Lifeguard on Duty

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I always dreaded going to the pool and working my eight hour sift. Life guarding was something I thought I was meant to do because I enjoyed swimming and I wanted to help people. Instead of days filled with diving in the water and giving CPR I sat in a chair all day. I was more of a parent than a lifeguard. My biggest responsibility was blowing the whistle when I noticed inappropriate roughhousing or running. Three years had gone by before got the opportunity to save anyone.

When I turned thirty, I was given the opportunity to manage the pool. I made more money and had a few more responsibilities. I saw most of the people who entered the pool and was able to see the hot bodies as they entered. I would usually take a mental note of when I saw five hot women enter. Then I would do a walk-around of the pool, primarily to see if those five women looked in their bathing suits as I imagined. It was one way that I entertained myself.

During the early summer days, the pool got few visitors. I released many of the lifeguards early, sometimes leaving just me and one other lifeguard. At the end of the night, I assisted the remaining lifeguards in cleaning the pool. On one such night I had only Julio closing with me. Young Julio was from Peru and had a solid bronze tan. I wouldn’t consider myself homosexual or heterosexual, just sexual. I often found myself daydreaming of Julio.

As the sun was setting that afternoon, I found Julio on his knees arranging the lifejackets from small to large and placing them on the rack. I could see the muscles twitching in his back as he moved his arms. I found him mesmerizing Beylikdüzü escort as I stood in the doorway to the equipment room, watching. When Julio finished, he turned around and was obviously startled when he saw me in the doorway.

I moved closer to him and looked at the rack of jackets like I was giving them my manager’s inspection. He took one last glance at his work and said, “I’m finished. I guess I’ll get going”. I was blocking his path to the door. I looked him in the eyes and didn’t move. I wanted him.

I took my hand and ran my fingers through his wavy, black hair. His eyes closed. My hand stopped at the base of his neck. I could hear his breathing quicken. I stepped closer to him, so close that I could feel the heat of his body. He looked up and down, moving closer so that our lips were centimeters apart. I felt his breath on my lips. He put his lips on mine

After a kiss that probably lasted only a few seconds I felt him pull away. He paused, looking at my lips. I felt his lips again. His tong brushed against my lips and my tongue. I felt the blood start flowing to my member. I moved my body closer to his. I could feel his hard pectoral muscles pressed against my chest. I felt him put his hands on my waist, inviting me to press against his toned body. I moved my hands along his sides, up his stomach, across his chest, down his back, and rested them on his ass. I felt every rib of muscle on his body.

I pulled myself away from his lips. I took off my white polo to reveal my body. I felt vulnerable, unsure if he was interested in me. He watched my movements. I took his Beylikdüzü escort hand and traced it along my body. I quickly ran his fingers across my nipples. His hand moved to my waist and drew me closer. As he kissed me I reached for the bottom of his shirt. I pulled his black tank top over his head and quickly placed my hands over his pecks. He pulled me to him again. I put my arms around his neck and put my fingers in his hair as we kissed passionately. I felt his hands squeeze my ass. Julio was a very strong man.

I assumed there was no turning back at this point. I reached for his red lifeguard trunks and pulled them to his knees. His hard cock sprang free and hit against my crotch. He had stopped kissing me to see what I was going to do. His breathing was very deep and I could tell he was nervous. I grabbed his manhood and slowly worked it in my hand. He seemed surprised at my actions.

I pulled down my khakis and boxers while Julio watched. My cock was pointed at his. I moved closer to him so that our cocks inadvertently touched. We shared another long, deep kiss. I looked down at our cocks pointed at each other. I took each cock in my hand and rubbed the heads together. The sensation was incredible. Some of our pre cum mixed together and wet the tips of our cocks. Julio watched.

I got a few pool towels and laid them in front of Julio. I grabbed Julio’s cock as I moved to be eyelevel with his swollen penis. I took him by the ass, neglecting my own cock, and I pulled him deep into my mouth. I squeezed his muscular ass in my hands. As I sucked his cock I moved my hands up and down his bronze, Escort Beylikdüzü hairless legs. His thighs were the hardest I ever felt.

I stopped sucking Julio’s cock and sat on the towels. I called drew him towards me with my finger. He sat with his knees in the air and I could not take my eyes off of his cock. I lay on my side with my back facing him. I didn’t see any resignation on his face. I pulled him by his cock towards me. His body followed. He lay on his side so that his chest was to my back. I guided his cock towards my ass hole. He replaced my hand with his as the head of his cock found my ass.

I grabbed my ass cheek with one hand to make my ass hole more accessible. My spit was still dripping from his cock, providing natural lubrication. I felt his cock slide past my ass hole a few times but he finally found my bud. It took him a while to push in. Slowly, I felt his cock move farther inside me until I felt his curly hairs tickling my ass.

He paused while in this position. I heard him moan with pleasure. I turned my head so that I could meet his gaze. He looked down and kissed me. As our lips were locked I started to feel him work his cock in and out of my ass. He took his fingers and pinched my nipples. I pulled my lips away, feeling so many wonderful sensations. He put his hand on my stomach to hold me in place as he worked harder inside my ass. I felt connected to Julio.

I felt him nibble on my ear and he whispered something in Spanish. I heard him moan and felt a stream of warm fluids filling my ass. He worked inside me a few more times as he emptied his load. He grabbed my chin and turned my face towards him. He pressed his lips against mine in our most sensual kiss. He put his hand around my cock and made me cum within seconds. His softening cock remained in my ass. I lay in Julio’s arms as we enjoyed our afterglow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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