Mary’s Evolution: Book 05

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This is the latest installment in the story of Mary, the chubby and insecure teenager who had been deflowered by her best friend’s father.

Since then, Mary’s horizons had been broadened considerably, and to the delight of Greg Mullin, her older lover, she had been willing to do whatever he asked.

Finding out that his nearly half century old body had its limits despite his continuing lust for Mary, Greg decides that he could use some help in trying to keep the horny teen satisfied, and enlists the help of a couple of acquaintances from a website they all frequented.

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Chapter One: Mary’s father.

Greg tried to contain his glee as his opponent’s putt rolled by the cup, clinching the victory for himself. The loser cursed a few times at his bad luck and the hole before deftly picking up the ball with the blade of his putter and flipping it up in the air.

“Take that you fucker!” the man growled as he batted the ball into the water that guarded the right side of the 18th hole, barely missing the swan that was gliding along the pond.

“Good game,” Greg said to his opponent, slapping him on the shoulder as the man handed him the fifty dollars that last putt had cost him.

“Always good when you win,” the man said, and while he was a hot head at times, he cooled off quickly enough. “Can’t putt worth a fuck.”

Greg’s opponent was an long-time acquaintance, both business and personal, and while getting paired up with the man today had been coincidental, it had been very awkward for Greg, especially at first.

Gerald Koutusis owned a small construction firm that Greg’s company insured, which is where the business relationship came from. The personal relationship was where it got awkward for Greg now, because Gerald’s daughter, his only child, was Greg Mullin’s youngest daughter’s very best friend, and had been for a long time.

That had never been a problem in the past, but over the last month or so things had changed considerably, and Greg was having a tough time adjusting to being around Gerald Koutusis now.

Guess that happens when you start screwing another guy’s daughter, Greg thought to himself as he walked with Mary’s father up to the clubhouse. What would he think, Greg wondered, if he knew what he had been doing to his daughter these last few weeks?

Even doing Mary in the guy’s own garage, while her old man was in the den on the other side of the wall, Greg recalled. Greg had sex with Mary in the messy garage twice, once cumming in her mouth and the other time in the ass while poor Gerald watched the World Cup or whatever it was.

How would he feel if the situation was reversed? Greg wondered about that as they undressed in the locker room. What if Gerald was having sex with his Brianna? How would he feel about that?

Could never happen, Greg concluded. It didn’t seem physically possible for that to happen to his little girl, because while he didn’t make it a practice to check other guys out, there was something about Gerald Koutusis that caught your eye no matter how hard you tried to avoid it.

Gerald was not an attractive man by any standard. The guy was short and stocky, much like his daughter Mary. He had a simian look about him, as his stubby body was covered with hair from his neck to his ankles, both front and back, much like a bear. It was obvious that his genes must have contributed to Mary’s exceptionally hairy pussy as well.

None of that was particularly unusual, Greg thought as he watched the slightly bow-legged Greek pull off his underwear and reach for his towel. It was what hung between the thighs of Gerald Koutusis that got your attention.

Greg was pretty well hung himself, but compared to Mary’s father – well, there was no comparison. Greg had seen Gerald him fluff himself up a bit like he always did, giving his cock a few subtle pulls while facing his locker, not that he needed to do it. Hell, Greg himself had gotten his own cock at half mast just before taking the picture that he had sent to Mary, so he understood the gesture, and usually did it himself.

No matter how many times he had seen it, the sight of Gerald’s enormous cock was still as impressive as it was shocking. Swinging wildly between those bowed thighs like an elephant’s trunk as he walked to the shower, Greg watched the shocked expressions of the other men who had never seen him before as Gerald nonchalantly padded into the steam-filled room.

Obviously Mary had never seen her father naked, because if she had, Mary would never have considered Greg’s cock huge. Greg was pretty big, but Gerald was a freak of nature – a John Holmes sized cock attached to a short, squat frame that only accentuated how well endowed he was.

As Greg enjoyed the soothing spray of the shower, Greg recalled how that one time over cocktails Gerald had raised the possibility of Ankara escort them swapping wives some night. He had just said it casually, almost like a joke, and Greg had laughed it off at the time.

“You would ruin the poor woman for life with that thing of yours,” Greg had said with a shake of his head after Gerald had suggested it.

