Justice Cum Queen

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This began as a little side note in a story me and an online partner were working on that she demanded I expand upon. She seemed thrilled with it, so now I’m hoping you all might enjoy it a bit.

Over all, it’s a world of Super Heroes. Myself and my partner were to play villains. Mine (which is discussed in the beginning of this story) is a Joker type character. No real super powers, but smart and the head of a gang. He owns the city, and any who might cross him pay dearly, as the story will show.

Keep in mind, if you feel my character doesn’t really play well into the over all story, it’s there for my partner’s benefit, and I’m not editing the story very much to put on this site.

Bit of darkness in this one, there is no happy ending, but nothing to over the top like that. Just good old orgy fun.

Comments and constructive criticism welcome.


The city of Regnum has always been filled with corruption and greed. It’s leaders and authorities take advantage of it’s people, while the people turn a blind eye to it all, distracted by their shiny gadgets and gossip about celebrities. The city needed a hero. Someone who could unite the people, show them the corruption that was all around them. Some one smart, talented, brave, strong, and influential. Someone like myself. It’s just too bad for them that I despise them all.

I started with a small criminal gang. After a few successful jobs, we started to grow and expand. Under my leadership, we became a very real threat to everyone. It wasn’t long before we controlled this city. I controlled this city. I became known as The Shepard and my gang became known as The Flock. Those who tried to stop us failed. Even some so called Super Heroes tried to stop us. They all ended up dying horribly, painfully, and publicly. Some villains and other crime bosses have come from time to time, trying to move in on my turf. I gave each one of them a choice: Become a subsidiary to me, giving me a percentage of their take and running EVERY major thing they do through me for my permission, or suffer a fate like those heroes did.

This is a story of a would be hero. A woman arrogant enough to think she could just march into MY city and take me down. I sat in my office that afternoon, reading through a news paper and sipping on some scotch. My two generals were on the other side of the room, competing in some video game, trading insults as they played. These two are my most trusted gang members. They’ve been with me since the beginning. Both are great leaders, strong, smart, reliable, and loyal. It should be no surprise then that they’ve become known as Border and Collie, my herding dogs, if you will. They run the operations of my gang, and often run the gang when I feel I need my own space and leave to be on my own for a while. They know to give me back command when I return.

The doors of my office burst open as one of my higher up members rushes into the room. He knows better than to disturb me with out a good reason. “What is it, Yakon?” I ask in annoyance. He replies, “Boss! I think you’re going to want to see this!” He grabs the tv remote and flips the tv to a news channel, interrupting the game, and drawing some very angry and frustrated cries from Border and Collie. “QUIET!” I shout, looking at the tv.

It shows a press conference with the Mayor. The blurb at the bottom of the screen reads, “A New Hero Has Arrived To Save The City!” I take another sip of my scotch and say, “Turn it up.” The Mayor is just introducing the new hero. “It is my pleasure to present to you our new savior who will finally take down The Shepard and his Flock! Here she is! Justice Queen!” I laugh as I see the woman step up to the microphones.

She has long red hair that reaches past her middle back. Her outfit is ridiculous. The top is basically just a red cloth bra with straps that tie together just before her neck before wrapping around her neck, forming an X shape. Her tits are massive, easily Dds, if not bigger. On the right cup is a J while a Q is on the left. She’s very fit, so her exposed stomach is flat, a bit muscled, and sexy. She has on a very small red mini skirt that just barely covers her small yet firm and shapely ass with just a hint of tights under the skirt. She also wears red boots that stop just below the knees, exposing her very toned thighs.

Collie stammers, “Woah! She’s pretty fucking hot!” “SHUT UP!” I yell, trying to hear what she has to say. Her voice is confident and arrogant. “You all know of my feats. How I took down Mastermind in Keystone City. How I toppled the sinister gang of ten super villains known as The Chaotic Crew of Johnsonville. And now, I’m here to save the lovely city of Regnum from the disease that is The Shepard and his Flock! I vow, that by the end of the week, they ALL will be behind bars, and you all will be able to sleep soundly once again! Through my powers of strength and stamina, I will crush them like the worms they are! They stand no chance against casino siteleri me, Justice Queen! Oh, and Shepard,” she pauses, looking directly at the camera, “I know you’re watching this. I won’t fall as easily as the others. If you have a plan to stop me, then bring it on! I’ll face it, over come it, and bring you down just the same!”

