Meet Me in St. Louis, Stud Ch. 04

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You rested on top of me as our breathing returned to its normal rate; your warm breath on my neck and your half hard member still lodged inside me was keeping my own cock painfully erect as it lay between our heated bodies. I wanted to give you plenty of time to recover, and make certain that you wanted …wanted this. Wanted what I was presuming, hoping would come next. It was so hard to exhibit any patience. I’d been so long dreaming of this day, and now that we were in the midst of it all, I wanted to do everything all at once, it seemed! My hips moved under you, causing my cock to press against your abs more intently. As I moved I felt your softening cock begin to slip out of me. I cried out, protesting the inevitable.

Your mouth was open against my neck again and as your tongue flickered against me; my flesh seemed to beg you for more. My hips rose as you began sucking my neck in earnest, biting not quite lightly and pulling my skin into your wetness. A groan escaped my open mouth, and I attempted to make you fully aware of how badly I wanted to switch places with you now.

“Rick”, I groaned, my voice raspy and low, “I want you so…fucking bad. I am so hard for you baby, as if you didn’t know. Did you want to smoke another one, or maybe have another drink? Forgive me for trying to move so fast, but I’m overcome now, with you right here. With my cock so close to your sweet ass, that sweet ass that you saved for me. Oh, I wanna feel it so bad now…”

Being controlled by my desires, I realized when I heard myself speak that I wasn’t sounding very eloquent. But I just couldn’t use my distracted brain to come up with enough pretty words that expressed my feelings very well. I pulled gently at you, and you heard my silent message of ‘move over here’. Now next to me, I leaned on an elbow and faced you, reaching out and stroking your cheek.

Looking deep into your cool blue eyes I said softly, “Babe, I want you so badly…I’m needing you now.”

We both reached down to my hardness at the same time, his hand on top of my own. Together our hands rubbed over my aching shaft and he smiled, and said, “Oh, are you saying you want to put this somewhere, Ankara escort Curt? Tell me what you want”, he teased.

“I think you know Rick. I want to be inside you, giving you everything I’ve got. Do you think you’re ready for that?” His grip on my erection tightened, and he nodded and said, “I thought you’d never ask, Curt.”

I smiled and gave you a push, and you went with my hand and rolled onto your back. God, I didn’t want to rush, but it actually seemed painful as I lay in waiting of feeling myself inside you. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I crawled down and got in between your legs, which you promptly raised for me, allowing me access to your ass. My mouth was on you instantly, and I began making love to your hole with my tongue and mouth. Kissing you deeply, stretching my tongue as far inside you as I could manage. I sucked and licked your ass until you were squirming quite a bit, going back and forth between giggles and moans. I wanted to make sure that your hole was nice and slippery. I actually couldn’t remember the first time I’d been fucked. Bad, I know. But I knew that it was painful. Very much so, at first. I didn’t want to hurt you, but only bring you the intense pleasure that you’d surely experience if I could get in there and let you adjust to having your virgin hole filled with hard cock. I began rubbing the outside of your pink hole with a finger, and watched as it flexed at my touch. I pushed a finger inside you and heard your sexy moans begin. I slid it inside you until the heat of your body surrounded my finger. I pulled back slowly, and then returned it deep into your rectum. Then I began to bring it in and out, slowly working up to fucking you with my finger, my rhythm becoming fast and urgent. I pulled out and you gasped, sounding disheartened. Then I heard another gasp as I returned to your hole with two fingers now, pushing them both inside you at once.

“Oh Curt, yeah man…That’s great. Fuck, that feels great”, you groaned out in pleasure as my pace quickened. “Keep doin’ it, bro…No, stop. Stop using your hand and give me that cock. I’m definitely ready. Can’t you tell? I am so ready now…Fuck me Curt. Make me yours.”

