Legacy of a Caring Man

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It has been about a year since my husband, Art, passed away. Often, I think of his generous nature that brought much happiness in to my life and my friend Rose’s life. Specifically, he encouraged us to share our lives with younger men. I dare say that few men are as magnanimous as Art.

I’m Myrna, 53 years old, 5 ft 10 in, 130 lb, blue eyes, and brown hair; I was named after my granny’s favorite actress, Myrna Loy. I am an elementary school teacher. Art and I bought a nice home that has a small apartment behind it in a city in north Florida. We rented the apartment after carefully screening potential renters. The rent money helped us maintain Art’s small cottage where we spent weekends and holidays. My dear friend, Rose, a divorcée, introduced me to Art. I married Art, who was 15 years older than me. For several years, Art made love to me passionately once a week, but several times when we were at our lake-side cottage.

Art was the manager of an electronic store. He loved electronic gadgets so much that he talked me in to allowing him to record our lovemaking sessions. When he suggested that it would be really great to post the clips at a website for older amateurs, I agreed on the condition that I wear a mask on my face. Initially, I was camera-conscious, but after couple of trial sessions, I was more relaxed in front of the camera. After watching a video of our lovemaking, I agreed with Art that we were passionate lovers; I also realized that I moaned quite loudly during my orgasms. He posted two clips: one in our home bedroom of Art going down on me and fucking me in the missionary and doggy positions, and the second in our cottage of Art fucking me while I, dressed in a blue, open-cup, bustier, leaned back in a love swing.

After his 65th birthday, Art retired because of problems with his heart and knees, as a result of being overweight. He also began to worry about having a heart attack while making love to me. However, he became very good at satisfying me orally. Because he loved to see my shoulder-length hair look dark brown, I had my hair done on the day we made love; he also wanted me to put on thigh highs, garters, an open-cup bra to make my plump rounded 36D boobs spill out, and then to ride his face. While loving me, his cock would not become very firm, yet it oozed a small amount of cum. After my orgasm, lovingly, he would kiss my still smooth neck and face.


Rose is an attractive woman with red hair, high cheekbones, grey-green eyes, narrow waist and sexy buttocks, and shapely legs; she was about 5ft 7 in, 125 lb. At the swimming pool, I noted she had large nipples on her slightly sagging large boobs. When Rose told us she met a nice guy, Chuck, Art and I were very happy for her because her ex-husband, a Vietnam-war veteran, suffered from PTSD and was abusive; luckily for Rose, he moved to Pensacola. Chuck was bald on top of his head, with grey hair on the edges; he seemed to be a few years younger than Rose. It turned out that after serving 20 years in the army, he was discharged and was about 40 years old, about 15 years younger than Rose. He was muscular and slightly shorter than Rose. As we played golf with Rose and Chuck, I noticed that Chuck was very devoted to Rose. With Art’s help, Rose bought a cottage not too far from ours, and Chuck helped her move in and with several maintenance projects.

Rose confided to me, “I met Chuck at the VA hospital where he had been having physical therapy for a year; he was also fitted with a prosthetic leg and foot to replace his left leg that was amputated below the knee in Iraq. He has a smile on his face all the time. I liked him as soon as I saw him. Before he helped me move to the cottage, I had coffee with him several times and we only kissed on the cheeks. After flirting with me for several weeks, he asked me to go out with him to a dance at the VFW Post. I dressed in a black skirt and a pink sleeve-less blouse, put on a pearl necklace and ear rings, and flat shoes; Chuck looked very handsome in dress clothes. He brought a bouquet of flowers when he came to pick me up at my home. During the first slow dance, I was thrilled to feel his stiff cock on my crotch; realizing that I liked to feel his hot cock, Chuck rubbed himself against my buttocks and crotch. After the dance, holding hands, we walked in the lighted garden behind the hospital and talked about our lives. I was again thrilled when he French kissed me and, after his kiss ended, I initiated another kiss. When he hugged me, I felt secure in his muscular arms and chest. After we sat on a bench, Chuck kissed my bare arms and neck passionately. He covered my shoulders with my light jacket, snuck his hand underneath it and grasped my covered right boob; he rubbed the nipple for a long time. Later, he rubbed my buttocks sensually. He brought out the passion that has been dormant in me; I rubbed his cock lump and my pussy oozed a copious amount of love nectar. Later that night, I used my vibrator while imagining it was casino siteleri my muscular new boy friend’s cock and had two consecutive orgasms.

