Loving My Aunt

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Big Tits

Hello friends… this is my third submission. All characters in this story are above 18 years of age. This story is a work of fiction. Please do not indulge in any sexual activity without consent of other…. Enjoy the reading…


The constant buzzing of my cell phone woke me up. I picked up the cell phone. It was my friend Abhishek calling me. I had to pick up the phone. He is my best friend.

“Dude you gotta see this. Man this chick rocks.”he yelled on phone as soon as I received his call. No hi no hello. Just straight to chicks.

“You dumbass. Its midnight. And you are talking about chicks. Now fuck off I need to sleep.” I replied to him as rudely as I can. But it had no effect on him.

He was babbling about new neighbors who were shifting into the house next to his.

“Dude I am seriously not interested in your chick stuff. Let me sleep. Will catch you tomorrow morning 6 am sharp. Now stop fucking around.” I yelled to him switched off my cell and went to sleep.

I was like this. At the age of 22 I was still a virgin. I was not that much interested in girls. No I am not gay. But I am much more interested in mature women. So my friend Abhishek’s chick talk hadn’t affected me. All though I had a body to which all the girls of my class got attracted but I never gave them a shit. I was 6’2″ with muscular body which I kept in shape by working out daily. This habit from 8th grade had helped me to have a perfect body.

Another thing which made me proud apart from my great muscular body was my cock. It was 9 inches and very thick. Whenever I got time I jacked off and my usual fantasy was my friend Abhishek’s mom. She was around 39 years old but still appeared to be in her late twenties. Her husband worked as a cement consultant so he was on tours for most of the time. Her son Abhishek was my buddy since we were kiddies running around in our diapers. So I got attracted to her since I thought about girls.

My mom woke me up at 5.30 A.M with a cup of coffee. That’s the first thing in the morning I need.

I reached Abhishek’s home at 6 am. The door was answered by Abhishek’s mom. Her name is Pooja.

“Hullo aunty! Good morning.” I greeted her.

“Good morning dear. Come on in.” she welcomed me inside. I followed her to the kitchen with my eyes on her perfect ass.

“Abhishek is still sleeping. Wait here I will wake him up.” saying this she went to wake up Abhishek. I was just sitting there and admiring her. She was around 5’5″ with great breasts. Which were around 36 DD. They were the center of my fantasy. Her jet black hairs reached to her waist and her face gave a sensual glow. She was drop dead gorgeous.

She returned smiling. “He has just woken up. Will be ready in 15 minutes. Will you like to have a cup of coffee?” she asked me.

“That would be lovely aunty.” I replied still staring her.

She gave me a smile when she caught me staring her breasts. I lowered my gaze and started talking her about college. She was wearing a sleeveless nightgown which showed her huge breasts and her milky smooth arms. This didn’t helped me. Though I was talking to her about college but in reality undressing her in my mind.

Abhishek came shortly and we left for gym. Since Abhishek lived near the gym so I usually had breakfast in his house.

We returned back at around 9. A. M. Pooja aunty had prepared breakfast for us.

She had just came out of bath and was wearing a gown. Man. She rocked. That whole out of the bath look blew me up. I was staring at her in awe.

“Son you remember. Today we have to go shopping.” Pooja aunty reminded Abhishek.

“What mom?? Ohh sorry I forgot. Hey mom I don’t have time. Sorry. But eryaman escort I have to go check my math grads. Ask Ajay.” Abhishek replied to aunty and pointed towards me.

Aunty looked little hurt. She had planned this shopping for weeks and now her fool son blew her plans. But I knew what to do. If I didn’t took this opportunity then I wont get anything like this again.

“Aunty if you don’t have any problem I can accompany you.” I said to aunty. I was little nervous as I didn’t knew how aunty will react.

“That would be lovely Ajay.” aunty replied. Her smile returned.

“Then that is done. I will pick you up at 11 am.” I said to her.

I thanked her for the breakfast and ran towards my home literally jumping with joy. I have been waiting for this kind of opportunity for ages and now here it was.

I started getting ready at 10 A. M. My mom saw me dressing up with so much joy.

“You going on some date or what? Why you jumping up so madly?” my mom asked me confused.

“Its nothing mother. I am just taking Mrs Singh for shopping. Nothing else.” I replied her. Pretending this job to be a tiresome and headache.