I Ankara escort bayan took my hand away again, this time only to crawl forward, moving up Rick’s body as his chest rose and fell, the deep breathing making his excitement quite obvious. His legs wrapped around my back as I brought my face to his again, kissing his lips then whispering, “You tell me to stop, if you need to. I’m not gonna get off if I’m hurting you badly, that’s for sure. Don’t think twice if it’s too much. Ok?”

You nodded and pulled me against you with your legs, causing my cock to rub against your balls. I reached down between us and took hold of my cock by the root, and moved it to your opening. I had no doubt when I was positioned correctly; the heat seemed to pour out of your body right there. I pressed against you and said, “Push out. Do it until I’m in, Ok?”

I felt myself begin to sink into your tightness and stared into your face, watching as your teeth gritted, you trying hard to refrain from yelling out as I pushed past the tight ring inside you. My cockhead was past your sphincter now, and I held as still as my trembling body would let me, until you nodded, letting me know you were ready for more.

“I know its rough right now, but trust me, Rick…try to hang on and I swear I’ll make you feel so good.” I pushed in farther, feeling his hole as it struggled to take me. The walls of his ass felt like a tight furnace, strangling my cock. It was so good…so fuckin’ hot and tight…before I knew it, I was buried inside him. He gasped under me, his mouth wide. He tried so hard not to whimper, but he did softly anyway. Looking into his eyes I asked if he were sure.

He nodded again and then said, “Yeah. Do it now, man. I won’t get used to anything if you’re still like that! Fuck me now, Curt!”

I pulled back and then thrust against him, stabbing into him deep with my rigid cock. I quickly started a steady in-and-out rhythm, riding him hard right off the bat. I knew he’d be alright; there was no way I could last as his ass gripped and pulled my dick, milking it for a load. I couldn’t keep from yelling out myself, it was so damn good!

“Rick, oh damn! Oh man you Escort Ankara are so perfect. I’m gonna fuckin’ come in about three more strokes, I swear. I have never felt anything so good, baby. You’re mine. You’re all mine now baby. Oooh, fuck! I can’t take it bro!”

His arms clung to me, holding me hard against him as my ass pistoned my cock in and out of his body. Both of us were so lust-driven now that he even began fucking me back, his hips coming up from the bed to meet my thrusts. Our bodies were in perfect sync, working together as one as I took my long-distance lover in just the way I’d dreamed of for so many months. I pressed my mouth to his, and shoved my tongue inside, finding his at once. Our tongue writhed together as we fucked, as we made our love so real. Although he was panting hard, it seemed his voice had escaped him momentarily as the intensity of our sex reached a peak. I could not hold back.

“Oh Rick, baby, I’m…I’m comin’! I’m comin’ in you babe, so hard…Oh fuck! Oooh, fuuuuckkk…” My yells became groans quickly as my powerful climax drained me of everything. Shot after shot left my cock and went deep inside him, leaving me feeling drugged and exhausted. The emotion I was feeling was enough alone to leave me drained. But coupled with the awesome sex…I was amazed that I was still breathing, actually! That’s just how intense it was.

I couldn’t hold myself up any longer, and lowered myself down on Rick’s chest. I could felt his heart pounding, pounding right out of his chest it seemed. Mine was no different; I could hardly move I was so overcome by my orgasm.

It took a few minutes before either of us spoke. Finally, he did, saying, “Wow, man. That was some hot stuff. That, well, no matter how you’ve ever tried to describe it, no words you ever used could be accurate. That was like nothing I’ve ever known, Curt.”

“So does that mean that you liked it?”

“Uh, hell yeah I did. No, I loved it man. Wow, it was great. You’ll have to do that again, in not too long, dude!”

He smiled and I knew he wasn’t joking. I kissed him again, our lips parting and our tongue touching again quickly. I said, “Oh, well I’m sure that can be arranged, Rick. Not a problem here, not with that!” Then my smile faded as I became serious, adding, “That was so incredible, I’d have waited for a long long time, ’cause it’d be so worth it. But I’m so glad that we didn’t wait.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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