Kaylee – All-American Girl

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This Is a short little story written for a special someone. It is not as detailed as some of my work but I didn’t intend it to be more than a little sketch.

Kaylee stepped carefully into the grass wearing her new white patent-leather platform pumps with 6″ heels and two delicate forefoot straps that made the shoes look a little like Mary-Janes. I held her hand, making sure her thin, stiletto heels did not get stuck deep in the graas. The heels she wore were not designed for walking in the grass, and that made it even more erotic to watch her pick her way carefully to the folding sports chair. I gently and firmly held onto her arm and hand to steady her and ensure she didn’t sink into the grass and stumble or fall. She managed slowly and gracefully pick her way through the lumpy grass and bare patches, to sit down in the folding chair. She sat gently and then moved her left knee over her right, crossing her legs and putting her hands in her lap, She kept her slim fingers over the hem of her tiny little navy blue miniskirt printed with white stars all over it. The top of her cleavage was visible at the top of her red tube top and the thin, ice-white, lace-trimmed bolero she wore over the red tube top served to call attention to her firm tits peeking up from the stretchy material of her flag-red tube top. The tube top material was thin and stretched tightly across her firm, ripe tits and stretched enough so that her nipples stood out of the top out like firm, perky gumdrops that just begged to be kissed and sucked.

Her big plastic hoop earrings had little American flags inside and she had red/white/blue colored ribbons in her blonde hair and red, white and blue plastic bangles clattering on her slim wrist. Officially, Kaylee was “the nanny” but that title wasn’t really fooling anyone for more than a few minutes. It certainly hadn’t fooled my ex, who referred to Kaylee as “that little slut” with a venomous tone. The “nanny” term hadn’t fooled the parents of the kids I coached, in part because they saw the way I opened every door for her and the way I watched her ass sway as she passed. They saw the way she was always dressed up in outfits sexy and young, designed to play up her youth and that tight little body I loved to run my hands all over. They could tell she wasn’t just “the nanny” by the way she doted on me Beylikdüzü escort and ran her nails along my arm as we stood next to each other after practices or in the hotel lobby when the team went to travel tournaments. They could tell by the looks we exchanged and the subtle teasing that went on between us. My son wasn’t fooled either, he called her, “your girlfriend” in part because she didn’t sleep in the guest room and was snuggled up in my arms every night after dinner.

My ex called Kaylee a slut like it was a bad thing. I called Kaylee a slut sometimes too, but when I did, it was to praise her and reward her for pleasing me. It was a term of affection she earned and sought to hear come from my lips. She sought to be “my slut” as much as she sought to breathe air. And I sought to praise her whenever I could. Mostly because it made her even more excited and eager to please me and my insatiable appetite for her young, delightfully slim and toned body, her hot, eager little mouth and most of all, her tight, young, clingy little pussy that seemed to welcome the invasion of my big, thick, older cock with glee and grip it like a warm vice until I spit a another load of gooey, sticky, thick cum out into Kaylee’s buttery, juicy cunt.

Right now, she looked like an All-American Girl, celebrating the Memorial Day weekend dressed up in patriotic colors and looking super hot at the same time. I knew the outfit was inappropriate for the lacrosse tournament weekend, and I would have to stand on the other sideline and coach the kids while my Doll was across the field, looking so All-American HOT and sexy in the way only a young, hot, sexy “nanny” could!

I coached the first game while stealing as many looks over at Kaylee as I could. From my point of view, I could see that a number of the other dads were looking at Kaylee as much as they were watching the game. It was to be expected. She looked so hot, her long, blonde hair with the ribbons, her cherry-red lips matching her tube top, her blue eye-shadow and sparkling glitter eye makeup. She practically had a sign over her head that said, “American Dream Doll”.

After coaching the first game, I sat down next to my adorable, sexy Kaylee, but not before she stood up and gave me the biggest hug and a sweet kiss against my neck that lasted so long as she pressed her Beylikdüzü escort open, pillowy-soft lips against my the side of my throat and tongued my neck as she slid her nails up and down my chest with one hand and dug her nails into my back with the other.

