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So this is another story of my past. This was a few months after my divorce. There was a woman I worked with a lot younger than me. She was actually friends with Cici from an earlier story I have posted.

There were a lot of coincidental overlaps between us. We worked for the same company. She was friends with Cici and they had hooked up when they went drinking one night. I was her mother’s supervisor and I was acquaintances with her brother without even knowing it and I discovered this on the same night I hooked up with her for the first time.

This girl was just 21, curvy white girl with blue eyes and black hair that was a mix of curls and dreadlocks. Maybe 5’2″ thick. Tits had to be close to DD, hips and ass that you never wanted to let go of. She had a slight belly, but it accentuated her beauty. She had a septum piercing and an eye brow piercing and a lot of not so great tattoos. All in all she looked like a vegan hippy meme if there ever was one.

Any way one day after I had fucked Cici into submission again we lay in bed talking and she mentioned that quite a few women at work talk about me being kind of a dick because I’m so humorless, but they want to fuck me. I don’t really believe her. She did pique my interest when she told me Lauren thinks I’m hot.

Lauren? The same Lauren that said I was a square? The same Lauren that said meat is murder? The same Lauren that thinks I’m vanilla because I dress professionally even though the job doesn’t require it?

So fast forward to a night my old band mates ask me to fill in for a gig at this dive bar since their bassist was in the hospital for some kind of viral infection.

I spent every day for a week practicing with them after work and having beers. It was odd because I was always the odd man out in that band. All of them looked the part of white reggae musicians. If you want to know what I mean you can look up white Rastas. I’m Afro-Latin and have never, nor will ever have dreadlocks. The closest thing to hippy looking I get is when my hair gets long enough to fro it out.

Any way, we play this gig at this punk leaning dive bar, which oddly enough is the same bar I ran into an ex from high school the day I filed for divorce and ended up fucking her in front of her husband that same night. That’s another story that was more emotional than it should have been. When we broke up after high school I was heart broken.

So we play the gig. Opened for a more well known white reggae band. To be honest we sounded better, but they had the gimmick down.

As I’m packing up my gear after getting my cut of the money I hear a familiar voice and I turn to see Lauren. She is wearing baggy jeans and a baggy shirt with a stoned Mr. Potatohead caricature on the front. I was surprised to see someone from work and I think she was surprised to see that the guy she thought of as a square was in a borderline reggae-punk band.

After all my gear was loaded and secure in my car I went back in and we talked about music and pretty much whatever came up before it started to veer towards her sexual preferences and kinks. I think she found it mind blowing that this guy was so much more open than she thought. She was bi and in an open poly relationship with a man and woman. She actually told Escort Beylikdüzü me about how she had hooked up with Cici. I later found out that Cici had never told her about “us” so her bringing it up made me smirk.

Her friends said they were getting ready to bail and she asked if I could give her a ride home if she decided to stay and have a few more drinks with me. I asked her where she lived and it was maybe only three minutes off my route home so I agreed. I stopped drinking beer and focused on water since I don’t want a DUI.

We get in my car and drive to her area and she directs me to her apartment complex and we park in front of her apartment. It was a fairly large, but run down town home. She asks me if I want to come in to talk for a bit more. I say sure and we go in. The apartment was a mess. It was obvious she and her roommates just did not clean up after themselves very often. She offered me a PBR and I accepted. She grabbed me by my other hand and said we need to go to her room in case her roommates come out to be nosey.

We go into her room and it’s a lot more organized than the common area was. Her computer chair was the only place other than the bed to sit. I took my shoes off and sat on the bed and drank my beer in silence. She climbed up on the bed and sat with her back against the wall. She then asked me is I thought she was attractive. I told her absolutely she was. So the next question was why wasn’t I making a move.

Me being a gentleman means I miss cues sometimes. But when it’s pretty much laid out on the table I finally get it.

So I crawled up to where she was as she slid down to lay in her back and we started to make out while also helping each other out of our clothes. Her baggy clothes did such a great job hiding what a perfect figure she had. As I am taking off her clothes I can see the tell tale signs of her being a bit of a hippy. Some underarm hair and her bush was not trimmed at all, but I’m not a stickler for that stuff.

I start to suck on her nipples and I still remember them being very sensitive and I loved how she moaned as I licked and sucked them eventually giving her nice love bites. I started to move myself down so I could suck on her clit. I do love going down. Honestly, it’s one of those things that’s like a feedback cycle of pleasure for me. Even though she was unshaven it trimmed her hair wasn’t very coarse.

Looking up at her with the amber glow of her lamp light watching her enjoy my mouth was so great. Her tits were so perfectly firm but soft. For being that big they were phenomenal. I could feel her start to buck and I made sure to hold on to her legs to I can finish her. She was now nearly screaming as my mouth focused on making sure she remembered me. She came so hard she did that jimmy leg shake and pulled a pillow over her face to scream into.

I pulled back and enjoyed my handy work. My precum was flowing heavily since I was so hard wanting her. She finally relaxed and pulled the pillow away and told me I need to fuck her now. She reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled out a box of condoms and turned it over. No condoms. It was empty. Crestfallen was her face. She cursed and got up from the bed with shaky knees and left the room. I loved watching her Escort Bahçeşehir ass bounce and her hips sway when she walked away. Here I am in her bed naked hard as hell and I hear her going upstairs, knock on a door and have a hushed conversation, then come back down. She didn’t even bother to get dressed.

