Let Me Dream

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Dani stood quietly outside the heavy oak door. The brass plaque in the center seemed to almost glare back at her. She never imagined she’d be standing here, about to meet the head of one of the finest Political Science Departments in the country. Yet, here she was, about to stand face to face with J.D.Prescott. She’d read so many of his essays. Published in every noteworthy textbook she’d ever read, he was, without a doubt, the best in the field. When she’d applied for the internship at Easton, she had held out little hope of actually getting her name across his desk. Her undergrad transcript was impressive enough, but Danielle Collins had come from a relatively small mid-west college, not a big Ivy League school. She’d worked hard, and now, apparently it was all about to pay off.

As she walked into the outer office, she was sure her knees were knocking loud enough that she wouldn’t have to announce her arrival. She had only stood there a minute before she heard the man’s voice from the next room. “Hello? Is someone out there?”

Dani peeked around the corner to Dr. Prescott’s office and spoke quietly. “Dr. Prescott?” The man turned and was looked at her. “Yes? I’m Jackson Prescott.”

Dani smiled as she extended her hand. “I’m Danielle Collins. We have an appointment.” She saw the expression on his face immediately soften as he smiled back at her. “Ah yes. Danielle! Please, have seat.” he smiled again and motioned her toward the small leather chair beside his desk. “This won’t take but a few minutes. I already have all of your paperwork. I really just wanted a few moments for us to get acquainted before you begin on Monday morning. I take it you’ve found an apartment and gotten all settled?”

Dani smiled as she spoke. She wasn’t quite sure why someone as prestigious as Jackson Prescott would be concerned about her living arrangements, but he seemed sincere in his inquiry.

“Well, actually…” Dani hesitated, and then continued. “I’m still looking for a place to live, but in the meantime I have a couple of friends here that are going to let me stay with them while I look.”

Prescott closed the leather volume in his hand, and pushed it back onto a shelf behind his desk, then sat down across from her. “I might have a solution for you, if you’re interested. You see, my wife’s been looking for someone to help her out around the house. We have no children, so it would simply be a matter of running some errands occasionally, or some light housework if she’s going to be entertaining. There’s a small, but rather nice apartment above the garage, fully furnished. I assure you, it would take up very little of your time, and you’d have a place to live, rent free.”

Danielle was nearly speechless. “Oh, Dr. Prescott, I couldn’t impose on you and your wife…”

Before she could finish, he assured her it would be no imposition, but in actuality, she’d be doing them a huge favor. “I’ll call home and tell Vicki to be expecting you. Go over and take a look around. See what you think and then decide.”

Dani was beaming as she stood and once again shook the man’s hand. “Thank you so much. I’ll go straight over when I leave here.”

Jackson Prescott nodded and reminded her that “no matter how it works out, I’ll expect to see you here at 8:00 a.m. on Monday.” He wrote the address for her and was picking up the phone as she left his office.

“Wow! I never expected that!” she thought as she headed for her car. She glanced again at the address in her hand. “Hmm, only a few minutes from here. Convenient!” then headed out of the parking lot toward Jackson and Victoria Prescott’s home.

Just as she’d expected, Victoria Prescott was the epitome of gracious. Her hair was deep chestnut, and in the afternoon sunlight, it seemed to frame her face with a soft shimmer of colors. She wasn’t much taller than Dani, but at 34 years old, her figure was still hourglass and her eyes sparkled a deep emerald green. She was exactly as Danielle had imagined her. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Dani. Jackson just called to tell me you’d be stopping by. I’m so glad you’re willing to consider my offer. casino siteleri I promise, you’ll have plenty of time to study; just a few errands for me occasionally. I won’t bore you. I’m sure Jackson already gave you the details”

Dani smiled as she spoke. “Yes, Mrs. Prescott. He explained the position and the living arrangements.”

“Please, dear. Call me Vicki. If we’re going to be spending time together, I’d like you to be completely comfortable here.”

Dani couldn’t get over how relaxed she felt with the woman. She’d expected to be a nervous wreck, but there was something about the way Vicki Prescott had greeted her and shown her around the house that had put her almost immediately at ease.

“Ok. Vicki it is. Do you mind if I take a look at the apartment?” Dani questioned.

Vicki Prescott was the perfect hostess as she led Danielle to the garage apartment. “As you can see, you’ll have a private entrance. You won’t have to go thru the garage. It’s just a short flight of stairs and you can lock both doors; top and bottom if you feel the need. But I assure you, you’re perfectly safe. Victoria Prescott smiled as she handed Dani a key to the apartment. “Go on in and take a look around. Take your time, dear.”

The apartment was small, but efficient. With a neat little kitchen, living room, one bedroom and an extra room that could be used to study, Dani decided almost instantly that it would work out just perfectly. “Oh! This is absolutely perfect!” The young girl was almost gushing with excitement as she strolled through the apartment.