“I agreed to go to a drive-in theater with Chuck the following weekend. It was a warm evening; I dressed in a low-cut, pink, tank top, loose-fitting shorts, and sandals. During the drive to the theater, I noted Chuck was in shorts and a short-sleeve sport shirt; he complimented me on my looks and touched my hand several times.

“Before the movie started, Chuck bought popcorn and soft drinks. Some time after the movie started, I found myself sitting in Chuck’s lap and his stiff cock poking in to my buttocks. Later, I let him unfasten my bra and, with his hands underneath my tank top, fondle my boobs; in fact, he fondled my boobs intermittently throughout the movie as he kissed my neck, upper arms, and mouth. I rubbed his cock lump, put my hand inside his shorts, and grasped his throbbing cock in my small hand. By the time we left the theater after the first movie ended, my pussy was full of my love juice.

“In my drive way, after I rubbed Chuck’s huge cock lump, I invited him to come in for a cup of coffee. After I discarded my love nectar-soaked panties and freshened up, I put on a short beige skirt, and went to the living room with two mugs of coffee. I sat in a cushioned chair across from Chuck; smiling at him, I flashed him my succulent pussy. In an instant Chuck crawled on his knees to me, pulled up my skirt, and furrowed his face in to my crotch. While mewing incoherently, he ate my pussy like he was starving. After I have had a body-shaking orgasm, I made him lie on his back on the carpet and impaled myself on his throbbing cock when it touched my cervix. Sensing that Chuck was close to his climax, as he groaned audibly and held on to my large boobs, I clamped my pussy muscles around his cock; his cock remained firm and I rode it for a long time until I had a second orgasm. After his cock slipped out of my pussy, I cleaned it with a warm wash cloth and I slept on the carpeted floor using Chuck’s upper arm as a cushion.

“Just before dawn, I became aware of Chuck lifting my tank top and suckling my nipples. I grasped his firm cock as he rubbed my legs, thighs, and ran his fingers through my pubes. He said he would like to see the sunrise and left. Later, I heard him in the shower. After I got up, I saw him in the back yard watering the flower plants; I was turned on looking at his bare chest and arms. After showering, I put on a white negligee, and stood in the lanai watching the sun rise; I knew Chuck would notice my voluptuous body lit by the sunlight. As expected, Chuck joined me in the lanai, gently pulled me to sit in his lap, and snaked his stiff cock in to my damp pussy. We watched the sunrise as he fondled my large boobs, and kissed my neck and shoulders. Periodically, I felt his cock flare in my pussy, and that stimulation together with his fondling and kissing triggered a long orgasm.

“Afterwards, I led Chuck to my bed, undressed, and scooted on my back to the middle of the bed. For a minute, I wondered if Chuck would be turned off by my wrinkled neck and arms; however, his raging hard on and passion-filled face dispelled that thought. I opened my bent legs wide and, as Chuck plowed my juicy pussy repeatedly, I held on to the head board with both hands; he paused occasionally to kiss my lips, undulating boobs, neck, and arm pits. I assumed my sex life was over after my divorce. Chuck is a considerate lover. He makes sure I have an orgasm before cumming in me. In turn, I let my young lover love me any time; often, he stares at my hairy pussy before licking it and wraps my boobs around his firm cock. Chuck is delighted that I cannot get pregnant with 100% certainty and he can ‘drain his balls’ deep in my pussy.”

I said to Rose, “After being married to a Vietnam veteran who suffered from PTSD, I’m glad you met a soldier injured in Iraq who is well-adjusted and a considerate lover. By the way, I saw Chuck walk unsteadily couple of times on the golf course but did not know he had a prosthetic leg.”

Rose said, “I’ve a soft spot for soldiers.”


