole, trailing her juices with me, and she moaned as she rubbed her pussy even harder down onto my face, and I reamed her ass with my tongue, before returning once more to her juicy pussy and lashing her clit. She was jumping and shuddering and crying out just as much as Megan, as I licked and lapped her gushing pussy.

Then I heard Jenny crying out, words that sent hot lava racing through my body, “Oh Megan” she cried, “I’ve got to kiss you, I’ve got to taste your beautiful lips, I’ve got to play with your horny breasts!”

And I heard Megan cry out too, “Oh yes, Jenny, oh yes, I want that too, I want to kiss and lick and play with your lips and your gorgeous tits”

And then there was just the moans and groans as they started to love each other and play with each other as I ate Jenny’s pussy and fucked Megan’s, my face buried in Jenny’s hot pussy I couldn’t see a thing, but I knew what they were doing, and that excited me so much. Megan was literally pounding her pussy down onto my cock and I was lifting and thrusting to meet every down ward thrust, and Jenny was rocking and rolling her pussy all over my face and my lips and my tongue and I was lapping everything my tongue could reached. She seemed to particularly like it when I occasionally rammed just the tip of my tongue into her ass hole, and her whole body would leap and cavort. Almost smothering me.

And then I was cumming, screaming out a wild yell muffled by Jenny’s pussy, as my cock expanded, then exploded and shot gallons of hot cum like a fire hose up into Megan’s pussy, and that set her off too, and I heard her wild screams as her body was wracked by a monster orgasm. Then I was almost drowned by a sudden gush of hot juices from Jenny’s pussy as she mashed it down into my face and ground it around, god, I was suffocating and drowning at the same time, and I couldn’t have cared less! I was experiencing sensations of pleasure that bordered on ecstasy as all three of us poured out our orgasms and our juices in a mutual explosion of crazy passion.

Eventually the shaking and shuddering wracking Megan’s and Jenny’s bodies had the logical physical dimension effect and they tumbled sideways, arms still wrapped around each other, still kissing passionately, and within seconds their arms and legs were tightly around each other and their pussy’s were mashing together as they rode their orgasms for all they were worth. I sat up and watched in awe and growing excitement as the two beautiful, sexy ladies fucked each other crazy! Until finally their orgasms faded to a moaning shiver or two through each of their bodies, and they fell apart, each pulling in great gulps of air as they sought to still their pounding hearts and bring their breathing back to normal.

Eventually they succeeded, and turned back to look at me, a wide grin on each of their faces, “Glad we came William?” Jenny asked with a giggle.

Megan goggled too, “Well I’m sure glad I came, and came and came!” she said.

And we all burst out laughing.

Then I looked at each in turn and leaned over and kissed them, “Mmm I’m sooo glad you came, both of you, that was the most incredible experience of my life, just seeing you together was just so special!”

Megan looked at Jenny and there was almost a self conscious smile on her face, “I knew last night when I first touched you that it would be special, I’ve never felt this way for a woman before, never wanted a woman before, but with you…”

Jenny’s grin was equally self conscious, “Me too, I never, ever thought I could want a woman, or love a woman, but I couldn’t wait to get here tonight and see you and touch you again”

I held back a moment, allowing the specialness of what they’d said to vibrate between them, then with a slight cough I said, “Ah, don’t forget me ladies, I was here too!”

Jenny laughed, “Oh yes, what would we have done without you, come to think of it, what are we going to do with you?” and she glanced over at Megan.

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