Massage Class

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Big Tits

Bryan had one of those days where he felt restless and exhausted after football practice. While his old knee injury haunts him at night, practice always made him a hot blooded lusty beast. He dreamt of how he would undress in a locker room full of men with well sculpted bodies. Many would admire his manly and hairy chest, tummy and big muscled thighs. This only left Bryan waking up the next morning with a raging boner. Rather than waking up to start his morning routine, he decided stroke his 7 inch cock till he reached an orgasm. Satisfied, he grabbed his towel and walked naked across the hallway to the shower room.

“Morning Bryan,” Cole greeted him with a smile.

“Hey Cole,” Bryan smiled back at Cole while he focused on washing his cock which was turning into a semi.

“Haha, you’re going to be late for class,” Cole gave Bryan a smirk when he noticed him stroking himself openly in the shower.

Cole quickly dried himself and left the shower room in case he got hard thinking about Bryan. Bryan is the kind of popular guys that always had girls hanging around his dorm. While studying at night, Cole often could hear some girl giggling in Bryan’s room. He would daydream on how Bryan would drop his soap in the shower so he could get a good look at his perfect round ass and the pink puckered hole that he yearned for. But Cole was smart enough not to mess with straight jocks. He didn’t want to wind up like Timothy that got punched in the face after grabbing Pierre’s cock on a guy’s night out.

As usual, Cole attended his evening massage classes to become a trained sports therapist. While majoring in sports science, being a therapist has helped him understand the human physique better. Mr. Kalden, his trainer, noticed Cole that had a good potential to become a certified therapist amongst his 2 other students. Cole had a good lean physique and was well built with sufficient stamina and knowledge to give a good sports massage. All he needed was more real practice to get better.

Hence Mr. Kalden decided to start body practice with Cole starting next practice.

“Cole, I think you’re ready to get some real hands on training. You’re doing great and see how much skill you have.”

“Thanks, Mr. Kalden”

“No big deal. Just need you to find someone willing to let you practice your skills on.”

Cole returned to his dorm that night feeling happy. He had the perfect person in mind to help him out. He knocked on Bryan’s door but only to find his door unlocked and left ajar.


Bryan jumped a little when Cole peeped into his room. He was dressed only in his white boxers and rubbing his knee to soothe the ache. He sat up to prevent his exposed cock from being seen by Cole.

“Hey Cole, come in. I was thinking about you.”

“Yeah cut your bullshit, Bryan.”

“Haha! What’s up? Looking for some company tonight?” Bryan gave Cole his usual smirk.

“Stop that. I don’t go around looking for the ladies like you every night”, Cole looked away slightly embarrassed.

“These girls barge into my room without my permission!”

“Yeah don’t care whatever you do with them. Anyway I needed someone for my massage practice -“

“Massage Ankara escort practice? Wow you’re pretty serious about this whole massage thing huh?”

“Yeah, I’m trying to become a certified sport therapist. You see, it goes well with what I’m studying. So I was wondering if you could help me out.”, Cole looked intently at Bryan.

“What? Let you massage me? Well…hmm…Im not used to another guy touching me like that…” Bryan replied.

“You shy? Oh come on. Surely you need it especially after football practice, right?” Cole moved a little closer to Bryan on his bed.

“Oh yeah.. I can’t afford a therapist and my knee injury is slowing me down. You mind taking a look?”

Bryan breathed heavily when Cole inspected his knee. Somehow Cole’s hands felt warm and firm on his skin. Cole lifted his leg to take a closer look.

“Hey Cole.. Don’t touch me like that..” Bryan looked into Cole’s eyes and he was getting aroused. Bryan’s cock was getting hard and getting noticeable through those thin white boxer material.

Cole’s mind was wandering off while finally able to touch Bryan this close. He gently rubbed Bryan’s thighs and his fingers slowly wandered to Bryan’s perineum near the base of his cock. Cole could feel Bryan’s perineum swelling and throbbing as his cock got harder.

