Kensington Wood – Revisited

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I’m lounging on the hotel bed (pretty comfortable, actually) reading a book when there comes a knock at the door. I’ve kinda been expecting you. I flew out for a couple days and let you know where I’d be staying. I closed the book and went to the door. Through the peephole I see the tanned face and blue eyes that must belong to you. I open the door and your eyes meet mine.


“Yep. Bryan?

“Yes, that’s me,” I say. “Come on in.”

I close the door behind you and admire your beauty as you walk over and sit on the edge of the bed. You’re wearing a knee-length skirt and a loose fitting blouse that lays provocatively between your breasts. It fails to hide the outline of an obviously lace bra encompassing your breasts.

“I wasn’t sure what time you would be getting here, or I would have had something for us to eat,” I explain.

That’s ok,” you say, as you stand back up and put your purse on the bedside table. “I’m not that hungry right now.”

You take a step closer to me. We’re only inches apart. Your head is tilted back and we seem lost in each other’s eyes. I don’t know about you, but my heart is racing so fast I’m sure you can see my chest pounding through my shirt. I have never been in this situation before. I have no experience to draw upon. My brain is searching for something I should do, something I need to say. And I do the only thing that I can think to do: I brush your cheek with the back of my fingers.

That must’ve been the right thing because you throw your arms around my neck and I receive the most passionate kiss I think has ever been given to anyone. Our lips melt together as our tongues begin to entwine themselves. Your fingers begin to massage the back of my neck and tug on tufts of my hair. My arms are wrapped around you and I pull you so close that I feel your breasts compress against my chest. My hands roam around your back and my tongue explores your mouth. I feel your warmth of your body penetrate my clothing and hold you tighter still. My tongue searches for yours and finds it. It softly caresses yours. Quick teasing flicks tickle yours as they dance around our mouths. I run a hand up into your hair and play in its softness. My other hand slides down your back and caresses your butt cheeks.

With a soft moan you pull your mouth from mine. Our eyes open and once again I am drawn into yours.

“Bryan, I…” You pause as your eyes drop to my chest. Then they snap back up to mine.

“I want to love you. Like Lady Helen in your story.”

I swear my heart stopped beating for a whole minute.

I think to myself, “Do I really want to go through with this? Is there such a thing as taking a story too far? Her breasts feel so soft against me. What will she think when I’m naked? We really just met. Sure we’ve exchanged email. Very personal email. But we only just introduced ourselves. Do I want to do this so soon? She is so beautiful! But what if this is a test? Maybe she’s just trying to see if I am the gentleman I write about. If I accept, she will leave. Saying I’m just like all the other guys.” My brain fights with my heart. It all seems to take so long, but only a second has ticked by.

My eyes searched yours and I saw that you meant it. Antalya Escort You wanted to love me. You wanted to have me the way Lady Helen had Bryan. And looking in your eyes, I decided you could.

And when I said, “Should I take a bath first, my Lady?” you smiled like a Cheshire cat.

“That would be more in line with the story. But a simple shower would do if you’d rather.”

With a kiss and a playful squeeze of your butt, I turn and walk into the bathroom.


I walk out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist to find you laying on the bed wearing the shirt I had just removed. Funny, I don’t remember hearing you come into the bathroom to get it. You twist onto your hands and knees and crawl to the foot of the bed, your eyes locked onto mine.

“Hey,” you say with a grin. “I don’t remember Bryan wearing a towel in the story. And besides I don’t think it’s necessary any more, any ways.” And your eyes drop to my crotch and return. Yep, when I saw your butt sticking out from under my shirt as you crawled across the bed, I got very aroused. And now I had a tent in the front of the towel.

So I step back and untie the towel. I drop it to the floor and you drop your eyes to my erection. After a brief moment, you again look at me and pat the bed. “Come’ere and lay down.”

With, literally, nothing left to hide, I do. I sit down beside you and then lay back onto the bed. Your turn to sit on your knees beside me and I catch a glimpse of a supple white cheek that turns into a luscious thigh. Your fingertips now begin to trace along my leg. Stirring the hairs and raising chill bumps all over my thigh.

“Does it tickle?” You ask.

“Yes,” is my reply. “Feels nice.”

Your fingers travel up my stomach, around my nipples and back down to my thigh. I shiver.


“Not really. Just a little nervous.”


“Well,” I explain. “The last time this happened, it was just a story. And I only imagined what it felt like and what would happen.”

A little giggle and you continue to tease my skin. Now you lean over and bring your face close to mine and trace your tongue around my lips. Your body shifts as you straddle my waist. Your hand surrounds my rigid cock and I feel your breath on my lips. “I think this is ready now.” And you back yourself onto my shaft. Your tongue leaves a trail to my nipple, and as my cock spreads your lips and enters your pussy you playfully bite my nipple. A long, low moan escapes me as you slide yourself down the length of my cock. You are so hot that it would be so easy to give in to the instinct that tells me to pump my hips and be done with it. But no, I lay beneath you and let the pleasure wash through my entire being. You are Lady Helen and I will lay here and accept your gift. You now start to slide yourself up and down, kissing all over my neck and breathing heavily into my ear.

“Oh, Ellen! The story was never this good!”

The reality of what’s happening comes to me in a flash. I open my eyes to watch this beautiful woman make love to me because she wants to. She is asking nothing of me in return, only to lay here and be loved. That realization intensifies the passion I am feeling. Antalya Escort Bayan My breathing quickens and I feel myself approaching orgasm. You sense this too and your mouth is on mine as you increase your rhythm. As the orgasm approaches, instinct takes over and my hips begin moving to your rhythm. My arms wrap around you and pull you tight.

