Judging Debbie

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This is my first attempt a this genre and Thanks to BooMerengue for help with editing.


Debbie stepped from the bath; the smell of frangipani covered her body. She reached for a fresh towel and patted herself dry as the aroma of the bath oil filled her nostrils. Covering her legs with moisturising cream she gently massaged it into her cleanly shaven legs. She knew that her husband George would again be delighted that she had taken the time to pamper herself.

Every so often Debbie would surprise George with a fantasy and she was always amazed at how quick he would adapt to the role-play. Debbie had decided that tonight’s surprise fantasy would be a western theme. She had hired a chorus girl out fit and had rearranged the bedroom with props to add some authenticity to the night. Background music had been carefully selected to add to the ambience.

Debbie dressed herself in the outfit, thankful that the bodice wasn’t original whalebone. She turned and admired how it gently pulled her waistline in and forced her voluptuous breasts upward. The sheer black stockings clung to her shapely legs and the bright red suspenders accentuated their length. The high-heeled shoes finished the make over; she looked and felt ten years younger.

As predicted, George quickly took up the fantasy and sat drinking whiskey sours whilst Debbie danced the cancan and tantalised him with other dance routines. George finished his third whisky and lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom.

Debbie slowly undressed her man and pushed him back onto the bed as she continued to tease and tantalise him, slowly removing her outfit to the soft soundtrack of paint your wagon.

George’s state of arousal was prominent and the sight of his erect organ wavering in the air added to her excitement. She loved the power that her body had over him.

Straddling his body she held his arms over his head and slowly lowered her breasts so he could take a nipple in his mouth. He gently nibbled at her breasts and flicked his tongue across her hard nipples, causing her to shudder with delight.

Feeling his hardness against her she raised herself up and grasping his throbbing member, Slowly eased herself onto it, her own moistness allowing it to sink deep into her. Debbie experienced a number of small orgasms as she wantonly rode up and down, continuing until she felt his organ quiver. George pushed his hips high and held himself deep inside her as they both exploded in orgasm.

With George still inside her, Debbie lay across his body and fell asleep in his arms. xxxx

As Debbie slowly woke, the morning sun flooded through the flimsy curtains and gently warmed her naked body. She lay face down on the king sized bed and buried her head under the soft pillow trying to ignore the coming hot summer day.

Her husband George had left on his journey. He was a magistrate and this was the week he had to travel away on the country circuit. George didn’t mind having to travel the country circuit; he believed in his work and although considered young for a judge he also believed being forty put him closer to the communities thinking.

Debbie hated the one-week a month that George was away. He had just left and already she missed the closeness of his body and the smell of his manliness. She dragged herself across the huge bed and reached for his pillow, cuddling it tight. She still felt his hardness inside her from last night’s lovemaking. She enjoyed their sex life but wished that George could be more adventurous. Apart from the occasional fantasy that Debbie arranged, he was not very game or imaginative. Debbie had always wanted to try oral sex but George couldn’t be persuaded.

The warm morning sun had made her drowsy and she felt the aching and wetness between her legs as she rolled onto her stomach and drifted into a fantasy dream, thinking about the time she had tried.

She recalled kissing his chest and rubbing her naked breasts across his body, feeling the heat and hardness of his manhood as it pressed into her. Debbie felt a stirring in her loins as she recalled moving slowly down his body, kissing his stomach and then blowing gently on the huge purple head. There were no protests from him, just a deep throaty growl of pleasure as she gently run her tongue up and down the throbbing shaft.

Debbie recalled the aching of her hot wet pussy as she anticipated the touch of his tongue moving across her wet lips and slowly edging up to her throbbing clitoris and how she had run her tongue over the head of George’s cock causing it to dance around as his body flinched in excitement.

Debbie grasped the base and slowly slid the throbbing member into her mouth, running her tongue around the head and as she moved her mouth up and down the huge cock she felt herself cum. Her body shook as the fluid ran down her pussy and across her clitoris. She thought for a moment that she had peed herself.

Debbie felt George’s body stiffen altyazılı porno as he pushed his hips upwards and his cock reached deep into her throat, forcing her to momentarily gag. She managed to take a deep breath as it exploded, spewing his hot salty sperm into her mouth. At the same moment Debbie’s body shook as she in turn had another orgasm. She moved her wet aching pussy towards George’s face, hoping he would reciprocate but alas he turned away from her.

