Longing for Chelsea Pt. 07 – Finale

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Author’s note: All of the characters in the Chelsea series are, of course, entirely fictitious. I’ve been thrilled to receive your messages of support and hope you enjoy this final instalment. As always, votes, comments and emails are welcome.


Chelsea Collins emerged from her ensuite bathroom clean, refreshed and completely naked. Her husband, David, the recently appointed minister in their small country parish, was still in bed and was just hanging up from a call on his mobile phone.

“Who was it on the phone?” asked Chelsea idly, standing at the foot of the bed.

“It was Janet Deane. You know her, I’m sure. The head of the Church Women’s Auxiliary….”

Chelsea’s heart almost stopped and the blood drained from her face. She swallowed hard before asking with faked disinterest: “Oh, what did she want?”

“She was asking if I thought you might agree to join the Auxiliary’s executive committee,” David replied with a puzzled expression. “Strange really – she seemed to be asking my permission for you to join.”

“And what did you say?” asked Chelsea with her heartbeat restored.

“Well, I said it sounded like an excellent idea but I’d need to consult you first. What do you think?” he asked looking sheepishly at his young wife’s lithe body.

“Oh, well,” replied Chelsea casually. “If you think it might be a good idea then I suppose I could. It would give me something to do.”

“Excellent,” replied David enthusiastically. “I think it would be a good opportunity for you to get on more intimate terms with some important members of my congregation. You don’t mind do you, really?”

Chelsea swallowed again and said lightly: “Of course I don’t mind. I’m happy to do anything that will help your work.” She turned to open the wardrobe doors.

“Well, that’s lovely. I shall phone Janet Deane back and tell her to contact you with the details.” David paused, then said: “Oh and darling…”

“Yes?” she replied, turning back to face her husband.

“Um – can you please not parade about like that?” He flicked his eyes up and down her body.

“Oh,” said Chelsea covering her small breasts with one forearm and her wispy blonde mound with the other hand. “Of course — sorry.”

An hour later, when her husband had left the rectory for a meeting at the church, Chelsea’s naked form was greeted much more warmly by her mother-in-law, Mary Morgan. The older woman was soaking in the bath as Chelsea chatted to her, sitting on the edge of the tub at the far end with her feet in the water. Mary’s large breasts floated on the surface, slick with lather, her large nipples pink from the steaming water and growing stiffer with each second she gazed on the slim naked body of her daughter-in-law. By unspoken agreement both women began to caress their own breasts, each watching the other in growing excitement. Chelsea’s petite mounds easily fitted into the palm of each hand while Mary’s palms barely covered her areolae.

As they caressed themselves Chelsea quizzed Mary about the Executive Committee of the Church Women’s Auxiliary — sensing correctly that Mary knew a lot more than she or Janet had previously let on. Mary smiled at Chelsea, leaned forward and reached out with one soapy hand to caress the young woman’s pussy.

“Don’t worry about the committee,” said Mary, sliding closer to Chelsea’s parted thighs. “You’ll find out soon enough — all I will say is that I know you are going to love working with the other women.”

Mary’s teasing, almost sly, inference sent a guilty thrill of pleasure through Chelsea and that thrill escalated rapidly when her mother-in-law leaned forward to apply her mouth to Chelsea’s delicate young quim.

So it was with nervous excitement that Chelsea sat in Mary’s car two days later for the twenty-minute drive out of town to Regina Crawford’s farm. It was Regina’s turn to host the committee meeting.

“Farm” wasn’t really the word for this sprawling sheep and cattle station. The Crawfords were old money by Australian standards and had lived for five generations in an imposing sandstone pile that sat complacently amid their vast paddocks. Regina’s husband, Roland, was also the local member of the federal parliament so spent very little time on the property these days, leaving the management to his capable, imperious wife.

Regina welcomed Mary and Chelsea at the impressive front door, dressed in an elegant white sheath dress, white shoes and her trademark single strand of pearls. She kissed Mary’s cheek then cast a disconcertingly predatory eye over Chelsea. The hunger in her gaze as it swept over the petite young woman made Chelsea’s pulse race and she felt immediately intimidated before the tall, silver-haired, patrician woman.

“Chelsea my dear! Welcome,” she cooed and moved in for a close hug. Chelsea felt the soft give of Regina’s small breasts against her own and realised with a shock that the elderly woman was not wearing a bra under her dress. Then, as they followed Regina through an almost baronial front hall, Chelsea could detect no panty-line under casino siteleri the dress either, and she felt a rush of excitement that tickled her nipples.

