Kristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 05

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“I can pick u up @ 10,” the text read on my cellphone, “even if its a schl nite I can get u home @ 12 & thats 2 hrs of hot fuckin.”

My pussy leaked, seeing those words. I was so fucking tempted to immediately email back and accept the offer for no-strings-attached sex from a pretty sexy, very experienced grown up man. A petite, horny 18 year old girl like me shouldn’t give their cellphone numbers to an adulterous, horny business man on an overnight trip in the girl’s home city. I mean, unless you want to end up with the guy burying his married adult cock in the girl’s tight young pussy.

Sitting on my bed with my Daddy somewhere in the house, the bedsheets under my naked ass soaking with a pool of my pussyjuices — resulting from an hour of masturbation — I held the cellphone in my hand, debating what to do. I knew the smart thing to do; and I knew what my cunt wanted. Two different things.

Cunt won.

“OK!” I typed back, “c u @ 10!”

My half-Asian eyes rolled to my clock besides my bed; it was 9:15. I was gonna be getting fucked by a hot stranger in about an hour.

* * * *

My Daddy, bless his heart, is one fucking awesome man. He loves me, he’s treated me like a princess my whole life. Whereas my bitchy Mom doesn’t care about us, off running her lingerie store in the mall and fucking around with her fat ugly business partner, Daddy and I have build a home life based on trust and mutual respect. We care for each other. He makes sure I’m happy, and I only want my Daddy to be totally satisfied and having no wants or needs, ever. If it were up to me, my Daddy would be getting his need for pussy on a daily basis, hourly even, with my tight little twat. I’ve offered it to him, once, three days ago. He wanted it, he told me he did, his huge (and I mean, girls, HUGE) penis was throbbing against my nude ass, ready to fuck me from behind. I wanted it, I begged him to fuck his horny daughter. I love him, he needed me. But Daddy said “we can’t,” he didn’t do it.

As a result of not fucking my Daddy when I tried to come on to him, I’d been horny as shit all week, wanting cock, my pussy was so ready for it. My teen boyfriend and his short-lasting, undersized little prick — plus the acne on his back and his generally unimpressive demeanor — just wasn’t going to cut it. I wanted adult cock. I got some on Tuesday afternoon, from my Mom’s perverted boyfriend, but he didn’t last long. It was bad sex. No, I needed a real man to fuck me, and give it to me good. If Daddy wasn’t going to, then someone else was.

Now, this is why my Daddy is so awesome. He realized his little princess was now 18 years old — more like, 18 years and a month — and she had needs. Womanly needs. I needed cock, big cocks, to fuck me hard. Mom, it turns out, was a fucking tramp, fucking her ugly boyfriend. Daddy is pretty horny too; he fucked one of my best friends (the blonde Melanie) a couple of months ago or so. So I guess it’s no surprise that their little Kristen — all 90 pounds of half-Thai, half-white me — is just as horny as the both of them. Daily finger-fucking turned into sex with the teen boyfriend, and now this week, I’m hot for grownup cocks. Daddy is fully aware of it.

And Daddy wanted me to be happy. I love him so much for it!

Daddy’s love for me came in the form of a strong, sexy male hand on my knee, rubbing my soft teenage skin under the table, the guy’s fingers tracing gentle little circles around the skin of my inner leg, just at the bottom of my short dress. Mmmm.

No, it wasn’t Daddy’s hand. Let me explain.

It was last night — Wednesday. After I got home from my Math club meeting just in time for dinner, Daddy announced he and I were going out for dinner. Normally, Daddy makes supper; he typically works in his home office in the basement, and supper is ready by the time I get home. But he had a surprise for me, and he had me go upstairs and put on a nice dress and doll up my slender self with a little makeup on my face. As I sat at my vanity applying lipstick to my slender teenage lips, I thought, Daddy is probably trying to re-connect with me, since two days ago we almost fucked. Almost, but didn’t.

How surprised was I that we weren’t alone for dinner. We got to a fancy restaurant at the swank Ritz hotel, at a top-end shopping mall not all that far away from us, and immediate he greeted a guy waiting at the entrace. Tall, in his late 30s, blondish, short curly hair, solid amicable blue eyes, and one fucking fit body. Probably muscular, but inside his suit jacket and tie, I couldn’t tell exactly. He just had that air about him; very, very confident and secure, a strong presence, his slender frame filling out the slacks and shirt with what appeared to be limbs of steel inside. Jack was his name. Jack.