“Good win coach.” She said in my ear.

I sat down next to her and watched her dangle a shoe half off her foot, teasing me as we sat watching two other teams play. My young son came up to us and sat in my lap, and talked to Kaylee and me. The team’s second game was coming up next and then we had a break for a few hours. I planned to leave my son with some of his teammates and parents and sneak off with Kaylee for a bit.

We won the second game, and then I asked team parents Jon and Karen to keep an eye on my son while Kaylee and I took a little walk. Then I took Kaylee’s hand and walked her along the path, out of sight of the field, to the recreation park’s huge parking lot. I unlocked the big SUV’s back seat doors and I helped Kaylee slip into the back seat, then I followed. The windows were pretty dark, so you had to press right up to them to see much of what was going on inside.

I pulled Kaylee into my lap and felt her skirt slide up around her hips as I crushed her lips against mine and pulled her tight to me. I needed my sugar badly after staring at her dressed so sexy all morning. She knew the effect she had on me and she ground her slim hips down into my thick slab of bull cock and moaned into my mouth as I held onto her hip bones and let her feel my stiff, throbbing cock pressing into her through my shorts.

I broke the kiss and heard her gasp, “Daddy!” as I helped her circle her hips round and round on my lap. I wanted her to feel the thick meat pushing her tiny, American Flag print, thong panties up into her slick, smooth, waxed slot and get them all soaked with her sweet cream.

She whispered “Let me suck it Daddy! I’m so hungry to taste it.” and I got even harder. She always said just the right things to me.

“Ride me first. Take it into your hot, tight little pussy and get it all slick with your cream first.”

“Yes Daddy!!! I want that more than ANYTHING! But I know you love my hot, wet mouth slurping on your daddy-cock too.” She said as she knelt up off my lap and I pulled her panties down. Then she stood Escort Beylikdüzü in the back seat for a moment while I pulled them past her knees and off. She sat back down and worked my pants down and pulled out my big, thick cock, stroking it softly with her fingertips and her blue nails painted with a white star. I loved the way her slim fingers looked and felt on my aching cock and I urged her to push it into her pink, tight pussy and take daddy’s cock deep into her snug, wet, young cunt.

She quickly moved her hand and rubbed the tip along her slot, then pushed it to the entrance and sunk down onto it. She knew how far I would travel into her in the first thrust and sought to limit my depth to that comfortable halfway point.

“FUCK! So tight and warm!” I said in her ear as I slipped inside her pink blanket of bliss.

“All wet for my daddy. For my daddy to fuck his girl. Fuck the nanny, daddy! Fuck the nanny’s tight, hot little cunt. Fuck your little whore daddy. Give me that big, thick bull cock. “

I did. Pumping into her as she rode me and we talked dirty and nasty to each other. I love how she knows when to be sweet and girly and then can be the hot little slut that makes me crazy and drives me wild. I was so hard and excited that I needed to cum soon. Needed to have her coax a load of daddy juice from my big, aching bull balls that my sweetie loved to suck on. The car was warm and I didn’t want to get too sweaty and messy with one game to go and a few hours more at the fields.

I pumped up into Kaylee and helped her hips buck up and down in my big, thick, daddy cock until she swirled her hips around and around. I knew she was close to cumming and I let her reach her apex and cum on my big, older, experienced cock. She buried her face in my neck and babbled “daddy, daddy, oh daddy, yes, yes, sooooo good!” and other things still she stiffened and clenched down on my big stick slid deep inside her core.

When she finished cumming hard and long on my stiff pole, it was my turn and I pumped my hips up into her until I was ready to burst and then pulled her off my big shaft and fed that big cock to her and let her lips wrap tightly against the shaft and seal around my flesh as she began to gulp down my pulsing loads of cum that I shot hard into her greedy mouth. She took every drop and swallowed it all as it came into her mouth. She sucked hard on the tip to get anything remaining and looked up at me proudly and smiled a happy, proud grin, knowing she had just made daddy so happy and satisfied.

Time to watch the next game and then coach the team.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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