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Pete and I had been in our new home in Florida for over a month and we had completely ‘christened’ every room by fucking in each one at least once, the last being the pool. We had learned to be careful on those days when the housekeeper or the pool cleaner came in each week. The housekeeper was an elderly, to us, woman, working for a cleaning service that had been recommended. The pool cleaner turned out to be a young Puerto Rican girl, working for her father’s business. We were always fully clothed when either of them had shown up, maintaining some sense of decorum.

We were often on the patio when Maria came in each Thursday afternoon, we were her last customer for the day. We would sit there with our afternoon cocktails and watch as she vacuumed the pool and added the necessary chemicals.

I guessed that Maria was about twenty years old, a very attractive girl with a slim build and nice firm breasts. I often kidded Pete about maybe he might want to ‘try’ her some time. He always came back with a “Why would any sane man like me want to ‘try’ her when I’ve got you”, remark. Still, I wondered what she would be like under those short shorts and cut-off tee shirts that she always wore. Pete said, “She’s probably got a thick black bush that runs up to her navel hidden in those shorts and nipples the size of silver dollars.”

But that didn’t stop me from wondering.

In September, the heat became almost unbearable, day after day. Thursday afternoon, Maria showed up to clean the pool as usual. She had been working all day and her tee shirt was soaked with perspiration and a dark stain ran down the back of her shorts.

Right after she arrived, Pete left to go to the liquor store, a good forty five minute trip, so I was alone while she worked. When she was through, I suggested that she go in the pool to cool off before going home.

“I’d like to,” she replied,” but I don’t have a swim suit.”

“Hey,” I answered, “with casino oyna just the two of us, you don’t need anything. I always go in my ‘birthday’ suit. The water feels so much better that way. In fact, that’s what I’m going to do right now.” I got up from my lounge chair and started to strip.

“Come on, Maria, nobody’s going to see us and Pete won’t be home for a long time.

She hesitated for a few minutes, the time it took me to get naked. “Well, if you don’t mind, then I will”. She was somewhat bashful, even though I was standing there nude, she turned her back to me and quickly divested herself of her shorts and tee shirt. Surprisingly, she wore no underwear.

By that time I was in the pool, splashing about. When she turned and started down the steps into the pool, I could see that Pete had been wrong about her ‘bush’. While I have a completely bare pussy, Maria had a small, neatly trimmed tuft of black just above her labia. I was beginning to wonder about her sexuality…to wonder what she might ‘taste’ like. Oh, I was having very dirty thoughts, making myself horny. Pete was going to have a good time tonight!

In no time we were splashing around like a couple of school girls. Once or twice I brushed up against her and she didn’t pull away. Then once, when she appeared to lose her balance, she grabbed one of my tits, but only for an instant. “Aha,” I thought, “She isn’t as innocent as she had appeared.

Suddenly she asked, “Why don’t you have any hair down there,” glancing down at my pussy.

“Because Pete, likes me bare. Why do you only have a little bit…down there?”

“Becuse I like it that way,” was all she said and we went back to our horseplay, enjoying the cool water on our bodies.

After about twenty minutes, I said to her, “My husband will be back soon so we’d better get out and get dressed again, unless of course, you’re not ashamed for him to see you like this.”

“Nobody but you slot oyna and my mother has ever seen me naked like this before. Will he be mad?”

“Oh no, I’m sure he won’t be mad, he’ll probably enjoy seeing you like this. He likes to look at me when I’m naked.”

“I think I’d better get out, I’d feel funny if he saw me like this.”

“Okay, I’ll get us some towels so we can dry off.”

I left the pool and got two large towels out from behind our patio bar. As we dried off, I said to her, “I’ll get you one of my shirts to go home in, the one you’ve got is too wet with sweat to put back on. Do you want some undies too?”

“Oh, no thanks. I never wear any, they always feel so constricting.”

When I returned with the shirt for her, she was just standing there, watching me as I walked towards her. “Mrs. ——-, can I feel you…down there? I’ve never felt another woman’s pussy before, only my own.”

“If you want to, I don’t think it’ll feel any different than your own, but go ahead, I like to have my pussy petted, it makes me feel nice.”

She reached own and I awkwardly spread my legs a bit to give her better access. She was standing somewhat beside me and as I felt her hand touch me

I reached my own hand down to cup her pussy and then slid my fingers up over her clit. Her body jerked as my finger gently caressed the little button. “Does that feel good?” I asked.

She began to shiver uncontrollably. “Yes,” she whispered huskily. “It feels so much nicer when you do it”

“Do you play with yourself,” I asked.

“Sometimes at night, when I’m in bed. Years ago my mother told me I shouldn’t but I just can’t help myself, it always feels so good.”

As I continued ministering to her clit she was suddenly in the throes of an orgasm, leaning against me for support as the waves of rapture washed thru her body. “Oh, Mrs. ——-, oh god, oh my god! It’s never been like that before.” I held her in my canlı casino siteleri arms until it was over and her breathing returned to almost normal.

“You know what feels even better? Having someone lick you with their tongue. Would you like me to lick your pussy?”

“Yes, yes, oh would you, please?”

I want to lick your pussy, Maria, I want to taste you, to make you cum.”

I guided her down onto my lounge chair, and, kneeling before her, parted her legs, revealing her open cunt…she was ‘in heat’,her clit pushing out from its hood.

I closed my eyes and leaned down to surround the pink nubbin with my lips. Maria’s hips lunged upwards and she cried out in ecstasy as my tongue gently touched her most sensitive part. Her legs went over my shoulders and she dug her heels into my back. In only seconds she came, grasping my head in both hands, she attempted to manipulate my mouth to gain even more of the sensations that eminated from her pussy. Her juices flowed like a river onto my chin and down onto the lounge chair.

Three times she came, each time with more force than the previous until, on the thisd cum, her juice actually squirted out of her cunt. I was having trouble breathing, my face was so deeply lodged between her thighs. Finally I had to pull back from her, although she fought to keep me in place.

She finally released me and I scrambled to my feet. She was breathing hard from her exertions, her hands cupped over her pussy.

After several minutes she recovered enough to sit up. “My god, Mrs. ——-, that was wonderful. I wish I could do that all night”

“I know, Maria, I know just how you feel. My husband makes me feel that way too.” I pulled her to her feet and she embraced me, pressing her body against me. I caressed her smooth back and hips. “Come, Maria, you’ve got to get dressed and go home. Your parents will wonder where you are and Pete will be here any minute.”

Quickly she pulled the dry shirt over her head and grabbed up her shorts to pull them up over her ravished pussy. As she turned to go, she suddenly grabbed me and kissed me passionately. Then she was gone. I’d get my reward later.

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