Lesbian Twin Sister Pt. 02

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The sun was just rising behind the trees lines at the back of the pool when I woke up in Sara’s large king size bed; we were both naked. Her arms were wrapped somehow around me and she snuggled up tightly into me. She looked so at peace and happy and it took me a little while to put everything what happened last night into place. The smile on her face and of course on mine, plus the sticky mess between my legs refreshed my mind rather quickly. The smell of stale sex and sweat still lingered in her room. Did I let this whole situation get out of hand? Did I, or better said WE got ourselves into a lot of trouble. My mind was working overtime but I was glad and so content that I had my first lesbian encounter with someone I trusted. It wasn’t only trust; it was more than that, I love my sister. I have looked up to Sara ever since we hit puberty, the way she handled herself. The approach she has to life in general and her “Never say die “attitude.

There have never been any secrets between us; the most amazing thing was that there was no awkwardness or embarrassment. We were well comfortable in each other’s company. Thinking back, I remember her telling me losing her virginity to another girl. Maybe I should rephrase that, to a woman twice her age. From experience I knew that if my sister had nothing to say over dinner, she would let the silence be comfortable.

My heart was still racing from my first lesbian encounter. Sara made me soaking wet and with my legs spread wide open she got me off real good. After she sucked on my pussy we were making out too and I tasted my juices on her. Just the thought about last night got me excited and very hot again and the only thing I knew at that moment was that it wasn’t going to be my last time with another women. After I watched her sleep for about 20 minutes she slowly woke, mainly because I kept stroking her forehead and caressed her beautiful hair and for a brief moment we chit-chatted as usual. Nothing in particular but after a few minutes she leaned towards me and asked me, with a wink, whether I wanted to shower along with her. I blushed and told her to cut such naughty thoughts and pushed her towards the bathroom… we both giggled and she told me that it would be a real feast to fuck me in the shower, I smiled modestly and accepted her compliments.

I could hear the water hissing through the shower and my sister Sara started humming a melodious tune. I was somehow intrigued by her unexpected comment on seeing me in the shower, and I was just getting turned on about the idea. Sara’s bathroom was huge, with a double shower cubical. She was first one in, with her eyes closed as the warm stream of water tumbled down from the shower head onto her face. I got something ticklish between my legs, watching in anticipation, my gaze firmly fixed on her tight petite backside. It was a wonderful sight and when she spread her ass cheeks apart her little puckered arsehole gazed straight back at me. She was completely hairless in her pubic area and I could see every detail very clearly. Almost without thinking I touched my own crotch and I could feel the damp heat coming from my pussy.

The scent of the soap lingered in the bathroom and I deeply inhaled the fragrance emanating from her body. Sara turned round, facing me and ran her fingers through her hair as her body became soaked through. Her clit and her fully engorged dark pink inner lips looked even more beautiful from the front. With a wicked smile on her lips she took another dollop of shower gel in her hands and began to cover her breasts with it. Rotating her hands around she flicked her nipples between her fingers. Again and again she moaned contentedly before she opened her eyes and smiled directly at me. She waited for a response, making me all tingly and warm inside at the same time.

‘Hey,’ she almost whispered with her grin widening across her wet face.

Sara was leaning back against the tiled wall, strands of her wet dark blonde hair strewn across her face and neck. I wanted to hug her, kiss her and make love to her but first I soaked in all I could see in front of me. The only thing right than was to smile back at her, I felt so loved. I was ogling a goddess. At 5 foot 8 with a very pretty face, her perk 34c cups and gorgeous size 8 body seemed well proportioned. She is fairly tanned, with shoulder long blond hair and with striking long legs. My eyes wandered down her sexy body, her magnificent tits were good enough to play with, to suck and nibble on. Maybe I indulged to long and I bulged on seeing her sweet hairless pussy and my mind, automatically started to compare it with mine. It felt strange nonetheless, watching someone at such an intimate moment, not just someone but also so alike but then Sara was my identical twin sister.

In my nervousness I failed to hide my eagerness. I was now really turned on, how could I turn down an opportunity like this? I felt overcome with erotic desire and took a deep breath and decided this was definitely what I wanted to do and shuffled nervously towards Sara. She reached out and pulled me closer. I remember I shivered casino siteleri a little under her touch when she run her hands over my shoulders. Straight after her hands reached around me and grabbing hold of my firm young arse. Droplets of water flicked off her body as we embraced once again – this time as lovers, rather than sisters.

