Laid by Nurse Becky

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Day One:

My eyes were shut, still heavy from the sedatives. The past few weeks had gone by completely without my knowing. I was recovering from my accident. Immensely groggy, some of the details start to return in my delirious state. I remembered being in a high speed chase behind a murder suspect when my patrol car blew a tire. The rest happened so quickly that I only remember flashes of memories: sirens, flashing lights. I vaguely remember someone standing over me with a flashlight, probably the EMTs.

I would later find out that I had sustained several injuries and undergone multiple surgeries to patch me up from the accident. As a result, I had been placed in a medical induced coma to aid my pain and healing. I couldn’t move. I tried opening my eyes but with difficulty. The room was dark. I couldn’t move my head but could see light peaking in through the window blinds. I was indeed in a hospital bed; the light from the nurses station. I glanced down and saw both my arms and chest in hard casts. My left leg too was fully cast.

“Fuck!” I thought. How long have I been here? My health monitors must have notified the nurses station as my door opened moments later.

“Good evening Mike. It’s good to see you’re amongst the land of the living. I’ll leave you to rest but wanted to let you know just to press this button if your pain increases. You’re on timers for more sedatives so just rest yourself. We’ll check in on you throughout the night,” said Nurse Becky as she placed a small device in my hand and she walked out.

I drifted back to sleep. I couldn’t tell whether I was dreaming or awake. I knew I must’ve been asleep but I felt so weird. I couldn’t see anything. It was just dark. I felt, warmth…and pleasure. Where was I? Oh god that felt good. My cock twitched and grew. I could feel blood filling my shaft, my dick growing in excitement. Wet and warm suction engulfed my cock. I couldn’t move my body. Oh god my cock was on fire. So good. Was it a blowjob? Someone’s pussy? I couldn’t tell. Sheer pleasure had taken me. I didn’t care who or what was attending to my now aching rod. The sensation grew rapidly.

I wanted desperately to move with the pleasure. To thrust my hips. To cum. Oh I wanted to cum. I felt like I would explode. My balls contracted. I felt the pressure building inside me. Oh I wanted to moan, to scream! But still I was unable to move or speak. This had to be a dream! Oh but I wished it were real. How I wish I could open my eyes! Continuous warmth and pressure circled my shaft. I couldn’t take it anymore. My pleasure exploded. I felt myself shoot load after load from my head. My balls contracting uncontrollably. I wanted to shudder but still couldn’t move! Such torture. Pleasure spread across my body once again. I felt relief. I wanted more. I was slowly loosing consciousness, if that’s even what you could call this. A lucid wet dream maybe? Who kno…zzz

Day Two:

I awoke to a beeping alarm going off. I opened my eyes, a little easier than yesterday. It was indeed morning. I moved my eyes around the room. Nurse Becky was standing to the left of my bed working on a monitor. I felt different. As I gained full consciousness, I became aware of a feeling I had felt many times before. I felt spent! I realized I wasn’t wearing my clothes. The sheet covering me laid across me, gently touching my length. My cock had that lifeless feeling I knew all too well. After a long night’s fucking and an explosive orgasm, a sense of calm would fall over my cock.

The last time I felt this spent was a few days before the accident. My wife Ashley and I were fucking our brains out. She had been riding me cowgirl style with her amazingly perky D-cup tits bouncing in my face. We had cum so hard together that we both fell asleep in each other’s naked embrace.

I looked towards Becky and she noticed me awake. “Good morning sunshine! Sleep well? Hope we didn’t wake you. We had a quick going away party for a fellow nurse last night.”

I mumbled an “Not at all,” if it actually sounded like it. I could move my mouth a little and thankfully it wasn’t as sore as yesterday. I could move it around more freely. I briefly wondered if I had some kind of brace there too at some point.

The rest of the day went by rather slowly. The tv was on playing an old time western movie. I didn’t know which one it was as I wasn’t too istanbul escorts versed in the genre. After the sun had set, Nurse Becky walked in to administer my nightly meds. I noticed her for the first time as she crossed in front of my bed. She had a good figure. Scrubs don’t exactly flatter anyone sexually but I could tell she was blessed in both frontal and rear beauty. I thought I could see a couple buttons straining to hold her top together.

Her voice snapped me out of my gaze, “Tomorrow we’ll start on some solid foods. How does that sound?”

I groaned a “good” in response. My vocal cords seemed to be sore too. I made a mental note to get the full accident and medical report as soon as I could speak…or move for that manner. I watched Nurse Sexy as I was now referring to her in my own head. She removed a small glass vial from her cart and stuck a needle into it. I watched as she withdrew the medication. Huh, only half what she had done last night.

I figured I was on a schedule and thought nothing more of it. She left and I closed my eyes. I felt the sedative slowly wash over me as it dripped into my IV.

Warmth. Again, so warm and wet. Oh god the sensation was unbelievable! My breathing quickened. I tried desperately to open my eyes. A crack of light. Again I try to open my heavy eyelids. Just a quick peak, I see a head of hair. It was the same blonde I recognized…it was Becky! I cracked my eyelids open a little more. I could see her head bouncing up and down my shaft. Oh she was an expert! Her warm lips and tongue ran definitively around my shaft. Her mouth and hands pumping and milking me, begging me to give up my seed. Each time her head rose to mine, her tongue would lap across the small slit.