Under Mary’s keen instruction Chelsea had dressed for this meeting in a simple short-sleeved pale blue blouse, a short navy blue skirt that showed off her slender legs, and white strappy sandals. Underneath she wore a skimpy bra and panties in white lace — specially procured by Mary. She wore no make up – Mary had been emphatic on that point. Mary said Chelsea’s “unadorned beauty” should be allowed to shine through.

They discovered the rest of the committee seated around a small circular table in an impressive drawing room. Chelsea new Janet, of course, and she blushed a deep red when the mature brunette rose to greet her with a brief but tight hug. The other women, Deidre and Chloe, she knew casually from church but they also greeted the young minister’s wife with a friendly smile and hug.

Chelsea was directed to a chair beside Janet, while Mary, as a non-member, chose a discrete armchair nearby.

“We’ve already dispensed with the preliminaries,” explained Regina as she resumed her seat on the other side of Chelsea. “We didn’t want to bore you to death on your first meeting — so there’s only the general business to go…. Janet?”

“Thanks Regina,” said Janet taking charge as the chairwoman. Though Janet was the official leader of this committee, Chelsea sensed that it was the commanding Regina who ultimately dominated.

As they continued with their meeting Chelsea couldn’t help but be impressed by the efficiency and dedication the woman were showing to the business of supporting the church. And as the proceedings wound on she took an opportunity to inspect her co-members. She was already excited, if intimidated, by the aristocratic beauty of her host, who must, Chelsea speculated, be at least 65 years old. Regina’s gold jewellery at her wrists and fingers was restrained and elegantly expensive.

She turned her attention to Deidre. This woman, whom she knew was married to a local solicitor, was about 40 with shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair and startling blue eyes. Her pretty face was pale with the merest blush of pink lipstick. She too was dressed elegantly, in a long satin shirt, with several buttons undone and cinched at the waist by a wide leather belt. Chelsea’s eyes were drawn to the pale skin of Deidre’s chest, with its hint of modest cleavage and tracery of faint blue veins beneath the pearly flesh. Her beauty aroused Chelsea and she was embarrassed when she looked up to find those ice-blue eyes appraising her at the same time.

Chelsea blushed and looked away, her gaze falling this time on Chloe — a part-time pre-school teacher and the wife of a local farmer. She too was beautiful, but in a much more earthy way. Her bright floral dress hugged her generous curves and displayed a provocative amount of breast flesh. She must have been at least a double-D cup Chelsea speculated, and she found herself wanting to push her face between those creamy mounds. Chloe’s hips were generous too, and despite her wavy blonde hair and skilfully applied make-up, Chelsea couldn’t help thinking of Chloe as the “earth mother” of the group. She appeared to be the youngest of the group — though still a good ten years older than Chelsea.

By now, of course, Chelsea guessed there was much more to this group’s activities than simple church business — and the idea that they might all enjoy the kinds of lewd behaviour she had experienced with Mary and Janet made Chelsea’s nipples swell and the dampness gather between her compressed pussy lips. Inside she was scared this wider exposure would make her sinful desires more commonly known — yet she was also intensely aroused by a sudden desire to become the play-thing of these older, experienced women. And, as she wilted under the open and intensifying scrutiny of the group around the table, she became more certain that she had indeed been brought here as a sacrificial offering.

These thoughts left her shaking inside and when the meeting abruptly ended, and she was handed a tall flute of champagne to toast her “admission” to the committee, she knew she wouldn’t have the will to resist any depravity these women might intend.

Regina shepherded them into an adjoining sunroom with a cane lounge suite, and Chelsea was glad when Mary sat beside her and proffered a protective hand. Janet, Chloe and Deidre seated themselves on an identical lounge opposite. Mary leaned close to ask quietly whether Chelsea was feeling okay and followed the query with a soft kiss to her smooth cheek. Chelsea noticed the other women watching them and Mary’s kiss seemed to act as a tension breaker as they all immediately relaxed into more intimate contact. Janet placed a hand on Chloe’s knee and Deidre, sitting on the other side of Chloe, tucked her feet under her bottom and turned to face the voluptuous blonde, leaning forward to place a brief kiss on Chloe’s earlobe.

Regina had been standing between the couches watching, but now she slid gracefully slot oyna onto the vacant cushion beside Chelsea. She used a long elegant finger to smooth a lock of Chelsea’s hair behind her ear then reassured her gently: “I hope the closeness — the intimacy — of our little group doesn’t disturb you my dear?”