Her arrogance infuriates me. Her challenge to bring me down in a short fashion makes me want to humiliate her immensely before she dies. Publicly! My fist closes around my scotch glass, shattering it, the scotch spilling all over my hand and my desk. Border, Collie, and Yakon stare at me, all a little frightened at my now angry state, knowing I can be unpredictable when I get like this. “She comes into MY city and challenges me?! She thinks that I am such a push over?! That the gang that I built will be brought down so easily?!”

Border makes a bold move by speaking up, “Boss, maybe we should take her seriously. After all, she DID take down Mastermind and the Chaotic Crew.”

“Oh please!” I snap back. “She’s nothing but a dirty slut! This isn’t public knowledge, but I happen to know for a fact that she seduced Mastermind, fucked his brains out, then captured him when he fell asleep. And as for the Chaotic Crew, they captured her and raped her! She turned the tables on them by starting to act willingly! Her stamina proved more than theirs and again, captured them when they passed out…” I trail off a bit at the end of that sentence, an idea forming in my head. I start to calm down, a wicked smile forming on my lips.

“B-Boss?” asks Collie. I start to laugh, slightly at first, then wildly. “Oooooh,” I start, “that would be fun… Maybe we can use the sheep that she came here to save against her. Let’s see how long her stamina holds out against an entire CITY of mindless animals coming down upon her!” I laugh again. “Border, Collie, I have work for you. Here’s what I need from you, and I want it done by tomorrow morning, understand?” I go into detail about my plan with them, then they set off to set it into motion using other members of The Flock.


Justice Queen wasted no time. She dove into the darker parts of the city, roughing up punks for information and tracking down leads. During the night, she was approached by two police officers. They told her they heard she was looking for leads on The Flock. They had just gotten a tip from an ex member. Apparently, one of The Flock’s safe houses had an entryway in an alley lined by dumpsters on 81st street between the streets of Jackson and Highland. Justice Queen thanked them and ran off to follow up on this lead, having no idea the two officers were actually Flock members in disguise.

She got to the alley and started to walk down it slowly, being mindful of traps. Suddenly, she heard footsteps behind her, accompanied by a voice. “You ready for a nap, Puppet?” Justice Queen spun around, facing a lone man now in front of her. She replied in a high and mighty tone, “Oh, are YOU going to put me to sleep?” She laughs at this. The man smiles and replies, “No, I’m just a distraction, but HE will!” Before he even finished his sentence, a second man comes out from behind a dumpster, now behind Justice Queen, and stabs a needle into her neck, injecting it’s full contents into her blood stream before she can react. The drug acts quickly. As the darkness fades in around her, she hears, “Nighty night, Puppet!”


Justice Queen began to wake up, groggy and disoriented. What woke her was a warmth from inside her body, warmth that seemed to be slowly growing stronger, and centered in her erogenous zones. Her legs squeeze together a bit at the warmth. She shakes her head and tries to focus, to get a bearing of where she’s at. Before she can really look around, she notices she can’t freely move her arms and legs. Her wrists have been bound to each other, and her ankles to each other as well! She also feels something tight around her neck, as well as something underneath her outfit touching each one of her nipples, and things in her pussy and asshole as well!

In a panic, her head darts around, taking in her surroundings. She appears to be in the middle of a shopping mall. One or two people walking around, no one seeming to notice her yet. She looks up, and sees a few banners hanging up above her. From her angle, they seem to say “Come Enjoy ‘Justice Cum Queen’ To Your Heart’s Content! Free Of Charge! Courtesy Of Your Friendly Neighborhood Flock!”

Unknown to her, three Flock members had been charged with keeping an eye on her as well as various other duties. They were the ones who set up the banners quickly and dropped her under them. They were the ones who attached the magnetic cuffs, strong enough to make sure she can’t pull them apart, yet can come undone at the touch of a button, and reconnect at another touch. They were the ones that put the electric collar on her, able to shock her, as well as create a large, powerful shock field around her to keep others back if they so wished. They were slot oyna the ones that attached the remote vibrators in her asshole, pussy, and each one of her nipples. And they were the ones that injected her with a powerful, long lasting serum that increases her sexual drive. The serum has been shown to drive test subjects near the brink of insanity with sexual desire, so it would be interesting to see the effects on an actual freak that people call a super heroine.

