Lovely Linda

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My name is Steve and I am 45 years old, I am 6ft 5 inches tall, salt and pepper hair, 14 stone in weight, not bad looking and still get admiring glances for older ladies, which is good for me as I like older ladies, I am married and we recently moved house, to a village on the outskirts of the city I lived in, very quiet and peaceful.

One day as I was driving to work and I saw waiting at the bus stop in the village a lady I knew from the office, her name is Linda, she is 57 years old, about 5ft 5inches tall, slim, with a natural look to her, grey hair, and slightly lined face, she always dressed so conservatively, formal blouse, with all but top button done up, no hint of cleavage, long dark skirts or trousers, formal jacket, sometimes in summer a long dress but always done up to give no hint of the body underneath.

She was divorced and her children had moved out, I have always flirted with her a bit at work, and she has flirted back, nothing major, just harmless comments, anyway I stopped the car and wound down the window and said “Hello darling, you going my way??”

She looked a bit shocked and then realised it was me and straight away made her way to the car, opening the door and getting in she said “I didn’t realise you lived here in this village”

I replied “I have just moved here and didn’t realise that you lived here either and I would be honoured to give a lift to and from work if she wanted” she beamed and said she would like that, I told her that if she didn’t look so gorgeous we might have to leave earlier and park somewhere first, she just blushed, laughed and stroked my face very slightly, that did it I had a stiffy all day.

So from then on I picked her up everyday outside the village green, as the weather started to turn bad I started picking her up from her house so she didn’t have to wait in the cold and rain, one day she invited me in as she running late, she opened the door in her dressing gown and apologised profusely, “So sorry, if you are going to be late, just go and I’ll get the bus”


I replied, “No problem, nice to see you in something other than your work clothes,” she just smiled and said “Be back in a minute, take a seat in the lounge,” as I looked around her the lounge I noticed the photos of her children though the years from small children to university graduation, just then she came back in doing up her blouse, whilst holding a cup of team, it then all went wrong, the tea cup moved and spilt all over her blouse, “Shit and bollocks” came out of her mouth, that surprised me as the rudest word I’d heard from her before was damn, and then she undid her blouse, turning to go back upstairs as she did, I got a view of some soft skin and silky white bra, 2 minutes later she was back in a different blouse and all trace of skin below the next gone.

About a month later I found out that my wife has been cheating on me with someone at her work, she just left a note and said that it was not working out and she had met someone else, (I later found out he was the owner of the company and was a millionaire), she said that I could have the house as her new man had loads of money.

I took a couple of days off, I texted Linda to say I wouldn’t be in, I took the days off to get over the shock and to get rid of my soon to be ex wife’s stuff that she left behind, I wanted no reminders of her in the house anywhere.

I got a couple of text messages from Linda asking if there was anything she could do and whether I needed to talk, I replied saying “come round tonight and bring a bottle of wine,” she said ok.

7:30 pm there was a ring on my doorbell and in walked Linda, she had a carrier bag with 3 bottles of wine, a red, a white and a rose, she said “You didn’t specify what you wanted so I brought 3 different types” she was dressed the most casually I’d seen her, in a pair of jeans and a v neck t-shirt were revealed as he took off her big coat, it showed some skin from her neck down, and on her arms, she put down the wine bottles and gave me hug and said how sorry she was and how I deserved a woman who would look after me, I gave her a peck on the check and thanked her for being a friend.

We sat down and started on the red, and chatted about life, after an hour or so we had finished that moved onto the white and then chatted some more, after that the rose was opened, by the time had finished that it was 11pm and Linda said she needed to get home, I offered to walk her home as we were both slightly the worse for wear, I helped her into her coat and put on a coat and shoes, As we walked to hers she said “it’s cold,” eryaman escort I put my arm around her and she melded into my side, as we got to hers I said good night and went to kiss her on the cheek, she turned her head at that point and I kissed her squarely on the lips, her eyes went big and she went all flustered, “I’ll errrrr see errrrrrrr you tomorrow” she said once our lips parted, I apologised she just smiled as she said “I just wish you had meant it,” with that she turned went inside,

I walked back home and crashed in my bed until the alarm went off, next morning got up, showered and picked up Linda as normal, she was fine, and we chatted as normal in the car journey, no mention of the kiss.

Christmas and new year passed and then it was nearly Easter, as I picked Linda up one day she said “You need to have some fun, when was the last time you had fun?” I laughed and said “everyday I pick you up” she just smiled and gave me a look, “Are you going to the company Easter ball?”

I said “No one to go with unless you are offering?”

She said “that’s a date then,” I said “Only if you’ll dance with me and let me whisper sweet nothings in your ear”,

She smiled, put her hand over mine and leaned over and kissed my cheek, and said “I’d be offended if you didn’t,” at that point we pulled into the work car park.

Later that day my work mates all started saying who they were bringing to the Easter ball, and one of them a snotty git called Giles said, “what about you Steve? who are you bringing?”

