Meeting the Boss’s Daughter Ch. 17

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It’s been a while since I wrote about Katie. I’m sorry to those who got disappointed with the turning points. I must admit, it was just a twist to add a bit more than just a perfect relationship between a much older man and a much younger woman who’s only beginning to really discovery herself. Anyway, given all that, I decided to not post the remaining four of the 11-20 chapters and instead, just summarized the events of it and the explanations of why it came to be.

I would expect a lot of criticisms again but please try to understand, it might be so simple when you’re reading but these are characters in a story. They can’t always think clearly or sensibly to the things that happen to them. This, I write relative to a comment I received before about how “dumb” he/she thought of one of the characters. Maybe you thought of it, it’s not that I didn’t, but I wrote about a character who was in a moment of panic and didn’t have the leisure to think clearly.

Thank you to those who’ve sent me sweet words of encouragement. I appreciate them all, the good and the bad. But when you’re not happy with the story, please don’t be so mean about it. It’s really not necessary. I’m not at all perfect.

P.S. it’s a long read.


Katie walked around the exhibit floor of the 3-day designer convention, admiring the amazing designs and POS displays companies had on. It had been a while since she’d set eyes on sketches and illustrations that she’d initially seen from Adam, from a company her dad used to run.

Eventually, she found out her dad had been suspended for an “undetermined” length of time. Over half a year after the takeover, he got tired of waiting and presumed the worst. He never heard back on that status of his employment or his position but he knew that the business he once headed was no longer what he had built, what he had set it out to be. The future he envisioned for it was gone, broken, taken over and revised by somebody he had no respect for and the people he trusted and enjoyed working with had gradually moved on. They’d taken his daughter from him as a precondition when he had first started working for the company.

15 years ago, Philipp’s wife left him, left their daughter with him, with no regard for her welfare. He never knew why but the agony of losing her broke him down so much. He gambled his life away until he lost almost everything, became a drunk, and to a point that, in his drunken state, he had used his daughter as collateral at one of his poker games. He woke up the next day and realized what he had done. He tried to ask for time to settle the debt, to keep the men he owed from taking her from him. Despite the chance, nobody would hire him and the deadline grew closer and closer. Panic and grief had kept him sober as he roamed the streets trying to find work, in any way that he could, sketching and selling his designs to whoever would buy…until he met Helena and Hunter’s father.

Hunter was a child then, so was Helena, but unlike her brother, she was so eager to make her father proud. She stood right by his side during every discussion and every deal he made, including the deal her father made with Philipp. Hearing his story, without even looking at the quality of his work, Helena’s father made him promise that he would help but on the condition that should he be granted authority over the company that he would be assigned to, he had to be sober, clean, profitable, that he would remain gamble & debt free and, for the most part, that he MUST take care of his daughter, no matter what or else, they would take her away from his care… Give him back the life they would be saving him from. Helena beamed proudly at the importance her father gave the word “daughter”, because to her, he meant HER.

Philipp looked out the window a number of those times, watched his little girl running around the big yard, chased by the little boy, Hunter, who never cared about the negotiations or the empire that his father had. Every time there was a meeting, he would ask for Katie, taking every chance to keep her company, make sure she didn’t know what was going on, what deals were being made.

Now, 15 years after, what happened to Katie broke his heart, but at the same time, he heard the younger sibling, Hunter had taken her with him. He hadn’t thought about it then, in all his panic, but he had traded her life just the same in promise to create success.

After the rape incident, they blamed him, not because of the rape, but because of how he exposed Katie to the older men at the office. She had become not only the fantasy of the bad ones, but a partner to another, that her presence was a distraction to the business. It was… Unforgivable to their father but Philipp knew Adam, very well in fact, as he had found out about the “relationship”. True, he was old enough to be her father but for the most part, he was a good man.

Regardless of the events, they never gave him or Katie a chance to see or communicate with each other anymore, as was Ankara escort the agreement. A tear dripped down as memories of her pretty smile came to thought, she had become his purpose then, her life was his ambition. He still had hopes that he would one day get to the chance to apologize.