One Sunday afternoon, while Art was resting, I walked to Rose’s cottage to visit with her. I assumed that Chuck was still visiting his son’s family and sick mom in Tampa, and that Rose remembered I was to visit her. When I reached the patio in the back, I heard giggles from the lanai. I hid in the bushes and saw that Rose was in a pink, ruffled, sleeve-less dress, black thigh highs, black shoes, she probably wore to church; her shoulder-length red hair was shiny. She had on a gold-plated necklace and dangling ear rings with red stones. Chuck was in denim jeans and a white tank top. He was standing behind her and, while kissing her neck, he was running his hands over her buttocks; she giggled when he tried to remove her dress. I could not hear their words, but assumed they were expressions of how much they missed each other. He handed slot oyna her a gift-wrapped box. She opened the box and giggled when she saw a red open-cup teddy. Soon, she removed her dress, placed it on a chair, and put on the sexy teddy. She looked sexy in the teddy and the black thigh highs. Chuck resumed kissing her neck while fondling her spilled-over boobs. Her large boobs, I guessed to be 36D, sagged only slightly and looked luscious. As he suckled on her nipples, she tilted her head back. Chuck removed his clothes and prosthetic leg quickly, and slid slowly to his knees while kissing her tummy and crotch. He pulled Rose’s panties down, rubbed her hairy crotch, and began to lick her love channel; I noticed she still had mostly red pubes. Rose leaned against the side of a sofa, placed her right leg on Chuck’s shoulder, and held on to his head as he kept sucking and licking her hairy pussy.

After a while, Rose pulled Chuck to stand up, grasped his stiff cock, pushed him to sit on the sofa, and knelt in front of him. After kissing his cock along its length and his balls, looking in to his eyes, she took his cock in to her mouth; she must have been suckling on it because he tilted his head back and moaned with pleasure. After a few minutes, grasping her arm pits, he pulled her to straddle his crotch, and I saw her pussy slowly, so to speak, swallow his stiff cock. While French kissing him, with Chuck fondling and rhythmically lifting her buttocks, she slowly moved her crotch up and down on his cock. It seemed like Rose had an orgasm because she stopped fucking and hugged chuck tightly. A short time later, I surmised that Chuck had his climax because I saw white cum seep out of Rose’s pink hair-rimmed pussy. But, Chuck’s cock remained firm in Rose’s pussy; the two lovers were in no hurry to uncouple as they hugged and remained coupled happily.

My pussy got very wet watching the two lovers. I returned to my cottage, knelt in front of Art, who was watching TV, pulled his cock out of his shorts, and sucked on it until it was firm.

Art mumbled, “Thank you gorgeous. What happened?”

I said, “Just lay on the floor.”

After Art lay on his back, I removed my wet panties, impaled myself on Art’s firm cock, and fucked Art to reach a deep orgasm.

My pussy was still spasming after my orgasm, when I said, “I went to visit Rose. I did not know Chuck was home. I saw them making passionate love; it was quite a show.”

Art smiled and said, “Lucky Rose. She got herself a young lover. Chuck is very glad they can to do it without worrying about Rose becoming pregnant; Rose is delighted Chuck can deposit his sperm-filled cum in her any time he wants. You should get yourself a younger lover.”

I said, “I can’t do it. I love you, Art.”


One day, Chuck called to let Art and I know that his friend, Don, was looking for an apartment. He said Don was a psychologist who helped him choose a therapist after he returned from Iraq; he was divorced recently, got a job at the local campus of the State University, and wanted to live in an apartment because he planned to travel during the summer recess.

Don was a warm and caring man, about 35 years old. He and Art hit it off and, soon after he moved in to the apartment, he began to help with chores around our home and our small cottage on a large lake. After Art invited him to feel free to use our weights, he lifted weights in our basement on Sundays. I too liked Don; I noted he was muscular, about 5ft 7in and 170 pounds. I saw couple of women visit him, but he told Art he did not have a steady girlfriend. Art and I loved to bowl on Wednesday nights; when he was free, Don joined us. Often, after we returned home, the three of us continued to drink beers and, as Art played the piano, we sang popular songs.

During one of those nights, Don told us, “My wife, Audrey, left me for a wealthy older man who was a member of the State University’s Board of Trustees. I did not expect her to leave me, certainly not for an older man. I had to move away far from where Audrey and her new husband live. Fortunately, I found another teaching job here. But, I gave up custody of my young daughter, Lisa.”

Art and Don played golf together often. Despite the difference in ages, it seemed that Don became Art’s good friend and confidant. While I sat on the porch reading a romance novel, I would hear the two men talk about many subjects, while drinking beer.

One day, Art said to Don, “You will meet a woman who cares for you. I was lucky to meet Myrna when I was a widower.”

Don said, “Yes, you are a lucky man; she is beautiful and kind.”

Art said, “Indeed, she’s beautiful; she’s also very passionate. I worry what would happen to her after I die.”

In a kind tone, Don said, “Myrna will take good care of you. You will be around for a long time.”


On Don’s 36th birthday, Art and I invited him to dinner at our country club. We all got dressed up: Don and canlı casino siteleri Art wore jackets; I put on a black-long-dress, high heels, black-silk thigh highs, and gold jewelry Art gave me for my 60th birthday; earlier, I had my hair done.