Vicki smiled as she walked with Danielle from room to room. “I’m glad you like it. It’s nothing fancy, but if you need a place to live that’s reasonable…”

Dani giggled as she turned toward Victoria. “Well, rent free is pretty darn reasonable, I’d say! It’ll take me a few days to move my things in. I didn’t bring much besides my clothes, books, and necessities. Is there an internet hook-up for…”

Once again Vicki assured her that she’d have everything she’d need to settle in comfortably. “In the spare room, dear”

Danielle was literally beaming as she locked up the apartment and walked down the stairs to the garage. “I love it! I simply love it! I can’t thank you enough, Mrs. Pres…” She immediately saw the look on the woman’s face and corrected herself. “Vicki!”

Danielle was still on cloud nine as she met her friends for dinner. “You won’t BELIEVE this place. It’s adorable, and free!” she giggled as she showed them address.

“You’ll help me move some things this weekend I hope?” She looked at them with eyes pleading. “If you help, I’ll be out of your hair that much sooner.”


By Saturday evening, everything had been carried up to the apartment. It would take Dani a few days to get it all unboxed and put away, but for now, the important things were done. She was moved, her computer was up and running. She had a phone and television and most of her clothes were hung in the closet. Dani smiled, quite pleased with herself as she looked around the apartment. “This place is really going to be perfect.” She said to herself; “Absolutely perfect!”

She decided to unpack a few more boxes before falling into bed. It was just after 11:00 when Dani turned of the television and crawled into bed. She was tired, but it was a feeling of accomplishment as she lay there thinking of how lucky she was to have been offered this place. “I can’t believe it!” she thought to herself.

She drifted off almost immediately and was sound asleep almost as soon as her head had hit the pillow.

What took place next, Dani would have never imagined in a million years. It was the soft tapping at the apartment door that woke her. As she rolled and looked at the clock, through blurry eyes, she couldn’t imagine who would be looking for her at midnight. Dani padded quietly to the door and opened it slowly. Thru the small crack, she could see Victoria Prescott standing in the small outer hallway. She opened the door, and looked puzzled at the woman. slot oyna “Mrs. Prescott, what in the world…”

The woman’s voice was soft as she spoke. “Can I come in, Dani?”

Dani opened the door and stepped aside to let Victoria into the apartment. “Of course you can come in! Is anything wrong?”

Dani realized now, as she stood in the box cluttered living room, that Victoria Prescott was staring at her. “I’m sorry dear, I know it’s late but I just couldn’t sleep. Jackson is working all weekend and staying at his office, and I simply hate being alone over there. I was hoping you might still be up. I should have realized you’d be exhausted after…”

Dani smiled. “No, it’s alright. I’m glad you came over. I was anxious for you to see the apartment. I just didn’t expect it to be this soon.” She giggled as she took Vicki’s coat and folded it across the back of a chair.

“I must look a fright!” Vicki rambled. “When I couldn’t sleep I simply threw on my coat over my…well you can see it was a rather spur of the moment thought.”

Victoria Prescott stood in the middle of the room, her long satin nightgown clinging to her body like a second skin. It was certainly a far cry from the over-sized t-shirt Dani was wearing. Not sure what to say or do, Dani finally looked at the woman with a look of complete confusion. “How about we turn on the television and see what’s on at this hour?” Dani smiled.

Vicki Prescott took a couple of steps toward Danielle. Her voice was low and soft as she spoke the girl’s name.

“Dani, I really don’t care about watching television. I came to see you.”

In the dim light of the living room, Dani could see Vicki moving toward her slowly. She could feel the woman’s presence even more so as Vicki stood only inches from her. It was the feel of the woman’s hand sliding under her t-shirt that made Danielle gasp in shock.

“Mrs.Prescott…Vicki…I don’t…I’m not sure exactly”. Before she could complete the thought, she felt the woman’s hands softly caressing her breasts. The sensation was almost overwhelming as she felt her nipples harden almost instantly under Vicki Prescott’s fingers. The soft moan escaped her throat before she could contain it. “Oh, God!”

As Victoria Prescott took her hand, Dani suddenly realized what was about to happen. As they closed the door to Dani’s bedroom, she found herself peeling the t-shirt off over her head without another word.

Danielle lay quietly in the middle of her bed. Her hips lifted gracefully as she slipped her panties down off her hips and opened her knees for Victoria. Her voice was shaking as she tried to speak.

“Vicki, I’ve never been…”

The words trailed off into silence as she felt Vicki’s hand glide up the inside of her soft creamy thigh. The woman’s fingers felt like velvet against her skin as they started to explore the warmth of her pussy, gently parting her soft moist lips. She felt her nipple harden instantly as Victoria’s mouth closed around it and she began to softly suck at Dani’s tit. Her legs opened wider as Vicki sucked and played with her. Her clit was on fire by the time she felt the woman’s fingers making slow gentle circles around the hard, aching nub.