“Damn,” the word just slipped out of my mouth as the screen popped out an error message. It had been going that way for a while now. I’ve re-calibrated the settings, redid the code, modified the alterations I made, but it still wouldn’t give me the damn display.

“Is your laptop being cross with you?” a colleague teased.

I scratched my head in wonder, “It’s so simple, I don’t know why the bloody thing wouldn’t work.”

“Perhaps it’s time to look for another job then, mate,” another called out.

We’ve been at the convention exhibit for a day now. I had the assignment to create the digital design exhibit, while the others took care of the actual models on display.

I sighed loudly and took a sip of the coffee that was beside me. Glancing at the crowd in my utter frustration, my eyes, tired as they were, immediately locked onto a woman in the crowd. Could it be… I couldn’t believe it. Her hair was just a bit longer now, she looked… fabulous still. I wonder if she would remember me. However… I turned and looked at the group I was with… I can’t leave. Sigh, new job, new rules, although less irrational supervisors this time around… well, that’s comparing it to Philipp’s ruling.

6 months after Helena took over, everyone stood by, hoping the reign would be quick. It wasn’t. She had demanded and demanded so much time and work without much compensation, nor humility. Nobody ever got in her good graces… Except me maybe… She had continued to work me, in more ways than one, always with the threat of losing the job or Katie.

Katie… It took some hard time but I’d finally surrendered to the fact that she was never coming back. Perhaps she’d left town with her dad, maybe she’s moved on. Whatever the reason, I couldn’t bear another day at that place. I submitted my resignation and never looked back.

I finally got hired at my current company, Precision, mostly because of the freelance work I did during the period of unemployment. Anyway, I decided to take the leap and sent in my application, of which they quickly replied to on a positive note, together with a great compensation package and good benefits. The only difference was, the company was massive and people were a lot more serious at the office. Nobody would dare sneak out or get together after work, mingle, go drinking at a pub, etc. Nobody was frivolous or carefree as the likes of Amy and the rest of my old colleagues. It was simply a serious, 8-5 work-devoted environment… as it should be, of course. But overall, it’s alright. It’s convenient and it keeps me busy.

Now, three years later, there she was, a bittersweet reminder of a past I can’t seem to escape, just a few feet away and yet, I can’t come over to see if it really was her. Did I want to? After everything that’s happened, do I need the trouble? Does she? I watched her glancing around the displays, has she taken over her father’s company? She certainly looks well so I could only assume…

“Adam,” a voice behind me called out.

I turned with a raised eyebrow, “present?!”

Tara walked over, she was just a couple of desks away from mine at the office but during my first few days at work, she would come over to check up on me, see if I needed anything. Eventually, We’d gone out for a couple drinks then dinner and then other stuff.

“Don’t be cheeky,” she smiled, “is the design ready?”

“Not yet, just give me an extra ten to smash the screen and it’ll be ready for you,” I grinned. She shook her head. “Should I pass it over to the other guys at IT?”

I gave her a hurt look, “that’s rude. Just give me some time. My laptop’s just tired from the flight.” I grinned, rubbing the edge of the screen gently.

“Alright, I’ll make sure the client’s understand why our overhead monitors are black,” she remarked as she walked away.

I turned back to search for the familiar face, but I couldn’t see her, if it really WAS her, anymore. Sighing, I thought of getting back to work but instead I grabbed a pen and just doodled out a sketch, something I used to do that Katie always enjoyed watching, “showing her the magic of my skills as an artist”. I never thought much of it, as if it were any more extraordinary than work purposes… until I met her.” I found myself doodling her name with little flowers in a graffiti style. Grinning, I shook my head and crumpled it up, stuffing it in my pocket.

I got up and went to my new boss, “I need to go get something to eat and a lot more coffee, is that alright?”

He leaned back on his chair and took a glance at the screen of my Macbook and back at me, “no love over there?”

I shook my head, “needs a bit more work, I’m afraid.”

“Fine, but be Ankara escort bayan quick or you’re going to have to buy us all a cup.” He said, glancing at the rest of the team, who kept their heads to their work.

“Yes sir,” I closed the monitor and grabbed my phone as I left the booth and headed for the vending machines. There were chips and sandwiches. “Hmm.. what to eat…”

“Hey, aren’t you Philipp’s kid?” I heard a man’s voice call out behind me.