She had crawled up between my legs, bent forward over my nine inch cock, the bed sheet strewn aside. She couldn’t get enough. She sucked with such vigor. Oh the pleasure was pulsing through my body. I felt a constricting between my thighs, knowing the end was near. I had no idea how long it had been. Then a thought flashed through my mind, how many nights had she done this? I was only consciously aware of two nights, in a row nonetheless.

I couldn’t hold back if I wanted to. I felt myself erupt inside her mouth. She gagged briefly but kept sucking, lapping up every rope of cum shot into her mouth. She must have thought I was done and pulled back early. One last rope of cum landed across her lips. I saw as this struck her by surprise but licked her lips as if it was a reward. She quickly climbed off the bed, straightened her hair and scrubs, replaced the bed sheet, and left the room, unknowing of my awareness. I had her now. I quickly began scheming for my own personal gain.

Day Three:

Morning broke. The sun peaked through the blinds. I could faintly hear birds chirping below my window. It was indeed a good day. I looked up to the clock on the wall. As the big hand indicated ?8:00? on the nose, Nurse Becky entered the room carrying a tray. Breakfast. Perfect.

“Oh good morning sunshine! Ready for something to eat?”

“I could eat,” I said throaty. My voice had sounded deeper since I had woken two days ago. She sat down beside my bed with the tray in front of her. She had jello and a spoon, fun. She opened it and began feeding me. As she reached over, I noticed those same two buttons strain against the fabric. Oh how I wished them to fail. I willed them to open. She must have noticed my gaze.

“Enjoying the view stud?” Her direct usage of the word ‘stud’ grabbed my attention.

Again I groaned a “yes” in agreement.

“Well then, you’d better watch yourself or you might be caught in an embarrassing situation.”

I focused on the curves around her breasts. The fabric hugged her mounds expertly. I could see the slight outline of her nipples poking against the fabric. I would imagine the cold hospital climate would make them hard most of the time. This fantasizing got the blood pumping. I was intentionally trying to get an erection. Between my harsh broken speech, this would be my only way of communicating, at least for now.

After each bite, I would seductively look between her eyes and breasts as if saying, let me see them. She ignored my plea and turned to leave. As she did, she noticed the tent growing between my legs. She looked me in the eyes, “Maybe we can istanbul eskort get you something to aid that. It looks uncomfortable.” I grunted in agreement.

She was gone for a few hours. I was kicking myself. Was she offended? That couldn’t be. She’s been sucking my dick for god knows how long. I thought about my next move carefully. Worse case, I would catch her in the act tonight.

Lunch time arrived and on schedule, Nurse Sexy opened my door right ?at noon?. She had changed since this morning. Her scrubs were now dark red and lower cut. As she turned to me, I could see a bit of cleavage. My cock instantly took notice as well. She sat down and looked back to the tent just starting to poke up.

“Easy with that thing. You might poke someone’s eye out. Still, it must be agonizing to constantly go up and down like that without relief?” She leaned forward with a spoonful of jello. I could care less about eating so I focused my gaze down her top. I could only make out a bit of her beautiful cleavage, nothing else. Still, it did wonders for the imagination. My cock now pulsing under the sheet, twitching rhythmically.

We continued this banter for a few minutes. As she finished feeding me, she turned to leave. She stopped briefly with her back turned. I swear I could hear her licking her lips as she looked at my cock. She cleared her throat and left.

“Maybe this is working,” I thought. I wanted to do more but in my immobilized state what else could I do? I just hoped for the best and would try again during dinner.

Dinner was late I thought. Had she forgotten about me? No food or meds? I was about to resolve she wasn’t coming and accept defeat when the door opened. She left the lights off and I could tell most of the lights were off on the whole floor as well. She moved towards the right side of my bed, tracing her finger along my good leg.

She cupped my flaccid cock, leaned down and whispered, “So how long have you known?”

“Last night. How long?” I managed.

“I might as well tell you at this point. I’ve been drugging you just enough to keep you asleep. I have to admit…I’m a cumslut. And I can’t stay away from your cock.” She rubbed her hand up and down my growing shaft.

“I suppose now that you know you might as well enjoy it as much as I do. Now I know I could do anything I want to you and you couldn’t move or stop me. But I’d love to feel you inside me. I want your cock to fill me up. Do you want that?”

“YES!” I groaned.

She began unbuttoning her top. It sprang open and she tossed it aside. She was wearing a black lacy bra that was see-through in the nipple area. I could see her large nipples pushing against the fabric. Her areoles were light pick. Oh how I wanted to suck on them. Roll my tongue across them. She wasted no time in getting undressed. Soon her naked glory was climbing atop my hospital bed.