She looked upset and told me she’s out of condoms and the couple she’s in a poly relationship with don’t have any which is why they took the few she had in her nightstand. We would have to postpone the fucking since she didn’t want to her pregnant. I didn’t tell her I had a vasectomy. I told her that’s fine I’ll just keep making her feel good.

She told me almost forcefully that no she wants to make me feel good, but she wants me to be rough with her. She tells me in no uncertain terms that I’m going to fuck her mouth. She then looks at my cock and says she will do her best to take it. I instinctively start to lay down thinking she would give me head in that position.

Nope. Not what she had in mind. She tells me to stand up and she gets in her knees and just starts to give me pretty amazing head. She is using both her hands on my shaft while sucking my head and just behind it and playing with my balls. Sometimes she would get a little too close for comfort to my asshole, but I think she sensed I wasn’t down with that. She popped my cock out of her mouth and told me to fuck her mouth. Really give it to her even if she gags and has tears in her eyes.

Now I need to make something clear. I can and will be dominant in the bedroom, but when I feel like I’m hurting or disrespecting my partner I hold back.

So I nod to her and tell her okay. And I grab her head by her dreaded hair and I start to slam my thick cock into her mouth. Her hands are holding my legs just below my ass cheeks and helping me slam into her mouth harder. The gagging sound mixed with the moans and almost cries begging for mercy were so much for my senses. At one point she stopped me and told me she’s going to have to get into another position to take my cock easier.

She climbs on to the bed and lays in her back with her head handing off the foot of the mattress and she tells me to fuck her mouth now. I honestly have only ever seen that done in porn and it never looked comfortable for the woman so I was reluctant to do it, but she literally told me to stop being a little bitch and fuck her mouth already.

Not one to let a woman down I first slid past her lips and the sensation wasn’t that different until I was balls deep in her mouth. It was like when a woman deep throats, but rather than that resistance it was a tight, but yielding sensation. Once I felt like we got the depth and angle right I started to really fuck her mouth. Not make love. Not get head, not a blow job.

This was me fucking her mouth. I was reaching down and playing with her nipples and she had a dildo in her pussy while also playing with her clit. I honestly do not even remember her grabbing a toy. When I felt that feeling that starts in my balls I told her I was going to cum and she just started to moan harder and I lost it.

I came so much it spilled out of her mouth and she coughed and it sprayed out of her lips and I kept cumming and it went on her face, her neck and I continued to cum all over her chest. She turned to the side and gagged a bit. She told me she was surprised at just how much I came, but loved it. She left the room to clean up. I started to put my clothes back on because I figured that’s it. We won’t be fucking tonight so might as well head out.

She comes in with two more PBRs and asks me why I’m dressed and I told her well that’s it right? She tells me oh hell no. We are just getting started. She tells me she’s got to feel my cock in her pussy, but makes me swear I’ll pull out. Looking into her blue eyes I couldn’t hold back. I told her. I had a vasectomy after my second daughter. So there’s no way I could get her pregnant. The look on her face went from mild interest to one similar to when I first sucked on her clit.

We downed the PBR and got back into bed. There was no foreplay involved in this session it was simply my cock pounding in and out of her for what had to have been over 30 minutes because once I’ve cum it takes me forever to cum again. It feels great, but there’s this weird block in reaching climax.

Started with missionary pounding into her while she held her legs wide. My hand pushed up on the wall to control myself from ramming into her hard enough to hit the wall. When she came from that I flipped her over and fucked her prone while pulling her hair and biting her shoulder. Her has we thick enough to provide just the right cushioning. And judging from how she reacted to spanking and my thumb playing with her ass she loves anal. She really did. Not that night, though later.

She finally got me to cum from riding me hard. Really hard. She was doing squats on my dick so I know her thighs had to have been burning. When I told her I was finally going to cum she slammed down and ground back and forth until I filled her pussy up. And the absolute beautiful mess our fluids from fucking and my cum made in her unshaven bush was a masterpiece.

We went to sleep after that. I woke up to her sucking me off and we fucked again, but this time it didn’t last as long, but I filled her up. She told me her roommates and her are nudists so we don’t have to get dressed when we went to get something to snack on.

As we lay in bed eating some kind of baked tofu snack there was a knock at the door. It was her brother. Apparently he and her mom we picking her up that morning to get groceries at Costco. She had forgotten. We dressed real quick and we stepped out of the room.

There it was. Sean. A guy I knew peripherally from my time just after coming back from Iraq when I was playing in various bands. And when I looked at the woman that turned around in the dining area. Kim, one of my subordinates at work. No words were spoken. I walked out of the town house and headed home.

It wasn’t awkward at work and it was nice having Lauren to play with in the rotation. The poly couple she was dating invited me to play one night, but it ended up just being Lauren and the woman playing with me while the guy watched and took pictures. I’m still acquaintances with him. Nice guy, just kind of an odd cat.

Eventually Lauren was diagnosed with a really odd genetic auto immune disease and moved to Minnesota to be closer to a hospital that specialized in it. We lost touch and eventually I found out that she took her life after being in so much pain for so long without any kind of relief. Her mom told me about it. Her brother and I still occasionally have a drink, but it’s too difficult to talk about Lauren.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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