I looked up and said “Linda from scanning,”he laughed and said “she is old, is that the best you can do?” I stood up walked over to his desk and said “if you were’nt a little shit I’d beat the crap out of you, she has been a good friend to me and I’m honoured to have her on my arm,” a couple of the other guys just smiled and gave me the thumbs up and one whispered, “You should have beaten the crap out of the little tosser,” at that point I noticed Linda was standing there dropping off some files from the scan centre, she had seen and heard everything and just smiled at me.

As we drove home that evening she said “Thank you for saying those things to Giles earlier, did you know I was standing there?”

“No I didn’t” I said but am looking forward to it now, as we stopped outside her house, she leant over and gave me a quick kiss on the lips, she then quickly turned to open the car door, I grabbed her arm, turned her round and gave her a big kiss squarely on the lips, her eyes closed and she stroked my face returning the kiss, I opened my mouth and slid my tongue along her teeth, she opened her mouth and her tongue joined mine in a dance, she moved away and said “goodnight, see you tomorrow,” and with that she opened the car door and went inside her house, I sat outside her house for a couple of minutes wondering what next and then slowly drove to my own home.

The next morning I walked up to her front door as normal with a degree of fear and trepidation, she answered the door after I rang the doorbell with a big smile and asked me to wait in the lounge whilst she finished getting ready, a minute later she appeared and said “Ready?” she had on a her normal “uniform” as we got into the car she said “I really enjoyed that kiss, can we do it again?” with that I leant over and kissed her, she returned the kiss with passion and hunger, We did this for a couple of minutes and then she said “we had better got to work.”

I put the car in gear and drove off, I said “the Easter ball is tomorrow night, I’m thinking of getting a taxi there and back so I can drink, is that ok with you?”, she smiled and said “of course or we could drive there and stay over, it’s up to you?” “Separate rooms?” I said.

“No get a twin room, save on the cost” she replied.

Not a lot more was said and we soon pulled into the work car park, and we went off to our different parts of the building, I ordered a room online and paid for it on my credit card, Giles saw me, “do you think you might get lucky with a bird tomorrow night then?” “Fuck off” was all I said .

The journey home that night was interesting, we had another kissing session in the car outside her house and Linda said “I’m not getting to ask you in, in case I do something I might regret,” Linda had picked up a gown from a local hire shop and asked if she could leave it in my car so we could go straight from work to the ball the next day, I said no problem, and she stroked my face and gave me a quick kiss before going inside.

For the first time in years I wanked that night, her comment about not eryaman escort bayan inviting me in made me think something more may happen in our relationship, and wanted to prove to myself that I could do it if the occasion arose, As I slowly worked my hand up and down my 7 inch shaft I thought of Linda and what I would like to do with her, with that thought I splattered over my hand and stomach …

The next morning I picked Linda up and we had our normal snogging session, she had her overnight bag which I put in the boot of the car next to mine, her gown was hanging up next to my Tux which I hoped still fitted as I hadn’t worn it in a few years.

I held her hand all the way as we drove in, she clasped my hand like it was the most precious thing in her life, as we parked in the office car park she gave me a quick kiss on the lips and run into the office.

We were all allowed to leave early, Linda met me by the car at 4pm and we drove straight to the hotel, we checked in and when we got to the room, it was a double not a twin, Linda just said “we can make do, don’t make a fuss,” with that she said get ready and then go into the bar and wait for me,

I had a quick shower and changed into my tux, gave her a quick kiss and said I’d see her in the hotel bar, I bought a pint and waited for her, I was watching some football on the telly when I felt a tap on my shoulder, in 30 minutes she had gone from prim and proper Linda to a full on want to shag her senseless MILF, she had done her makeup and was wearing a floor length red ball gown, with long red gloves covering her forearms, and a black scarf around her neck, “fuck me, you are gorgeous” I said.

She said “you like then, would you buy me a drink then”, I bought another beer for me and glass of wine for her, Giles walked into the bar at that point and sneered his nose up at me and Linda drinking and laughing and holding hands, I saw him, winked at Linda and whispered “Trust me”, at that point I leant over and kissed her strongly on the lips, she returned the kiss with a passion I never knew existed, Giles just stood there mouth open and eyes wide, I then turned round to him and said “Fuck off.”

Linda then did something that totally surprised me, she stood up grasped my hand dragged me out of the bar, she said “Sod the ball, I want our own party” and then took me back to out room, as soon as the door opened and closed she kicked her shoes off and reached up behind her and started to lower the zip on her dress.

I walked up behind her and nuzzled her neck and said “Are you sure?”