She had a perfect flat stomach, with a cute bellybutton and a nicely shaven pussy. I watched the water flow down her long, toned legs and her left hand was cupping one of my large round breasts, her fingers occasionally tugging and squeezing my hard nipple. Her free hand moved around my back and she softly kissed my neck. It was heaven and I stood on tiptoes when she ran her hands down my back and squeezed my firm, round ass again.

“I’ve been a naughty girl, madam. What are you going to do about it?” she giggled as we kissed and our tongues swirled around one another, occasionally grazing against teeth as the water continued to fall from the shower head and soak us through. I started on her neck too, pecking my way down past her collarbone until I reached her beautifully formed breasts and took her nipple into my mouth, I sucked until it became harder and my hand tugged at the other nipple, squeezing and massaging until it became equally hard.

I love my sister but she is really a wicked and evil girl, who had planned to seduce me the moment I told her about my break up with my then boyfriend. With my eyes half shut all I could see was her tanned right foot, tensed up tightly, her toes curling against the hard tiled floor. My own hands started to explore Sara’s wet body. So tight and petite and with one hand I roamed across her tits, abs and thighs. Eventually I settled between her legs and delicately probed against her enclosed clitoris. She let out a little “eek” and I felt her legs buckle when my fingers gently opened up her pussy lips. She gripped my arms tightly and exhaled as her wet pussy got the finger fucking she craved for. Feeling her hot breath over my chest made me happy. Face to face now, we gaze into each other’s eyes and kissed again, more aggressively this time.

I wanted to bring this up to the next level as lightening hit me between my own legs, I never felt so horny in my life before. I heard moaning but then realized it was me. The scalding water splashed over us and with a few more drops of shower gel our smooth bodies were lathered and slippery. My own sighs of relaxation had started to taint my thoughts with vivid images of lust and desire. My other hand slipped between my own legs and I instinctively stuck two fingers into myself; I was very wet and not just from the shower. There I was with two fingers- fucking myself while my digits of my other hand were buried deep inside my sister shaved pussy, yanking equally as hard. My hands started to hurt but I wasn’t done by any means, our love juices started to flow and my palms were covered in them. Hearing the squishy sounds of fingers sliding in and out of our wet and juicy love pots took me higher again. Watching my soaking wet digits slip into her over and over again took my breath away and I’m amazed how deep Sara could take it up her swollen, puffy and slippery pussy. Her moans were sweet and increased in intensity every time I hit her sweet spot deep inside of her. It’s about enjoying every touch and the sensation it brings. It felt so fucking good as well as naughty. I pressed up over her bumpy, ridged area about one inch in diameter which was her G-spot, and massaged back and forth. Her hips began to hump my hand and by now I stopped my self- pleasuring and concentrated fully on Sara.

“Now rub my pussy like you do yours; oh yea, finger fuck my hungry cunt.” My sweet little sister, her choice of words amazed me. That mouth on her! I couldn’t believe the things that would pop out of her mouth sometimes; she was willing to talk about almost anything, no matter how private or embarrassing.

“I’m going to cum…!” Every muscle in her petite body tensed up and with a few last hard thrusts against my outstretched fingers she shuddered to climax in wild ecstasy.

“Fuuuuccckkkk!” She yelled out loud with a muffled scream as she gripped me tightly. I was not far behind, rubbing my own clit again, frantically and I felt my own orgasm sweep across my body. I struggled for balance and my feet slid a little across the tiles. We fought to keep it together, panting and gasping for air with our soaking wet bodies once again linked together in a calming embrace.

“I love you,” Sara whispered almost breathless into my ear.

“I love you too sis,” I replied with a beaming smile across my face. It took me a couple of seconds to process and still beaming in post- orgasm state, feeling overwhelmed with a mixture of pleasure, excitement and relief. Still embraced we rested against the back wall until we slowly regained our strength, what a wonderful start to any day.

Sara looked happy enough but I wasn’t finished just yet. Because my body was virtually on fire with lust, I have fantasised about this for so long and I wanted to taste my first slot oyna pussy; I wasn’t necessarily expecting it to be my twin sister’s. Nevertheless I surprised her once more; I turned her around, and pushed her gentle towards the wall.