As Don drove us to the club, he complimented me, “You look elegant, Myrna.”

Art teased him, “Heh, don’t I look handsome?”

Don said, “Of course, you do, Art.”

During dinner, I saw Don stare appreciatively at my cleavage several times; but I thought I was imagining because I was sex-starved. When Art suggested that Don should dance with me, he did so graciously.

While dancing, Don said, “I love your hair.”

Smiling, I said, “You and Art. What is it with you guys? An older woman is supposed to have light hair.”

He said, “I don’t think of you as old.”

I mumbled, “Thank you,” and, as we danced slowly, I felt his hardened cock lump against my lower belly and my pussy tingled with excitement; he tried to pull away, but I held him close to me.

Don said, “I’m glad I met you and Art. I like Art; I do not want to steal you away from Art.”

I said, “I’m not going to abandon Art. Right now, it feels good to just hold you.”

Don said, “It feels good for me too,” and we continued to dance slowly, holding each other tightly,

After we returned home, I freshened up, and coaxed Art to lick and suck my juiced pussy, and bring me an orgasm. After that, Art fell asleep.


After Art’s health deteriorated more, Don helped him go out to the bowling alley. One night, Art passed out on the couch soon after returning home, and Don and I continued to drink beer and talk.

I asked Don, “What does Audrey look like?”

He said, “Tall and slim; very leggy. She has short blonde hair and brown eyes, and a dazzling smile. She likes expensive clothes, shoes, and jewelry.”

I said, “In other words, her tastes were beyond the reach of a college lecturer.”

Don nodded his head. After a second beer, I went to the kitchen to bring two more beers; Don followed me and I hugged him. Soon, as we were French kissing passionately, I felt his erect cock poking my belly.

Between kisses, Don whispered, “You’re a gorgeous woman,” but I pushed him away because I was not ready to make love with him.

He pulled me back in to his arms, kissed my neck several times, and said, “I’m not trying to steal you away from Art, but you deserve to be loved.”

I said, “May be so. But, not now,” and slipped out of his embrace; I saw Art was in the bathroom and wondered if he saw Don kissing me as he had to walk past the entrance to the kitchen.

Later in bed, Art touched my face, and said, “You have been good to me. You deserve to be loved,” and he fell asleep and started to snore.

I stayed awake for a long time wondering what Art meant by, “You deserve to be loved.”


On Art’s 66th birthday, I had my hair done the way he liked and we had a light dinner at a nice restaurant. After returning home, I invited Don to have a piece of the birthday cake. After he left, I hoped that Art would lick my pussy, but he had fallen asleep in front of the TV. Art’s health continued to deteriorate and he stopped making love to me.

After a month, I had Art admitted in to a nursing home; I was glad for Don’s presence and help around the home, but I was worried about Art’s health. Also, my body ached for loving by a man. After I saw Don, dressed in tight-fitting shorts and tank top, lifting weights, I began to fantasize getting fucked by him. I thought I should not fuck Don, but it would be ok to have him suck my pussy.

On a Saturday morning, as he drove me to the nursing home, Don said, “Today is the first anniversary of Audrey’s second marriage.”

I said, “I’m sorry.”

“I will get over it. I have work to do; I will come back in the evening to take you home.”

On the way home in the evening, I said to Don, “Art was feeling good today. He told me to cook dinner for you.”

Don said, “Please don’t bother. I’ll be ok. By the way, Art told me to take you out to dinner.”


After I was home a few minutes, I decided to give Don an apple pie I bought as a surprise present. It was a warm evening, so I changed in to a loose-fitting halter top, loose shorts, and high-heel sandals. I also freshened up and hoped that I could just flirt with Don. With the apple pie in hand, I climbed the steps to Don’s apartment. I was about to knock on the door when I peeked through the gap in the closed window curtains and saw images on a flat-screen TV; after a few moments, I realized that Don was watching the video of Art and me making love, and stroking his stiff thick cock. I stood frozen in one spot. I got aroused seeing Don, a younger man, stroking his big dick while watching my thighs and pussy. But, I also wanted to know how Don got hold of the video; I knocked on the door hard.

After couple of minutes, Don opened the door, and said, “Myrna, I did not expect to see you here. Come in.”

I walked in to the apartment and demanded, “How did you get hold of my private video? Did you steal it?”

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