Debbie knew that it would be a waste of time trying to change the situation.

Stirring from her sleep, Debbie moaned as she felt the tingle in her pussy and the light movement of the tongue as it gently slurped her moist lips. She pushed her pelvis hard into the bed and opened her legs wide. She thought her head would explode as she felt his tongue slide into her then come out and slide down her aching pussy towards her clitoris. Debbie arched her body upwards making it easier for him and as his tongue moved across her blood-engorged clitoris Debbie nearly passed out, her body convulsing in a torrid orgasm.

Debbie moaned and writhed with pleasure as his long tongue lick at her wet pussy with strong even stokes. She buried her head into her pillow to stifle her loud moans as she wallowed in this newfound pleasure.

Debbie momentarily froze as she realised George had left for his trip. Who? Was doing this to her she thought as his tongue glanced over her clitoris again and sent another wave of pleasure through her body.

Debbie imagined it to be Joel the tall dark gardener or Martin the strong young pool cleaner. She doubted that it would be a stranger, as Sam the golden retriever would have made a fuss if it were anyone else.

Debbie buried here head deeper in to the pillow, too afraid to look in case the pleasure stopped. She writhed and waited in anticipation of him pushing his hard cock deep into her and bringing her to another orgasm. The licking of her pussy stopped and Debbie raised her buttocks high to help him enter her.

She waited what seemed an age and he had not come into her.

Cautiously she rolled over, but no one was there except Sam the golden retriever sitting in the doorway looking sulkily at her.

Debbie leapt from the bed and as she ran through the house she yelled at the dog for scaring her lover away.

Looking out the kitchen window she saw Joel, naked to the waist. The sweat glistening on his dark skin and his muscles rippling with every movement as he raked the leaves. He was in excellent physical shape for an older man and Debbie thought only he would have been experienced enough to have pleasured her so well.

As Debbie admired Joel’s body she became slightly angry that he had left, leaving her unsatisfied. Her pussy ached terribly and she craved to have something hard inside her. She opened the refrigerator and although she had never done so before she squatted and reached for a carrot. She flinched as the cold thing parted her hot pussy lips and she moaned loudly as the carrot went deep inside her.

Debbie stood and squeezing her thighs tight together, slowly manoeuvred to the bedroom. The pleasure of the carrot moving inside her nearly caused her to faint. Lying on the bed she brought herself to an intense orgasm.

Debbie knew she had to entice Joel to pleasure her again with his tongue and to let her feel his strong black manhood deep inside her. Xxxxx

A new sexuality had been awakened in Debbie and she decided it was time to experience more. The carrot had helped at the time but now it was time for her to venture out and buy a vibrator.

Debbie walked quickly along the street and as she passed under the neon sign flashing Adult Delights, she darted into the doorway and entered the small shop.

She was confronted with an array of books, videos, dildos, vibrators and other paraphernalia, much of which she didn’t know about.

A young girl stepped from behind a curtained door and offered her assistance. Debbie was amazed at the descriptions offered and the instructions on their use. The girl knew her ware and Debbie wondered if she had learned from experimentation.

Finally she decided on the ‘Pearl Bird’ vibrator. The girl explained that it would also stimulate the anus and the rotating head filled with beads offered a fantastic sensation. The girl also suggested that Debbie take a firm dildo for that moment of serious satisfaction.

Debbie left the store excited. Her pussy ached with desire and she was so wet she thought everyone would smell the sex oozing from her. Debbie’s imagination had run riot as she listened to the girl explain the various sex toys and had orgasmed at the thought of how some were used. Debbie could hardly wait to try out her new purchases.

The next morning Debbie stood on the back porch. Exhausted from trying out her new toys, she slowly sipped her coffee as she watched Joel working in the yard. The heat from the morning sun began to bite through her thin türkçe altyazılı porno cotton dress and she felt the perspiration build on her body.