“I’d give her back to you in one piece,” Gerald had assured him, reveling in knowing that Greg had obviously noticed how well endowed he was.

That was back when he had a marriage, Greg thought sadly as he rinsed off. Things were different now, and Greg didn’t give a damn who Tracy screwed. Actually, the thought of Tracy getting fucked by Mary’s father had an erotic edge to it, and Greg would enjoy watching Tracy get ripped apart by that huge thing. It would be worth watching just to see what that cock of Gerald’s looked like when it got hard.

Back by the lockers, Gerald had just about finished dressing when Greg arrived, and while Greg toweled off Gerald talked to him. Greg noticed Gerald glancing at his crotch, the way all guys do, in a casual and non-sexual manner. While Greg was used to being naked around other men, there was something about this situation that made it a little strange.

“Guess my Mary is going to be staying at your place again tonight,” Gerald said. “You ought to get a tax deduction for her. She practically lives over there with you.”

“She’s a good kid,” Greg said. “We hardly know she’s there.”

“Well, don’t be afraid to throw her out if she gets to be too much for you,” Gerald said. “Sometimes a guy likes a little private time with the missus, you know what I mean?”

Greg smiled as Gerald guffawed loudly at the suggestion that he needed time to be alone with Tracy. The fact was that while Mary had told her father that she would be staying with Brianna tonight, the facts were quite different, and not something that Gerald Koutusis would want to hear about.

The facts were that Greg was going to drive Mary up to a secluded cabin in the Adirondack Mountains, where they were going to meet up with two other men around his own age, and hopefully, if Mary didn’t chicken out, the three men would spend the night doing everything men could possibly do with and to a woman.

After they were through, Greg suspected that the four of them would be utterly drained, laying in a heap on the luxurious custom made bed that practically filled the bedroom of the cabin they would be going to.

Either that, Greg mused as he chuckled to himself, or the three guys would be scattered around the room like corpses while Mary searched around for that vibrator he had bought for her. There was no getting over the fact that Mary Koutusis was damn near insatiable, having worn Greg out over the last couple months.

Greg and Gerald parted company in the parking lot, assuring each other that their families would get together real soon while knowing it would likely never happen, and as Greg drove home he had to admit a couple of things.

One was that he wasn’t crazy about Gerald Koutusis, finding him for the most part to be a loud and abrasive jackass. The other thing was that despite all of that, out of those freakish genitals of his, he had managed to produce one sexy woman that he was nuts about. A woman that was going to be the object of a great deal of attention that night.


Chapter Two: The cabin.

“You look ravishing,” Greg said as he pulled his Town Car onto the long and winding road that led to the cabin owned by Colin Heath, the state legislator who would be the host of this little get together.

“I feel naked,” Mary said, looking at the blouse Greg had bought her, and while the sheer and sleeveless peach colored top was beautiful, it did little to hide her obvious assets, and in fact was designed to do anything but that. “I don’t like sleeveless blouses.”

“I like them, and you have beautiful arms,” Greg told her, running his hand down from her shoulder to her wrist, reveling in the feel of the downy hair on her lower bicep and forearm against his fingers.

“Fat,” Mary said.

While Mary’s arms were a bit fleshy, they were noticeably slimmer than they had been before she had lost weight, Greg noted with a bit of dismay. She was still a very voluptuous little woman, but he hoped that she wouldn’t get any slimmer than she was now.

Besides, Greg knew that it wasn’t Mary’s arms that she was ashamed about, it was what was under them that made her embarrassed. Parking the car next to the two already in the driveway, he leaned over and pulled Mary close to him.

“They know everything about you,” Greg said as he toyed with the hairs that peeked out from the fold of her arm, enjoying the flush of Mary’s cheeks as he did. “You have nothing to be ashamed of. They are going to love you as much as I do. Chances are, you’ll forget all about me after tonight.”

“Never!” Mary insisted. “I love you.”

“I know you do, baby. Now when we get in there, you will probably recognize one of the men.”

“I Ankara escort bayan will?” Mary said, a look of fear in her eyes.

“You’ll probably recognize his face from the news or something,” Greg said. “Just remember that he’s just a man, the same as me and the other guy. We’re all married and none of us wants anything to be known about this, so I’m counting on you to be mature about this and never tell anybody.”

“Gee, I’m so embarrassed that I would never tell anybody,” Mary admitted. “I feel like such a slut.”

