Justine has to Make Due

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Continuation of Justine’s new adventures into being a hot wife. It is not necessary to read the first to follow this story but will provide a little more context.

As always *This is a work of fiction, any similarities to people, places and things is coincidental. All sex is consensual and between persons 18 and older*

*added disclaimer, the author does not endorse using power tools for purposes other than their intended use, if anyone attempting to do so does not take care to sanitize and or make proper safeguards, any injury or illness sustained is on them*

“Unbelievable.” Justine thought to herself reading the text. After she finally had her first hot wife experience that she was so eager to share with her husband and capitalize on her newly reinvigorated sex drive, the idiot somehow managed to catch Covid. He had gone 2 and a half years avoiding it thanks to him being such a homebody, but somehow while she was out having a vacation getaway with her parents, now he was quarantining in their brand new house.

After some back and forth they agreed, since they were already apart, there was no reason to knowingly put her at risk for catching it, especially with how hard this was hitting Andrew. Besides her parents would be back at work, they had decent internet, all of their streaming log ins, and a computer she could use to resume the job hunt.

The biggest downside that neither could shake was not getting that sexual release. Although, Justine was able to get her release while they were in the bay in Ohio, they had not been able to reconnect, and she was waiting to share her experience in person, and sitting on that juicy story was really getting to her. She found it was all that she could think of on her ride back from Ohio, and now on day 2 home alone she was practically going to be leaving a wet spot on her parents couch she was so riled up thinking about it.

Justine had wanted to wait to have another hot wife experience until after she had talked with Andrew and seen how he handled hearing about her first experience, but she was getting impatient and knew from Snapchat that her high school crush Jared was still eager to step in and fuck her married pussy. If the roles were reversed and she was able to be at her home, she had toys for days that would give her variety and the release she needed. But here on the family farm her options were abstinence, her fingers, or pushing the boundaries of her open relationship before knowing how secure it was.

Her fingers were already pruny when she sent Jared the snap. Andrew was spending his days sleeping 18 hours each these past 2 days, and was not helping her sexting like she tried to initiate. The picture wasn’t NSFW at a glance, but when Jared would read the follow up chat the context cleared that all up. The picture was her bare things with her knees pulled up, and her hand with her index and middle finger pointed out and coated in a milky white film. If someone glanced at the picture they wouldn’t be able to tell for certain her underwear was laying on the ground beside her or that she just wore her arm/wrist/hand/fingers trying in vain to take care of herself. But her message to Jared would make it crystal clear to him.

“My loving husband can’t take care of me this week, and I’m tired of just thinking about you taking care of me. You still up to fuck me or are you all talk?” Justine sent through Snap.

She stared at her phone for what felt like hours but in reality was more like 5 minutes. Finally the bubble changed to having been viewed. The message that Jared was typing came through on her iWatch, but she already knew that, she had her chat history pulled almanbahis up and watched that same notification come through live.

“Hm. You are funny thinking I am not a man of my word. When I tell you I’m going to blow your back out and ruin you for that cuck loser hubby of yours, I mean it. But I can get pussy 7 nights a week, what makes you think you can cut the line” Jared sent back.

Justine had shivers going down her spine. She didn’t particularly like the cuck loser talk, but she loved the aggression and the swagger. She had a feeling playing up her submissive side would cut to the chase for him. She didn’t really believe in their small hometown that he had enough girls to choose from to really have that many options, but playing along also sounded fun.

“Please, I would do anything to get the privilege Please tell me what I can do to be your choice for today. Anything. Please daddy” ending her message with the prayer hands and drooling face emoji’s.

“I’m going to hold you to calling me daddy later. I’m finishing work on the farm. Send me a video fucking yourself so I know how bad you need it and need fucked. the better the video, the quicker i will finish up here and take care of you. fyi, its going to need to be a lot better than those two little fingers of yours if you want me there before dinner.”