Suddenly, shock waves rip through Justice Queen’s body as all of the vibrators turn on at once on their highest settings as well as the shock collar on the lowest setting. All of this stimuli at once causes a long, drawn out scream to escape her lips, grabbing the attention of many of the few patrons in the mall, causing them to come running over. As people start to get closer, the collar turns off, and the vibrators turn down to a much lower setting. As a small crowd forms, Justice Queen’s scream turns into a low moan, the vibrators kindling the warmth inside her into an ember.

Two people break from the crowd and approach her. One of them says, “Hey, are you alright? Do you need help?” In response to this, the Flock member in charge of her collar activates the shock field, shocking the two would be helpers and causing them to retreat back into the crowd. With everyone back to a safe distance again, the field dissipates.

A few members of the crowd have already taken out their phones, taking pictures, videos, sending texts and tweets, alerting others around the city of what’s happening. Slowly, more people begin to arrive, seemingly more eager to watch than to help. They crowd around her, and on the levels above looking down at her, her being in a sort of indoor courtyard area, where the walk ways of the above shops look out over the floor below. The majority of the crowd is taking pictures and videos, hooting and hollering, cheering her on, calling her names.

The attention from the vibrators, the drugs, and now the crowd, is having an affect on Justice Queen. Her pussy is now dripping, her breathing heavy, the fire inside her growing and growing. The vibrators are kicked up to the next level of intensity and speed, and an orgasm rips through her. She moans loudly, her legs shaking, her eyes rolling up into her head. The crowd cheers at this, high fives and laughter being shared. As her orgasm passes, the vibrators are again intensified, sending her right back into the heights of ecstasy, the serum now almost at full strength.

Again, someone steps from the crowd, offering to help free her and get her help. Someone from the crowd shouts, “Don’t do that, dude! You’ll get electrocuted!”

The would be savior ignores him, and gets in close, reaching for the collar to remove it. The Flock lets him get in real close, seeing his intention, then activates the electric field again, causing the man to instantly drop and convulse. The field drops, and two crowd members rush forward to drag him away. Other crowd members booing the would be hero for trying to interfere.

“She’s enjoying herself, let her be!”

“Don’t ruin our fun, douche bag! It’s not everyday we get to see a Super Slut orgasm like this!”

Another orgasm rips through Justice Queen, this one even stronger than the last. She screams out her pleasure and lust, no longer fighting against her bonds. As her body spasms, the crowd again cheers and shouts insults at her. As she calms down, the vibrators are turned up to full blast again, keeping her up in the heights of pleasure. This goes on for an hour. The crowd watching and cheering, taking pictures and videos, spreading the word. Justice Queen moaning and writhing in pleasure, experiencing orgasm after orgasm, the serum taking full effect.

It gets to a point where after each orgasm, with drool and spit dripping from her mouth, Justice Queen can be heard over the crowd shouting, “MORE! MORE! GIVE ME MORE! I WANT IT! GIVE ME MORE!”

The Flock members who are now hiding among the crowd decide this is the time to put the plan into full action, just as I have instructed. They press the buttons on their respective remotes, shutting down the electromagnets in her cuffs and freeing her hands and feet. Feeling free, Justice Queen slowly rises to her knees, one of her hands moves to rub at her breasts while the other moves to rub at her clit. She orgasms again, screaming to the delight of the crowd. As her body stops twitching, the fire inside her is now a raging inferno. She looks up at the crowd, who has gone silent at this sudden change of her being freed.

Justice Queen then shouts, “I need attention! Hands! Cocks! Cunts! I don’t care! Please fuck me! Use me as you like! I need more pleasure! Hurry! Someone please! FUCK ME!”

The crowd remains silent, remembering the shock field from the collar. Eventually, one young man becomes bold and steps from the crowd. He walks up to Justice Queen, looking down at the red headed Super Slut who is on her knees in front of him, one hand on her breast and canlı casino siteleri the other furiously rubbing her clit, looking up into his eyes with extreme lust. He undoes his pants, and frees his cock, presenting it for her. It’s out for barely a second before she takes it in her mouth, sucking, licking, massaging it with her lips and tongue. The hand that was on her breast moves up to massage his balls while she worships his cock, enjoying its taste, the way it grows and hardens in her mouth, beginning to fill her mouth.