I liked Jack immediately, but not really “that way.” I wasn’t sure why he was at dinner with us. Daddy introduced him as a buddy from the golf course, who had his own computer business. Jack didn’t look like a computer geek, but it turns out, Jack did security altyazılı porno systems for the Government. Like, whoa, don’t mess with him, right. Jack wasn’t married but he had a steady girlfriend, some hot young lawyer woman at a big firm downtown. Over dinner Jack was fucking hilarious, telling all sorts of stories about his time in the Army years ago, his attempts to be a minor league baseball player, the buffoon criminals who try to beat his security systems. I mean, I was giggling the whole time. I almost didn’t appreciate how incredibly delicious my dinner was.

See, my loving Daddy had a plan. He excused himself after the meal, before coffee came, to make a couple of calls on his cellphone. That left me alone with Jack, who was so friendly, asking all about me — my senior year at high school, my boyfriend (ugh!), what I wanted to do after school. His awesome blue eyes just stared into me, and I felt so small — I’m, like, under half his weight, and he’s probably 14 inches taller than me — but at the same time, I felt completely at ease. He’s a big warm teddy bear, a guy full of life and zest, just making me feel good too.

When I felt his hand on my knee under the table, however, I kind of realized — he’s also horny.

So I looked at him entirely differently, and immediately I realized, yeah, I’d love to fuck him.

Wow. Daddy was setting me up! I guess, that was Daddy’s way of giving me what my hot teen pussy needed — a big adult cock — without having to do the honors himself.

“You’re really hot — you have an incredible ass, like, wow.”

No, Jack didn’t say that to me. Nor Daddy (come on). I had just gotten out of the girl’s room at the restaurant, and I was standing there trying to figure out which direction to go, to get back to the table. This restaurant had, like, these dark-wood walls all over the place, sort of making every table into a booth of its own, but that really confused me because I couldn’t see where we had been sitting. I stood there like a dork, right next to the bar, looking around, when I noticed this gentleman at the bar right near me, looking down at me. I mean, I thought something was wrong, I hastily surveyed the ground around me but didn’t see anything other than hard black flooring.

He chuckled, putting his drink down. He was in his 40s, like Daddy and Jack, and he had a crisp, pressed white dress shirt and a very shiny, silky red tie. His hair was graying, neatly combed back from a handsome, strong face. Seeing my confusion, he gave me a wink and used his free hand to waive in the air, indicating I shouldn’t be worried about anything. “I just couldn’t help noticing,” he said, pointing at my very slender teen body, “that you’re really hot — you have an incredible ass, like, wow — but I’m sure you have a hot boyfriend who tells you that all the time.”

I blinked. I mean, what do you do when a grown man says that about your 18 year old high school butt? No one had ever told me what to say.

“Um — thanks,” I muttered stupidly, kind of shrugging, and then laughing. He chuckled too, so I nervously kept laughing, because I had no idea what I was supposed to say. Maybe I should have acted offended, but actually, I was pretty horny that night, being with Jack and Daddy, and generally wanting cock all the time now anyway. I found his comment reaffirming. I had always thought guys liked my skinny body, so any favorable confirmation was more than welcome.

The guy sort of nodded in the direction of the tables in the restaurant. “I don’t mean to keep you from your date,” he explained with a calmness I never hear from teenage boys, “and it wasn’t meant as a pick-up line, but you’re so gorgeous, you sort of appeared all of a sudden and my eyes couldn’t look away, so — well, there you are.” He chuckled at himself, I think, taking a little sip of his clear drink filled with ice cubes and a green olive. “I mean, you’re more than welcome to sit here with me, I’m out of town, but, I figure you have a hot date waiting for you, right?”

I realized he was trying to pick me up, which was really strange, since I only just walked past him. I kept smiling at him, and — well, what else, I didn’t know what else to do — just blinking.

“Yeah, um,” stammered the horny but nervous high school senior in front of him, ” I, um, sorta am here with — um, someone.” I was about to say “my Daddy,” but, that didn’t seem right. The guy probably would have freaked; and, I didn’t really want him to know anyway. “Sorry.”

The guy shrugged. “Think nothing of it, like I said, I wasn’t trying to pick you up.” Then he hastily added with a big, toothy grin: “Don’t get me wrong, I’d love if a girl as pretty as you sat right here and had dinner with me, but, I’ve been traveling for many years, I do probably twenty or thirty overnight trips a year, and I can’t ever think of it happening even once. Don’t feel bad, I put you on the spot.”