“Shit, I want you before lunch” she sent with more drooling emoji’s.

“Better make it really good then.”

Justine read the last message and her mind went into overdrive. Her desire to get fucked and play into this good submissive girl role was sending her mind on overdrive. She was such an uncreative person, and her limited ideas on how to take care of herself was what caused her to reach out to Jared in the first place. What was she going to do? It was only 8 am, but she had been horny to the point of being awake and alert since 5. She pulled up Pornhub and started scrolling to try and get ideas on what she could possibly do to get the approval from Jared.

Videos of girls outside, she could go masturbate outside in public view? Granted her family farm was far away from the road, the only risk that makes that kind of video pay off and more erotic is the chance at being caught. Sure a delivery person or some family friend popping in for some reason, could be a possibility, but more than likely not, she didn’t think that would be kinky enough to give Jared a reason to rush over.

Videos of girls fucking themselves with vegetables of all sorts. The lightbulb clicked. She turned around to the kitchen counter to stare at the basket of oversized zucchini she helped pick last night. She even thought how a few of them were even the same size as her big black dildo she had at home and how even field work couldn’t keep her mind off of sex now. That may do it, she thought, but she wanted to be sure it was her best effort. What can she do to really push this over the edge.

The next video that popped up was a girl using a machine to fuck herself. It was really an ingenious set up that she was sure she could replicate and the machine looked just like the reciprocating saw her dad had in the shop.

With a plan in mind, she went to work. First thing she did was pick out the perfect sized zucchini, and taking it to the sink to scrub it squeaky clean. From there she grabbed the one pair of fuck me heels still left in her closet from growing up. She looked over the clothes she had and couldn’t decide which she wanted to go with, her easy breezy summer dress that she would go panty and braless in, or a pair of daisy dukes and a tight white crop top so thin and translucent that her nipples would show through.

Remembering almanbahis giriş Jared’s taste in girls from high school she opted for the daisy dukes and crop top. She slid on the shorts and pulled the top over her head and admired herself in the mirror. She looked HOT. She came to the realization that she rarely did this sort of thing for her husband and made the mental note she was going to do this for him more.

She hustled out to the shop and got to work. Her mind was moving a mile a minute, and her eyes were combing the shelves just as frantically looking for where the saw would be. Finally she found it. Grabbing it, she then went to the shelf where she had noticed the metal rod that was once a screwdriver. At some point the handle was broken, she had seen Andrew hammer a screwdriver into something before to pry something open, she assumed something similar had happened with this one. The flat head bit portion could fit in and go into the bit attachment head of the saw, and the end of the rod that wasn’t sharp would be able to be inserted into the zucchini with minimal risk to tearing her up literally.

She took her time and set up the saw with the rod and the zucchini slid easily onto it. She went to the couch next to her dad’s fridge, and positioned it in between the cushions of the love seat. She took a zip tie from the shelves next to the fridge and secured it so the trigger would remain pulled constantly. The zucchini started moving right away causing the saw to buck up and down. She went to the dial and turned it way down until it stopped bucking. It was at a 2 by the time the bucking stopped, but she was questioning if it would be enough to satisfy Jared that she was trying to push herself.

Her desperation and thirstiness luckily gave her an idea on how to sell it though, and she clicked the battery release switch to turn off the saw while she finished setting it up. She set up her phone to capture a view of the couch that would be able to see the view as a slight angle so that she could make eye contact with the camera and that it could still see the motions of the saw. It was still within reach so if she wanted to grab the camera and give Jared a close up of her pussy or an overhead view of her ass while she got fucked doggy style by the power tool, she could.

She was positively giddy now as she finished putting on her heels. Once she was ready and gave herself a final look over using her camera, she did a test run making sure her watch would turn on and off the video. Once she was satisfied she hit record.

“Jared, sir, I really hope this pleases you. I worked so hard!” she said making a little pouty face.