“Umm.. no, you must be mistaken,” an all too familiar voice replied. Ironically, it came from right behind me. I turned and she was standing just a few inches away from me, her back to me though.

“ARE you Philipp’s daughter?” I couldn’t stop myself from asking her as she backed into me, as if there was only one “Philipp” in the entire world.

She turned and I thought the rest of the world just blurred away. Her eyebrows raised up in surprise as well.

“Adam?” she asked, a look of disbelief was apparent on her face.

I smiled, “Ahh, you remember!” For a moment, I thought I saw her blush.

“of course, how can’t I,” she looked away, biting down on her lower lip.

I scratched my head again, “This is awkward… So… are you designing now? Got a booth here?”

Her eyes grew wide as she looked at me, “God no, I umm… I’m just here because ummm…” she looked away but I could see the discomfort in her face.

I smiled, “it’s alright, you don’t have to tell me.” I turned back to the machine, trying to decide what food to get. Well, in honesty, I wanted to know what it was she couldn’t say but I didn’t want to be pushy.

“How long are you staying for?” She asked.

“Just two more days, until the convention is over. Then we’re flying back home.” I finally picked a sandwich and took it out. I turned around and she was still standing there, a bit of uneasiness about her.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

“Yeah… ummm.. so how are you?” she asked.

“I’m alright, I’ve got another job now and it’s been good, better in fact.”

Her eyes widened with surprise, “You’re not with the same company anymore?”

I shook my head, I pretended to look at my watch. “I’m sorry, I must go. I can’t be away for too long. Got tons of work still waiting.”

“Of course…” she answered and forced a smile, “it was good to see you again.” She turned and walked away.

I nodded, “You too.” She didn’t look back.

I headed back to the booth, with a sandwich I didn’t even like. I don’t know why I cut the conversation short. Truth was, I wanted to buy her coffee and just ask her how she was as well. I thought back to the day when, just the slightest thought of her was stripping her down and fucking her until her moans filled the air and her juices dripped all over me… I looked down at my pants, a somewhat tightening occurring there. She still has the same effect on me. She still looks good, perfect in fact, a bit more mature… Or I’m just a lot older. Damn!

The rest of the day went on, dull and still unprogressive. I’d forced myself not to think about her. Tara would come over every now and then and whisper about sneaking back to our hotel room and get a little “stress relief”. By late afternoon, the rest of the team left to get food and I got to man the booth alone, sort of. I closed my eyes for a second but then felt a presence in front of me.

“You dropped this earlier,” the man said.

I took the paper from him without looking up as he walked away. It was a bit crumpled and as I opened it, I realized it was the doodle I had made earlier. It must have fallen out when I got change for the machine. Opening it, I couldn’t help but smile. There was a little note at the bottom that said, “Still thinking about me huh?” and a smiley face after it. “Damn right,” I said, grinning to myself.

“Buy me a coffee then.”

The voice behind me made me jump in my seat, only to entice laughter from her. I turned and Katie was right there, her pretty lips in a smile now. I hadn’t even had time to notice earlier that she was in a short black dress that was low in front and cigarette heels that could kill a man.

“Still jumpy, old man?”

I shook my head, “seem to get worse with age, young lady. Aren’t you too young for coffee?”

She laughed and I offered her a chair beside me.

“You look good,” I told her, making her blush from the compliment, still the same Katie, even after three years. I pictured her perfect, innocent face from some of our earlier encounters, her lips partially open as sexy sounds poured out…

“So do you,” she replied. There was a newer confidence to her but somehow, I could still sense a vulnerability in her. I had to tread carefully though. It’s been a while. She leaned close and kissed my cheek lightly.

I suddenly felt this immense tension about us, definitely tension growing somewhere else too. Fuck… how does she do that.

“Where are you staying?”

“The hotel across the street,” I answered, Escort Ankara nonchalantly “you?”

“The same.”

She crossed her legs and I couldn’t stop wondering what she had on under.

“You look stressed,” she added.

“Don’t I always,” I grinned, “can’t get the bloody thing to work,” I said, pointing at the monitor.