“You’re so wet,” I whispered as I cupped her ass with my hand and rubbed her thigh with the other. Then I moved my hand over her pussy and then inserted one, then two fingers back inside of her. I shut my eyes and arched my back. Her pelvis began to move with my hand movement as I fucked her with my fingers for a second time.

I like that,” she said, I went slowly, massaging her clit between my fingers in a circular motion.

“That’s good, now harder.” and I rubbed harder and she moaned loudly.

“You’re so good,” she said. “I knew you’d be good.” She steadied herself, closed her eyes while I stroked her faster.

“That’s good,” she whispered. Then she threw her head back and groaned.

It was now or never and within a split second I was on my knees behind her and both my hands grabbed her arse cheeks and pulled them apart and instantly my nostrils filled up with sexual arousal. How beautiful and pretty my sister looked up close. I began by massaging her butt with both hands. I guess it was inevitable.

“You have a great ass,” I said. “I want to bury my face in it.” I kissed both of her butt cheeks and heard her sighs.

“Feels so nice,” I repeated over and over. It was time to give in. I just couldn’t resist her anymore and the thought of my first pussy licking got me all nervous. I wanted to do it right and was a bit apprehensive, what if I wasn’t doing it correct? A wave of hotness went over me. My own pussy was soaked; I’d never been so stirred up in my life before. She leaned forwards and placed her hands on the tiled bathroom wall, pushing her backside out towards my eager mouth. I had a great view; her wrinkly but stunning tight arsehole looked so beautiful and just underneath her meaty pussy that virtually smirked at me. Sara was very clean shaved and so smooth at my touch. Even so she turned the shower off by now; I could see her wetness running down her inner thigh.

Finally I gathered all the courage I had, I pouted my lips and kissed her pussy from behind. Very gingerly to start with, I spread her arse cheeks further apart and kissed her pussy again and again, which was so wet and hot and ready for my tongue lashing.

“Can I lick your pussy?” I whispered.

“Please,” she hushed at me. She looked over her right shoulder and down at me, she smiled back at me and I gently kissed her sex again. She bucked and moaned between my kisses and spread her legs as wide as she could. Then without hesitation I flattened my tongue out and licked her pussy briefly. Then I did it again but not much longer than the first time. The first thing that struck me was her taste, sweet but also salty. I tasted my own pussy juices plenty of times before, on my fingers, on a vibrator or on a cook after fucking. I noticed it tasted different but so similar to mine at the same time. I’d never done this before, and while I knew what to do, I knew what felt good for me, I just wasn’t sure how to proceed but I wanted more; I liked the taste of my first pussy, my twin sisters pussy.

I was so excited and ready to go, I needed definitely more of Sara .My biggest fear was to let her down, did I do it right? With my hands I spread her wide open and admired her exposed women hood for a few seconds. Her fully engorged vaginal opening was gorgeous and I felt a wave of pleasure spread through me. I was in the mood for playing and ran my tongue from her perineum to her clit, over and over. Faster I went, back and forth, teasing her just a little.

I licked my sweet sister again, flattening my tongue and jabbed and licked and kissed and nibbled on her clit. Everything I liked myself I tried on her and it drove her wild. She looked down at me, licking and biting her lower lip. I could feel the heat radiating from her against my cheek and I could smell her musky yet feminine odour.

“Come on little girl! Get your tongue in there!” She ordered and slid a hand down and opened her pussy lips for me, touching her clit with her finger, showing me where she wanted my tongue. I obliged and reached my tongue out to nudge her finger aside and she gasped, her hips bucked up slightly and I flicked slowly against the side of her clit, getting bold and dipped lower into her folds, sliding inside of her, really treasuring her. She tasted similar to me; it lingered in my mouth and in my throat. Her pussy was so beautiful, slightly different, but light and fresh and I swallowed as much as I could.

“Mmmmm-mm.” I moaned into her. She made me feel horny as hell. It dawned to me that maybe I was a lesbian.

