Just Another Way to Say Thank-you

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The sound of crunching metal and shattering glass against the snow blade made Marcus wince. He looked in his side mirror and saw the telling signs of a car having been forcefully pushed off the road by his blade. The sight wasn’t new to him. There had been many times when blizzard conditions had left cars stranded and those cars had been covered in several feet of snow. If they were on the road it was no one’s fault but the owner’s, when a snow blade played havoc with chrome and metal. What was unusual and never before seen by Marcus’ eyes, was the red cloth that was lapping back and forth in the wind. He stopped his truck and stared at the reflection in the mirror.

A gloved hand seemed to be attached to the red flag and that made Marcus’ heart stop. He put the truck in park and clambered out of the cab. His boots crunched the snow as he ran back to the vehicle. He called out to the driver and brushed sizable chunks of snow away from the twisted metal. The glass from the driver’s side windows had fallen in, luckily the driver had scooted over to the right passenger side and looked no worse for wear.

“Are you okay?” Marcus shouted.

The driver, pulled off the red hat and pulled down the top edge of the winter coat they wore, exposing bright pink cheeks, blue eyes and trembling lips. “Yeah, just caught me by surprise.”

Marcus’ shock continued to rise as he heard the telling tone of a woman’s voice. “Jesus Christ, how long have you been in there?” he asked as he began to shovel more snow from the dented door.

“Just overnight,” she said as she sat more straight and watched him work.

“And you’re not frozen to death?”

“No. See,” she picked up a bundle of material that had been pushed to the bottom of the floor. “It’s one of those super below freezing sleeping bags and I have socks that heat up when you use a D-cell battery. I figured come morning I’d slowly open my window and start digging myself out, but I guess you beat me to it.”

Marcus shook his head back and forth. “You’re the most prepared motorist I’ve ever met.”

The woman smiled. “My dad lived through many a blizzard and he always kept an emergency kit in the trunk. He passed that wisdom on to me.”

“Well, you hold on and I’ll have you out in a bit.”

“Okay,” she said. “My name’s Molly.


“Nice to meet you Marcus.”

As Marcus worked away at the snow, Molly wrapped up her sleeping bag as best she could in her tight quarters. She also packed away the food she’d been eating when the snow plow had struck her and she pushed her garbage from the night before into another bag, which she tossed to the backseat.

“Okay, ready to climb out?” Marcus asked.

“Yeah, can I pass you my stuff first?”

“Sure,” he answered, then proceeded to be given a purse, backpack, sleeping bag, and a small insulated cooler, which felt fully stocked with what he could only assume was survival food. When she popped her head out of the car, he chuckled. “Where were you storing all that?”

“In the trunk. The middle back seat pops down. I could have last for several days, if necessary.”

“I’m sure you could.” He helped her slide out of the car and onto the snow. She stumbled and he caught her, then helped her to the side of the road. “Climb on up in the truck. I’ll pack your gear behind the seat.”

“Thanks!” Molly said before walking toward the truck and climbing in. She blasted the heater and sighed with contentment as the heat flowed over her cool skin. When Marcus joined her she was grinning ear to ear. “Do you have a phone I can borrow?”

Marcus couldn’t help but laugh. “With all that gear you didn’t have a phone?”

Molly sighed, rolled her eyes and nodded her head. “Yeah, I know. I left the damn thing on my desk at work. Believe me I was pissed. I went off the road and grabbed my purse. Once I dumped everything out I remembered telling myself ‘Molly you’re going to forget your phone if you don’t put it in your purse right now’ and guess what — I forgot it.”

Marcus reached into his coat pocket, pulled out his phone and handed it to her. He then looked out his window as well as into the reflection of his mirrors and took his truck back onto the highway. “So did anyone stop to help last night?”

Molly stopped pushing numbers and glanced up. “No. Kinda sucks don’t it?”

“Yes, it does.” Marcus said nothing more as Molly finished placing her call. He listened to her voice and noticed how quick she was to calm whomever was shouting back at her. He assumed it was either her mother or her father, he really couldn’t be sure. When she closed the phone and handed it back to him, she asked if he could take her to her parents’ home. He explained that he would have to drop her off at the closest fire or police station. “Insurance doesn’t look kindly on us picking up passengers.”

