Long Over Due, Sexual Surprise

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After lunch today I guessed it showed on my face. My boss walked over to my desk and asked how I was feeling. He of course was referring to my ex-wife, who left me five months ago. I took a deep breath and started to open my mouth to explain that I was OK, when he stopped me. “Take the rest of the day off. Go to my house and use my pool and enjoy the sunshine. I’ll see you about 6.” He walked away and I took his advice and left the office.

My boss was correct; the sunny day did make me feel better. The more I thought about it the better the pool sounded. I stopped by my house and grabbed my trunks and towel.

As approached his home, I noticed a car parked out front. I did not know whose car it was.

I parked in the driveway and walked into the house. The stereo was blasting out the tunes big time. I yelled out, hello, knowing all to well no one would hear me anyway. I walked to the back of the house towards the pool.

As I reached the French doors leading out to the pool I saw two women on a towel. Nude in the 69 position. My eyes held for a few seconds on a pussy, she was one top to where I had the view. I could see the other one’s tongue and nose being buried in her pussy. In just the short time, I felt this strange feeling in my groin. Just then one of the women caught me looking. She screamed “OH MY GOD”. I turned and quickly walked back towards the front door. The music stopped, I could hear load whispers as the two women scrambled into the house.

I heard one telling the other to wait in the family room. Around the corner and into the foyer this beautiful woman catches me at the front door. Wearing a towel wrapped around her body, she introduced herself as Nicole, and said; “I’m a good friend of Clyde’s.” I held up the palms of my hands, speechless, but I was trying to say that I was sorry for barging in on them that way. But I could not say it. Nicole started explaining the situation, but all I could do was smile. Then Nicole stepped closer, held out her hand to shake. She looked me in the eye and asked how long I had watched. My eyes went wide, for two reasons. One was Nicole accusing me for being a peeking tom? Second were Nicole’s pert breasts and nipples where in total view of my eyes.

I took a deep breath, but not moving my eyes from her breasts, I said “for just a brief second. My boss gave me the day off and told me to come over and swim.” My eyes moved from her nipples to her face. Nicole was looking down, at my lap. I caught a slight smile on her face. She said, “You must be Jim. Ankara escort Clyde has spoken about you, but I was not expecting you today.”

Nicole moved to my side and ran her finger over my shoulder. She whispered into my ear to follow her. I followed Nicole into the family room where the other woman was waiting. Nicole introduced me to Kellie. Kellie was another beautiful woman also wearing a towel around her middle and another good friend of the boss. Damn he has nice friends.

By now you guessed it, my cock was hard enough to dent a car fender. Nicole was this beautiful red head and Kellie was a gorgeous brunette. Both of these fine ladies stood before me. Kellie said that Clyde would be here at 6 and we should not wait for him.

With that said, Nicole steps close to me, rapping her arms around my neck kissing me. Her hot tongue spread my lips and wiggled down to my throat. I dropped my swimming trunks and towel to the floor. Her hips started grinding up and down on my penis, her pussy just a few layers of fabric from my cock. I could feel my cock was rock hard. The palms of my hands grabbed Nicole’s ass checks and pulled her pussy closer to my cock. I could feel the lips of her pussy as my cock spread them, even through my trousers. Her towel fell from her body in a heap to the floor.

I heard Kellie’s voice, “hey you guys, I want to have some fun too.” My arm reached out towards her sweet voice. She moved closer to where I could feel her. I placed my arm around her shoulders and brought her closer. There I stood with two gorgeous women, kiss one, then the other. Both of their lips where warm and exciting to feel pushed up against mine. They both tasted different, but both filled with erotic excitement.

While my eyes where closed kissing Kellie, Nicole was unbuckling my slacks. Her hand went in the zipper and found my hard cock. I heard myself moan. I took a deep breath and sighed. It had been months since a woman touched me.

My pants fell to the floor. I kicked off my shoes and let my slacks fall off my ankles. The three of us made it to the sofa. We kind of fell into a naked pile. Kellie was pulling my under shorts off my body. Nicole was unbuttoning my shirt and pulling it from my shoulders and arm’s. My cock ended up, pointing up to where the love gods live.

Kellie pushed me over sideways and started sucking my cock. Nicole positioned herself over my face. One of her feet went into the deep space behind the cushions and she splattered her cunt down onto my nose.

