Kayla’s Buttons

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Author’s note: The following story is mostly true. It happened nearly ten years ago, so I’m a little fuzzy on some of the details (Thus the ‘mostly’ connotation). All participants are over the age of 18. Some names have been changed to protect the guilty.


“I need a shower. Wanna join me?”

My girlfriend of two years, Krista, grinned goofily while asking this. We were over at her parent’s place keeping an eye on her three younger sisters.

“As much as I’d like to, hon,” I said, kissing her lightly, “I don’t have any clean clothes to change into afterwards. I’d rather not have to get back into these dirty ones.”

“Suit yourself.” She walked away but turned as she got to the door to the bathroom. She smacked her ass, knowing I was watching. I really liked her ass and told her so frequently.

Krista was the oldest of four girls. She was a half inch taller than me with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. I’d recently convinced her to dye her hair red, which looked fantastic on her. She thought she was fat, but at a hair over 120, I thought she was perfect.

Eight years beneath her and the youngest, Sienna, was the penultimate tomboy. She was into more sports than the rest of her sisters combined. Unsurprisingly, it would turn out later that she was gay. No stereotype there.

Alice, a year older than Sienna, became the troubled middle child. Diagnosed with multiple mental problems from a young age, she was still fun to be around. She was the gothic/rocker chic, with dyed black hair. She also liked to wear spiked black leather bracelets and chokers. As much as that turned me on though, it was Kayla that got me the most.

Kayla stood about 5’6″ tall and weighed near 110 lbs. Blessed with an awesome metabolism, all of the girls were thin but it was Kayla that looked the best. She was always hiding her wonderful 36C breasts under tight shirts and sweaters. Her ass though, the object of my unhealthy obsession, was a vision of beauty. She never really exercised, that I knew of, but her butt was small and tight, no extra jiggle that I could see. Trust me, I watched it a lot. I still do.

My relationship with Kayla was a little weird. She was playful and flirtatious while I was a lot more reserved. She was always doing things just to get a rise out of me. Yes, the innuendo is intentional. Far too many times, I’d seen her walking around in just her panties and a t-shirt. At first, she said she hadn’t known I was over. After a while, she stopped making excuses all together.

She never openly expressed any interest in me. I was her sister’s boyfriend after all. But I constantly got hints that she would not be opposed to a more physical relationship.

So there I was, sitting on the couch in the living room, watching TV, when my infatuation planted herself right on my lap. She was wearing a loose fitting flannel shirt, buttoned up all the way, and a pair of tight denim jeans. I was surprised, though not completely upset by her presence.

“Hey there,” she said, “what ya doin’?”

“Well obviously, I was watching TV.” I rolled my eyes. “But now there’s a royal pain in the ass on my lap, blocking my view. What about you?”

“Well by the look on your face, I’d say I was bugging you, but that can’t be true because ya like me so much.” She giggled. My heart fluttered. I soooo loved her giggles.

“My liking or disliking of you has no bearing on the current situation. Get off of me.” My hands were on her hips, simultaneously holding her close and getting ready to push her off.

“What if I don’t want to move?” She wiggled her ass, digging it into my crotch. “What ya gonna do then, huh?” She turned, sitting side-saddle on my lap now and placing one arm around my shoulders.

“I could just dump you onto the floor.” I thrust my hips upwards, moving as if to do just that. She squealed and brought her other arm around me to hold on, crushing herself to my chest. I sat back down, her ass still firmly planted over my rapidly hardening cock.

“See,” she said after calming down, “I knew you wouldn’t do it.” I did notice a sparkle of mirth in her eyes as she said this. For half a second, I thought I saw something more but dismissed it.

“Still, I think you should get off of me.” I knew if she didn’t feel me, she would soon.

“But I’m comfortable,” she pouted. “Besides, I’m not moving. So there.” She stuck out her tongue Antalya Escort at me.

“Then you leave me no choice.” She shrieked as I began tickling her. She wiggled and laughed, trying to get me to stop. I straightened my legs out and angled my hips up. She slid to the floor at my feet.

Caught up in the fun, I sat on top of her. I tickled her all over: her sides, her stomach, even the back of her knees. But she struggled even more when I moved my hands to her inner thighs. To stop me, she trapped my hand between her legs, extremely close to her crotch. A slight movement of my finger and I could feel the seam of her jeans where they met at the middle.

We stopped, staring at each other. Both of us were breathing hard, but it seemed to be something more for Kayla. Her neck and face were flushed. Her hands, which were trapped at her sides under my legs, had grabbed my ankles. It was almost as if she didn’t want me to move.

She calmed down and released my hand. I was, maybe, a little slow pulling it out. I sat there on top of her for a minute. Then a very bad thought popped into my head. Well, bad for someone who is dating this girl’s sister. A wicked grin plastered itself on my face.

“You know what I hate?” I said.

“What?” Kayla panted. I noticed her thumbs rubbing small circles on my ankles, near my Achilles tendon.


“Buttons?” She looked confused.

“Yep, buttons. Especially buttons that are buttoned.” I reached towards her neckline and clasped the top button of her flannel shirt. I undid it. A light bulb went on above her head and she smirked.