Her tits were firm and round. Her long blonde hair draping over the sides of her breasts. She straddled me carefully, not to sit on my casted leg. Becky grasped my cock with her hand and dropped herself onto my shaft, impaling herself. Her hot pussy lips surrounded the base of my cock. She was so wet that I easily slipped into her tight depths. We both moaned together. Becky eagerly wanted what she saw. She wanted me to fill her with my cum.

She leaned forward, shoving her tits in my face. I was drowning in her soft warmness. She fucked me with such vigor. She was desperate to cum and I could tell by her face she was already close. Oh how I wanted to be able to bend her over and plunge my cock deep inside her. To grab her hair. To slap her ass. To violently thrust my cock into her making her cum so hard she shook.

I was almost as close to cumming as she was. Her pussy clamped down on me. The bed was squeaking. She put her hand over her mouth to keep from screaming in pleasure. Her body shook atop me. Her orgasm slowed but I was yet to be satisfied. She opened her eyes and looked at me. She must have known I didn’t cum. She lifted her body and I made a noise to protest. She reached between her legs and coated her hand with her juices.

Becky reached behind her and coated her rosebud. She lowered herself and I felt the tip of my shaft meet her forbidden zone. She slowly added more pressure as I felt myself slowly push her apart. She used her hand to keep eskort istanbul my shaft lubricated with her cum. Further and further shed push her body down. Her hole tighter than her slit. After what felt like minutes she had rested against my pelvic, completely impaled. Slowly she bobbed up and down. The tighter fit had me raging with pleasure in short order.

I knew I wouldn’t last long in this state. I focused on her breasts bouncing and swaying with each dropping force. I groaned and she whispered, “Cum for me baby. Cum in my ass. Fill me with your seed.” I came hard. My whole body shuddered under their weight. Her entrance holding firmly onto my length, mercilessly milking my cock.

As I slowly came down from a strong orgasm she whispered, “Next time it’s your turn for a little anal play. I can make you cum like you’ve never cum before.” She slid off the bed and cleaned me up. She quickly dressed and winked as she left for the night.

Day Four:

Becky must have drugged me heavily later that night. I didn’t wake until after noon the next day.

“You overslept sunshine. You missed your wife too. She stopped by this morning to see you.”

“My wife?” I asked.

“You don’t remember? This tends to happen to patients with trauma.”

“You knew and you’ve been fucking me for weeks now?” My mouth dropped in astonishment.

“Oh yes. While I might be acting on my own personal lust, I truly believe what I have been doing has aided your healing. The doctors see you ahead of schedule. And I haven’t heard you complaining Mike!” She had raised her voice and left.

Evening broke. The clock indicated time for my nightly meds. Still no sign of Becky. It wasn’t like her to be late. Maybe I overreacted a bit. I tried pushing it out of my mind. I closed my eyes and figured I’d make the best nights sleep without the help of modern medicine.

*Pop* *squirt*. Huh? I opened my eyes. Nurse Becky was standing at the foot of my bed. She was wearing rubber gloves and was squeezing something out of a tube. She set the tube aside and revealed her right hand.

“I told you it was your turn. And whether you like it or not, I’m dedicated to my beliefs in medical healing. I’d say sit back and enjoy but it’s not like you have a choice. Besides, the Doc asked me to check your prostate. Didn’t say how.” She winked at me as she showed me a prostate massager.

Becky pulled the bed sheet off and revealed my naked body. While I was asleep, she apparently had also removed my catheter. Using her left hand, she slid my good leg to the side. She reached down and placed the massager at my entrance. She clicked it on. I had never played down in that region but the vibrations felt good. She slowly worked the tip around my entrance and gently pushed it inside me. With her other hand she worked lubricant around my cock.

Oh it felt good. I felt the base of the massager reach its max. “Have you ever had a prostate orgasm?” I shook my head. I had read about them sure but never experienced one. “You’ll feel it soon. It kind of sneaks up on you.”

She continued pumping my shaft slowly. She lowered her hand and began massaging my balls. This was certainly a different sensation. I could feel the vibrations deep within me. I began feeling the unmistakeable sensation of a full bladder and needing to pee. I heard her click a button and the vibrations grew stronger.

I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. This wave of anticipation washed over me. I felt so close to something. I figured an orgasm was near. Seconds later my breath stopped. A monstrous shock of pleasure burst every nerve ending in my body. My entire body quivered in utter erotic passion.

I looked down. Becky was looking into my eyes smiling. Her long hair draped over my legs, ticking me. She noticed inevitable orgasm and focused her attention on the tip of my cock. Cum poured out of the tip. So much cum poured down my shaft, down her fingers. She stopped stroking me to watch my seed. Moment after moment cum streamed out of me. Never before had I seen so much cum in one orgasm. My seed pooled on my pelvis.

“Oh my! That’s quite the load. I can’t wait to taste you.” Becky moved forward and began licking up my cum.

Day Five:

I must have passed out from sheer pleasure. When I woke, it was morning. I turned my head and noticed a note on my tray table. It read:

“I’m off for the weekend but don’t sweat, Nurse Emma will be taking over. Not to worry though, I have versed her well in regards to your treatment plan. I think you will find that she exceeds your expectations.” – B.

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