Chelsea was momentarily tongue-tied but Mary came to her rescue, smiling and reassuring Regina that Chelsea was merely a bit nervous but would be eager to participate in any group activities. Chelsea glanced nervously at Regina and smiled her concurrence with Mary’s view.

“Lovely then,” whispered Regina and, with a fingertip under Chelsea’s chin, she turned the beautiful young face for a soft but lingering kiss. Chelsea’s body responded immediately. The older woman’s lips were thin but soft and Chelsea loved the hint of champagne amid the taste of her lipstick. Regina broke the kiss and gestured with her chin across the room. Chelsea looked to the sofa opposite to see Janet and Chloe exchanging a passionate kiss while Deidre sat back in the corner of the lounge with one hand inside her split-fronted blouse, clearly caressing her own breasts. “Beautiful isn’t it?” whispered Regina again, nuzzling her nose against Chelsea’s ear. The response of the minister’s young wife was a low moan of arousal that made Regina and Mary chuckle together. “And today my darling,” continued Regina in her soft throaty voice. “We are going to make you our star guest. Is that okay?”

Regina’s words made Chelsea’s mind whirl. Oh why were they even giving her a choice? She just wanted them to take her. She wanted to cede control completely to these beautiful, older, vibrant women. Her young body was erotically charged almost to the point of explosion. She looked searchingly into Regina’s eyes and whispered in reply: “Oh yes — yes please!” The predatory gleam that ignited in Regina’s older, elegant face both scared and excited Chelsea.

Regina stood and with a commanding clap of her hands said: “Ladies, before we get too carried away we should remember this is really Chelsea’s day and we must … um … be sure to make her welcome. Come, I’ve prepared a special setting for us.” With that she turned and strode out of the sunroom, with the others rising and following in her wake.

They followed Regina’s slim hips and firm bottom up a wide staircase and along a portrait-lined gallery to her master bedroom. Chelsea gasped in wonder as she entered the room. It looked more like a royal chamber than a bedroom. The space was dominated by a massive four-poster bed with white linen drapes gathered at the corners. The bedclothes had been stripped down to just a snow-white sheet and a multitude of large, soft pillows. The cedar-panelled walls were covered with a variety of tasteful paintings — including a couple of portraits of Victorian matrons who gazed out of their frames with stiff disapproval.

But what made all the women murmur in delighted approval was the fact that the Georgian shutters had been closed over the tall windows, blocking out the daylight entirely — and the room was lit instead by the soft glow of dozens of candles. They lined the picture rails, the large chest of drawers and the antique dressing table — some of them scented — to give the room a subtle Asiatic aroma.

Regina smiled at their reactions and stepped behind Chelsea to hold her shoulders lightly and nuzzle her ear: “What do you think my dear? Are you really ready to join the auxiliary committee?”

Chelsea’s heart was hammering in her chest, shaking her small frame. “Ooooh,” she breathed in reply. “It’s so beautiful!”

“Then come,” whispered Mary and led her to the big bed. Chelsea went willingly, but was still aware of the intense scrutiny of the others, and again she felt like some kind of supplicant servant, even a slave, about be offered up for sacrifice.

Regina sat Chelsea on the side of the bed and knelt to remove her sandals, letting her fingers caress the sides and soles of Chelsea’s feet as she slipped them off. Then she guided the compliant 22 year-old into the middle of the bed and had her lie on her back with her shoulders and head supported on the pillows.

The other women had all gathered around the bed and were watching keenly. “Ladies!” Regina issued the one word command, and without further instruction the other four women kicked off their shoes and began to strip. Regina herself remained clothed, standing at the foot of the bed, smiling at Chelsea and watching her reactions. Chelsea looked about her in wide-eyed alarm as these older women shed their garments. She had obviously seen Mary and Janet naked, so she fixed her attention mostly on Deidre and Chloe. She soon saw that Deidre was braless when she slipped off her belt and satin shirt. Her breasts were high-set and firm, not much bigger than Chelsea’s own. Her fair skin was ghostly pale, her nipples small and almost transparent, but they were hard pebbles at the moment. And when she slipped off her skirt and panties in one sweep, Chelsea saw her small trimmed bush was the same light auburn shade canlı casino siteleri as the hair of her head. By contrast, Chloe was well-rounded and voluptuous. Her dress hit the floor and she immediately freed her large breasts from their confining maternity bra. They hung full and firm against her rib cage, the areolae stretched wide, and the fat nipples beading immediately with drops of breast milk. She squirmed out of her panties to reveal a brown bush of hair that made no concession to trimming or waxing.