Debbie felt her passions build as she stood watching Joel, dressed in shorts and work boots, toil tirelessly under the sun. His muscles rippled and danced and the perspiration glistening on his body added to her excitement. She waited and picking the right moment invited him inside for a cool drink

Joel left his work boots at the door and cautiously made his way inside and sat on the wooden chair as Debbie offered him a tall glass of iced water.

Debbie saturated a washcloth with cool water and began to wipe his warm body.

Joel flinched at the sudden coldness and Debbie murmured, that’s got to feel better as she moved the cloth over his shoulders and down his chest.

Mmmm, Very nice, Joel whispered.

Debbie noticed the bulge in Joel shorts, as she continued to move the washcloth down his body and her nipples became ridged, pushing against her thin cotton dress.

Joel started to stand and Debbie undid his shorts as she kissed him. His shorts fell away and his huge erect cock sprung upwards, hitting his body. She felt its powerful heat as she gently clasped her hands around it.

Joel flopped back onto the chair moaning loudly, as Debbie lowered her mouth onto his throbbing organ. She felt a small orgasm herself as she moistened the head with her tongue and stretched her mouth wide to accommodate it.

Debbie stood and slipped off her cotton dress. Straddling Joel she moistened his huge organ with her wetness and lowered herself onto it. They both moaned loudly as she slowly impaled herself fully and Debbie orgasmed again as she began to ride up and down on his lap.

The chair began to creak under their weight and Joel feeling uncomfortable, stood. Debbie remained impaled on his organ and wrapped her legs tightly around his body as he slowly moved to the bedroom.

Joel removed himself from Debbie as he lowered her to the bed and she moaned loudly with disappointment as she felt the huge void between her legs. She grasped for his still hard organ but Joel knelt before her and kissing her thighs gently, slowly moved upwards towards her aching pussy.

Debbie nearly passed out with anticipation of his tongue exploring her body and when his tongue finally reached its mark she orgasmed, her body shook as though she had her finger in and electrical outlet. She opened her legs wide so he could easily explore her and when his strong tongue gently flicked her clitoris she clasped his head in a scissor grip and ground her pelvis into his face as she exploded in violent orgasm.

Debbie thought she would suffocate him and forced herself to open her legs again letting Joel continue to pleasure her. She lost track of the number of orgasms she experienced from his tongue, then when he was ready, he pushed his huge throbbing cock into her and she pushed hard upward until she felt him hit the back of her cervix causing her to orgasm once more.

They fucked each other wildly until Debbie felt his huge cock pulsate and as it filled her with hot liquid, she cum violen tly. They both moaned wildly and clasped each other tightly as their bodies shook as one.

Exhausted they lay together and drifted into sleep.

Debbie awoke and found the bed beside her empty. She was strangely pleased yet disappointed that he wasn’t there. Her body felt as though it had been through the wringer and she felt a nice soreness from Joel’s huge cock. She softly run her hands over her body and gently rubbed the soreness in her pelvis as she rolled over. She recalled her encounter with Joel and knew it was not he who had pleased her with his tongue that first time.


The early morning sun pushed through the open blinds and engulfed the bedroom with its brightness. Debbie was angry with herself for forgetting to close the blinds and her head throbbed from her nights drinking. She had been disappointed and hurt that George’s court circuit had been extended and he would be away another week. She didn’t usually drink when George was away but decided it was time to drown her miseries.

Debbie closed the blinds then stumbled to the bathroom and took two disprin tabs and tumbled back onto the bed. It was too early she thought and rolled on her stomach and drifted back to sleep.

The gentle licking of her pussy awaked her. It was the same as the first time and she knew that it wasn’t Joel. This tongue was so firm and knew exactly how to please her. Debbie was again too afraid to look for fear of stopping the pleasure. She relaxed, realising it had to be Martin.

Debbie raised her buttocks high allowing easy access to her wide-open pussy. He ran his tongue along her moist lips, teasing her as he stopped short of touching her clitoris then slowly moving around and tasting her moistness he moved up to her exposed anus. As he ran his tongue lightly across her anus Debbie hd altyazılı porno felt her sphincter muscle contract and her body shook as a small orgasm hit her.

Slowly he moved back down and gently taking her blood-gorged clitoris between his teeth, flicked his tongue back and forth across it. Debbie buried her head deep into her pillow and scream loudly as her orgasm exploded, her body shaking violently as fluid gushed from her.