Victoria spoke softly as she caressed Danielle’s young, tender pussy. “I wanted to touch you the moment I saw you” she whispered.

Danielle’s body arched as she felt Vicki’s fingers slip easily inside her. Her heart was racing as she gently cupped the woman’s breast and began to knead it softly into the palm of her hand.

“Dani, I want you to…” Victoria’s words faded as she slipped the satin gown down around her hips and let it slide onto the floor beside the bed. She was slender and graceful as she straddled the young girls’ hips, and then slowly glided up over Danielle’s body. Dani felt her breath catch in her throat as she felt Vicki’s hips lift, then start to ease down slowly. She could feel the heat between the woman’s milky thighs as the soft fur of Victoria’s pussy brushed across her lips.

“Oh God, Vicki” Danielle panted softly. “I’ve never…”

Danielle never finished canlı casino siteleri the thought, but began to place soft kisses along Victoria’s warm, wet pussy. She felt the woman’s hips moving back and forth across her mouth as she used her tongue to explore the pink tunnel that now hovered over top of her. She tasted the arousal as Vicki eased herself lower and began to grind gently against Dani’s mouth. Her clit was on fire as Danielle flicked at the swollen button with the tip of her tongue.

Victoria heard her own deep moan as she felt Danielle draw the tender nub into her mouth and begin to suck it. She moaned quietly as she felt Dani continue to explore her slit with more and more of her tongue.

“Oh yes, Dani. That’s it. Lick it for me, sweetheart.”

As Victoria’s arousal began to drip against Dani’s lips and tongue, she felt her hips moving faster and harder against the girl’s mouth. She was grinding harder and harder as Danielle slid her fingers easily into the warm wet cavern that nestled deep between Vicki’s legs. Her soft moans turned quickly to frantic panting and groaning.

“Fuck me, Dani. Oh God, Fuck me!”

Vicki Prescott came hard and fast against Danielle’s mouth. With the girl’s fingers buried deep in her cunt, she humped and thrust her body back and forth until there was no control. Her climax exploded like a volcano as she released warm, thick cum over the young girl’s fingers and tongue.

Dani was completely breathless as she felt Victoria ease down onto the bed beside her. Her heart was pounding as she felt the woman’s hand slide between her legs and begin to explore the wet heat of her young, tender cunt.

Her body arched hard as Victoria’s fingers slid deep inside her. She was moaning with sheer arousal as she felt her juices flow onto Vicki’s long slender fingers.

“Oh Vicki!” she begged. “Please, make me cum!”

Victoria Prescott was more than willing to oblige the girls’ request. As she buried her face between Danielle’s wet thighs, she immediately sunk two fingers deep and hard into Dani’s hot, throbbing pussy. The girl’s clit was swollen and stiff as Victoria pulled it into her mouth and began to suck in perfect rhythm with the thrust of her fingers. Her voice was low and muffled as she moaned softly into Danielle’s wet cunt.

“Cum for me, Dani. Cum all over my fingers”

Danielle felt her body wanting to give in almost instantly. “Oh yes! Fuck me, Vicki. Fuck me harder!” she pleaded as she thrust her hips up off the bed to take the woman’s fingers deeper and deeper. “I need it bad, Vicki. Please!”

Dani’s voice trembled as she felt her knees draw up tighter against her chest. Her body rocked and up and down to meet every stroke of the woman’s hand until Danielle couldn’t stand it any longer and felt herself roll gently to her stomach and pull her knees tight up underneath her. With her ass high in the air and her fingers gripping tight around the headboard, Dani rocked her hips back toward Vicki’s probing fingers and once again began to plead for release.

As she reached back to grab the soft cheek of her ass, Danielle’s voice begged for more.

“Deeper, Vicki. Go deeper!” she pleaded as she panted soft moans into her pillow.

It was the moment when Victoria’s fingers curled and lunged forward against her g-spot that Danielle could no longer contain her need. She came hard and fast, and her body jolted with pleasure as she gripped tight to the head of the bed and let out a soft, muffled scream. She collapsed and lay breathless as Victoria picked up the satin gown from the floor and slipped it back down over her body. She lay quietly, her heart racing against her chest as she heard the soft click of the door.

She was alone once again. Her body was trembling as she rolled onto her back and lay staring at the ceiling. Half dazed, she slid her hand down between her thighs and felt the heavy thick cum that now clung to her thick dark patch of curls. “It was no dream.” Danielle panted. As she eased her fingers along the soft wet tunnel her mind clouded with sleep. “No dream” she moaned quietly.

Danielle nuzzled down under the comforter and pulled it up under her chin. She slept soundly, relaxed and for the first time in a very long time, satisfied. “Mmmm” she moaned softly “If it was a dream, I don’t want to wake up yet.”

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