My hands went Ankara escort bayan under Nicole’s ass; lifting her cunt and angling it to better eat her out. Her clit was fully exposed, pink and hot to my tongue. Her hips were wiggling around my face. I heard a moan come from her throat and with that her fluids spilled over my face. She relaxed her legs. Nicole reached down and pinched my nipples between her fingers.

In the mean time, Kellie had her hand cupped over my swollen balls. I slid down to where my cock and balls would hang over the edge of the sofa. Kellie’s lips parted, her tongue slithered out of her mouth and licked the tip of my cock. She licked the length of my long shaft, all the time holding onto my balls.

I took a deep breath as she opened wide and deep throated my cock. Oh, did this ever feel good. She closed her lips tight on my cock and swallowed. Then slowly pulled back up its length. With a pop, my cock came out of her mouth. She had spittle running down her chin, the other end still attached to the tip of my cock.

Kellie took her finger, and lifted the spittle from my cock tip and proceeded to lift it all back into her mouth. She then moved her tongue over her lips enjoying the sensations that she was giving me. Her head went back down into my lap. Her mouth opened up and sucked in one of my balls, while her hand stroked my cock. I could feel my cum beginning to boil down in my balls. My cock was twitching with each of her strokes. I took a deep breath and let out a soft moan of weakness. My cum squirted out. Some of the cum landed on my chest and sofa. More cum was dripping on Kellie’s hand.

Nicole climbed over me and down onto the floor next to Kellie. The two of them started licking the cum from my chest. I lay there recuperating and watched the two sex bombs cleaning me up. Kellie then held up her hand, the one that had been jacking me off. Nicole took Kellie’s finger sucking the cum from it. The two women started kissing each other and exploring each other’s bodies with their hands.

Soon I felt me own hand, it was now on my cock. My cock had started to re harden as I watched the two women. I slowly stroked myself, using my other hand to cup my balls.

The two women moved to a sixty-nine position, just the way I had originally found them. I crawled down on the floor next to them. My head went between their bodies and found Kellie’s breast. I started licking and sucking her firm tit. I lay there enjoying her tastes and smells.

Nicole moved from Kellie, got up Escort Ankara and stood over me. Placing one foot on either side of my hips, she lowered herself. She reached under, in between her legs and grabbed my cock. I watched her beautiful ass, as she lowered her self down on to my penis. As my cock head touched her pussy, she stopped to wiggle its head around her opening.

Both of my hands reached up to Nicole’s hips and pulled her down. My cock entered her to the hilt with the one movement. I raised my ass to thrust; she wiggled her ass and ground down hard. I felt as if my balls where deep in her also.

I reached around Nicole and grabbed her tits. I cupped both in my hands as she kept grinding her pussy down onto my cock. I could feel my cock fully hard again. I took stock of thoughts of not wanting to cum to quickly. I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensations I was having.

Kellie lay still watching, until her hand moved to her pussy. Her fingers went to her clit. She started rubbing herself.

I heard Nicole orgasm and slow her grid as I lay there with my eyes closed. Nicole leaned back into me. Her back was against my chest. I still had a firm grip on her breasts. We where both taking a short breather.

I did not notice Kellie, nor did I know she had knelt down in front of Nicole. All I knew that Nicole was energized once again. Nicole was just wiggling her little body on my cock. Back and forth, side to side with little movements. With my hands on her chest I could feel her breathing rate picking up. Of course this excited me also, so I started thrusting upwards, pushing my cock deeper inside of her.

Nicole said that she was going to cum; she tilted her head back and whispered to me to cum inside of her. Her breathing rate was faster, I knew she was cuming. I was about to explode myself. As I started my first squirt, I let go of Nicole’s tits. I wanted to feel her pussy with my shaft inside of her. My hand moved slowly down her chest, then her stomach and then to her pussy. All of the time I could feel her orgasmic convulsions in my hands. In my own groin I could feel my cock squirting it’s hot white liquid.

When my hands reached Nicole’s crotch, I felt Kellie’s face and hair. I lifted myself up on my elbows, looking past Nicole. Kellie was lapping away at Nicole’s cunt, with my cock still inside. Kellie’s eyes looked into mine, as she took a big lick of the pussy I had been fucking. Withdrawing her tongue with the sexual fluids still attached.

Nicole lifted her pussy off me, turning around and laying against me. We looked at each other and smiled. Kellie moved to my other side and laid herself up against me, her arm around my waist and her hand on my cock. The three of us shut our eyes, just for a few minutes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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