And my balls explode. With every contraction, my hips spear my cock deeper into your pussy. You reciprocate with thrusts of your own as our hips pound together.

A few moments and it’s over. The orgasm is fading. But we lay still. Engulfed in love’s embrace. Your mouth pulls reluctantly from mine and I open my eyes.

“That was wonderful! But I believe I need a need a shower now.” And you slide yourself off of me and walk towards the bathroom. My eyes never leave your swaying hips as you unbutton my shirt on your way across the room. Just before you enter the bathroom, my shirt falls to the floor and I get a brief look at you in all your beauty before the door closes.


I step out of the bathroom to find you lounging on the bed flipping through the pages of one of the tourist brochures. (I chose not to wear the towel this time because now, after what we’ve shared, my inhibitions are pointless.) You’re lying there in your bra and panties. Both a see-through lace (my observation was correct) and both black. And together they are very seductive.

“You know,” you say as I start to crawl across the bed towards you. “Most of these places aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.”

I kiss your breast, just above the lace. I kiss your neck. I kiss your lips. “What about this place?” I ask.

“Well, it’s not too high on the magazine’s list. But I think I like it so far,” you say with a giggle as your arms go around my neck and you pull me close and kiss me.

I pull my head back and gaze into your blue eyes. “Thank you for the gift, my Lady. Now will you allow me to return the favor?”

“Please!” Is all you say before our lips are back together. Our tongues once again sliding together.

My hand comes up to massage your breast as my mouth drops to your neck. Your skin is so soft it seems to just melt in my mouth. I breathe in your perfume and my head swims with passion. Your nipple hardens under my hand and you sigh as I roll it between my fingertips. As my mouth moves down between your breasts my fingers find the front clasp of your bra and flip it open. My tongue surrounds one nipple as my fingers caress the other one. Your passion is mounting as I can feel the skin of you breast growing hotter as my tongue teases it. The milky white skin is firm to the touch and begs to caressed, to be massaged, to be suckled. A hand moves to my head, and fingers play with my hair as I hear you sigh with pleasure.

My hand slides down to your thigh as my mouth continues to kiss and to suck. Your legs part slightly as my hand caresses the soft, sensitive skin on the inside of your thighs. I can feel the heat as my fingers move closer and closer to your panties. As I move my fingers across your panties to your other thigh, I feel the wetness of your arousal and hear your sharp intake of breath. My fingers pass again across your panties Escort Antalya and your hips rise in an effort to get more pressure from my touch. But, alas, my touch is soft and brief and I again caress your thigh.

After a few more teasing passes, my hand slips around inside the back of your panties. I give your butt a playful squeeze than I start slide your panties down. You lift your hips in assistance and then kick them off your ankles onto the floor. Now my hand slides back around to the front of your thigh and my fingers begin slipping through your pubic hairs. I hear “oooohhh” as my hand slides down and a finger slips between your pussy lips. You are so hot and so wet! My finger slides easily over your clit and down inside your pussy. As you moan and your hips raise to take my finger deeper, my tongue slides down your stomach and flicks at your belly button before continuing on. As my tongue nears your pussy, I slip my finger out and position myself between your legs. You musky scent is overpowering and draws me closer. I don’t think I could stop at this point if you asked me to. My tongue reaches out and strokes your clit. You shudder and I revel in the taste of you. I slide my tongue down your lips and circle the opening to your pussy. I suck your pussy lips into my mouth and caress them with my tongue, drinking in your sweet nectar. I stroke your clit again as my finger slips inside you. You are so hot! Your hips begin to move with the rhythm of my tongue. Up and down. Up and down. With my finger going in and out.

Your breathing becomes panting, as your passion begins to flare into orgasm. Your hips begin to move faster and faster and your hands press my face into your pussy. Your panting becomes more vocal and finally your orgasm explodes with in you! Your back arches and I swallow a gush of your pussy juice. My tongue continues to excite your clit as grind your pussy into my mouth. Your panting almost becomes a scream before the wave of pleasure that is the orgasm washes over you. Then you settle back down, and after a final kiss I raise myself above you.

As you open your eyes I see them wet with tears and one falls back into your hair. You try to blink away the others and look up at me. “Thank you!” You whisper.

“For what?”

“For loving me. For just loving me.” And I bend down to kiss away a tear that had begun to fall. “I just did what any gentleman would do for a lady,” I explain.

You close your eyes to try to stop the tears, and I kiss you. Softly. Tenderly. You kiss me back eagerly and before long we’re back in a passionate embrace. I feel my penis laying a little crooked between us and as I raise up to readjust myself, your hips rise to meet mine. And once again I feel your burning passion surround my cock. With none of the foreplay that we both exhibited before, our bodies meld into a single being. Moving together in a way that has only one purpose.

My cock sliding in and out of your pussy. Your pussy eagerly taking me in. Our hips pounding together. Again the orgasm nears. Your pant turns to a chant of “Yes! Yes! Yes!” mixed with my grunts of exertion as we let ourselves go. A squeal from you and you pussy contracts around my cock as your orgasm engulfs you. Your gripping muscles milk me one final time and I, too, am washed away in passion. My balls explode again to fill you with cum.

And once again, the wave passes and we collapse in each other’s arms. A few tender kisses and I reach up my hand to brush your cheek with the back of my fingers.

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