I didn’t feel bad, and I felt bad that he thought I felt bad. Something like that. “No, no,” I purred, reaching my small türkçe altyazılı porno teen hand out to his knee right in front of me, touching it for a fleeting second, “it’s okay, I mean — thanks, you seem like a nice guy.” He probably wasn’t, talking to a teenage girl in a restaurant like that, but he had that air of a highly educated, very professional guy, he wasn’t the kind to do something pervy and get himself in trouble.

A pregnant moment of silence left us looking at each other. “You probably should get back to your date,” he said slowly, quietly, glancing around to see no one was approaching us, “but, at the risk of you slapping me in the face — I’m Thom, I’m here a couple of nights, leaving Friday morning — if you want a nice, pleasant evening with someone who appreciates how beautiful you are, would you want my cellphone number?”

Holy shit, he really was picking me up!

Say no, goddamned it, my brain told my mouth.

But I heard another voice. Mmm, he’s handsome and sexy, mmm, maybe he wants to fuck you. He really does, probably. Yes, let’s fuck him.

It was my slutty cunt talking, of course.

“Sure,” I said, taking out my little pink cellphone, flipping it open, typing in his numbers and his name, “Thom,” as he gave it to me. Then I put his profile in a “group” in my contact list; he was the first member of the group I just made on the spot. “Hot men,” was the name of the group.

Now, stupid me, doing stupid things when I’m horny, didn’t stop at that. “Here,” I said, dialing his number so his cellphone rang in front of me, “now you have my number.” I smiled sweetly. “I’m Kristen.”

“So amazing to meet you, Kristen,” the stud said, reaching his hand out to shake mine; then, not letting go, he lifted my hand to his mouth and placed a soft kiss on the back of it. “You really are sweet. What are you, like, 20, 21?”

I threw my long hair back, giggling. Should I say yes? He might not like that I’m only 18. But, a straight A student usually can’t lie about her age. “I’m 18, actually.”

Actually, he seemed to like hearing that. He smiled to himself, nodding, almost laughing. Then he said, “Well, again, I don’t mean to keep you from your date; I’ve got a big meeting all day tomorrow but will probably be done after — well, shit, I might have a dinner engagement with some clients, so, if you want to go out late, either tonight after your date ends, or tomorrow? We can, what, go dancing, go for some music at the jazz club? Whatever you’d like.”

I had never been on a late date on a school night; Mom would fucking kill me, especially if she knew it was with a handsome stranger who picked me up at the bar at a hotel. Daddy, however, might not mind, maybe.

“Sure,” I said, figuring I would figure out later how to get out on a school night for a late date, “call me, or I’ll call you?”

The sexy stud grinned a very warm, inviting smile. “It’s a date,” he promised.

Shit, I just got picked up by a hot stranger!

I walked into the restaurant, wandering around before I found Daddy and Jack, talking softly, both giving me big smiles. I was so fucking horny, I kind of wanted them to both take me right there. Treat me like the horny teen slut I am. I had to settle for coffee and then a walk along the river with the two of them later.

I didn’t get laid that evening, but, I sure felt like I was going to be fucked very well in the near future.

* * * *

Thursday evening, after dinner, I was lying on my bed ignoring my multiple homework assignments. I was so fucking horny. I was thinking about Daddy down in the basement, in his home office, with his incredibly sexy penis in his pants. I wanted that big cock so bad. But that’s not exactly why my pussy was so wet. I kept looking at the clock, watching it move so fucking slowly. It was 7:15 p.m. I had traded voicemail messages and text mesages with Thom; he did, in fact, have a dinner he had to go to with his clients, so he wouldn’t be free until like 10 or 11. He was going to contact me when he knew he could be free.

Shit, Thom wanted to take me to his hotel room and fuck me, and I wanted it so bad. But that was hours from now, and I couldn’t be sure it would even happen. I was almost crying, wishing this lust for hot sex would stop being so evil to me.

I needed something to pass the time. Maybe, I thought, I should call Jack, set up a date with him too. I think he wanted to fuck me also, didn’t he? That’s why Daddy had me meet him for dinner.

Kristen is pretty predictable. When I’m really horny, I do stupid things. I fucked my Mom’s fat, ugly boyfriend. I tried to fuck my Daddy. I gave my cellphone number to a total stranger. Now, same thing. Propelled by my lust into something I really shouldn’t have done, I wandered down to the basement and found my father reading something on the computer. “Daddy,” I said, feeling a little embarrassed, “can, um, I ask you something?”

He raised his deer-like eyes at me, almost this “oh-no” look in his face, but he hd altyazılı porno didn’t let it affect his calm tone. “Sure, what’s up?”