As it grows harder, the crowd begins to pick up again, cheering. She sucks in earnest, craving the cum she knows is not far off. She takes his whole cock in her mouth, bringing her lips all the way to the base, sucking and licking as best she can, as her slut mind knows men love best. The young man can barely contain himself. This is a dream come true for him. The sexiest of Super Heroes for him is now worshiping his cock, sucking for all she’s worth. He can’t hold on for too long. After only a few moments, he grabs her hair and pulls her off, unloading all the spunk he can manage all over her face and hair. He gasps for breath as his orgasm subsides, taking a few steps back. Justice Queen runs her fingers over her face, picking up as much cum as she can, and then licking it off her fingers, enjoying the taste.

The crowd takes a moment, noticing how the electric field has not been activated yet, how the young man was able to blast his cum all over Justice Queen with out any negative repercussions. After a moment, watching how the young man was able to take a few steps back and catch his breath, not falling to the floor in electrical convulsions, the crowd decides now is the time.

The crowd descends upon Justice Queen, ripping at her clothes, forcing her into positions. First, a man tears out her vibrators, positioning himself under and behind her, shoving his cock deep in her ass hole. At the same time, a woman has torn off her own pants and shoves her cunt on Justice Queens mouth, expecting a furious licking, and not being disappointed. Seconds later, another man has positioned himself to fill Justice Queen’s pussy with his own cock. As if that wasn’t enough, another man has now ripped her top to shreds and positioned himself to fuck her huge tits with the remote vibrators still in place. One man takes her left hand and forces it around his cock, making her jack him off while watching the action. Her right hand is grabbed by another woman, who forces Justice Queen’s fingers deep in her cunt. Six people are now using Justice Queen for their own pleasure, and she can only sit back and enjoy the new attention she’s getting, moaning for more and more, as she orgasms again.

After a few minutes, the woman riding Justice Queen’s face orgasms, covering her face with pussy juice. As she steps away, the man getting a hand job instantly moves and shoves his cock down her throat, not taking to long before he fills her throat with his own cum. The two men down below cum at the same time, shooting cum deep in her asshole and pussy. The man between her tits can’t take anymore either, and showers cum all over Justice Queen’s neck and breasts. As these partners move away, others move in to take their place.

Once it become apparent that not everyone can have their fun with Justice Queen at the same time, the crowd turns on itself in a fury of sexual desire. Woman are sucking random cocks. Men are fucking random cunts and assholes. A full out orgy explodes in the middle of this mall due to the exploitation of Justice Queen. Orgasms are erupting all around. Cum is flying in every direction. Before anyone realizes it, pure sexual chaos has erupted, with no one giving any regard as to who they are currently fucking, just giving in to their own sexual desires. Justice Queen has lost all sense of time, only focusing on her own orgasms and the cum filling and covering her. How many men and women have cum on her now? Ten? Twenty? Fifty? A hundred? It no longer mattered.

Now she is on all fours, with a man under her pumping up into her pussy, one over her fucking her asshole, and one with his cock roughly fucking her mouth. A small circle of men stand around her, some are jerking them selves off, others have a woman sucking on their cocks. In turn, they each cum, making sure they shoot it all over Justice Queen’s back, ass, and hair.

Now, she’s on her back, a woman with four fingers in her ass, a man on top of her fucking her pussy, another with his cock in her mouth, and two woman sucking on her large tits. Another orgasm rips through Justice Queen’s body. How many has she had now? There’s no way she could keep track.

Now she’s roughly bouncing up and down on a guy with three others standing around her, dicks in her face, pumping hard. A woman is embracing her from behind, holding Justice Queen’s hair back, begging the men to shoot their cum, and they do. They shower Justice Queen, hitting her face, hair, chest, stomach, and even hitting the woman behind her, who doesn’t complain at all. When the men finish, the woman moves to the front of Justice Queen, licking up as much cum as she can off Justice Queen’s face and tits, and then kissing her, allowing her to taste it all and swallow as much as she can.

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