“COLE? You there?” someone in the hallway was knocking on Cole’s door situated beside Bryan’s.

“Oh Bryan I should go. Erm… I’m sorry… “Cole left hastily out of Bryan’s room without noticing that his boner was clearly visible in his sweatpants.

Cole couldn’t sleep that night. He was afraid he gave Bryan the wrong idea. Being a straight acting guy, Cole didnt want to blow his cover. Even though his friends were quite open to homosexuality, Cole wasn’t ready to out himself. But in front of Bryan, he couldn’t resist himself. He wanted to use all his strength to pin Bryan down, so that he could kiss him deeply. Cole fantasised about Bryan and he took out his big tool, stroking it in a quick rhythm. His cock was already drooling large amounts of precum. He wasn’t sure if Bryan saw his hard on earlier. But that thought made him even more turned on. Wave after wave, ropes of cum spewed from Cole’s thick cock while he stifled his moans with his pillow.

Cole tried to avoid Bryan the next day as he was still embarrassed over touching Bryan in his bedroom last night. Bryan was a little confused by what had happened. True, he brought a few girls back to his room but they only gotten to third base. How Cole touched him that night made him feel that as if a part of him awakened. Bryan definitely wanted more.

“Bryan, is everything cool?” Cole poked his head into Bryan’s room.

“Yeah. I mean I dont know. Just keep this between us okay?” Bryan said. He wasn’t annoyed with Cole but isn’t ready to acknowledge what happened between them either.

Cole wasn’t sure if Bryan would turn up at his massage class for practice. Since he did cross the line by caressing him inappropriately.

“Hey Cole. I’m here.” Bryan nudged Cole, who was lost in his thoughts.

“Oh hey. Thanks for coming. Means a lot to me.” Cole smiled seeing that Bryan made it.

“Would Ankara escort bayan need you to undress and lie face down on the massage table. Cole will be giving the massage and I will interupt to give Cole some pointers. You ok?” Mr. Kalden spoke to Bryan before the massage began.

“Yeah sure.” Bryan began feeling nervous. He felt that if the therapist wasn’t Cole he would have been more comfortable. With Mr. Kalden watching him from the side isn’t helping either. Bryan took off his shirt to reveal his slightly hairy chest. He had a bruise beside his left nipple where he got hit during football practice. Cole was watching from the side when Bryan removed his shorts. Bryan’s bulge pressed tightly to his blue briefs and Cole could make out his dick print nicely.

Bryan laid face down and Cole climbed onto his back and started applying the massage oil. Mr. Kalden watched from the side. Cole’s hands were trembling slightly from all the anticipation. Nevertheless, he used firm strokes the way he was taught to do so. When he started massaging Bryan’s lower back, Mr. Kalden asked Cole to observe the pressure points.

Bryan was getting aroused feeling Cole’s big, warm hands rubbing on his back. He tried to suppress his hardon only to cause it point straight up and slightly out of his waistband. He needed his hardon to go away before they asked him to turn over. When Cole moved his hands down to tackle the Gluteus Maximus – the butt muscle, Bryan moaned softly at how good it felt.

With his knees resting beside Bryan’s waist, Cole never felt so close to Bryan before. He hoped Mr. Kalden had not noticed his raging hardon that was bulging out and brushing at Bryan’s thighs. Mr. Kalden stopped Cole and instructed him to focus more on the butt muscle as it was a sore spot for many athletes. His palms had to press firmly such that the deep tissues were massaged carefully. Cole unwillingly pressed his full hardon onto Bryan’s thighs repeatedly making him leak precum uncontrollably. Hearing Bryan’s soft moans made him even harder and he was blushing badly.

“You alright Cole? You look flushed and exhausted. Maybe we should call it a day? You did great. And your friend here sure looks like he enjoyed it” Mr. Kalden said.

Cole smiled at Mr. Kalden and was very relieved the practice is over. He didn’t want to upset Mr. Kalden and be seen as an unprofessional therapist. Cole got off the massage table and Mr. Kalden left the room to pack up.