“I understand,” she admitted. “But if you drop me off, mom’s got warm chocolate chip cookies and a steamy mug of hot chocolate waiting for you.” casino siteleri

Marcus looked sideways at her and grinned. “Seriously, that’s a tempting offer.”

“Well, call your wife and tell her you’re bringing cookies home for dessert.”

“I’m not married,” he told her.

“Ohh really?” The “h” was drawn out in a flirtatious manner which made Marcus smirk.

“Yes, really.”

“Well that’s all the better then. Come on Marcus, homemade chocolate chip cookies. When was the last time you had homemade cookies?”

“I had some from that Sub shop in town just yesterday evening.”

“Ew! Yuck! That’s it, drop me off at my parents, have some cookies and tell work to screw it.”

Marcus chuckled. “I’ll drop you off at the police station. See, it’s right there.”

Molly looked up and chuckled. “I could have walked there last night.”

“Yeah, but the snow was blowing hard and you could have gotten hit by one of those heartless bastards that were on the road last night.”


Marcus pulled into the police station and helped Molly carry her belongings inside. When he turned to go she quickly grabbed his arm. “Wait,” she said, then asked the officer at the desk for a slip of paper. He handed her a post-it note and a pen. Molly smiled, thanked him and quickly wrote down her address and phone number. “Cookies and hot chocolate, tonight!” she demanded.

He looked down at the slip of paper that was stuck on the tip of her index finger. His gaze shifted from hers to the police officer who had lifted one brow in curiosity. Marcus took the paper, folded it up and stuck it in his wallet. “Deal,” he said, before tipping his baseball cap to the officer and Molly. He then spun around and headed back into the cold.

That evening around 6 o’clock Marcus arrived at the address Molly had given him. The house was small, quaint and looked for the most part well-maintained. There were partially lit holiday lights strung up haphazardly around the front windows and garland fell in disarray across the front door. He wondered how old Molly’s parents were and why their young daughter hadn’t worked harder to make the decorations more orderly. As soon as the thought crossed his mind he dismissed it. Molly had come across as a living prepared but slightly frazzled, so why would her parents be any different.

He walked up the sidewalk, made his way to her front door, and pushed the garland out of the way. His knock was solid and after waiting less than a minute Molly opened the door and ushered him inside.

The scent of peppermint and chocolate hugged the air. His nostrils flared and his stomach growled in approval. “Smells like your mom’s been busy,” he said as he pulled off his snow-covered boots.

“My mom?”

“Yeah, I smell cookies and chocolate.”

Molly chuckled. “I made the cookies!”

“Oh, okay then. My apologies if I offended you,” he said in a mockingly humor-filled tone. He took off his coat and Molly placed it on the coat rack behind her.

“Come on into the kitchen. I’ve got dinner ready.”

Marcus grinned. He hadn’t been told he’d be eating dinner, but he had pegged Molly and her parents as giving folks. Opting to not indulge in a plate of cold pizza had been a wise move on his part. He followed her into the kitchen and prepared himself to be introduced to her mom and dad.

Much to his surprise the kitchen was empty. The table however was set, but it was set for only two people. “Aren’t your parents joining us?” he asked.

“I hope not,” she said. “I only made enough for the two of us. Daddy eats like a horse when it comes to lasagna.”

Marcus stared at the table and the place settings, then he looked around and took note of the sparse decorations and lack of what he considered well-established décor. “Molly is this your house?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said, while pulling a dish from the stove. “I bought it a couple years ago. It’s a fixer-upper, but it’s home.” She placed the lasagna on a cooling plate that sat in the center of the table. “We’ll let that settle while I heat up this bread. It’s frozen, not fresh, hope that’s okay.”

“Um, that’s perfect,” Marcus said. “But I thought when you asked me over for cookies and hot chocolate it was at your parents. I didn’t know we were dining alone — here — at your house.”

Molly stood up after placing the bread in the stove. “Don’t worry Marcus, I don’t bite and I won’t dishonor you,” she paused, grinned wickedly and winked, then added, “unless you want me to.”

His skin grew warm and his stomach knotted. “I’ll let you know how I feel about that later,” he said in what he hoped sounded like a funny-haha tone.

“I hope so,” Molly answered back, this time changing her tone of voice and her smile. “Have a seat and I’ll pour us some wine.”

“You’re old enough to drink?”

She spun on her heel and stared at him with a slacken jaw. “I’m 23!”

“Okay then,” he whispered before taking a seat and letting slot oyna her wait on him.

