Kelly’s Adventures Ch. 02

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Michael Walters, the star player of the Tiger football team, was trying to think of a really spectacular anniversary present for his girlfriend, Kelly Winters.

It was their senior year in school and summer was fast approaching. Which meant graduation and separate colleges in the fall. They both knew they’d eventually be going their own ways. Until then they wanted to have as much fun with each other as possible. Kelly was the only girl he knew that could match him in sexual stamina. And she was damned hot to boot. Tall and leggy with long gorgeous hair. She wasn’t a cheerleader or anything but she kept her shape in other ways.

As he went through the motions of his classes that day he let his mind wander to conversations they’d had after their marathon lovemaking. Then it struck him. That was it, it was the perfect present, for them both.

“Hey, baby,” Michael whispered in Kelly’s ear at her locker later that afternoon, as he inconspicuously rubbed her ass.

“Hey, sweety, ready to go home?”

“Sure after a quick stop by the river,” he murmured as he pulled her body full against his from behind. She wiggled her ass, like she always did, implying she was game.

“Well, lets go then,” she shut the locker and bounded down the hallway towards the doors leading to the parking lot. Leaving Michael standing there with a raging hard on, which only got worse as he watched her walk away in her mini skirt with its matching top. No high heels, no, she wasn’t the type, it was boots up to her knees. And he just knew that she wasn’t wearing any panties, she never did. He groaned as he followed her to the car.

After their little session by the river, they lay there awhile naked, soaking up the sun and talking.

“So, don’t make any plans for this weekend.”


“I’ve got a special surprise in the works for our anniversary.”

“Oh, honey, you did remember.”

“Gee, Kell, how could I forget the first time I met you. My god, you were gorgeous laying there, almost in this exact spot, taking in the sun and all but naked.”

“How was I supposed to know there’d be some pervert walking around,” she smiled at him tracing lazy circles on his chest.

“Anyways, I think you’ll like it so, come up with something good to tell the folks.”

“Will do, babes. Now come on lets take a quick dip and get home. We gotta a lot of homework if we’re going to graduate this year.”

After one more quickie in the river they got dressed and Michael dropped Kelly off at home.

“See you tomorrow, babe. And don’t forget this weekend.”

“Not a chance,” she blew him a kiss and bounded up the steps to the front door.

Michael got another hard on just watching her, again.

“Calm down, boy. I’ll take care of you when I get home. Until then we got some planning to do.”

That weekend………..

“Bye, mom, dad, I’ll see ya’ll when you get back,” Kelly waved to her parents, who were off to Vegas for the weekend. Just as they pulled off Michael pulled up.


“Yeah, come inside and help me with my bags.”

“You know it’ll be an hour before we get outta here if I do that.”

“And?” she smiled sweetly at him and Beylikdüzü escort walked back up the step, knowing he couldn’t resist.

“You are such a little vixen,” he mumbled as he followed her up the steps and to her bedroom.

“I know and that’s why you love me,” she turned as she reached her room and pulled him in and shut the door.


“So, where’re we going?”

“It’s a surprise,” Michael said smiling at her.

“Come on give me a hint, just a little one,” she pouted at him and he cracked a little devilish smile.

“Alright, let’s see. Its’ something you’ve wanted but it’ll really be for both of us. And that’s all your getting. Ok, here’s your blindfold, put it on and no peeking.”


“Ok here we go,” Michael helped Kelly out of the car and lead her to a doorway. “Hold on let me get the key.”

She heard him rifling around in his pocket til he found what he was looking for.

“Come this way,” he lead her into a motel room. There were candles set up ready to be lit, along with flowers scattered everywhere. There was a hottub off in the corner with a bottle of bubble bath ready to go. And there was a bottle of wine chilling in a bucket of ice with two glasses beside it.

“Can I take it off now?”

“Ok, go ahead, but it goes back on in a little bit.”

She pulled off the scarf and looked around her amazed and touched at all the things she saw.

“Oh, Michael, its beautiful.”

“But wait there’s more.”

“More? How can there be more.”

“You’ll see later. So you wanna see what’s on while I open up some wine.”

Kelly picked up the remote and began flipping thru channels, she took the glass from Michael and began sipping it as she continued to flip and he continued to pour himself a drink. She stopped on a music channel and it stayed there while they finished off the bottle of wine.

“Gee, all out of wine, what now?” she smiled sheepishly.

“Ah, there’s another bottle in the fridge, I’ll get it.”

While he was up, she started changing channels again and stopped on some kind of soft porn channel.

“Oops, it got stuck here,” Kelly smiled as she accepted her filled glass from him. On the screen was two women licking all over each other.

“Hey, it must be fate or something,” he sat beside her on the bed and filled her glass again.

Kelly sat up some and after taking another full swig of the wine set it down and started pulling off her boots. Michael watched as she then divested herself of her top and skirt also.

“It was getting a little warm in here, just trying to get comfy and all,” she slurred a little as she picked back up her now filled glass and drank some more as she continued to watch the screen.

When the screen switched to another couple Kelly set her glass down and turned around so she was now face to face with him.

“Are you comfortable?”

“Mmm, yeah, I think I’d be more so if we got rid of some of your clothes though,” she slurred as she began pulling his t-shirt out of his jeans. He jumped up and quickly shed his clothes and then joined her again on the bed. Sliding up against her, running his hand up and Beylikdüzü escort over her hip and then her thigh and back up the inside.

“Easy boy, we have all weekend,” she smiled as she traced lazy circles on his chest.