“You’re not, at least no more than anybody else up here is. We just like sex,” Greg said. “And you, my dear, seem to like it more than just about anybody else in the world.”

Mary giggled at that, burying her head into Greg’s chest as she hugged him.

“I guess I do,” Mary replied. “I never used to be like this. I mean, now all I think about is sex. Guess I’m making up for lost time.”

“Right,” Greg said. “I want you to enjoy this. These are nice guys, and won’t do anything to hurt you. I wouldn’t let that happen in any case. If something bothers you or you don’t want to do something, just say the word.”

“I will,” Mary said as they got out of the car. “Enjoy it, I mean, or at least I will try. Will you enjoy it, Greg? Seeing the other men doing things to me?”

“Yes,” Greg responded, turning to face Mary, straightening her glasses and brushing her thick wavy hair back over her bare shoulders. “At least I think I will, although I guess I won’t know until it happens.”

“You liked seeing that woman measuring me for bras that time,” Mary said. “I could tell.”

“You’re right. I did,” Greg confessed. “It’s just that I’m so proud of being with you and showing others how gorgeous you are, I guess.”

“Don’t cry,” Greg said, making a face at Mary, who was showing signs of getting a little emotional.

“I won’t,” Mary promised as they reached the top step of the porch, which wrapped around half of the house.

Behind them, hidden by the darkness, was a panoramic view of the southern part of the high peaks region, and when Mary mentioned how beautiful the cabin was, Greg had to agree.

“So much for the poverty connected with political service,” Greg said as he prepared to knock on the door. “Now remember, you aren’t the shy and scared Mary of a couple of months ago. She’s gone, and gone forever. Now you’re the sexy and confident woman who is going to spend the evening with three guys who want you so badly they can taste it.”

“Just remember not to be shocked when you see the one guy,” Greg reminded Mary as he tapped on the door. “Act normal.”


Chapter Three: Easier said than done.

The door was opened by the cabin’s owner, Colin Heath, and he smiled widely as he greeted them both warmly. Greg got a firm handshake from the tall and distinguished looking politician, who looked suave and debonair even dressed in casual clothing, and to Greg’s relief Mary didn’t even blink an eye when he introduced them.

“Greg, you told us that Mary was beautiful,” Colin said, his deep bass voice working the same magic it had done on the people of his district for 20 years. “You didn’t give a clue as to just how beautiful though. My word, what a stunning creation you are.”

Mary’s face flushed as the silver haired orator gently stroked Mary’s cheek with his hand before kissing her softly there. Greg could tell that Mary was under Colin’s spell, and Colin was certainly captivated by Mary. His smile was wide and seemed as genuine has could be, and after the introduction his light blue eyes were fixed completely on Mary’s breasts, which thanks to the clothing had never looked bigger and fuller than they did now.

So far, so good, Greg said to himself as he tried to get Mary past Colin, who was doing his best imitation of Robert Redford in the movie The Candidate. Greg saw poor Lloyd in back of Colin, looking like he was sweating bullets as he waited at the end of the shortest reception line possible, and finally managed to get Mary around Colin before Mary swooned.

“Mary, this is…” was as far as Greg got before Mary dropped her purse.

“You looked like at the kid in the Home Alone movies,” Greg would tell Mary later when speaking about her reaction to seeing Lloyd, and while it was amusing later, there was nothing funny about the way Mary looked at her old freshman English teacher who stared at her with a mixture of lust and trepidation.

Lloyd wasn’t drooling, but he wasn’t far from it, smiling lecherously at Mary, who only managed to utter, “Mister Anderson?” before looking in horror at Greg and asking to use the bathroom.

Greg followed Mary into the bathroom, catching the door as it flew back towards him, and after gently closing it behind himself, went over to Mary. Obviously shaken, Mary’s head and neck were beet red and she was holding onto the bathroom sink for support when Greg came up behind her.

“How could you?” Mary said with a quiver in her voice.

“I don’t understand,” Greg said, standing Escort Ankara behind Mary and rubbing her shoulders.

Greg’s confusion was real. He had expected Mary to recognize Colin, with his picture being in the paper all the time as well as being a frequent and familiar fixture on local news shows, but she had managed to go through that introduction without blinking. When Mary set her eyes on Lloyd, however, that was a whole other thing.