“How old are you?”

“Too old,” he said, lifting one brow.

Molly grinned, spun away and pulled the bread from the oven. She tapped the middle, shrugged her shoulders and muttered, “It’ll do.” She then put the pieces of bread on a plate and brought them to the table. Once she sat down she dished out two large helpings of lasagna and handed Marcus a baked slice of garlic bread.

They ate quietly at first, each one consumed with the delicious flavors of meat, tomato, vegetable and spices. After several bites Molly placed one elbow on the table and stared at her guest. “So Marcus, how old is ‘too old’?”

“I’m 48, Molly.”

“Mmm…48. That’s a good age,” she said before pulling off a chunk of bread and popping it into her mouth.

“Is it? How would you know? You’ve got 25 years to go before you get there.”

Her lips rose is a smile. “True. But I’ve been with men your age. It’s a wonderful age. You’re in your prime Marcus.”

Marcus couldn’t help but choke on the lasagna that he had been in the process of swallowing. He slapped his chest and took a long swig of his wine. “Well, that’s putting it out there, ain’t it?”

“I’m nothing if not forward,” Molly admitted.

“Well that’s something new. I’ve dated more ladies that were hiding more secrets than Nixon.”

“Well, I’m not here to take your 401K, nor do I want you here to fulfill some daddy fetish. I just want to properly thank-you for the rescue this morning.”

Marcus laughed. “The rescue? I’m pretty sure I was the one that pushed your car off the road and totaled it out. And besides, what I did wasn’t so you’d bump uglies with me.”

“Oh bumpin’ uglies. I like that,” Molly said, winking and smiling while sliding another bite of creamy lasagna into her mouth.

“Seriously Molly. You didn’t invite me over here for sex. Now where are my cookies?”

Molly grinned, got up and walked over to the counter were several chocolate chip cookies were sitting on a cooling rack. She picked up four, placed them on a napkin and presented them to Marcus. “And my hot chocolate?” he asked with a smirk.

Back she went to the counter and when she returned a steaming mug of hot chocolate was placed before him. Before he took one bite of the decadent morsel Molly slid herself onto his lap. She spun around, wrapped her arms around his neck and covered her mouth with his.

Taken back Marcus was at first too stunned to react. It didn’t take long for him though to respond to her prodding tongue and soft supple lips. He opened his mouth wider, pushed his tongue against hers and kissed her deeply. When she pulled away she was looking into his eyes with a look of determination. “I did invite you over here for cookies, chocolate, and sex,” she told him.

Marcus cock jerked against his slacks. His hands rested on her hips and his mind was clouded with a mixture of lust and moral conflicts. He wasn’t sure what this young girl expected after they fucked. Was she seriously so easy with herself that she was only looking for a quick fling? Or was she lying to herself and she was looking to fulfill some daddy fetish? Either way his cock was pushing forward and his lust was winning over morality.

He ran one hand up Molly’s back and cupped the back of her head. He held her and studied her expression. She said nothing, allowing him all the time he needed to make up his mind on if he were going to take her to bed or not. When he felt ready to tackle the young woman he pulled her toward him and captured her mouth. Once more their tongues were dueling, but this time Marcus was in control.

He grabbed her hips, lifted her high on his lap and stood up, kicking the chair behind him so that it fell to the floor. Molly kept her arms wrapped around his neck and hooked her legs around his waist. As she kissed, suckled, and nibbled on his neck, she directed him to her bedroom and mentioned offhandedly where she kept her lube and condoms.

Marcus took a quick assessment of the woman’s bedroom once they had made it across its threshold. He noted the psychedelic colors and figured she had been given more of a “make love not war” kinda of upbringing. He dropped her on the bed and watched as she scurried to take off her clothes. He wasted no time in removing his. His dick was hard, throbbing and in desperate need of what the young girl was offering.

When Molly saw Marcus cock she grinned in appreciation. “Very nice,” she said before wrapping her fingers around his shaft and pulling up and down on the thick meat. “And you keep your balls shaved. Awesome.” She bent down and sucked on the spongy spheres and much to Marcus delight she didn’t stop there. Her little mouth traveled the full length of his dick and her tongue lapped greedily along the swollen veins and ridged tip. The tip of his cock was treated to a flicking and probing by the wet muscle and when he asked her if she could deep throat he was rewarded canlı casino siteleri with a chuckle and a “you bet your sweet ass I can” comment.