“If you were here I’m sure you could have made this work so much better than I could have,” she said, still playing up that she was a naughty little girl who needed the help from a big strong man. She made a show of scuffing a foot to sell her sheepishness and also draw Jared’s attention to her high heels.

She clicked the battery in place and the tool started up again. “This is as fast as I can get it to go unfortunately,” she said dialing up her pouty act to an 11, “I know this isn’t near good enough of a substitute for you and I can’t get this to fuck me how I know you will be able to later, but I hope this shows you how much I can’t wait to submit to you later.”

With that she blew a kiss to the camera, and proceeded to do a little strip tease. Her shirt came off first, and her hands went straight to her nipples, and then started slowly and sensually rubbing her sides and her lithe stomach Her right hand caressed over her belly button and made its way almanbahis yeni giriş to the button on her daisy dukes. With a sensual flick the shorts came open, and her fly was down in no time. Normally she leaves a landing strip for her husband but without her normal trimmers, she had been using a disposable razor and had clear cut her bush. She had a feeling this was what Jared would prefer anyways, and as the fly came open and her dukes started sliding down her legs, the camera recorded her beautiful bald pussy on full display for him, truly dripping. A combination of extreme arousal, the hard work she put into this, and the heat, either way, she was selling it. She stepped out of her shorts once they slid down to her ankles.

She continued rubbing down from her navel, and over her wet mound. She dipped a finger into her pussy and made a show of sensually raising her finger up to her mouth and licking it clean.

She then made a show of turning around and showing off her sexy bubble butt, as she bent down and stroked the zucchini.

“Oh god Jared, I know this will feel good, but I just want to taste your cock and feel it throbbing in my pussy, so badly. Please watch this quick and please let me know if I pleased you daddy!”

With that she got down on all 4s and aligned the zucchini with her slit. She slowly backed into it and let the tool do its new job. She kept slowly backing up until 6 inches was buried in her, plunging in and out. It did feel good, but nothing beat a living cock throbbing in her pussy in her mind.

She let this go on a few minutes, feeling her body and allowing the pleasure to flow through her, and allowing her natural enjoyment to come out in her moans. She then locks eyes with the camera and reaches for it. With hands steadier than she knew she could manage, she grabbed the phone again, “Oh baby this really isn’t hitting the spot like i know you will later, please hurry, I mean just look at how poor of a job it’s doing.”

With that she angled the phone under her pussy to give Jared a view of the action. After a few seconds, she then reached the phone up in front of her as high as she could in an exaggerated selfie pose to show her ass from above. She brought the phone back down to be a close up of her face as she was slowly getting rocked by the tool.

“Oh please hurry, I need to feel your strong hands on my ass. You can see, this doesn’t rock me near as hard as I need it to and I just NEED to feel my ass jiggle against your body as you plow me. Please hurry.”

With that imagery in her head she sent herself over the edge and came, still recording her face in a close up as it crashed over her face.

Breathing heavy she lowered herself onto her elbows, still focusing the camera on her face, and slowly worked herself off of her makeshift fuck machine. Once off it, she collapsed and sighed heavily and focused looking back at the camera saying, “Hope to hear back from you really soon. I’m going to hop in the shower now so that I’m ready for whenever you want to show up.”

With that she blew a kiss and hit stop recording. The recording came out to 7 minutes and 33 seconds and did a quick scroll through of the thumbnails and was really impressed with herself.

With that she pulled up their snapchat message history and selected the video and sent it without a second thought.

She could not wait to hear if he enjoyed it.

Thankfully she didn’t have to wait long. His response came through, “I can’t wait to have a beer with your dad in the shop now.”

The moment in between his messages felt like an eternity as she finished cleaning up and undoing her handiwork, but staring at her phone the whole time.

Finally the second message came through, “I’ll be there for my lunch. Have it clean and ready to eat.”

She practically dropped her phone in her hurry to run to the shower, she had 30 minutes to get cleaned up and ready for him.

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