“O.K. Be careful while driving and don’t play around much. Return soon.” My mom said to me.

“Yes mom” I said to her. I kissed her goodbye and jumped into my car.

Exactly at 11 A.M I reached Pooja aunty’s home.

She opened the door and I once again stared at her in awe. She was looking stunning with a knee long skirt sleeveless top. Just a hint of makeup and there she was. Her breasts were covered perfectly by the white top. I wanted to fuck her then and there.

“What are you looking at? Come on I am not looking that beautiful.” Pooja aunty said to me.

“Aunty you are looking beautiful. Gorgeous.” I stammered.

“O.K lets go.” She said to me ruffling my hairs.

I opened the car door for her.

“Thank you dear. I feel like I am going on a date.” she said to me.

My heart skipped a beat. Did she meant what she was saying.

I got on the wheels and drove to the nearest shopping mall.

We went to the clothes store as aunty wanted to buy a shirt for Abhishek.

I was really elated. With all the guys looking at her I was felling proud and happy to be her escort.

We bought some clothes. It was at the general store where I got the treat of my life.

We were buying medicines when I spotted a shelf with just condoms. I was staring at the shelf trying to read the names of few when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I blushed when I saw it was aunty who was smiling at me.

“So you are checking out condoms. Ever used any of them?” aunty asked me her eyes twinkling.

“No luck till now aunty.” I replied with my eyes on the ground.

“No need to be ashamed of. Come on.” saying this she patted me.

Her touch sent shock waves throughout my body.

We went to the other row to buy some fruits when Pooja aunty turned towards me and asked “You have any girlfriend?”.

“No aunty.” I replied.

“Strange. You are handsome. Girls must be drooling over you. Didn’t found any beautiful girl till now?” she said to me enjoying every moment.

It was then I said that thing which changed my life.

“No one is as beautiful as you aunty. No girl can be like you.” I said to her like being out of my mind.

She was looking at me stunned.

“Well that’s the most beautiful thing anyone said to me.” She touched my face with her soft hands. And I kissed her hand.

It was just on impulse. She brought her face near mine and we kissed. A passionate kiss.

I brought my tongue to her lips and she parted her lips. I explored her mouth with my tongue. We kissed like this for few minutes. It eryaman escort bayan was the last shelf at the corner of the store so no one came.

We broke our kiss. Aunty led me by my hand out of the store. We didn’t buy any things.

We went to the women rest room. Aunty went in first to check then she signaled me. I went in and we locked ourselves in the one of the cubicles.

We kissed there passionately.

“I wanted to do this since I saw you.” I said to her.

“You should have told me earlier. Even I like you.” She replied hoarsely. Her voice was husky and her breathings became heavier.

We again started kissing and I brought my hands to her huge breasts. I squeezed them. I brushed her nipples with my fingers and she moaned.

I lifted her top and started sucking her nipples. Her nipples were erect. I sucked them like I was hungry baby wanting milk.

“Yeah suck them baby. They are all yours. Suck me hard baby.” She was whispering in my ears.

She pulled my head away from her breasts and told me to unbutton my jeans.

I did that exactly and my cock became free.

She gasped. “I have never seen a cock like this. Its huge.” She said to me.

She took my cock in her hand and I almost died because of such pleasure. Her hand felt warm and smooth at my cock which was accustomed to my rough hands.

She stroked me.

“I want that thing in me right now. We don’t have time for floor play do it now.” She said to me.Her voice was hoarse. She was like in a trance.

Even I was blind with pleasure.

I took her in my arms lifted her. I tore away her panties and brought my cock head at her pussy’s entrance.

The cubicle where we were was very small but we didn’t mind the space we were in a pure sexual ecstasy.

“Fuck me now sweetheart.” She said to me. There was a urgency in her voice.

I pushed inside her. She was a little tight.

I tried again and with one massive shove I was buried inside her. All that time she was in my arms and my face was buried in her breast.

“Oh God! That feels awesome. Start pounding my pussy my lover.” She said to me while hanging on my shoulders.

I started pumping her. She clung to my shoulders and I was fucking her with slow motion.

I increased my speed slowly so that my massive cock can adjust into her pussy. Soon I was fucking her madly. Pumping her with all my strength.

Suddenly the door to the next cubicle opened. I stopped fucking her. Someone got into the next cubicle.

“Someone is peeing. Don’t stop. Gimme your cock” she whispered into my ears.