“Please,” she whispered, and the sound of her voice affected me too. I slipped my tongue back up to where I knew she wanted it and I focused on the tiny bud of her clitoris. I felt it harden even more and her small cries of pleasure spurred me on. She purred like a kitten at first, squirming against my mouth, catching canlı casino siteleri my rhythm and responding. Her hands found my hair; her finger nails lightly grazing my scalp, sending shivers down my spine. Licking her excited me, I could feel my own wetness on my thighs and my clit throbbed. I squeezed my legs together tight, hearing her moaning got louder, her hips moved more frantically, and I moaned against her clit, making guttural noises deep in my throat. She gasped and came hard, shuddering, calling my name and pushing her hips up to meet my hot mouth.

I could smell the fragrance of her juices spilling onto my face and jabbed her harder with one last hurray. She came hard into my mouth and even so I struggled I gladly swallowed everything I could and licked her pussy clean until every drop of cum was gone. Her clit was shaking and throbbing hard and her pussy was pulsing from her orgasm. After I regained some strength I stood up and she pulled my mouth to hers, tasting herself in my mouth, slowly licking it off my chin and my neck.

“Are you a lesbian now, baby?” she laughed with a glow.

We had breakfast like nothing happened. I do love my sister but we took love to the next level that weekend. On that Saturday we got ready for midday and headed towards town. We had the whole day to ourselves, first we had lunch in a little snug bistro before venturing down the shopping centre were we visited first a couple of lingerie stores where we both treated us to some sexy new underwear and stockings. Next we headed to the sex shop and kitted ourselves out with a few new sex toys. We had a right good laugh and ended up with a good shopping bag full of vibrators, dildos and even some butt plugs in various sizes. Sara was single too and mentioned that some of those toys might come handy on a lonely night. We must have behaved like some teenager in love and we got some right stares from fellow shoppers and passers-by.

Which made us even more daring and the theme of the day was girl on girl action and the word “men or man” was strongly forbidden and punishment followed in the form of a shot tequila. We were even holding hands walking down the streets and she told me about her previous girl on girl experiences and how wonderful it was. At one point she even dared me to kiss her in public. I instantly blushed and tried to laugh it off but she insisted and didn’t let go off the subject. Sara was my first girl I kissed and I loved the feeling, the tenderness and the sensation. Not to mention the whole kinky incestuous aspect of it, this changed my life forever. I was so hot and so turned on, I was very aroused and at that moment it didn’t feel like Sara was my sister.

It almost felt like a first date with someone I knew all my life and now it was time for the first kiss in public. I was prepared to kiss her rather quickly and get it over with but it sparked all sorts of emotions. Her hand caressed my face ever so slightly and I could feel her warm breath as our lips approached each other and a warm loving consciousness ran through me. I had my eyes closed but felt her warm blooded lips touch mine, her lips felt so soft and it all seemed so right. She is so sexy and this innocent kiss turned within seconds into the most romantic and passionate kiss imaginable. When our lips parted our tongues started to probe and danced into each other’s mouths. I revelled in the wonderful sexual tension and was so happy but rather sad when the kiss ended all too quickly.

“Are you sure you never kissed a girl before? You made me cum with that tongue in a flash.” I blushed at her remark and we both burst out laughing, drawing even more attention from the crowd.

We were dressed very smartly. I was in a two piece fitted cut. My black skirt was very tight and hugged my arse beautiful; it clung tight around my ass. It wasn’t really short but had a split on my left thigh that made it very interesting when I sat down. I had found a delightful pair of silk black pantyhose that I was wearing that had no crotch or ass at all. It was really a pair of stockings with built in suspenders, which was perfect for a tight skirt with no panty lines or suspender tracks to worry about. I loved the feeling of silk against my legs and when I crossed them the split in my skirt did make my thighs look pretty shapely and occasionally the lacy hose top came into view, revealing just a touch of bare skin. The jacket was tailored and I didn’t need a bra to support my perky breasts, showing off a great portion of cleavage. To top my outfit I wore my black 6″ heeled pumps.

My sister Sara was dressed almost identical and she didn’t have a bra on either and by now I could see her hard nipples poking through the thin material of her jacket. When I let my eyes stray I looked up her skirt and for a brief moment I felt she encouraged me. With a sexy smile and an evil wink she swung one leg rather high when she crossed her legs. I am in no doubt that I could see her expensive black lace panties as her skirt hitched up just that little bit to reveal her matching stocking tops too. With my pussy lips trembling and my nipples hardened and stood out, my eyes fixated rather blatant on her crotch. It didn’t take me long to noticed a large wet spot on Sara’s panties. The front side was a sheer material and I could see right though.

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