When all four were naked they climbed onto the bed to kneel, two on each side, of Chelsea’s slight, trembling frame. They all looked for permission to Regina, who paused, licked her lips elaborately and then gave a simple nod. Immediately, the four naked women began to remove Chelsea’s clothes. They unbuttoned her blouse and parted the two halves to reveal her lacy bra. Gentle fingertips traced lazy patterns over her shoulders and chest, her taught belly and her sides. Chelsea whimpered at their touch, her whole body buzzing in need of firmer treatment. It was Deidre who unsnapped the centre catch of Chelsea’s A-cup bra, sliding the cups aside to reveal the perfect twin peaks of her barely-there breasts. They raised her shoulders to completely remove her blouse and bra. Then between them, Mary and Janet eased Chelsea’s skirt off and, looked again to Regina whose steel-grey eyes were riveted on the junction of Chelsea’s thighs. She nodded once more and Janet and Mary slipped their fingers into the band of Chelsea’s panties and she instinctively lifted her bottom to let them slide the flimsy lace down her legs and off her feet.

Chelsea was now fully exposed to the appreciative eyes of the five older women and she was blushing madly at the wicked spectacle she must present to them. In fact what they saw delighted them, fulfilling everyone’s speculation about her tender young body, and piquing their excitement. The flickering candlelight played over Chelsea’s nude form. It shone in highlights in the short blonde hair that framed her beautiful elfin face. Her collarbones stood out in relief and her breasts lay small and firm on her chest, the tiny pink nipples and their puckered areolae begging for attention. Her rib cage was softly outlined by her clear satin skin and the plane of her tummy was firm and flat between the peaks of her hip bones. Her legs were smooth and toned and everyone focussed their gaze on the junction of her thighs and the pert folds of her cunt. Her mound was covered by sparse wisps of corn silk — which framed her petite labia and their promise of the velvet inner lips.

The tension in her body was obvious and their avid inspection did nothing to ease it. It was Regina who broke the enraptured silence.

“Ohhh,” she sighed. “Thank you Mary for this peerless gift. I think you’ll all agree ladies that darling Chelsea is a perfect addition to our committee and now you must all welcome her properly.”

With that the erotic tension was broken and the women stooped to begin worshipping their new sacrifice with their lips and fingers. At the head of the bed Mary dipped to kiss Chelsea with soft moist lips and a probing tongue. Within seconds Chelsea felt equally wet kisses on her nipples and she moaned into Mary’s mouth at the sexual thrill that coursed through her body igniting a passionate fire in her lower belly. It was Deidre and Chloe who were tasting her breasts and Chelsea’s own hands reached out to caress their bodies as well. Her hands found soft curves, firm breasts and hard straining nipples. She rolled and pinched those nubs, eliciting warm moans from the women suckling her own tiny tits. When she felt one of Janet’s long fingers gently caress her vaginal folds it was too much and her young body jerked with the first of what would turn out to be countless orgasms she would experience that morning.

At the foot of the bed, Regina watched all this with blazing eyes and a thin-lipped smile. She brought her hands up to squeeze her aged, slightly sagging tits through the thin material of her dress.

Mary had relinquished Chelsea’s lips allowing her daughter-in-law to look down at the other three women as they pleasured her. The mouths suckling her breasts became more insistent. Chloe and Deidre sucked hard on Chelsea’s nipples, each watching the other and imitating her motions. Chelsea squeaked when their teeth closed tighter on her sensitive buds. Janet meanwhile had used her fingers to spread Chelsea’s pussy lips and was now spreading her moistness up and over her clitoris. This made Chelsea’s stomach tighten and she moaned as she felt another orgasm gathering in the depths of her body. Janet used her other hand to begin a slow and deep fingering of the young woman’s sopping slit. The sensations began to overwhelm Chelsea as she watched Janet’s actions. Janet brought her almost to a peak then skilfully desisted, leaving Chelsea on a plateau of rampant desire. She whimpered and watched as Janet crawled onto the bed between her legs and bent to apply her mouth, instead of her fingers, to Chelsea’s streaming folds. The others also raised their heads to watch this first oral assault and hummed with pleasure when it took just one tentative flick of Janet’s tongue to send the beautiful young woman over the edge and into another shuddering climax.

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