Lollipop Ch. 03

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Catch-up: Hetero Gary was tricked into drinking a beer with some kind of hypnotic potion, and fed subliminal messages that turned him into a cocksucker, with special ‘command’ words. He services many and continues his adventures manning a glory hole. Read chapters 1 & 2 for details. Also, this is a mind control story, I felt it belonged in the ‘Gay Male’ category


As Gary sat in the video booth sipping Corona, he tried to take small sips, so as not to kill the aftertaste of that wonderful candy he had earlier. Strange, he didn’t remember where the candy came from, but he was embarrassed he forgot. He was forgetful sometimes.

He sat back and gazed at the porno playing on the TV. A large black man was pummeling a blonde on all fours from behind, and one feeding his pole to her face, while holding on to her ears. He was uninterested, but strangely enough, he felt somehow connected to the blonde being throat-fucked. He tried to remember why this was, but the thoughts just seemed to skip on by.

Gary heard the door open again.

He heard two sets of footsteps approaching the booth behind him, and some quiet discussion. He recognized one of the voices as the short curly-haired man from earlier. Funny he had just barely met this short man, yet he felt as though he knew him better–trying to remember, the thoughts flew away again, and he just shook his head.

“Yup, trust me, you won’t be disappointed,” he heard the short man say.

“I better not be!” he heard the other man say.

The other man sounded like a black man, and sure enough, glancing through the hole behind him, Gary saw a black man in sporty shorts sit down.

He slipped his shorts down as he sat, and his cock was huge. Gary locked away, embarrassed that he even looked.

“Hold on dude–this ain’t gonna work, I’m too big!” Gary heard the black man say as he approached the hole in the wall, holding up his huge cock.

“Okay, okay, no problem. Hang on” the short man said, as they both walked out of the booth, and around the back towards the center. They came around the corner, and opened up the door to Gary’s booth.

“Gary, I need to let this gentleman use the booth–he is too bi–um, he needs this booth.” the short guy said, as Gary got up.

Gary was a bit uncomfortable in a room with a naked black man with his huge cock just hanging there. It had to be at least ten inches long, and it was soft!

“No problem, I will go to the booth in the back.” Gary said and headed for the door.

“No, hang on a sec. I need your help for a sec.” the short man said.

The black mecidiyeköy escort man sat down on the stool, and the short man winked at him, and headed out.

“I’ll be right back.” he said as he closed the door behind him, leaving Gary alone with the black ‘horse’.

Gary looked straight at the floor. The black man grinned.

“I’m Wayne. Gary is it?” he said.

“Uh hum?” Gary answered, and looked up.

“Gary, ain’t this a nice cock? Have you seen one this big?” he asked, grinning, holding it up by the head, stretching it up to his chest.

“No Wayne, that is giant. Biggest I’ve seen. Mine is tiny.” Gary said with a grin, relaxing a bit, now that the ice was broken.

“I think you’ll like it” he said, as he let it drop, and it almost hit the floor.

Gary was puzzled. This poor gentleman must have thought that he was gay or something. For a second, Gary actually thought it would be nice to taste, but he recoiled mentally from that, and was confused.

“Sir, I really think you have the wrong idea–I’m not g–” Gary was suddenly interrupted.

“Lollipop!” the black man shouted.

Gary dropped to his knees, and started to reach for the gigantic cock hanging to the floor.

“Hang on–lie down on your back” Wayne said.

Gary was confused–he needed that cock in his mouth NOW! Nervously, he laid down on his back. He looked up at the black man and his monster cock, pleadingly.

Wayne leaned forward over Gary and reached for the TV stand, bracing himself as he crouched down. He used his other hand at the base of his monster cock to hang it down, right into Gary’s waiting mouth.

As soon as Gary felt the giant black cockhead in his mouth, he began to relax. He slurped and tongued at Wayne’s cock slit, slurping out candy goodness.

‘Chocolate!’ Gary thought as he tasted what was unmistakably chocolate! He eagerly sucked and tongued at the soft but giant mushroom head on this black monster’s cock.

“MMmmmm, that’s it baby, treat that cock right,” Wayne said, in a deep, black voice, as he slowly was raising and lowering his hips, causing the head to sink deeper into Gary’s mouth, then retract, teasing Gary with his beautiful chocolate candy cane.

Gary felt encouraged at the voice. He felt so lucky to be treated to such a generous treat–he was a lucky man.

He began to explore the edges of Wayne’s massive cock head. This beautiful, back mushroom head felt so right in his mouth–even though it was huge and stretching out Gary’s mouth, it was just wonderful.

Wayne was starting to get into it, and Gary could feel his meaty manhood taksim escort swelling and hardening, and he just couldn’t wait to feed on it.

Suddenly, the door opened, and the short curly haired man came in. Gary and Wayne, locked in a cock slave and master dance, paid no attention.