He watched her open her mouth, angle her head and slide herself down so that his cock sat snugly into the deep recess of her throat. She then began to swallow saliva and breathe through her nose. The contracting muscles that surrounded his tool flexed and relaxed as she milked him. He tugged on her hair, pulling her up just a few inches and then pushed gently to let her know she could take him again. Over and over they worked as one. He pulled her up, she gracefully and willingly slid back down.

When the pressure of his fingers pulling at her hair increased she too hurried her sucking. She listened to him moan, hiss and softly curse. The sounds drove her to act more wantonly. She pulled at his cock with the muscles of her throat, while rolling his balls back and forth between her fingers. Her head rested against his abdomen and she felt the muscles tightening. Molly knew he was going to come and when he asked her if it was okay, she dug her nails into his hips.

Marcus took the sign of nails biting into his flesh as her willingness to drink his cum. He continued to pump into her and when he exploded he listened to her gag and felt her swallow. His hands fell to her shoulders, leaving her free to bob off his cock if she wanted. All she did was slide her mouth up and suck on the shaft, while milking more semen from his balls. After she was done, she fell back on the bed and spread her legs.

Marcus didn’t need a written invitation nor did he need her to tell him what she wanted. The desire to be eaten out was glistening in the moisture of her sex. He dropped to his knees, pushed her legs wider apart and began to devour the saucy minx with the shaved mound.

Molly’s toes curled as Marcus dove into her. She felt his tongue lapping at her pussy while his fingers spread her lips open. Her clit and tender hole were exposed to his breath and his assaulting digits and wet tongue. He left no inch of flesh untouched. The sides of her pussy walls were rubbed and scratched by the pads of his fingers and the trimmed edges of his nails. His tongue and teeth flicked and nipped at her clit, while he screwed her sex with thick fingers and hard thrusting motions. When she came he was there to suck up her juice and force her to climax again.

Marcus was grinning from ear to ear as he felt the young woman buck and ride his face. He pushed his fingers in deeper, used his tongue to tease her flesh and caused her to cascade around him until she was begging for a moment to breathe. He laughed, pulled himself up and grabbed her ankles, spinning her so that she lay the full length of the bed.

Once he had her settled, he climbed onto the bed and covered her. He kept his weight from baring down on her by supporting himself on his knees and elbows. While she worked to compose herself and steady her breathing, he went to work learning the shape of her breasts with the flat of his tongue.

“Oh fuck baby,” she hissed though ragged breaths. He lifted her right globe and began to bathe it with alternating licks and sucks. “You can bite me,” she confessed and so he opened his mouth and began to pull on the tender jewel of her tit. Her hips rose and fell. They ground against his crotch and she felt his cock. “Mmm… hard already.”

“I’m still fortunate in that regard,” he admitted before sliding his mouth over to her other nipple and treating it to a similar torture as its twin had suffered.

She reached between them and began to stroke his shaft. He groaned in appreciation, but refused to be distracted from the breasts that lay swaying beneath him. He cupped the globes, pushed them together and suckled on her nipples at the same time.

Molly squealed in delight as shots of heat exploded deep in her gut and flowed hot into her veins. “Holy fuck!” she cried as juices spilled from her sex.

Marcus felt her hot liquid and smiled. He sucked harder and she came again. “Molly’s one dirty little girl,” he said before biting one nipple with more force than he had used before.

She screamed and came again. “Oh — my — God.”

He laughed, reached between them and pushed her hand away from his cock. “Are you ready baby?” he asked.

“Fuck yes!”

He leaned over and grabbed a condom from the drawer she’d spoken of earlier. It didn’t take him long to have the package upon and his dick sheathed. He pushed his rod into her pussy and began to pump slowly in and out of her tight core. Her hips moved in time with his, but soon she was lost and unable to do anything but buck and ride. He fucked her at his own pace and if she managed to match it that was okay with him, but he didn’t care. He had seen how she reacted to her nipples being bitten and sucked simultaneously. Marcus was hungry to witness her coming with a cock in her pussy and his mouth on her tits.

“Hold your boobs for me,” he told her. “Press them together real hard. Get those nipples up here.”

Molly shifted around and did as she was told. Her nipples touched and she hissed from the sensations that danced across her skin. “How’s that?” she asked breathlessly.

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