She looked at the error message and back at me. “How long have you been trying?”

“Feels like years now,” I shook my head, “but don’t you worry about it,” I said, seeing the concern on her face. “It’ll sort itself out…soon.”

“I hope so,” she said in almost a whisper. I saw her hand somewhat clutching the edge of her skirt.

She looked up and our eyes met, as if we could both see the yearning inside. I fixed a hard stare but she looked away.

As if in perfect timing, the team came back.

“Oh! I see you’ve made quite the progress,” my boss remarked, grinning as he laid eyes on Katie.

“That was very professional,” I said sarcastically, shaking my head at him. “Sorry about that,” I told her.

Tara took a look at Katie and a questioning look back at me, which I avoided at that moment. “I know you,” she said to Katie.

I wondered what she meant. Katie didn’t say anything but started to get up to leave. “I should go,” she told me.

“You’re with that company, the one… Adam, your old job…” Tara went on and I had to close my eyes in slight irritation at her bringing it up.

“You must be mistaken,” Katie said, without giving so much as a glance at Tara as she made her way around the table.

“No, no, I remember you at the awarding last year. You’re with the VP, Hunter right?”

I froze at the sound of his name. Katie stopped in her step as well. She turned to look at me. I turned away quickly.

“Is he here?” Tara asked, “He’s really cute,” she continued to add. But Katie walked away without a reply.

Tara laughed loudly, as she watched Katie go. “I wonder what set off her buttons.” I pushed the doodle note under my Macbook as she walked over to me and asked, “what was that all about? Was she trying to recruit you back?”

“Just said hi,” I answered, casually. She planted a kiss on my cheek too and went back to the rest of her team.

“Probably sent here to spy on the designer they lost,” another remarked with a laugh.

I pulled out the sheet from under my laptop, crumpled it again, and stuffed it back in my pocket.

Despite Tara’s earlier invitation, she had to work on their new presentation tomorrow.

I found myself at the hotel bar, just gulping down beer after beer, pretending to care about the football game that was on tv. If I’m honest though, I hated knowing that Katie had spent all that time with him, that she might be with him now, naked… Moaning… her long legs held open as I thrust.. no… not me, him…

I closed my eyes trying to push the thoughts away but it seared through me more than I expected. I wanted to talk to her again, to find out the reason behind it all but there was no way. I didn’t know how to find her again until… I actually saw her again! I couldn’t believe it. I watched as she crossed the lobby heading for the lifts. I signed the tab for the drinks and rushed over to her direction, my hand blocking the doors as they were closing..

As soon as she saw me, a look of uneasiness came across her face. More people entered right after me. I stood beside her in silence, picking my words in my head. There was so much I wanted to ask but wasn’t sure how. The doors opened, and for every floor that it did, a couple of people would leave, two, then another two, one, four. Every floor that people left, she would grow tenser, I could tell still. Until there was just the two of us and the only lit number was the topmost floor, the penthouse.

As soon as the doors closed, I pulled her by the arm and pushed her against the wall, making her whimper in fear.

“You’ve been with him, the entire time,” I said, calmly, “why?”

“Adam, please…”

“I need to know Katie,” I didn’t realize my hold on her arms were getting tighter.

Tears started falling down her cheeks, “Because I thought I had to.”

I couldn’t understand, “You never called me.”

“You never called me either!”

My face closer to hers, her tears melting my heart still. I wanted to wipe them away, comfort her, touch her cheek and tell her it was alright, but I needed to understand. “Do you love him now? Is that it? After everything he did to you, to your father, to… us? Or is it the money? Cause you’re obviously living in the penthouse right now.”

She pushed me away, which surprised me. “What he did to me? To us? What about you? How do you justify coming into my room that night? You’re all the same, all you care about is what’s between my legs!”

I swallowed hard in guilt at her words but I didn’t stop her. I suppose it was time to own up to my own faults with her.

“Yes, I stayed with him because he told me it was the only way to keep Helena from taking your job away from you, and I know how much you love it. But I saw you… with her, together, so many times. You might not have seen me, but I saw you and you weren’t resisting her either.”

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