“Ah I see. You hate buttoned buttons.” I moved down to her second button and undid it. It exposed her smooth, still slightly flushed neck. I let my index finger slide down her skin towards the third button. I could feel her heart pound through her chest with just the one finger.

Her eyes closed as I undid the third button. Exposing her upper chest, I was able to glimpse the beginning rise of her breasts, just out of sight below the next button. The four fingers of my right hand slid down to the next button and stopped.

I waited. Kayla opened her eyes, glazed with lust. I just waited, listening to the quiet spray of the shower in the background. We could stop and there would be no problem, nothing to hide. We were just goofing around now but if it continued there could be consequences. Despite all of them, I did not want to stop. Needless to say, my cock was straining against my jeans.

I waited looking into Kayla’s eyes, silently asking her permission to continue.

Staring at me, she nodded her head.

I undid her fourth button. The top swell of her bra encased breasts were revealed to me. She was, surprisingly, wearing a sexy pink half-cup bra. Her nipples were poking out right above the ridge of the bra. I looked at her quizzically, one eyebrow raised.

She smiled sheepishly. “I was hoping to tease you a little bit tonight, since Krista’s in the shower.” My girlfriend’s name brought me up short for a moment. Did I really want to cheat on her with her younger sister? Did I want to become one of THOSE guys?

Kayla pinched my ankles, sensing my hesitation. “Please don’t stop. I’ve wanted this for so long.” Who was I to refuse the request of a beautiful woman?

I adjusted her flannel so that it sat under her breasts. I moved my hands up to the side and gently brushed her excited nipples. “Oh . . .,” she moaned. I lightly pinched them, eliciting further breathy moans from her. Oh, how I’ve wanted to play with these.

“As much as I’m enjoying this,” she groaned, “I still have more buttons”

“Of course.” I swiftly unbuttoned the last of her shirt, baring her torso. She had a wonderfully smooth tummy, though I could not reach most of it as I was sitting on it. I ran my hands up and down across her skin, not tickling or massaging, but just feeling. I so loved the feeling of her skin under my hands. She whimpered softly.

“There’s . . . there’s still more . . . b-b-buttons,” she gasped. She was writhing as best she could underneath me. She scratched her nails lightly on my lower calf muscles.

I stopped momentarily, confused. I thought I had gotten all of the buttons. Then it dawned on me what she was asking. My hands slid down her sides making her giggle. I reached around my back to the last button.

Her Antalya Escort Bayan jeans.

I slipped my fingers under the waistband and grasped the button. I pushed the ends together and slipped it out. Grasping her jeans with my left hand, I slid the zipper down as well. A contented sigh escaped her mouth. I rubbed my fingers over the soft material of her panties.

“There’s still one more button,” she moaned.

Now I was seriously confused. I mean, I got all the ones on her shirt. I got the one on her jeans. I couldn’t think of what other button she was talking about. Hell, I had trouble thinking in general with this beautiful goddess under me.

She looked at me as I stared back, a puzzled look on my face. She giggled one more time. “Can I pull my hands out?” she asked. I lifted myself up on my knees and she pulled her arms out. Then she reached up to my jeans. Oh duh. I smacked myself on the forehead making her giggle again. She proceeded to unbutton and unzip my jeans.

But she didn’t stop there. Immediately, her hand reached into my underwear and pulled my aching cock free. She stroked it, enthralled by it. “God, I’ve wanted this so badly. Scoot up here.” I shuffled forward on my knees, my dick now perfectly placed between her fabulous tits. I thought about wrapping my meat in them and just going to town but Kayla had other ideas.

She lifted her head up and swiped the end of my cock with her tongue. I, like most guys I assume, loved blow jobs. It had to be my single most favorite activity involving someone else’s mouth. Unfortunately, my girlfriend did not like them at all. So even getting a birthday blow was similar to pulling teeth.

By God, this girl was an expert cock sucker. She moved her hands back under me, sucked my cock into her mouth, grabbed my ass, and pushed me over. This forced my dick deeper into her wonderful mouth. I groaned through gritted teeth. She pushed on my back with one hand, making me fuck her mouth. Her tongue moved side to side, tickling the underside of my cock.

“Ah fuck!” I was quickly reaching my limit due to her oral ministrations. “I’m gonna cum.” She simply nodded and pulled me out. I was a little disappointed at not getting to blow in her mouth, but hey, a BJ is a BJ.

But she didn’t disappoint me at all. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and began jerking me. “Come on, shoot it. Cover my face with your load.” She spit on my dick for some extra lubrication. “God damn you, you fucking bastard. How dare you make me wait so long.”

Her vocalizations were the final straw. With a not so quiet, “FUCK!” This being what I hoped was my first load, it was a lot. The first shot missed her completely as my cock was pointed up. The second skimmed her nose and forehead, collecting in her hair. The rest she pumped into her open mouth. The graphic sight of my cum pooling in her mouth, her nostrils flaring in order to breathe, was alone worth at least one or two extra blasts. Kayla swallowed and smacked her lips.