The short man dropped his pants and underwear, knelt by Gary’s head and started stroking his aready stiff cock. He winked at Wayne, silently forming a plan.

Wayne continued to pump his massive cock head deep into Gary’s mouth, hitting the back of his throat.

“Wow, no gag? you talented boy!” Wayne said, as he slowly began to drive his meaty cock into Gary’s throat.

Just then, the short man tapped Wayne on the leg, and Wayne pulled out and sat back on the stool.

Confused, Gary looked up.

“Lollipop!” the short man said, and plunged his cock into Gary’s mouth.

Gary dutifully sucked, as the short man grabbed him by the ears and started throat-fucking him. Gary was pleased at the different tastes of candy, and he felt so comfortable, having his head used entirely to service the speaker of the word’s cock. He obediently sucked, his mouth making slurping sucking sounds as he worked his hardest to please him.

“Ooooh oOOOhhh OOOOOH OOOH OOH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! AHH AHH!!” The short man screamed, as Gary drank candy from his man-stick. He had his cock head positioned just inside Gary’s mouth, and was holding almost perfectly still, pumping load after load into Gary’s mouth.

Gary swallowed load after load, as he could see the black man pumping his massive cock while sitting on the stool.

After awhile, the spasms subsided, and Gary continued to obediently swish the twitchy, softening cock in his mouth. The short man pulled his limp cock out, and sat back on the floor.

“Whew, that was nice.”

As he spoke, Wayne plunked down with his knees behind Gary’s head, and aimed his giant, hard cock at Gary’s mouth.

Gary dutifully angled his neck and chin up, providing access for the black monster to bury his trophy cock deep down into his throat.

Wayne obliged, and impaled Gary’s mouth and throat.

“Oooooh, yeah TIGHT!” Wayne moaned as his member sank deep inside.

He began to pump in and out, and Gary was stealing breaths of air on the ‘out’ strokes. He felt so proud of himself, pleasing such a massive cock. He tried to help, by applying sucking pressure.

“oooooH OOooh OOh, won’t be long now OOOOOOOOHH!” Wayne cried, as his hips started twitching on each stroke.

“Yeah, you gonna drink–aaaaahhhh AAaahhh AAHHH OOOOOOH YEAHHH!!!”

Gary beşiktaş escort felt something burning hot down his throat, pumping down deep into his belly. Wayne held his dick deep inside Gary and kept pumping. Gary could feel his belly and throat being bathed in hot liquid, but he couldn’t breathe.

He started to gasp, right as Wayne pulled his cock out.

After gasping for a breath, Wayne held his fat mushroom head right inside Gary’s mouth, and stroked up and down on his foot long cock.

Gary was falling in love with this candy juice! It was super thick and hot, and tasted so sweet and chocolaty. He eagerly sucked the mushroom head, and swished his tongue around and around as Wayne continued to pump load after load from his massive balls.

This went on for awhile.

Gary was actually getting full from all of the candy juice, but he wanted more.

He kept swallowing, teasing the massive black cockhead, and tonguing his cock slit begging for more.

As Wayne’s cock was softening, Gary could sink his tongue all the way inside his cock slit. The deeper he went, the richer and sweeter the candy.

“OOOooh, you nasty! MMmmmm” Wayne moaned out, as he eeeked out as much more cum as he could muster.

Finally, he pulled his dick out of Gary’s mouth and pulled it up, just leaving his balls hanging in Gary’s face.

Gary was so full, so fulfilled, but there it was again… He needed cock in his mouth.

But Wayne’s cock was out of reach.

He did the next best thing. He reached up with his neck and sucked in Wayne’s balls.

“OOoh nasty white boy! You want them too?” he said, as he happily lowered his sack into Gary’s mouth.

The taste was quite good. Rich, soft candy that was a bit salty. ‘Mmmmm’, he thought to himself. ‘Spoiled again!’

Wayne let Gary suck on his sack for awhile, then pulled up.

“Candy shop STOP!” Wayne said, as he got up and started getting dressed.

Gary got back up, again, confused. What was it… ah.. He forgot what he was doing.. Yes, waiting for the short curly-haired man.

And there he was, with Bill.

“Let’s go Gary. Business is all done,” Bill said as he started towards the door and Gary followed.

“And DAT’s some GOOD BUSINESS!” Wayne shouted.

Grinning, Bill led Gary back out the hallway towards the front door.

“Sorry for keeping you, I didn’t think it would take that long.” Bill said apologetically.

“No problem at all–really, I just want to be there for you guys, really” Gary said, in such a meaningful, sappy tone Bill looked back, and almost felt bad.

They walked outside and met Jim and Todd.

Jim put his arm gently on Gary’s back.

“Hey, I got another cool techno mix you should check out when we get back to our place. This one’s by DJ Backdoor” he said as they walked on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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