She turned round looked me in the eye and said “more than anything”, at that point I moved back slightly and finished off lowering the zip, the gown fell to the floor and stepped out of it, she had on a red strapless bra, and red holdups with a pair of red silk panties, she said your turn, with that turned round, ripped my jacket off threw it across the room, she loosened my tie and pulled it off me, she then pulled my shirt out of trousers and undid the buttons, and then pulled that off me as well, she then undid the button and zip on my trousers and pulled them to ground where they promptly got stuck on my shoes, I fell over onto the floor and Linda removed my trousers, socks and shoes, leaving me in my boxers, she then moved up my body and gave me a big kiss, I opened my mouth and accepted her kiss with relish, we kissed for a few minutes and I said “this would be better on the bed,” she said “yes, but wait a minute,” she disappeared into the toilet, I crawled onto the bed and looked at my boxers, they had tented obscenely, “Call of nature” she said coming out of the toilet and followed my gaze, she just said is that me and then pounced onto the bed, she pulled my boxers down and sucked my cock into her mouth, I was stunned and at that moment realised she has removed her bra and knockers in the toilet,

I hadn’t had a woman touch my cock in months and the feeling was intense, I croaked I’m going to come and she just sucked harder, at that point I spurted into her mouth, she swallowed it all, when I finished she crawled up my body and gave a me a big kiss, I grabbed her turned her over and spread myself on top of her, I kissed her lips some more and then moved down her body to her breasts.

I kissed each nipple in turn causing her to moan, she moaned “that’s nice,” but I wasn’t finished yet, I moved down further and kissed her stomach and then moved down some more “What are you going to do?” she gasped as she felt my hot breath on her private parts, “No one has ever put their mouth there” and she screamed escort eryaman as my tongue touched her lower lips, she closed her legs trapping my head, I kept licking and found her clit, I licked that she exploded, her arse raised about 6 inches off the bed and she screamed, I hoped no one was in the rooms either side, it pierced my ear drums, I kept her clit in my mouth and sucked on it, she kept cumming and cumming, after a couple of minutes she told me to stop and calmed down a bit, with that I slowly kissed my way up her body until my cock was level with her cunt and looked her in the eyes,

She just said “Do it”, with that I slowly pushed my cock inside of her, she raised her knees to her chest and screamed “So FUCKING big”, that helped my ego, I stopped moving in and moved out slightly and then moved in again, this time I sunk all the way in and we both sighed, I started moving and she said “Stop.”

I said “I’m not hurting you am I?” she just smiled and said “A little but I want to be on top”, Who am I to disappoint a woman …

We rolled over without decoupling and she slowly ground her mound against my pubic hairs, she then cum again loudly, when she calmed down I grabbed her 34B tits and tweaked her nipples as she started riding me, after a few minutes I felt the boiling sensation in my balls and knew it wouldn’t be long, I told her she said wait 1 more minute as she started riding me faster and faster, I couldn’t wait and shot my second load into the gorgeous mature lady, at that point she came as well.

When we both stopped moving she got off and ran to the toilet where she cleaned herself up, she come back to bed and cuddled up to me, She then kissed me on the lips and said “I love you,”

I kissed her back and said “thank god for that, I love you too, but I think we have missed the start of the ball,” she laughed starting running her fingers through my chest hair.

“What happens next” I said, “Well we can stay here or we can get some food?” she replied, “let’s do both” I said, as I picked up the phone and called room service, 10 minutes later I answered the door wearing the hotel dressing gown and took the plates of sandwiches and bottle of champagne I had ordered.

We ate the sandwiches in a couple of minutes and drunk the champagne, whilst talking about what the future holds.

We decided that what we really needed to do was get some sleep, as we were both tired but we both needed shower first, I asked Linda to go first and then as soon as I heard the shower start running I followed her in, I made her jump when I stroked her back, she turned round and kissed me again, at that point I picked her up, she wrapped her legs around my waist and I lowered her onto my rock hard cock, she gasped and said she loved it as I bounced her up and down in the running water, she came quickly and I followed not long after, we finished cleaning each other and went back to bed to sleep with Linda curled up and me spooning her.

We both woke up at about 5am, me with a raging hard on and her when I started kissing her shoulders, she just turned over smiled starting rubbing my cock, “I’m too sore down there, it’s been years since I made love and twice in one night has worn her out, “will you settle for an IOU?” she kissed me harder and started rubbing harder and faster.

“I’m gonna cum if you keep doing that” I said, she kissed me again and kept going and angled my cock at her stomach and kept pumping, next thing I know I’m shot my load over her stomach.

We kissed and cuddled and then fell back asleep, I woke up at 7am to the sound of the hair dryer, Linda has got up and had a shower, “We need to talk” she said, “do you want to go public or shall we keep it quiet?”

“Well as Fuckwit Giles knows all about us I guess we may as well go public,” I said she stopped doing her hair and walked over to the bed and kissed me hard, and then went back to drying her hair.

We got dressed, Linda into a long denim skirt and a long sleeved roll neck jumper, and me into jeans with an old Red Dwarf t shirt, and went and had breakfast in the hotel restaurant, some other couples from work had stayed over from the ball and were surprised to see Linda and I walk in hand in hand, we sat down and ordered our breakfast.

I said “what made you leap on me last night?”

She held my hand and gazed at me and just said “it seemed the right time and you never pushed it, you let it come naturally,”, and I loved the way you didn’t try to be one of the lads, you defended me against that prat Giles, we ate breakfast laughing and joking about what was going to happen Monday at work, we then went back to our room and picked up our stuff and then drove home, I kissed her as we arrived at hers “I’ll see you Monday morning for my lift into work, and remember I love you” she said and with that she went inside.

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