Momentarily exhausted, I leaned back against her propped up legs. Something felt weird. I turned and saw that while she had been giving me a wonderful blow/hand job, but that she had also pushed her jeans down to her ankles. I took a quick glance back at the bathroom. They shower was still going, thankfully.

“Get up on the couch,” I said, getting off of her. Kayla slipped out of her jeans, her panties still on, and crawled over to the couch. I dropped my pants to my knees and shuffled over to her. She sat with her glorious ass hanging partially off the edge. She reached back to clasp at her bra but I stopped her.

“Leave it on.” Her tits looked so hot, partially sticking over the top of the sexy pink bra. I emphasized it by glancing again back at the bathroom door. She nodded, understanding, and leaned back.

She looked so beautiful, laying back, her head propped up on the back of the couch. Her hot, sexy legs were spread, embracing my hips with her knees. I knew we didn’t have time for any serious foreplay, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity that may not come again.

I lifted her legs, resting her knees on my shoulders. I leaned forward and grabbed her panties. She lifted her superb ass just enough for me to slide them off. Her panties were literally soaked thru. I had never seen anything like it personally except in pornos. Her pussy was nearly dripping with Escort Antalya excitement.

I couldn’t help myself. I dove in and shoved my tongue up her cunt as far as it would go. I wanted to taste as much of her as possible. “Holy Shit!” she gasped. I only stayed down there for a few minutes before she climaxed. She squeezed my head in her thighs and grabbed my hair. Impressive, since I had a rather short hair cut. I guess she was as turned on as I was.

I came up for an exaggerated deep breath of air. She laughed at me. Did I mention how much I liked her laugh? “I’ve never cum that quick before,” she said, “Hurry up and fuck me.”

Once again, I could not refuse a request from a lady. I scooted forward, placing the head of my dick at the entrance of her pussy. I rubbed the head up and down her opening, slicking it with her juices.

I pressed forward. God, she was tight. I knew she wasn’t a virgin, but apparently she wasn’t very sexually active either. She whimpered as forced my way into her tight hole. I had to back up and try a few times before I was fully engulfed. I leaned forward and pressed my head to hers. We stared at each other for several heartbeats.

Slowly, I pulled out. She cried as I did so, wrapping her legs around my waist. She smiled when I pushed back in, using her ankles as extra leverage. I have never felt anything so deliriously wonderful as Kayla’s pussy, before or since. I pumped, in and out, finally working up a head of steam when I noticed the shower had stopped.

I panicked and was ready to bolt, but Kayla held me fast. “Please!” she cried urgently, “Please finish. Don’t stop now. Not when I’m so close.” She looked as if she were about to cry, her eyes filled with unshed tears.

Unable to deny her, I slammed into her, pistoning for all I was worth. She tried but could not contain all of her cries and moans as she thrashed on the couch. The danger and urgency had us climaxing together. Kayla pulled me down and bit my shoulder to stifle her scream. I groaned into the cushion as I shot my load deep into her.

We lay there, gasping for breath and basking in the brief afterglow. Kayla looked worried suddenly. “What?” I whispered, pulling my rapidly shrinking penis from her gash.

“I’m not protected.”

Oh Shit. Fuck. Son of a Bitch.

All of these phrases ran through my head as I got dressed. I didn’t want or need a child, much less so with my girlfriend’s younger sister. Kayla gathered up her clothes, then turned and put her hands on my face.

“Don’t worry. We’ll figure something out.” Then she kissed me.

As our tongue’s battled for supremacy, I wrapped my arms around this wonderful girl. I realized that, throughout this entire encounter, this was our first kiss. Would it be so bad to be with Kayla? She was nearly six years younger than me, but I enjoyed being around her. I would do the right thing if she got pregnant, there was no doubt there. But what about Krista? And their parents?

Suddenly, Kayla’s warmth was gone as she fled to her room in the basement. I was stunned briefly but finished getting myself together. I had barely sat down to resume watching TV, before Krista came out of the bathroom wearing a bath robe and a towel wrapped around her head.

“Miss me?” she asked.

“You know it.” I said, making room for her on the couch. She snuggled up to me and I wrapped my arms around her.

A few minutes later, Krista turned and said, “Let’s go down to my old room. The shower didn’t do anything to fix my problem.”

“What’s your problem, besides the obvious.” I grinned as she slapped my arm, knowing the answer already.

“I’m still horny since you wouldn’t join me in the shower. Now you need to fix it.” She kissed me, snaking her tongue into my mouth.

“You taste funny,” she said, pulling away.

“Really? I taste fine to me.” Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. She probably tasted what was left of Kayla on my face. I schooled my face, trying my damnedest not to give away anything.

“Ha ha. Let’s go.” She pulled me up and we headed downstairs to her old room.


Two weeks later, Kayla called and said we had nothing to worry about, she got her period. Boy, we dodged a bullet there, I thought. It would turn out some years later that Kayla had a very low probability of ever conceiving a child.

We never hooked up again after that. I eventually married Krista, so I get to see Kayla quite often. She’s with a good man now so I’m not worried about her.

Every once in a while, at Christmas or a birthday party, I’ll catch her looking at me. We’ll exchange brief smiles in remembrance but nothing more. Now it’s just a sweet, cherished memory.

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