She propped herself up on her elbow and picked up her glass and took a few more sips as Michael continued to run his hands up and down her thigh. Kelly briefly glanced at the screen then set her glass down and took Michael’s hand and put it on her and while still holding his hand began to stroke herself. Showing him what she wanted, right where she needed it. He felt her slowly build to climax and just before she did he moved and positioned him head between her thighs and finished her off with his mouth and tongue. Lapping up her sweet juices. Kelly lay spent for a minute and then sat up and took another sip of her wine then said, “I think I’ll take a shower real quick then we’ll take care of you, sweety.” She kissed him fully and passionately tasting herself on his lips. When she pulled away she licked her lips and murmured, “Mmm, mmm, good.”

Michael laughed and sent her on her way to the bathroom.

When he heard the shower water start and knew she was under the water he picked up the phone and dialed.

“Ok, she’s in the shower, come on in so we can get you set up.”

When she came out of the bathroom, toweling her hair dry, the candles were all lit and the lights out. The hot tub was full of bubbly water with another bottle of wine waiting in another bucket of ice.

“Come here, babe,” he said huskily. She approached the bed and dropped the towel beside it as she crawled in. “Lay down on your stomach, I’m going to give you a massage.”

Kelly couldn’t hardly see anything from the few candles that were lit, but she trusted him and lay down and waited for his hands to come onto her.

“Now, lets’ put this on shall we.” Michael slide the scarf back into place over her eyes.

She then felt the warm oil on her back then hands began to smooth it up to her shoulders and then down her back over her ass and down to her thighs.

“You like that, baby,” Michael asked.

“Mmm, yeah, that’s great,” she purred, she felt like putty ready to be molded. She was so relaxed she didn’t seem to realize that Michael’s voice was coming from across the room.

The hands began moving back up her legs, to the inside of her thighs and grazed across her clit.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” she sighed, slightly lifting her hips to accommodate the hand better. She was already wet when the finger, covered with warming lotion, slide into her. Then she felt hot breath on the spot and the heat intensified.

“Oh, yeah, that’s really nice,” she purred. The hands slowly glided through her wetness, stroking her clit every so often. Just enough to tease it seemed, never really making contact, just a hairs breathe away. Then she felt a tongue licking her slowly, sensually. Just above and around her clit, again never quite hitting it, just teasing. Kelly bucked in protest.

“Easy, baby. You’ll get it soon enough,” Michael whispered in her ear.

Then the tongue plunged into her, in and out, driving her closer and closer.

“Oh, god, yes, Escort Beylikdüzü that’s it,” then the tongue moved to her clit and a finger replaced the tongue. Simultaneously stoking and plunging. “Oh, god, that feels sooo good,” Kelly bucked along with the finger. Then she felt a strong hand on her back holding her still.

“Fuck me, please, Michael. I want to feel you inside me.”

“Soon, baby, soon,” he whispered then the tongue plunged back into her.

“Oh, god,” she cried. “Yes…. yes… yes,” and then she came.

Michael reached over and removed the blindfold. Kelly was confused because Michael was squatting in front of her, but the tongue was still lapping at her juices.

“What? I don’t understand.”

“Happy anniversary, baby,” Michael smiled and kissed her.

Kelly rolled over and the was a beautiful woman sitting there, wiping off her chin and licking her lips.

“Hello, doll,” the woman purred.

“Oh, Michael, thank you,” Kelly cried throwing her arms around him and kissing him loudly.

“So, what shall we do next, doll,” the woman asked.

“I think I’d like to give it a go,” Kelly said huskily, she kissed Michael again then laid down beside the woman on the bed and began to slowly caress her body.

Michael moved in behind Kelly and lay beside her, just watching.

Kelly leaned in and kissed the woman, no shy kiss, but full on the mouth and tongues dueling. She tasted herself on the woman’s lips and this only fueled her on. She began caressing the woman’s breast and then slowly making her way down to her stomach until she reached her final destination.

The woman was already slick with her own juices. Kelly couldn’t wait any longer and moved to position herself between the woman’s thighs. Slowly she began to lick the woman’s slit, up and down, ever so often finding the clit and licking around it. As she continued to lick the woman furiously, the woman pulled Michael over and began kissing him put his hand on her breast.

‘This is wonderful,” Kelly thought. Her hands continued to caress the woman’s thighs as she stoked the woman with her tongue. Then Kelly plunged her tongue into the woman and she gasped as she hit orgasm and came in Kelly’s mouth. Kelly continued to lick up her sweet nectar until she felt Michael’s hands on her ass slowly entering her from behind. This was always her favorite position, she could feel every inch of him this way. The woman moved down until they were mouth to mouth and began kissing again.

This went on until Kelly orgasmed and they switched positions. This time the woman lay on the bed and Michael began to slide into her as Kelly straddled her face and began kissing Michael while the woman began licking her slit.

Later ……

“Now that was the best anniversary present a girl could ask for,” Kelly purred to Michael as he was getting ready to drop her off at home.

“Be careful, you know what that does to me,” he said as he adjusted himself in the seat.

“Well, my parents won’t be home till tomorrow,” she sighed and got out of the car and bounded up the steps. Kelly turned back, once she’d gotten to the front door, and looked at him expectantly then turned and entered leaving the door open a crack.

Michael knew she was already undressing as she was skipping up the stairs to her room.

“Oh well, like I ever had a chance,” he sighed, turned off and got out of the car, then started up the steps, smiling.

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