“Cole? I’ve got a problem here.” Bryan said as he turned over to look at Cole. His hardon was poking out of his underwear and Cole could see the head of his cock.

“Bryan… ermm…it is normal to get hard during a massage…” Cole stuttered as he blushed and looked away from Bryan’s bulge. He kept his hands in front to hide the wet patch that already formed on his pants and left the room to pack up quickly.

Bryan and Cole walked back to their dorm together in an awkward silence. When they reached their dorm, Bryan finally broke the silence saying, “Cole..why not finish the massage in my room?” Cole was surprised by Bryan’s proposition. Hesitantly he agreed, knowing what this would lead to.

“Getting warm eh?” Bryan pinned Escort Ankara Cole to the back of his door, locking it. Bryan presses his hips firmly onto Cole, where their cocks started to harden. Cole felt light headed as Bryan’s nose almost touched his. Bryan proceeded to remove Cole’s t-shirt and his own clothing.

“Better not let those massage oil mess up my underwear..” Bryan said as he stripped naked and laid on his bed.

“This is it.” Cole thought. He couldn’t resist Bryan anymore who offered himself to him directly. Cole knelt down on Bryan’s back and hugged him.

“Just warming you up, Bryan.” Cole said.

“Haha…bullshit..” Bryan closed his eyes and smiled.

“Open your legs bit more Bryan. You need more massaging on your thighs.” Cole said and applied more oil onto Bryan’s thighs. He slipped his fingers pass Bryan’s hole which made him moan softly. Bryan responded by lifting his butt slightly higher and rubbed against Cole’s big bulge.

Cole started to push his fingers slowly into Bryan’s hole. Bryan’s moans only encouraged Cole to go deeper. Cole quickly slipped off his pants, revealing his thick cock. He applied some oil onto his cock and lubed up Bryan’s hole.

“Cole.. it feels really good.. I’m so hard right now” Bryan was feeling restless and extremely horny that he could not resist Cole much longer. Suddenly Bryan felt Cole’s warm cock resting at his hole.

“Cole.. Im not sure about this,” Bryan said.

“Too late now, Bryan…” Cole said as he gradually lowered his cock and pressed it into Bryan’s tight hole.

“Ahh it hurts.. No Cole…” Bryan groan in ecstasy when Cole started hugging him tightly, pushing his cock deep inside Bryan. Even though Bryan had a much bigger physique than Cole, he was pinned tightly under Cole’s strong legs and body. Cole gradually pushed the head of his cock into Bryan and began to pick up the pace.

“Cole it’s all in now?.. oh my i can’t believe it feels so good…” Bryan felt intense pleasure when Cole started pumping his cock in and out of his hole.

Bryan turned light headed and was moaning loudly now. Each time Cole pushed into him, a mix of pain and pleasure rushed through him. His hole was getting tighter and his cock hardened. Precum leaked furiously from Bryan’s cock and he felt that he was about to explode anytime. Cum was building up at the base of his cock.

“I’m gonna cum soon” Bryan was panting and sweating as he got fucked by Cole. Cole applied some oil to his hand and stroked Bryan’s cock sensually.

“Ahhhhhhhh… Cole dont stroke me like that…” Bryan froze suddenly and his cock shot out cum over Cole’s fingers and between his chest and the sheets. Bryan moaned loudly and as he emptied the last drops of his cum onto the sheets. This in turn made Cole go crazy as Bryan’s hole squeezed him tightly. Cole rammed into Bryan’s ass a final time and hot gushes of cum spewed from his cock into Bryan. Cole laid still to recover his breath but made no intention of pulling his cock out of Bryan.

He hugged Bryan tightly and hoped that this moment would last longer. Bryan never expected his first time happened with a guy instead of a girl. It is also the first time in his life where Bryan felt fully satisfied. They laid motionless and were so exhausted that they felt asleep, with Cole’s warm seed still inside Bryan. It was an unforgettable massage that Bryan and Cole would remember for a long time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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