“When you said I would recognize somebody,” Mary said in short bursts while trying to catch her breath, seeing to be on the verge of hyperventilating. “I didn’t think you meant him.”

“Who?” Greg asked. “Lloyd?”

“Mr. Anderson. My teacher from back in freshman English class.”

“Oh,” Greg said, finally understanding what the problem was. “I didn’t know that. I was referring to Colin. He’s a local politician, and I knew you would recognize him.”

“I don’t follow politics,” Mary said, looking at Greg as she looked into the mirror in front of her. “Mr. Anderson? Omigod, this is so embarrassing.”

“I can understand your shock, baby. I didn’t know anything about you knowing Lloyd. I hardly know him myself. Just from chatting online and from being up here with him a few times. He was the one who recommended Johanna’s place to me.”

“This is so humiliating,” Mary said, the blush leaving her face a bit but her eyes becoming red as she fought to calm down. “I feel like a real slut.”

“Why?” Greg asked. “What have you done?”

“I let you take me up here so I can be with you and these men,” Mary explained. “They know why I’m here. Mr. Anderson – he – I can’t believe this! He must think I’m…”

“Beautiful,” Greg said, finishing Mary’s thought. “He thinks you’re beautiful. When I sent him those pictures of you…”

“Oh no.”

“Yes. And when I described you to him, he was dying to meet you,” Greg continued. “I don’t know if he recognized you or not from the pictures. I suppose I can find out if you want to know, but you have changed a lot since then.”

Not that much, Greg mused as he tried to comfort Mary. Facially Mary looked much like she did back then, and while old Lloyd never saw her dressed in skimpy attire in his class, Mary had been an early bloomer so overall, she wasn’t that much different. Greg made a mental note to talk to the horny teacher after all of this, if there was even going to be any of “this” happening.

“As for being a slut,” Greg went on. “You’ve come up here for a good time. For an experience. So have they. They’re a couple of guys just like me, successful professionals with wives at home who chose to risk it all for the chance to be with you. Why are you something that they aren’t? If you’re a slut, then I guess we all are. Right?”

“I dunno,” Mary sniffed.

“Never understood the part about men and women doing the same thing, yet women being considered sleazy and men thought of as great lovers,” Greg said honestly. “What am I then? A guy sneaking around garages to have sex with you? If there’s a pervert in this building, it’s me!”

“You’re right about that,” Mary said in between giggles.”


Chapter Four: Well?

“It seems we have a situation here, Lloyd,” Colin Heath said, his understatement intentional as Lloyd tried not to make eye contact with the taller man. “Mind bringing me up to speed?”

“Mary – she was a student of mine,” Lloyd mumbled. “Freshman English.”

“Aha!” Assemblyman Heath declared. “One of your old students that you had a crush on shows up unaware that you had her in your sights.”

“No, nothing like that at all,” Lloyd protested. “She was a brilliant student, but she was so nondescript that you hardly would notice her. She always dressed in the most unflattering clothes.”

“So she wasn’t one of those young ladies that you would try to get to raise their hands in class so you could see if she had hair under her arms or not?” Colin said in a tone that reeked of arrogance.

“No,” Lloyd answered coldly, regretting ever telling the politician anything about himself back in the days that they were all anonymous chatters on the Net. “And don’t make it sound like I’m doing anything improper with students either, because I told you I don’t go in for that at all.”

“Don’t get your boxers in a knot there, Lloyd,” Colin replied. “I was just wondering if you had recognized her from the pictures Mullin sent around – maybe gone back to look at the old yearbooks and things to jog your memory.”

“No,” Lloyd lied with what he hoped was conviction. “I thought the girl looked a bit familiar, but I never dreamed that it was her. She was a real dumpy little thing back then.”

“Well, the young lady that walked into this cabin a few moments ago was anything but dumpy, wouldn’t you say Lloyd?”

“Definitely not,” Lloyd agreed, happy to shift the tone of the conversation. “A bit chubby, but what a body! Did you see the size of those jugs?”

“Johanna did a wonderful job,” Colin said. “Those breasts of hers look magnificent.”

“She wanted to be invited,” Lloyd said. “Johanna, I mean. When I spoke to her about how the bra fitting went, she said she wanted that girl so badly she could scream, and she was hoping that the girl would call her back afterward.”

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