Debbie’s orgasm slowly abated and she lifted her body to accommodate his manhood but once again it did not happen. She rolled over but no one was there. Surprised she sat bolt upright and noticed Sam the Labrador disappearing out of the door.

Disappointed at not meeting her fantastic mystery lover, Debbie sprang off the bed and run naked through the house searching for her lover. She stopped at the laundry and picked up a dressing gown, wrapped it around her and stepped into the yard.

Debbie stopped as she saw Martin and his fiancée Louise busy cleaning the pool.

She stood for a moment and admired Martins lithe young body. He didn’t possess muscles like Joel but his body was well shaped and his swimmers stretched taught across his firm backside. This Adonis with unkempt golden locks and suntanned body excited her, she had to satisfy her curiosity and experience that glorious body.

Debbie stood watching the couple and when Martin dived into the pool, Louise went to Joel and helped him load equipment into his truck and they both drove away.

Debbie called Martin to her and as he climbed from the pool the water shimmied on his body. As he walked slowly toward her she felt the tingle and wetness between her legs intensify. That tongue had primed her sexuality and now her desire seemed insatiable.

Debbie led Martin inside and reached for a towel. She began drying him, moving slowly over his body and downward. When she moved her hands over his swimmers she hooked her thumbs into them and slid them down. His manhood wildly sprung out and rigid it protruded upward and out. Debbie cupped his testicles in one hand and untied her gown with the other, letting it fall to the ground.

She massaged his long thin cock and slowly knelt, taking it into her mouth. Martin groaned loudly with pleasure as she teased his organ with her tongue and lips.

Debbie stood and blindly led Martin into the bedroom. She layback, pulling him onto her but he gently rolled her over and as she raised her buttocks to him he slid his throbbing muscle inside her. Martin moved from side to side as he pumped in and out driving Debbie crazy with ecstasy and when he began to pump his fluid into her, she pushed hard back onto him and orgasmed.

Debbie was still coming down from her orgasm when she noticed that Martin was still rock hard. He slowly pulled out from her and ran his moist cock over her anus causing her to shudder. She had never been entered there before although she had secretly wanted to try.

She told Martin to be gentle and raised her buttocks high as Martin moistened her some more then slowly slid into her. Debbie screamed with delight and grasped the pillow tight as he slowly sunk deep into her. Debbie quickly orgasmed and as Martin again filled her with hot fluid she nearly passed out.

Debbie rolled on her back and Martin snuggled up besides her and covering her breast with his arm, they both fell sleep.

Debbie felt the soft movement of his tongue over her clitoris and moaning softly she opened her legs. Suddenly she realise Martin was still beside her. Debbie’s body shook with pleasure as she glanced into the wardrobe mirror and notice Sam standing at the foot of the bed. She momentarily froze at the thought of what may be happening.

Nooooh! She screamed as her heart raced madly and she sat bolt upright. Debbie felt foolish as she noticed it was Louise between her legs. Thankful and not knowing what to expect she lay back and closed her eyes as Louise continued. Debbie knew now that the tongue that had really pleased her had belonged to Louise.

Louise gently moved herself alongside Debbie and rolled her over. Debbie knelt above her as Louise pushed her pussy against her face and once again buried herself between Debbie’s legs. This was totally new territory for Debbie and she nervously ran her tongue along her moist lips and flicked gently at her clitoris. Louise moaned softly and she pushed harder into her face.

Debbie felt her legs pulled wide apart and looked up as Joel knelt between her legs and guided his enormous cock toward her wet pussy. Debbie raised herself up to meet his onslaught and moaned with delight as he sunk into her. Joel pushed hard into her and she felt as though she would be torn apart by his monster muscle but soon relaxed and enjoyed the thrill that both gave her.

Debbie felt Joel’s cock throbbing and she began to orgasm as he unleashed an enormous load into her stretched pussy and Louise nibbled firmly on her clitoris intensifying her orgasm. Debbie shook violently and as her fluid gushed from her, Debbie passed out.

That evening Debbie lowered her sore yet satisfied body deep into the scented bath water and as she soaked up the warmth she thought, George have I got a surprise for you.

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