I slowly started fucking her without making any noise.

It was a damn good feeling. Fucking my aunt when someone is peeing next door.

Soon I resumed my rhythm with speed. I was again fucking her with all my strength without caring the woman next cubicle may hear us.

She was moaning her pleasure. My hard fucking was making her go mad with pleasure. Her nails were buried into my shoulders. Leaving love marks on my back.

“OH God! I am cumming. Harder. Harder.Fuck me harder.” Pooja aunty shouted with ecstasy and started cumming.

Her juices were all over my cock. But I didn’t stopped I kept pounding her.

After few minutes I was also nearing orgasm.

“Aunty I am going to cum.” I said to her in a hoarse voice.

“Cum inside me baby. Give me your seed.” she replied huskily.

With one massive shot my whole cock buried inside her and I started cumming. One two three shot of hot cum.

She cummed again. I had pumped my whole load into her womb.

My cock was still buried inside her and we were like this for few minutes. After sometime I let her down.

“That escort eryaman was the best fuck of life. Lets get out of here.” She whispered to me.

She cleaned herself with the tissue and went out first. She knocked on the door signaling me all was clear.

We came out of the mall. We both were looking as if we were drunk.

We got into the car and kissed once again.

I drove the car and we reached her home within 15 minutes.

I opened the door of the house. AS soon as I closed the door she was all over me.

She pulled down my pants and took my cock in her mouth. Her mouth felt warm.

I was in heaven. It was the best feeling I ever had.

Slowly I started mouth fucking her.

She was gagging but took my whole cock in her mouth. I held her head with my hands and started shoving my cock in her mouth which she gladly took.

She was massaging my balls with her free hands as if milking them.

With a loud cry I started cumming inside her mouth.

I shot a huge load which she swallowed.

“Umm!! Tasty cum.” She said to me wiping her mouth.

“Come into the bedroom.” She said to me breathlessly.

I lifted her in my arms like her lover and took her into the bedroom. I made her lie on the bed and started licking her pussy.

“Oh Ajay!! That’s sweet. Lick me. I am your whore come lick me.” She was screaming.

I found her clit and started licking it. Years of porn watching had given me that much experience.

I kept on licking her pussy and within few minutes she was cumming.

“God!! You are a gem. See I am cumming dear lover” she smiled to me.

I came to her and kept my cock on her lips. She took my cock in her lips and sucked it hard.

“Its now time to make love.” I said to her.

I brought my cock head to her pussy lips.

“Make me yours lover.” she said to me.Her

I pushed my whole cock inside her. My cock hit her cervix.

She was moaning softly.

I started pumping her.

“Yeah that’s it. Pound me. Fuck me dear lover. I am all yours.” she begged me.

“Take it aunty. My cock is all yours. I will fuck you like you were never before.” I said to her in a hoarse voice.

“Yes fuck me. Make me a true woman.” She begged me.

After 15 minutes of intense fucking she started cumming wildly.

“I am cumming lover. Ohhhhhhhhhh!!” she screamed and cummed on my cock. I didn’t stopped pounding her.

Within few minutes I was also on the verge of orgasm.

“Aunty I am cumming.”I shouted.

“Come inside me baby. Give me your seed. Make me moomy.” She said in a horse voice.

That was enough for me. I came hard inside her and shot a huge load. That was twice now that I came inside her pussy.

I fell on her with my cock still buried inside her pussy.

She ruffled my hairs out of love and affection.

“You know Ajay being with you make me feel happy, My husband never gave this much pleasure to me. I love you my lover.” She said to me kissing on my forehead.

“I love you too Pooja.” I said to her.

We fucked twice more.

In evening her son returned from college and her husband from his tour.

She called me next morning and told me that she had fucked her husband without any protection so that she will tell him that the baby is his. But we both knew that the baby is mine.

Soon she was pregnant.

“You are the first person I am calling. You have become a father my lover.” She said to me.

“You serious. Thats a great news. Thank you Pooja. I love you.” I said to her.

We met in evening and fucked again in her backyard with her husband and son in front mowing the lawn.

She gave birth to a daughter. Everyone was happy and I was happy too. That kid had my eyes.

We continued our fucking sessions whenever we got time. And I am as happy as I can be.


Thank you friends for taking time to read it. Please do send me your suggestions and comments.

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