I paused, not entirely positive if this was appropriate, but I had a strong feeling it was. “Well — would you be mad, if like, I mean, if I asked for — if you gave me Jack’s phone number?”

I swear, he grinned with the look of a devil. Mister match-maker had just struck gold; his plan to fill my pussy with another man’s adult cock was working! Well, at least that’s what he thought.

“Sure, um — he’s programmed into my cellphone, go up in the kitchen, I think it’s on the counter by the toaster.”

“Kay, thanks.” I really felt embarrassed asking still, because it was like, I might as well have just said, “Daddy, is it okay if I get naked for Jack and let him stick his cock in my cunt?” But I didn’t need to say that, I think, Daddy fully knew that was the purpose of my calling Jack, effectively. So that’s why I was embarrassed. However, it only further proved — as if I needed more evidence — that my Daddy really, really loved me.

Things changed, as I held my father’s cellphone in my hands. I did intend to look for Jack’s phone number, only, I stopped myself. I suddenly realized, with the iPhone in my palm, that there might be something else on the phone I wanted to see.

Three weeks earlier, my friend Crystal showed me pictures of my friend Melanie fucking my dad. Two pictures. Actually, they were just pictures of Melanie and my Daddy’s huge erection, once in her hand, and the other in her 18 year old pussy. Crystal had told me, Melanie got the pictures of Daddy fucking her when Daddy sent them to Melanie. So that meant — think about it — Daddy took the pictures himself. With, undoubtedly, the camera on his iPhone.

Which was, at that moment, now in my hand.

Suddenly, the little black slab of metal and plastic was burning heat on my sweaty palm.

My heart raced at the thought. It was like spying, or, you know, violating his privacy. But I didn’t care, it was a chance to see his hard erection again, and I didn’t want to miss it. Plus, it would kill time, before I heard from Thom if he would be free that night. So, looking around furtively, I took his cellphone up to my bedroom quickly, not giving him a chance to change his mind and intercept me. Then I locked my bedroom door, knowing I was really crossing a line.

Quickly I opened up his folder of pictures, and it was filled with lots and lots of picture. And, like, I was shocked.

Daddy had taken quite a few pictures of himself fucking Melanie — and, also, of him fucking other women too. I mean, fuck, Daddy was a stud!

I ripped my jeans and panties off, leaving myself only in a pink blouse and bra. I crawled onto my bed, spreading my knees wide, so anxious to see these pictures closely. My cunt was already dripping wet, begging for my finger. With one hand on my crotch, two fingers stroking my pulsating clitoris, my other hand held the phone up to my chest. Inside my t-shirt, my teen nipples were rock-hard again. It was like, if I couldn’t fuck Daddy, at least I could see his big dick in action. It didn’t bother me at all he was fucking around — he deserved it, the way Mom treated him, I loved him and wanted him to be happy.

God, I can’t even describe the pictures. I was kind of flipping though them in reverse order, from the most recent to older ones. So I started with about ten pictures of him and Melanie, and actually, most just Melanie. He had photos of her totally nude, showing her tits and cunt, or bent over showing her round ass, and making slutty faces to him in every one. It was weird and surreal looking at pictures of one of my best friends acting like a naked whore, finger-fucking her pink teen pussy and bending her face down to stretch her tongue out and try to lick her big hard nipple. Even though my Daddy’s cock was not in most of those pictures, only in the two I’d already seen a couple weeks earlier, I found myself really horny and rubbing myself frenetically staring at my friend’s sexy nude body.

Melanie’s big awesome tits looked delicious. They were pale and clearly showed her tanlines from her bikini, but her nipples and areolae were big brown circles. I could see why they made Daddy hard; I was fucking sopping wet looking at pictures of them. Now, I’m not a lesbian, I never really sat down and thought about having sex with any of my friends. That’s a different thing. Laying back on my bed, gazing at Melanie showing off her cunt and boobs to my Daddy, I imagined licking her twat and it was making me finger-fuck myself faster.

The next few photos were of an adult woman whom I didn’t recognize; she looked to be in her early 30s, her body was thin with medium-size breasts, she had long straight dirty-blonde hair and big brown eyes and a wet bald pussy that loved my Daddy’s big dick. Daddy had photographs of the two of them fucking; with her on top, and doggy-style, and him on top. There was also a photo of his cum all over her smiling face, her tongue reaching out the side of her mouth to taste some of it. Daddy also had a picture of her naked ass and dripping pussy as she bent over, her skin like her cuntlips glistening wet and dripping sweat and juices and probably his sperm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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